GreenRoom’s Blacklist? Country Singer Jason Aldean Dropped by Longtime PR Firm Over Wife’s Gender Comments

Country singer Jason Aldean has been dropped by his longtime PR firm, GreenRoom PR, after his wife, Brittany Aldean, criticized early interventions on gender transitioning for young children. Brittany Aldean said that she was thankful that her parents did not intervene during her “tomboy phase” because she loves being a female. Various stars and advocates denounced her and GreenRoom then dropped her husband. What is interesting is that the company had its client list displayed yesterday but just removed the list and its home page. The effort may be to protect other country stars from the backlash of staying with the company when it is effectively blacklisting an artist for the political or social views of his spouse.

Tyne Parrish, the co-owner of The Green Room called it a “difficult decision after 17 years to step away from representing Jason.”

The call for the firm to drop the artist grew after this statement last week in an Instagram post by Aldean that she would “really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase.”

“The Bones” singer Maren Morris later commented on Pope’s post, writing, “It’s so easy to, like, not be a scumbag human? Sell your clip-ins and zip it, Insurrection Barbie.”

Aldean later responded to her critics by saying “Advocating for the genital mutilation of children under the disguise of love and calling it ‘gender affirming care’ is one of the worst evils.”

Singer and songwriter Cassadee Pope responded to Brittany Aldean’s post on Twitter, noting that Brittany Aldean’s alleged “tomboy phase” in no way compares “to someone wanting to transition.”

Pope captured the essence of many people who are angry with the comment.

However, my concern, as usual, is with the free speech implications of what has become a type of blacklisting culture for those with unpopular or controversial political, social, or religious views. I understand the objections to Aldean’s comments but the response is reminiscent of the campaign against JK Rowling as a TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist), including banning and burning her books. There is no willingness to separate her creative work from her personal views.

In this case, a singer is being blacklisted because his wife (and possibly Aldean himself) hold conservative views on gender transitioning for young children. Yet, while some artists have joined the campaign, most others are silent, including the country singers represented by Green Room PR.

Those listed artists included Lauren Akins, Tucker Beathard, Dierks Bentley, Bobby Bones, BROOKS & DUNN, Travis Denning, Patrict Droney, Caylee Hammack, and others. The home page now says simply “Contact:” if you want to know who the firm represents or anything about the firm.

The concern is clearly that these artists might make the “difficult decision” of separating from the firm after it dropped a fellow artist over the political and social views of his spouse.  The firm yielded to the pressure on one side but seems to be moving to protect itself from a backlash from country music fans.

I would be raising the same free speech concerns if an artist was dropped because a spouse supported gender transitioning. The issue is whether the arts community should impose a de facto political litmus test for artists.  Blacklisting by studios and firms was common in the 1950s when communists and other political dissenters were being attacked by figures like Eugene McCarthy. The left has now embraced the practice in a far more extensive systems of banning books, speakers, and events by those who hold opposing views.

Here is Aldean’s interview on Fox News:


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  1. These people are beyond morally depraved. They are monsters who will certainly destroy the lives of thousands of children. A 2010 NIH study found that 0.3 percent of the population described themselves as experiencing sexual dysphoria. A recent poll found something like 6-7 percent. This is mass hysteria and will lead to the permanent disfigurement of thousands of children undergoing medical malpractice. Modern Lysenkoism now prevails in America. Beyond sick

    1. “Beyond sick”

      And here is their wicked motivation:

      “Comprachicos, as well as comprapequeños, is a compound Spanish word that means ‘child-buyers.’ The comprachicos traded in children. They bought them and
      sold them.

      They did not steal them. The kidnapping of children is a different industry.

      And what did they make of these children?


      Why monsters?

      To laugh.

      The people need laughter; so do the kings. Cities require side-show freaks or clowns; palaces require jesters …

      To succeed in producing a freak, one must get hold of him early. A dwarf must be started when he is small …” (_The Man Who Laughs_, Victor Hugo)

  2. Who would have thought that free speech isn’t so free. Say hateful things and suddenly people think you might be hateful and not want to associate with you.

    I am just dumbfounded that people that call themselves “christian” don’t follow the love of Christ.

    Crazy how that works, show how hateful you are and people don’t want to be with you. It’s fine to have your hateful beliefs, but if you want friends, turns out a lot of people don’t want anything to do with you if you show the hateful side of you.

      1. Those on the left think that calling people names proves their own righteousness.
        When it proves their own hypocrisy.

    1. Not a big fan of most people who call themselves christian.
      But even less a fan of left wing nuts who actually think they are better than christians.

      When have you done something for your fellow man ?
      I do not mean protested, or held the right political views – that is not doing something.

      When have you seen someone naked and clothed them ?
      Hungry and fed them ?
      in prison and visited them ?
      homeless and taken them in ?

      As hypocritical as many christians are they pale compared to those on the left.

      I do not know you – and I hope I am wrong.
      If you are one of the few on the left who actually has done any good at all in your life – then I apologize in advance.
      But the odds are incredibly against that.

      Not only do I doubt that you have ever engaged in any real charity.
      I doubt you have done any real good.

      When have you created a job ?
      Produce something of value that other people wanted ?

      Are some Christians hateful ? That is hard to judge.

      But Christ who purportedly knows everyone’s hearts
      does not judge people based on their hearts.
      He does not judge people based on their words.

      He judges them based on what they have done.

      Worthlessness is a greater sin than hatefulness.

  3. If one looks at the page source code for you can find the links for the pages of the various artists, contacts, and events associated with the firm. It appears the company simply disabled the functionality of the drop-down menus and wiped out most of the content of the “main” section of the page, which Professor Turley noticed as now only having a link to the news email address for the PR firm. But the actual pages for these various artists / events / and contacts are still on the site: In looking at the page source you can see all the links that were quickly hidden. Also, if you use a text based web browser such as Lynx, it will not understand the menu drop-downs but will still display the links that were hidden.

    This whole thing just appears to be a “quick and dirty” hack to shield themselves while the meltdown runs its course.

    For those not familiar with how to call the page’s source code from their web browsers, here are two of such links currently (as of 08:33 GMT):

    It almost seems to me that thegreenroompr is having a real shitstorm going down at their office as the fallout from this controversy besets their company. In fact, Mr. Aldean’s actual webpage on their site is still up, just the link to it from the main page is disabled. If you click one of the links above you can see more or less the full funcationality of the rest of the site, since it mostly clones the menus and links of the main page. They just basically deactivated the main page in a rather feeble way but all the other information is readily accessible. I suspect they at this time do not know what the end game is so they held the website in a sort of freeze mode until this whole controversy plays itself out.

  4. I have four beautiful kids….if ever had if in my “Tom boy” phase I was mutilated by hysterectomy and masectomy. I wouldn’t be a mum🌛🌞 Thank God then pole waited for periods…..And made no deal about dikes. I’m now a mom….But if this was the framework twenty years ago… Capabilities would have been thwarted.! By others and that’s not right. I love my kids eternal ly. And that is right!

    1. Professor Turley:

      With regard to 1950s blacklisting, it was JOE McCARTHY who was the instigator:
      is known for alleging that numerous communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers had infiltrated the United States federal government, universities, film industry, and elsewhere…” says Wikipedia.
      Eugene McCarthy canpaighned for the 1968 Presidential nomination on an anti-VietNam War platform.

  5. Enough successful lawsuits will shut this all down real quick, methinks.

    I SMH when I read about teens or preteens that are shocked they didn’t know who they were (gasp!) when they were teens or preteens, when later in life they realize what a tragic mistake they’ve made. The true crime is the fact that most grown adults know this already full well but support the naive foolishness to such extremes. Parents that have presumably matured know they are lying to both themselves and the young people in their lives. I have never seen anyone in my life more terrified of ‘looking bad’ than a modern American liberal.

    So strange, too, considering the old counter cultures that were predicated precisely on NOT being, looking, thinking like everybody else.

    That said, these folks all have the money – they should really consider starting their own organizations with rules set by them.

    1. I will expect a correction and an apology for conflating liberal democrat Eugene McCarthy for infamous anti-communist JOSEPH McCarthy

  6. This is a bit off the subject but not really. I just picked up a book written by RFK Jr., Attorney at Law. It is about the real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and Bug Pharma and the debacle of how this nation handled COVID. It is well researched, extraordinarily written and the references are exhaustive.

    Bobby Kennedy pulls no punches. It is, so far, an informative and disturbing read. The so called “I am Science” and his cabal shoved aside and demeaned world class researchers and experts in their field in order to push their agenda.

  7. More on the regrets of those who detransitioned:

    “The guidance counselor at her public school agreed with Helena that she was a man. She helped her make a budget for her transition, and referred her to the school psychologist, who was even more gung-ho. “I remember the psychologist saying, ‘Your mom is a transphobe,’ and telling me about suicide risks.” They had three or four meetings before inviting Helena’s mother to have a conversation with the both of them, which didn’t go well.

    “I had a ton of issues with my academics and my mental health, but I never really got help with that,” she said. “As soon as I said I was trans, it was all hands on deck.”

    Her parents—her mom is a doctor; her dad, an engineer—never came around. Days after she turned 18, Helena went to Planned Parenthood in Chicago. There, she saw a social worker, and then a nurse practitioner, who wrote a prescription for testosterone during that first visit. The nurse recommended a dose of 25 milligrams per week. “How high can we go?” Helena asked. Helena left the clinic with a prescription of 100 milligrams of testosterone. The whole thing took about an hour. She never saw a doctor.

    Two days later, she was moving into her college dorm…She started going by Vincent, after her favorite anime character. She injected herself with testosterone weekly.

    The drug made her feel irritable and angry, and it gave her sex drive a massive boost that she called “overwhelming.” She began hitting herself, and once she cut herself with a serrated kitchen knife, which landed her in a psych ward for a week. After a year-and-a-half on testosterone, it began to dawn on her that “the reality I was living was not lining up with the fantasy I’d had as a teen.”

    Helena’s roommate, who was also a transman, made a video chronicling their friendship. It started on the second day of college, and it spanned a period of about a year-and-a-half, and it was supposed to be upbeat—a celebration of their shared liberation from the shackles of their girl bodies. But when Helena watched it, she saw herself becoming more despondent. (The roommate, as it turned out, eventually also detransitioned.) That was in early 2018. Slowly, Helena realized she wasn’t a boy. “It was a crushing and terrifying feeling,” she said.

    She went cold turkey off the testosterone, and bought a wig and make up and new clothes. (When I asked Helena whether living with another transman had had an influence on their decisions to transition, and to detransition, she said, “Definitely.” It was the inverse of the theory that the explosion of gender dysphoria among girls, starting about a decade ago, was really part of a social contagion.) Helena also started spending less time online—she was partial to Tumblr, too—and more in the real world interacting with real people, like her coworkers at her job at a bakery.”…

    Mia Elias, who started identifying as trans at 12, agrees with Kerschner. She was spending a lot of time on Tumblr, and in trans groups online. “I thought it was going to solve all my problems,” she said. She and her family lived near Ottawa, the Canadian capital. At 15, she went on testosterone and a puberty blocker. A year later, she realized she’d made a mistake but didn’t want to admit that to her therapist, who was also trans, so she lied and said she was happy with her body, which was now partially masculinized. In fact, she just wanted things to go back to the way they had been. “I was ashamed,” she said. “This was my whole life.” …

    Julie, who grew up in the northeast, identified as trans from the age of 13 to 20. At first, her parents were iffy, but then “they got super on board and started really identifying with being trans parents,” she said. When she was 14, they took her to Arlene Istar Lev’s clinic in Albany, which promotes “Affirming & Holistic Psychotherapies for Healing & Growth” on its website. The clinic charged $50 to $70 per session, which Julie’s parents paid out of pocket. (The price has since jumped to $150, but insurance covers up to 80 percent of it.)

    At the clinic, Julie met with a social-work graduate student who was also a trans man. He wrote a letter recommending that she be given testosterone injections, which he sent to an endocrinologist, who prescribed the injections. This was at a children’s hospital in Syracuse. Julie was debating between wearing a binder and getting top surgery. She got the mastectomy. When she woke up from the surgery, Julie said, “I didn’t feel happy or sad. I only felt numb.” It wasn’t supposed to be like that. “I asked my doctor about concerns I was having about my heart health, and she told me, ‘Listen, you signed a waiver,’ which scared me,” she said. After five years on hormones, Julie stopped taking them.

    She was not against trans people. Just like Phoenix and Helena and Chloe and all of them. They just felt like they’d been rushed through this heavily medicalized funnel when all they really needed was a little time to grow up.”

  8. We often hear about studies that claim positive outcomes from gender reassignment surgery. However, as we’ve discussed before, academia deliberately shapes its findings. Conservatives are not hired, and papers that undermine Left wing ideology are often barred from being published. Academia creates an echo chamber, and then insists that the uniformity of views settles the matter.


    “Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic, a world-leading genital reconstructive surgeon, says he and other colleagues are seeing increasing numbers of those who have undergone sex-change surgery wanting to transition back.

    “Those wishing the reversal, Djordjevic says, have spoken to him about crippling levels of depression following their transition and in some cases even contemplated suicide,” the British National Post reported.

    The 52-year-old Serbian said, “It can be a real disaster to hear these stories,” but he added their stories are not being heard.

    After speaking with Djordjevic in 2014, James Caspian — a psychotherapist who specializing in working with transgender people –sought a research grant from Bath Spa University in southwest England to look into the de-transitioning issue.

    However, after initially being approved, the university later turned him down because the subject was deemed “potentially politically incorrect,” The Guardian reported.

    “When he went back with his preliminary findings that suggested growing numbers of young people, particularly women, were regretting gender reassignment, Bath Spa said his proposal would have to be resubmitted to the ethics committee, which rejected it,” the paper added.

    According to The Guardian, Caspian told BBC Radio 4’s Today, “The fundamental reason given was that it might cause criticism of the research on social media, and criticism of the research would be criticism of the university. They also added it’s better not to offend people.”

  9. People who transitioned as minors and later regretted it. Girls are especially susceptible to social contagion, in which peer pressure leads them to temporarily reject their gender.

    ““I was failed by the system. I literally lost organs.”

    When Chloe was 12 years old, she decided she was transgender. At 13, she came out to her parents. That same year, she was put on puberty blockers and prescribed testosterone. At 15, she underwent a double mastectomy. Less than a year later, she realized she’d made a mistake — all by the time she was 16 years old.”

    Helena Kerschner, a 23-year-old detransitioner from Cincinnati, Ohio, who was born a biological female, first felt gender dysphoric at age 14. She says Tumblr sites filled with transgender activist content spurred her transition.

    “I was going through a period where I was just really isolated at school, so I turned to the Internet,” she recalled. In her real life, Kerschner had a falling out with friends at school; online however, she found a community that welcomed her. “My dysphoria was definitely triggered by this online community. I never thought about my gender or had a problem with being a girl before going on Tumblr.”

    “There was a lot of negativity around being a cis, heterosexual, white girl, and I took those messages really, really personally.”
    Helena Kerschner, on how the online trans community made her feel pressured to change gender
    She said she felt political pressure to transition, too. “The community was very social justice-y. There was a lot of negativity around being a cis, heterosexual, white girl, and I took those messages really, really personally.”

    Chloe Cole, a 17-year-old student in California, had a similar experience when she joined Instagram at 11. “I started being exposed to a lot of LGBT content and activism,” she said. “I saw how trans people online got an overwhelming amount of support, and the amount of praise they were getting really spoke to me because, at the time, I didn’t really have a lot of friends of my own.”

    1. Karen,
      Thank you for the detailed accounts.
      I suspect more and more details will come to light over time.

      One thing we have learned during COVID is that a good part of so called science is politically motivated. When the fog of confusion subsides, time will likely paint a more accurate story than the narrative now being pushed. The tragedy will be that many young will have lost the best years of their youth.

  10. The lawsuits are already starting. People are suing clinics for automatic affirmation. More and more detransitioners say they wish someone told them no, or wait.

    Kids are being lied to. Puberty blockers can have serious, permanent consequences. “Reversible” just means the chemical castration medicine can be withdrawn so it no longer blocks androgens. It doesn’t mean you’ll be the same as if you never took it.

    Hormone therapy also has permanent consequences. It will permanently change a woman’s voice and masculinize her skin and features.

    Aldean is right, in that transgenderism employs stereotypes. A child who likes clothes, toys, or hairstyles stereotypical of the opposite gender is absolutely at risk of being counseled they are transgender. More concerning is that transgender children have a higher than average instance of being the victim of sexual abuse, often by a relative. Then there are those who are the victim of Munchausen by Proxy.

    You watch. This fad of castrating boys and sterilizing girls along with mastectomies is going to reverse in a backlash. People who support transitioning children are going to deny it later. Same thing happened in Nazi Germany and Poland. All of a sudden, a lot more people claimed to be rebels than who actually risked their necks.

    People like Aldean will be viewed as brave by future generations.

    Women, don’t be afraid to speak your mind about your own gender.

    Voters, if you make transgenderism a protected class, it will codify the persecution of women who object to biological males in their sports divisions, changing rooms, showers, shelters, and prisons. It will empower schools to counsel kids, against parents’ wishes, that the path to castration is right for them. How many more pregnant inmates do we need before common sense will prevail against housing transgender in women’s prisons?

    1. Gender identity is a protected class — see Bostock 2020 majority opinion written by Gorsuch.

      1. Concerned Citizen:

        I thought the 2020 opinion was in regards to sex. If someone who was born a woman, and was attracted to men, was not fired, but someone who was born a man, believed he was a woman, and was attracted to men was fired, or if a gay man was fired, then it was done on the basis of sex, in violation of the Civil Rights Act.

        It was my understanding that the 2020 decision did not give transgender special protections which required them to be able to play in women’s sports or be given access to women’s private spaces such as changing rooms.

        Am I misremembering? I’ll have to go back and check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

  11. In another example of the misogyny inherent in transgender activism, GreenRoom PR dropped Aldean because his wife voiced her opinion about her own gender. They’d rather this woman keep quiet, or cheer as girls are told they’re the wrong gender if they don’t like stereotypically feminine things.

    Women will be shushed or harassed if they feel uncomfortable changing or showering next to intact biological males. Female athletes may get cut from the team if they point out unfair biological differences with the transgender people competing.

    The far Left punishes you for pointing out there are, in fact, biological differences between men and women.

    I just don’t understand how the entire Democrat Party lurched so far Left.

    1. Karen: “I just don’t understand how the entire Democrat Party lurched so far Left.”

      Maybe not so much to the Left [though there is that] as into absolute lunacy.

      Meanwhile, academia seems to be training students to be completely intolerant of any view other than what is embraced at the moment. We have seen it on political issues for years when mobs of students and some professors have shut down any talk they didn’t like. It is a disease that has spread wider than politics and infected Covid discussion, climate discussion, and every discussion about sex and gender. There is an infestation of Savaronolas in every institution, including government. At some point the harm they do becomes so painful and undeniable that people suddenly wake up. In Florence they burned the original Savaronola in the public square.

      Germany, the rest of the EU and the UK are about to wake up from the consequences of what PM Cameron called green crap. Maybe guiding energy policy on the rantings of a Swedish teenage brat wasn’t such a good idea after all. Windmills and solar panels aren’t nearly enough for winter and they are buying wood burning stoves and lots of firewood to fill part of the gap.

      On the other madness, the horror stories of detransitioners who were surgically mutilated when they were young and vulnerable are likely to end that trend…that and a few lawsuits.

      1. “Maybe not so much to the Left [though there is that] as into absolute lunacy.”

        You gotta love how the Left puts a smiley face on barbarism, by dubbing it: “gender affirming care.”

        And the use of Madame Guillotine was really just “headless affirming care.”

      2. Young:

        The UK will suffer an astronomical increase in home energy costs in October. Government capped the increase at 80% for homeowners, but business owners, otherwise known as employers, can face even higher increases.

        The US supported oil and gas sanctions on Russia, and then we backed out of our pledge to help the UK shore up the gap in their energy. Joe Biden got gas prices to edge down a bit by going to our oil and gas industry and requesting they curb exports. He didn’t stop his war on fossil fuels. He didn’t open up domestic production. He screwed our allies in order to get better optics for his voters here. Meanwhile, the UK is facing a shortfall from Russia sanctions, combined with lower US exports. They turned away from nuclear energy, in favor of wind and solar, as they reduced their own fossil fuels at the behest of people like Greta Thunburg, as you pointed out. Wind and solar are shockingly expensive, and unreliable. They cannot fill the gap. The result has been unaffordable energy and shortages. They will likely face a recession.

        Guess where they’re getting that wood and wood pellets for their stoves? From American forests. It’s insane how the religion against oil and gas can result in policy where we burn fossil fuels to ship trees to Europe for them to burn, which produces more smoke than otherwise, yet it counts as a renewable resource.

        Bad energy policies on both sides of the Pond can have global consequences.

  12. The solution to this is capitalism’s forte, only purchase items from those whose views and actions support the America that you want to live in. Boycott any enterprize that is actively working to destroy the America you want to live in. All this turmpoil is truly within the hands of average legal Americans if they choose to take their noses out of their iphones, netflix and other social media time-wasters and get involved in saving their nation.

  13. That’s like Islam dropping the Prophet Muhammad.

    Ain’t gonna happen.

    GreenRoom PR just dropped GreenRoom PR.



      “Brittany Aldean criticized early interventions on gender transitioning for young children.”

      – Professor Turley

      How bad can it get? There are crazy liberals everywhere.

      “What is FGM, where does it happen and why?”

      “This woman in Mombasa, Kenya shows the razorblade she has used on girls’ genitals. It’s estimated that 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone some form of FGM, according to the United Nations (UN). Although primarily concentrated in 30 countries in Africa and the Middle East, it is also practised in some countries in Asia and Latin America. And amongst immigrant populations living in Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, the UN says. It is calling for an end to FGM on International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation on 6 February. FGM can cause physical and mental health problems that go on to affect women in later life, as Bishara Sheikh Hamo, from the Borana Community in Kenya’s Isiolo County explains. ‘I underwent FGM when I was 11 years old,’ says Bishara. ‘I was told by my grandmother FGM is a requirement for every girl, that it made us pure.'”

      – BBC

  14. A model of Mengele mandates before informed consent. Lose your Pro-Choice ethical religion, your wicked solutions. #HateLovesAbortion

  15. If a child of ten wants to be a fireman, he should be able to dress as a fireman. Do we make that permanent? Of course not. Yet some will take that same child of ten and permanently change his sex. Are those people crazy or heinous people who like to destroy established norms by inflicting harm on children?

  16. The point of the indoctrination, though, isn’t only to create more “gender-nonconforming” students. It’s to break down family structures and parental authority. The goal isn’t simply to teach and encourage transgenderism in our schools. It’s to lay claim to the students themselves, over and against their parents and families, for purposes that go far beyond the promotion of gender identity. After all, you can’t very well reshape society according to your utopian vision if something as solid as a family is standing in the way.

    1. Reproductive rites for social, redistributive, clinical, and fair weather (e.g. climate stasis) causes, and political congruence (“=”) of the transgender spectrum disorder, too. First, they came for the babies, then they came for the pronouns.

    2. Olly, that’s scary but true.

      Public schools and universities are overwhelmingly politicized Left. Public school teachers often feel entitled to indoctrinate the children in their care, against their parents’ wishes, regarding Left wing policies. That’s how Sex Ed evolved from an 8th grade biology course to instruction on how to perform myriad sex acts. They teach kids that Republicans are all racist, and, ironically, how to judge their peers based on race and gender. They groom them into future Democrat voters, many of whom graduate as poor readers.

  17. It’s a strange world we live in. The Green room is not a fortune 500 company. They are big enough to cast out customers because of comments by the customer’s wife. This is business. Show me where the business was hurt or threatened in any way because of the ladies comments. How much of your customer base left you or threatened to leave over this. Your This appears to be a self inflicted wound. Your actions brought Your Company and your client to public ridicule . If this was an example of how you manage your clients public image and Public Relations, then All of your clients should reevaluate their contact with you. Instead of doing your job and helping your client through this, You chose to Run. Bad move.

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