GreenRoom’s Blacklist? Country Singer Jason Aldean Dropped by Longtime PR Firm Over Wife’s Gender Comments

Country singer Jason Aldean has been dropped by his longtime PR firm, GreenRoom PR, after his wife, Brittany Aldean, criticized early interventions on gender transitioning for young children. Brittany Aldean said that she was thankful that her parents did not intervene during her “tomboy phase” because she loves being a female. Various stars and advocates denounced her and GreenRoom then dropped her husband. What is interesting is that the company had its client list displayed yesterday but just removed the list and its home page. The effort may be to protect other country stars from the backlash of staying with the company when it is effectively blacklisting an artist for the political or social views of his spouse.

Tyne Parrish, the co-owner of The Green Room called it a “difficult decision after 17 years to step away from representing Jason.”

The call for the firm to drop the artist grew after this statement last week in an Instagram post by Aldean that she would “really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase.”

“The Bones” singer Maren Morris later commented on Pope’s post, writing, “It’s so easy to, like, not be a scumbag human? Sell your clip-ins and zip it, Insurrection Barbie.”

Aldean later responded to her critics by saying “Advocating for the genital mutilation of children under the disguise of love and calling it ‘gender affirming care’ is one of the worst evils.”

Singer and songwriter Cassadee Pope responded to Brittany Aldean’s post on Twitter, noting that Brittany Aldean’s alleged “tomboy phase” in no way compares “to someone wanting to transition.”

Pope captured the essence of many people who are angry with the comment.

However, my concern, as usual, is with the free speech implications of what has become a type of blacklisting culture for those with unpopular or controversial political, social, or religious views. I understand the objections to Aldean’s comments but the response is reminiscent of the campaign against JK Rowling as a TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist), including banning and burning her books. There is no willingness to separate her creative work from her personal views.

In this case, a singer is being blacklisted because his wife (and possibly Aldean himself) hold conservative views on gender transitioning for young children. Yet, while some artists have joined the campaign, most others are silent, including the country singers represented by Green Room PR.

Those listed artists included Lauren Akins, Tucker Beathard, Dierks Bentley, Bobby Bones, BROOKS & DUNN, Travis Denning, Patrict Droney, Caylee Hammack, and others. The home page now says simply “Contact:” if you want to know who the firm represents or anything about the firm.

The concern is clearly that these artists might make the “difficult decision” of separating from the firm after it dropped a fellow artist over the political and social views of his spouse.  The firm yielded to the pressure on one side but seems to be moving to protect itself from a backlash from country music fans.

I would be raising the same free speech concerns if an artist was dropped because a spouse supported gender transitioning. The issue is whether the arts community should impose a de facto political litmus test for artists.  Blacklisting by studios and firms was common in the 1950s when communists and other political dissenters were being attacked by figures like Eugene McCarthy. The left has now embraced the practice in a far more extensive systems of banning books, speakers, and events by those who hold opposing views.

Here is Aldean’s interview on Fox News:


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  1. What Mrs. Aldean wrote weas in line with what Americans near-unanimously believed in the mid-1990’s.

    Would PR firms back then have dropped country music singers if they (or their spice) for making such a statement back then?

    What has changed?

  2. Until a cup of coffee ago, western cultures were horrified and unified against the practice of FGM.

    Oh, but you say that’s involuntary and gender-affirming surgery is voluntary. Really? Are we now to believe a young teen, pre-teen, or younger has reached an age of consent to make life-altering decisions? Should they now be allowed to sign contracts, quit school, drive, buy alcohol or tobacco, or vote?

    This leftist craziness is not the fault of anyone other than the adults who until that cup of coffee had the responsibility to protect children from their own immaturity and the evils of society.

      1. Our culture has changed to the extentThis is even a debatable topic among civil society. It’s not a grassroots movement, but it certainly is a cultural failure.

        1. Olly, you’re right. It’s shocking how widespread this has become. Transgenderism is even getting promoted in public schools in red states.

          It’s a craze for creating specialized eunuchs and sterilized, mutilated girls, like Dr Mengele. These kids can have absolutely no idea the end result of the path they have been set upon. Male to female surgery, castration and vaginoplasty, creates a permanent wound that requires specialized care forever. That wound is prone to smelly infections, because they use scrotal skin that was never meant to line an internal body cavity. The hair has to be removed by laser sometime after surgery, and they often don’t get it all, so there’s hair growing inside. Early use of puberty blockers, which are used as chemical castration for sex offenders, stunts the growth of genitals, which often results in not enough skin for the surgery. Long term use can render the patient unable to ever experience pleasure or libido. Some of these medications are associated with other serious health risks. If any of these poor people survive to old age, that permanent body cavity will require specialized care by nurses. People insist that this creates a woman, who should be treated in every way as if he were a woman. Dated as if he were a woman. You’re a bigot if you consider a biological man to be a man, no matter how many surgeries he has to emulate a woman. More, we’re told that surgery and hormones are not required for a man to become a woman. It’s a state of mind. He can have his male genitals, beard, and bodybuilder physique, but we’re supposed to ignore all that and see him as a woman because he says so.

          These are just some of the facts about gender reassignment surgery. The media doesn’t want to talk about this or warn people. Voicing concern over how this permanently harms children can get you fired, kicked off sports teams, silenced, impoverished, and harassed. It can lead to your losing child custody in a divorce.

          How did we get here? It seems like conservatives and Libertarians are the only ones who can see the emperor has no clothes.

  3. Ms. Aldean has science on her side. I agree with the underlying thesis of her statement that we should not perform ‘gender confirming’ surgery on young children. Gender dysphoria occurs in simple terms when there exists a mismatch between the physical body’s gender and the mental state of the person, identifying as the opposite gender. There are 2 directions for treatment: 1) adjust the body to the mental; or 2) adjust the mental into accepting the physical gender. The former is very intrusive and irreversible. Nevertheless, surgery etc. is the treatment pushed and mental treatment is dismissed.
    According to psychiatrists, gender dysphoria typically occurs during puberty and not early childhood. So, there is reason to be prudent with 7-year olds claiming to be the other gender. Likely, this is nurture not nature. Also according to psychiatrists, 90%-95% to transgenders grow over the problem at the end of puberty, leaving only a very small group of people requiring treatment. It also means that it is irresponsible to perform conforming surgery on anyone younger than about 25. Mental treatment should be the starting point and only when that fails, should surgery be considered.
    Another thing, it is close to criminal I think to push young children into believing they are transgender and pushing irreversible surgery on them. The majority when older regrets the transition and the suicide rate among them is high. Teachers should stay out of this: they are not experts! Parents that resist surgery are correct. When I was a teenager, the emancipation of our homosexual brother and sisters took place. Indeed, when a young boy liked playing with dolls, teachers would tell parents that he was likely gay; tom girls were likely lesbian. Not true, the boy was just a boy who liked to play with dolls, nothing to it. Now, we witness the same misguided attitude towards transgenderism. It is misguided ideology, not medical science and we should resist the pressure on our children and grandchildren by the quacks.
    That will not be easy as the courts have a tendency to side with doctors, not parents r patients. A couple of years ago, in Massachusetts, a teenage girl was forced into medical treatment by a doctor against her and her parents will, and the court removed custody from the parents to allow the hospital to perform the treatment, which had detrimental effect on her health. Only after it became a national news items, was that decision reversed. Doctors who claim a early childhood or young teenage patient needs puberty blockers, opposite biological sex hormone injections, and/or surgery should lose their license.

  4. What I find amazing is there are those who actually believe s 6 year old, 8 year old or a 14 year old actually knows what they are about.
    Most teens think they have the world figured out.
    They dont!
    Sure, there are those who know they are different at a young age, but they are few and far between. Teens go through all kinds of phases, even into early twenties. Through life experiences, trials and tribulations that define whom we eventually become.
    I have seen more than a few people who definitely came into their own, far, far from where they were as teens.

  5. Forget about the agency being canceled. I would like to see which of their clients remain with them.
    Artists are supposed to defend freedom of expression above all other virtues. Let’s see how many of their clients take artistic freedom seriously.

  6. First of all, not excusing the EXCESSES of the McCarthy era there is a difference between trying to root out spies that are embedded in the highest echelons of our government and people trying to criticize the amputation of a 14 year old girls breasts.

    Imagine if undersecretary of state under Anthony Blinken was working for the CCP, see Hiss, Algier, and there were people defending him? Imagine if we had people marching in protest for the penalty paid to people that knowingly gave Mohammed Atta support and advice, see the Rosenburgs.

    Try to google the scene with a female surgeon standing next to a teenage (boy) as both are smiling with the patients breasts recently removed. Has anyone ever seen a surgeon posing with a big smile standing next to a patient right after a double mastectomy and the patient lifting the shirt to show the scars?

    To be critical of this phenomenon now means being banned from polite society??

    Well if they want to play this game country music fans should find out who this company represents and contact them immediately. It is about time that two played this game.

  7. Today’s American Left and Dem party resemble the Red Guard and Hitler Youth in their effort to purge anyone who doesn’t line up with their orthodoxy. They are a disgusting recreation of these groups and a travesty to the American ideals. The great news is Jason Aldean and his wife are far more successful, wealthy, and intelligent than anyone at that PR agency. Good riddance to Green room rubbish.

  8. When we had an influx of immigrants from Somalia, the “left” went nuts opposing female genital mutilation. Laws were passed and campaigns whipped up. Now, it seems, the “left” is just fine with FGM as long as it furthers the power and recruitment of the trans population. So much for all those values liberals keep harping about.

  9. Aren’t PR firms the ones paid millions to accept awful actions of their clients, the spin into something acceptable? The PR firms are not on any list of any group that has moral high ground to judge others

  10. With RABID left wing politics, everything serves the beast . Debate? Haha! Nope. No more objective truths, right? Fake science. Fake news. Trial by MSNBC all must bow. Who needs courts??? Wow, even your Grandma saying her Rosary privately in her own home is bad. This is a dark tunnel with no light on the other side. Speaking of SCIENCE, it took about 30 YEARS to approve Lithium for Bipolar. But with Trans, Vaccines. Everything MUST BE NO STUDY AT ALL

  11. Sooner or later the entertainers who are blackballed for their opinion’s will organize and create their own outlets and crush the woke’s in their industry. Who would you rather support Brittany Aldean or Joy Bayheartless? Better yet which one would date???

  12. The powers of the world are always in concert against the man, or as here, the woman, of the truth. That’s the central message of Christianity. It’s why the religion has staying power when so many have none. Viva Mrs. Aldean. And viva Tucker. Here’s a nice song from her husband:

  13. It isn’t to protect other clients (no one knows or cares) it is about controlling speech. If more than 50% of the other clients of this PR Firm realized they could be cancelled for what a relative said, and left the Firm, it would go bankrupt. As it should. PS; I agree with everything she said.

  14. It is just like McCarthyism except that was Joseph McCarthy and the Army investigations, and the blacklisting of people in all walks of life, but was most notable in Hollywood. it was awful then and it’s awful now. These people do have contracts do they not. Seems like contract law should come into force now, as in breaking a contract because of something your wife said.
    The wife may have have been closer to the truth than many on the gender affirming side wide would like to admit. The huge NHS clinic in London for gender care (Tavistock I believe but name may be wrong) was recently shutdown over multiple issues including activism to push kids to puberty blockers and surgery on the sketchiest of pretexts with little to no scientific data to base those decisions, as well as management issues and safety issues raised by many employees and investigators. The plan is to move to more regional centers with better oversight and management. Also there were multiple lawsuits pending (alleged) and likely to increase in number and some highly publicized allegations of pushing kids to surgery with many regretting the decision.
    People need to step back and take a breath and start looking at these studies that are used to push these treatment options in impressionable kids who are still learning how to deal with impulsive actions, which they may regret forever.
    Medical studies in this area are rife with assumptions, bias, activism, conflict of interest, greed. You can make a lot of money with pushing puberty blockers and doing gender affirming surgery and making healthy kids lifelong patients.
    France, Finland and Norway have also paused these procedures and Sweden has seemed to slow down considerably (my impression)

  15. “I understand the objections to Aldean’s comments . . . ”
    Really? You do?
    I cannot imagine that anyone would ‘understand’ mutilating children without the consent of their parents, nor doctors and therapists who recommend transition as the only alternative to suicide, thus forcing the parents to comply.
    Her comment was anything but controversial, or it should have been.
    I waited until I was 16 to drive a car and until I was 21 to have a boilermaker. We don’t accept children into the armed forces, nor can they skip high school and go straight to college. Yet you ‘understand’ why someone would object to a woman’s comment that she is grateful nobody coerced her to have surgery during her ‘tom-boy phase’?
    A link you might want to read. You might also want to review blasphemy laws and see if you “undertand” them.

  16. Any smart talent should walk away today I would think.

    Maybe some people need to learn to fly before they get woke, go broke & cut their little boys & girls Junk Off!

    BTW: Thanks Mike Lindel/My Pillow Guy, your peoples products are Great! Just had more come in recently.


    Bed Bath & Beyond CFO Jumps to His Death After Struggling Retailer Forced to Close 150 Stores
    By Cristina Laila
    Published September 4, 2022 at 11:58am

    1. They claim the CFO was going down for what Nancy Pelosi and her drunk husband have perfected…Insider Trading.

  17. The basis of her comment was foolish, but their response was ridiculous and completely unnecessary. A simple correction as to the difference between being a tomboy and trans would have sufficed.

    1. What makes you think that girls who go through a tomboy phase are not encouraged at their schools to consider gender transition?

  18. Green Room drops Aldean after 17 years – because of what his wife said!!

    Lefties are angry and vindictive.

    More they are untrustworthy. If there isn’t more to the story, then artists just learned a lot about Green Room – and need to make their own decisions.

    (Aside – Joe, not Eugene.)

    1. Mrs. Aldean’s beliefs are perfectly in line what Americans near-unanimously believed.

      WEhat has changed?

      I seriously doubt that there was some grassroots movement to convince people of some moral duty to affirm other people’s sense of sex.

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