Hunter’s Collapsing World: Why a Criminal Plea Could Now be the Best Option for the Bidens

Below is my column in The Hill on the hearing today in Arkansas involving Hunter Biden and his daughter Navy Joan. President Joe Biden and the First Lady have refused to acknowledge their grandchild and her father is opposing her using the family name. A court will now have to decide whether this child can call herself a Biden and whether her father can reduce his level of financial support.

Here is the column:

This week, Hunter Biden’s defense team traveled to Delaware seeking an update on the federal criminal investigation that has dragged on for almost five years. The reason seems clear: Time is running out on Hunter and the Biden family.

After years of delaying disclosures and admissions, Hunter could now be pushing to cap off the criminal side of the scandal before more information is released in Arkansas and Washington. For the White House, even a criminal plea is preferred if they can avoid one particular claim — and they may be succeeding.

For years, the Bidens have worked (with the media’s help) to delay any recognition of the influence peddling and corruption that may be revealed on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Even this week, in child support proceedings in Arkansas, Hunter’s counsel continued to refuse to admit ownership of the laptop abandoned at The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Del., in April 2019.

It won’t work any more than his long refusal to acknowledge his fathering of his four-year-old child, Navy. Just as Hunter could not deny DNA, forensic and other evidence will soon make his laptop denials untenable in proceedings in which he and his counsel are required to tell the truth.

These proceedings are now colliding for the Bidens.

With the laptop being raised in Arkansas and being investigated in Washington by House committees, time is up and the Biden team knows it. An establishment of the laptop’s authenticity in one forum could produce cascading effects in the other forums.

There has already been a recent shift to a scorched-earth strategy, including reportedly threatening possible witnesses and calling for the IRS to investigate critics.

New leaks from the Justice Department investigation have indicated that prosecutors are considering four charges: two misdemeanor counts for failure to file taxes, a single felony count of tax evasion related to a business expense for one year of taxes and a potential felony count on falsifying a form linked to a gun permit.

Those four charges could well result in jail time, but the situation is likely to get worse for Hunter if the House reveals new evidence of foreign dealings and payments. That is why a capstone plea could control the damage for both Hunter and his father. A capstone is designed to protect against erosion and even help to hold together an arch that might otherwise collapse. This capstone plea could avoid a worse scenario (and charge) that would undermine years of denials by both Bidens.

However, there was one conspicuous omission from the list of potential charges that may also indicate a reason to push toward a plea. There is no mention of a charge as an unregistered foreign agent under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA). The Justice Department aggressively used this charge against Trump figures like Paul Manafort and, if the same standard is applied, it is hard to see the basis for discarding the charge in the Hunter Biden case.

The laptop shows emails from various foreign sources, including some with close connections to foreign governments and intelligence services. There are also records of visits of clients and business associates to the White House as well as pictures with then-Vice President Joe Biden. Finally, there are emails showing Hunter reached out to high-ranking officials like Antony Blinken for “advice.” Now our secretary of state, Blinken was then deputy secretary of state.

However, a FARA charge would be embarrassing to both President Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland. The claim that the president’s son was acting as a foreign agent would put a spotlight on the millions of dollars raised in alleged influence peddling.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky) has claimed that up to 12 Biden family members may have benefited from these foreign payments. Joe Biden was the object of that influence peddling, and the question would become what these foreign interests were seeking to get from their payments. Moreover, the most obvious reason not to register as a foreign agent was to conceal these dealings and avoid scrutiny over influence peddling.

While Democrats are now emphasizing that influence peddling is lawful, it is also clearly a form of corruption worthy of investigation. What’s more, efforts to conceal influence peddling are often criminal acts, including FARA violations. A criminal charge could put such motives before a jury — and the American public.

For Garland, a FARA charge would be equally embarrassing. The attorney general has refused to appoint a special counsel despite repeated references to the president as a possible recipient of these funds. There are even instructions to Hunter associates to use code names for Joe Biden like “the Big Guy” and “Celtic.” Some of us have criticized Garland for ignoring the undeniable need for a special counsel.

Capping off the scandal with a plea to a couple of tax charges and a gun form charge would minimize the damage before the 2024 election.

What happens then is anyone’s guess. As a first offender, Hunter could plead out such charges to minimal jail time. These are federal charges, so Joe Biden could pardon his son. Presidential pardons have a long and checkered history, including presidents using the power to benefit family members and political donors.

Notably, when President Clinton abused this power by pardoning his half-brother, he waited to do so until he was leaving office. Indeed, a criminal charge could create a weird end-game option for Biden. Hunter could wait to plead guilty. If he is not reelected, Biden could issue a Clintonesque pardon for Hunter on his way back to Delaware.

The pressures on the Bidens are both real and rising. With both the Arkansas court and the House committees threatening greater public disclosures, a bill is coming due, and the interest will only mount in the coming weeks.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

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  1. The Rockefeller’s wouldn’t think twice about killing the judge, the stripper and the little girl in this case if they decided it was necessary. Case closed.

  2. Jonathan, are you really this painfully naive? The Bidebs, like the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas are beyond reproach. They, as Judases, are part of the protected class. Courts mean nothing and the rich little pervert is laughing in his hand thinking of his next perverted act. Think Hillary being worried about her deep connections to Epstein, lol.

    1. Set, you probably don’t know: This column was commissioned by FNN (published last Saturday).

  3. The moment when the defense in Hunter’s Arkansas court woes asked about a lack of discovery information about a witness for the prosecution. They didn’t have a resume nor any information at all about what that witness will be testifying about. That’s when the prosecution said, well this is all we have and handed over a voluminous 680+ page report, titled, The Hunter Biden Laptop that the witness had compiled after intensive review of said laptop. There were no cameras in the courtroom and the media report didn’t detail the defense’s reaction. But I can imagine the look on the face of the defense would have been priceless. So yes, the prosecution just introduced evidence about the laptop in the court proceedings yesterday. Oh to be a fly on the wall for the conversation with Hunter after his attorney’s review that report! Yes, there is a great deal of risk of the evidence heretofore ignored by the FBI/DOJ being made credible by the court in Arkansas.

    The judge was highly critical of the Hunter defense and demanded they present all the sealed and redacted information they have failed to deliver in an attempt to hide Hunter’s finances. The judge also suggested to the prosecution that they should consider using a subpoena for the art gallery which has been selling Hunter’s artwork to determine how much Hunter was paid.

    1. @Jbrickley
      This is a civil case.
      There’s the plaintiff and the defendant.
      Plaintiff is ex-stripper mom who is suing dead beat daddy.
      Defendant is Hunter Biden aka Deadbeat Daddy.

      The judge is going to subpoena the art dealer to detail what he sold and who he sold to. So the court can ascertain the amount of income.


  4. And again the obvious is left out. “IF IT WAS A TRUMP”

    If it was a Trump in the same situation they would have all the Trumps locked up in prison within the first year.

    But here we are 6 years later, more actually, allegedly it started in Obams terms. Many knew of these alleged Biden scams for years and the charges are laughable for all that Hunter, Daddy, James and other family members have done..The DOJ/FBI would have flipped a family/friend years ago and found much more criminal acts and collected others in govt allowing it, etc.

    Come on Mr Turely, you can dig in and give us a “what if it was a Trump” and how far they could dig and bury the Bidens. BUT THEY WONT. But they would have buried the TRUMPS if they had done the exact same things.

  5. I bounce between the words absurd and surreal when trying to describe this era, until now, to myself.

    1. Samuel,

      It is the era where a monkey, in many human aspects, could have done comparitively better.

      Monkey as politician: Better
      Monkey as DMV employee: Better
      Monkey as Quality assurance technician: Better
      Monkey as Fashion designer: Better
      Monkey as Help Desk agent: Better
      Monkey as News reporter: Better
      Monkey as Architect: Better
      Monkey as CDC bureaucrat: Better
      Monkey as Russian General: Better
      Monkey as Pop Musician: Better
      Monkey as Artist for Gov’t Buildings: Infinitely better
      Monkey as YouTube Influencer: Less Pathetic

      50% of the time, the monkey does nothing when asked a question or to do a task. The other half it barks unintelligibly. Either way its damaging potential is limited and consequently cannot ruin everything around it using human level incompetence, stupidity, or malevolence. Plus it can be bribed or satisfied cheaply with either a hand of bananas or an inexpensive toy–not millions of dollars or some form of corrupt influence.

      Can’t go wrong with the monkey these days.

      1. As a retired Project Quality Manager and ISO 9001 Certified Lead Auditor, I take exception to your comment that a monkey could do a better job than a “Quality Assurance Technician”. The rest is spot on.

        1. @Jim… is that because you’re mad that you get paid in peanuts while the monkeys get paid in bananas? Or do they have a better pension/401K match?

          Asking for a friend. 😛


        2. Hear, hear!

          W. Edwards Demming was no monkey!

          SQC – Continuous Improvement – Nirvana

    2. As we still talking about “The Laptop from Hell”, though it seized operation four years ago, we don’t know that much about others’:

      1. Before ’16 Presidential Election, NYPD got a search warrant for Anthony Weiner’s computer. A file “Insurance Policy” with a surprisingly content was found: Some charity seeker who traveled to Little St. James (US Virgin Island), money laundry, and …. This file went up the ladder to Andrew McCabe’s office, where it had a very comfortable rest.
      2. On 7/6/19, late Jeffrey Epstein was arrested by the FBI-NYPD Taske Force “Crimes Against Children” Task Force at TEB on sex trafficking charges.To days after his dead, FBI seized at least two desktops and an Apple laptop. Rumors have it, that in basement at Zorro Ranch, NM, three rooms housed computers and video equipment. I have not heard what law enforcements evaluations of these devices have brought.
      3. Those who where on late Epstein’s private calendar had two things in common:They [a] didn’t notice anything. [b] would be glad never to have met him.

      Looks authentic to me.


    3. I bounce between the words absurd and surreal when trying to describe this era, until now, to myself.

      Starting with the Ancient Greeks, western civilization is said to have undergone 4 philosophical eras: ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary. Socrates, the “father” of philosophy and hence from the ancient era, battled a group of thinkers known as “Sophists”. The modern day word, “sophistry” comes from how the Sophists responded to Socrates. Sophists had no philosophical foundation save to come across as clever outwardly and operate from emotions, as opposed to truth and logic which Socrates employed.

      Our contemporary era reflects the “dialogues” between Socrates and Sophists. Like the Sophists, our contemporary “thinkers” lack any objective foundation from which to articulate truth, which leads to relativism, they are self-referential, and they engage in condescension of their opponents. Witness the MSM, the talking points of both the Left and Right, and the paid trolls who populate this forum to attack the host.

      Back to your point, we are at this point in our culture because we have generations of Americans who have chosen not to read nor study any of the great literary works. We are surrounded by individuals, online or in real life, who have the attention span of 3 seconds. I see it in clinic with a physician colleague, who literally carries their iPhone in one hand, and refers to it even during patient encounters. All this from a faculty member at the medical school who harps on “diversity, equity and inclusion” while shunning patients, minorities at that. University students are worse: they blow off classes, opting instead for “virtual/on-line” recorded video lectures, and taking exams online as well, as approved by the university curriculum. Their parents haven’t a clue who Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, and 3000 years of philosophers were, who shaped our world today.

      To keep your sanity, it is better to become acquainted with these very basic philosophical eras. Spend an hour per day studying about these philosophical eras, starting with the Ancient Greeks. The most respected source for such an endeavor, is the classic A History of Philosophy by Oxford Jesuit priest Fr. Frederick Copleston, SJ. We used this book when I was in college, and it is still considered the greatest survey of Western Philosophy.

      In my estimation, aside from using humor to keep my wits, our trajectory is grim. St Augustine’s “City of God” applies to our current civilization. But we have to keep our eyes on the prize, our courage and possess knowledge so as to educate others and counter our modern day Sophists.

  6. Before walls can start “closing in” you need to have walls in the first place. Even if there were walls, nobody in Joe Biden’s FBI/DOJ has the courage to arrest Hunter Biden, place him in jail, put him on trial. If Hunter’s trial takes place in any deep blue city no jury in places like DC, New York, or Providence, Rhode Island would convict the president’s son. The jury will be told lies from the corrupt DOJ while the corrupt federal judges will sit on the scale of justice to ensure nothing too damning to the Democratic Party’s agenda will be aloud to be heard. If, and that’s a large if, justice is heard and the jury convicts Hunter for his obvious criminal behavior, his father, who’ll be POTUS until January 2025, will pardon his last surviving son as quick as Hunter smokes rocks.

    1. Stop being chopped liver….the liver is actually the most nutritious food people can eat. Or dare I say could eat before Monsanto and factory farms! But is godly serious….let’s think about liver. It’s the only mammalian organ that can regenerate itself! unlike serpents tails. Seriously the liver in humans has totally replaced itself every three years! A person can survive with just a quarter liver. A donor can give just 1\4 liver to another to give them life….long more. Yet the system seems to ignore that God’s creativity and aims to to attack the liver on so many fronts…like the liver is the soul’s generator! They want to kill ofg. On everyone and on all fronts….to reduce us all from our God given livers… chopped liver. I guess it’s for us to solve for to whom we are chopped liver? The Biden’s can do what they aim for…..but the rest of humainty….we collectively know we are NOT chopped liver. And all the people getting more by basically chopping up our livers….the creator who created that regenerative liver will get his revenge. Some call it karma….others label it evil. But all who are good see it for itself in stark nakedness. These evil ones who relegate the rest of us to chopped liver….worse ambulance Chase with big data to harvest livers. They will be the first to perish. Because Christ worked in incompatibility with their greed. The get all the viruses he calms in the chopped liver…try to harvest it the elite get all the viruses. Christ is in charge…and his people are not chopped liver!

    2. Excellent summary!

      As these matters we are talking about mainly happen between ’13 & ’17, it only works if the ruling party let it go. This aspect neither find much attention nor will it be relevant in a decade or so: GOP will be marginalized!

      For those who are not in the know & like to reflect on that, here is a piece:

      About two month prior ’20 Presidential Election, Chairman’s Grassley (R-IA) and Johnson (R-WI), S. Comm. published “Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns” TWO YEARS later, then ranking member Grassley informed “FBI Possesses Significant, Impactful, Voluminous Evidence Of Potential Criminality In Biden Family Business Arrangements” and “seeks specific records from FBI related to Biden deals with foreign nationals and companies connected to the communist Chinese regime” [1] .

      It mostly got unnoticed that now ranking member Johnson told FNN’s Maria Bartiromo on her show “Sunday Morning Futures” [2] that “I didn’t have full support of my committe and the conference either to subpoenia the Biden’s, it was too political”. Two monthe before election Majority Leader McConnel (R-KY) were worried about the appearance of politics?

      Later in the segment Senator Johnson outlines that e-mails on “Laptop from Hell” shows that current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken lied to congress when he said he never had any email contact with Hunter Biden.

      Who cares?


    3. You’re assuming hunter would get more than a $12 fine and a suspended sentence, followed by doj saying, “see – we prosecute dims, too!” Then there would be no further investigation of plugs’ family bribery conspiracies with russia, ukraine and china, as doj will say, “We already talked about that!”

  7. I cannot understand how the entire Biden family could turn its back on their blood, little Navy Jean. How she came to be is irrelevant. Her mother’s lack of relationship with her father is irrelevant. She’s Joe Biden’s granddaughter, and she should be just as welcome in their home as any other grandchild. They are treating her like she’s dirty. Like this is the 1700s. In fact, there were notable instances where illegitimate children in the 1700s and 1800s were sent to live with wealthy relatives as their wards, where they were beloved.

    Any problem they have with her illegitimacy should be directed at Hunter Biden. Yet, Hunter is welcome, but little Navy Jean is not? The entire Biden family are acting like total dirtbags towards that innocent little girl. It is disappointing that none of the other Bidens appear to have stepped forwards and invited the girl to join in family events. I would have. She should be part of the family. They need to do right by her. Instead, every schoolyard bully is going to know that her father’s entire side of the family didn’t want her.

    I will say, however, that Lunden Roberts, the girl’s mother, hopefully realizes that her quest for Navy Jean’s support and recognition as a Biden is a double edged sword. I cannot think of any mother who would want Hunter Biden to share custody of their child, with his drug-fueled orgies. That man is not safe to leave a child around. Then there are all the videos of Joe Biden sniffing the hair of children who look seriously disturbed by the behavior, and bragging about letting kids he didn’t know stroke his leg hair in the pool. These people are not whom I would want to watch any child of mine. If Hunter Biden ever does become part of Navy Jean’s life, then I hope to God those visits are supervised.

    From what little I know of Navy Jean’s situation, the only disagreement I have is the use of the Biden last name. It was always my understanding that traditionally a child only had the father’s last name if the parents were married. That’s the saying, that someone would marry a pregnant girlfriend to give the child his name. Now, tradition is different than the law. In CA, a mother can give her newborn any last name she wants, hers, the father’s, a different last name, or a made up last name. I don’t know where the girl was born, so don’t know what the law says on the matter. Personally, I would never give a child the last name of a family who didn’t want her.

  8. There isn’t going to be a prosecution of Hunter Biden, or any plea bargain. The President will pardon him after the election – if Joe lasts that long. If Hunter becomes too much of a liability to the Party, the Deep State will OD him.

    1. I would think that Hunter would rush through a plea deal, so that Joe Biden can pardon him this term, as soon as possible. Biden’s health is failing, and next term is not guaranteed. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone, but is especially in question in someone of the elder Biden’s poor health. If his cognitive decline is ever acknowledged, for instance if he has a major setback on live television, then he could be removed via the 25th Amendment.

      1. I am wondering, and maybe the good Mr.Turley has the ready answer, would it not be possible that the old man has already signed a pardon and it is just being kept secret until the appropriate time -an insurance policy if you will in case of Joe Biden’s death or becoming so obviously demented that the pardon could be challenged.

      2. Karen S: a “plea deal” for what “crimes”? What has he been charged with? Where’s the proof of the crimes? Where’s the proof that “Biden’s health is failing”? He is spry and fit. Just because Nikki Haley claims he’s going to die, doesn’t make this the truth, and it is petty and pathetic for her to even imply such. Take a look at the 2 men: Biden is slim, fit, rides a bicycle, is in a happy, in a successful marriage with an age-appropriate spouse. There is not, and has never been, any evidence of “cognitive decline”. Conversely, Trump is obese, he has poor skin quality, with sagging facial skin, both of which are signs of poor underlying health, he has a poor diet, is on his third unsuccessful marriage, is deeply disliked by the majority of Americans and people overseas, and is under criminal investigation and criminal charges and is undergoing a civil trial for rape allegations. He is petty, insecure and immature, suffering from malignant narcissism. There is only 4 years’ difference in their ages. Biden received more votes than Trump and would do so if the election were held again right now.

        1. You really live in a different reality.
          Biden loses to Trump in polls if the election was held right now.
          Trump is not disliked by the majority of Americans and the whole world is laughing or dismayed at the fact America elected a clearly mentally deficient should be a nursing home patient for president.
          Did you see the video of Biden at the Air Force football team reception? Fit and spry are not words I would use.

          1. Upstate Farmer: did you see the news TODAY in Scotland, in which Trump was booed, mocked, and compared to fecal matter? Trump is an international joke.

  9. No one wittingly walks into the lion’s den. Which “Arkancide” methodology will be employed by the Biden counsel to escape this bear trap?

  10. Wouldn’t this have been handled by wheel barrels full of money and an NDA in normal circumstances?

    Why this torturous theater?

    1. If the Deep Deep State “Swamp” has bailed on Biden, which communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO, AINO) is going to be the next “candidate” the Deep Deep State “Swamp” and Mainstream Media push through and ensconce in the presidency of the American, one-party, communist state?

    2. The plugs clan does NOT like to give up “their” money. Giving away yours is fine….

  11. Judge orders Hunter Biden to turn over financial records

    President Joe Biden’s son appeared before 16th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer at the courthouse in Batesville after she ruled on Friday, April 28, that all parties in the case must be present. With heavy police and Secret Service presence both inside and outside the courtroom, the judge first addressed the topic of redacted information.

    According to our reporter Hayden Savage, who was in the courtroom, Meyer said there were documents that had been redacted “had no reason to be.” The judge moved to have the documents unredacted. Roberts’ attorney asked for a wide range of information on Biden’s assets, including the following:

    Motor vehicles owned
    Art purchases
    All investments in the last 5 years
    Money received or given by foreign entities, including China and Ukraine
    Airline trips, costs, and who paid
    Location and cost of hotel stays
    Trips made and their purpose
    Money received from President Joe Biden

    Biden’s attorneys argued that some of the list items should not be turned over, but the judge ruled that they must release most of them.

    Democrats: #BelieveAllWomenCrackAddicts

  12. Watch them throw out the FARA violation and in doing so, give the whole country the finger. They know they can deal themselves out of any corner with the help of people like Garland, Bragg, etc. How can ordinary people vote for these clowns over and over? Are they asleep? Do they not read? My god, the country is going down the toilet and we’re just shooting cans of Bud Light. Get serious. Ask me what we should be shooting at (hint: not beer cans).

    1. As though the point of all this is some crappy tax charge. But they will get away with all of it. And be clear, the Biden’s have been filthy for 40 years. Brother, sister, various others. All in on the various schemes. Whether it’s the credit card biz or Costa Rican development projects or in Iraq – it’s nonstop. All this was laid out in Schweizers numerous books on all this. The evidence is clear, we don’t need a laptop to prove it. But it doesn’t matter.

    2. 1. “Watch them throw out the FARA violation”
      Maybe someone will find out that it is already terminated. Let’s face it: Hunter is a struggling artist living on a budget. He has sold his assets (eg Skaneateles, which holds 10% stake 10%) to his lawyer Kevin Morris (has loaned him over $2 million to help pay his overdue taxes).

      2. “How can ordinary people vote for these clowns over and over?”
      IMO you overestimate the candidate (quality) as decisive factor. They vote for the DEM party, assuming leadership knows what’s best. Sen Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) will see it in ’24.

  13. Jonathan: The title of your column is “Hunter’s Collapsing World”. Funny you would use that title when the guy who’s world is actually “collapsing” is none other than Donald Trump.

    Trump is facing multiple civil and criminal charges: The 34 criminal counts against Trump by DA Alvin Bragg. Then there is the ongoing civil rape case by E. Jean Carroll, the criminal fraud case by Letitia James and the voter fraud case by Fanni Willis down in Fulton county, Georgia–which she says she will drop on Trump sometime this summer. Not to mention the 2-pronged criminal investigations by Special Counsel Jack Smith. Smith is also looking at charges against Trump for mail fraud in illegally soliciting money from donors in violation of campaign finance laws. The aforementioned cases could put Trump out of business and in prison. Bizarre you would not want to address the Trumpster’s “collapsing world”.

    As mentioned in my comment yesterday last week 2 of Steve Bannon’s criminal cohorts were sentenced to 4 /14 and 3 years in prison for defrauding donors in the Bannon scheme to raise money to build the wall on the US/Mexican border. Trump endorsed that criminal enterprise. Bannon only escaped accountability for his crimes because Trump gave him a last minute pardon. But Bannon still faces NY state money laundering and campaign violation charges by NY DA Alvin Bragg in connection with the wall.

    In sum, Trump’s criminal enterprise is “collapsing” all around him. But you rather discuss Hunter Biden. Distraction and diversion seems to be your modus operandi these days. Bizarre in the extreme!

    1. The column should be J and H Biden world collapsing. I realize 1% coverage of the grift compared to Trump is disconcerting for you. You can add James Biden to the list. His and Joes grift went on long before Hunter. Maybe check out the testimony if the stable genius who just testified against Trump and her rape allegation on court last week. Trump is a handfull but picks his accusers well and the fools are still lining up.

    2. Never fails, as soon as the Bidens are mentioned anywhere the Biden drones pop-up online castigating people like Turley for not targeting Trump instead – as evil incarnate. Trump Derangment Syndrome is more dangerous that covid it seems. Wonder the Fauci has a vaccine for that?

      1. @Frances Fromme: such is the method of the ‘whataboutists’ in debate in this forum.

        1. Turley collects a check from a company that openly lied to its viewers, and he will deflect and distract from Trump as long as those checks keep coming.

        2. Debate you call it? Typical of whataboutists, accusing others of whataboutism when they play the whatabout card. Whatabout that.

      2. I would hope that the people who would benefit from a Fauci-endorsed TDS vaccine take it.

        Because Fauci would know it’s totally safe.

    3. You are perhaps forgetting that Trump’s “world” has been in the crosshairs since he declared his presidential run, more or less (there was that weird situation of his candidacy being pushed by various media outlets because they thought Clinton would beat him handily). To say nothing of the many, many people who have tried to “get Trump” over the decades of his life as a rich, obnoxious guy. Your argument boils down to post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

      Hunter Biden has been insulated from the consequences of his indubitable actions for his entire adult life by the fact of his father’s position as a high-ranking Democrat. The media wouldn’t touch him. No AG would touch him. The DOJ wouldn’t touch him. And by “him,” I mean both Hunter and his obviously corrupt father. You can look at Biden’s finances – and now I’m talking about our illustrious president – as prima facie evidence of his longtime payoffs, unless he can produce some other explanation for his millions, as he’s been on a government salary since the 1970s.

  14. From the linked article: “he is a person with unimpeachable integrity and ethics.”

    Criticism of Garland?

  15. Hunter Biden? nothing better too do. Is he running for office? Is guilt by association meaningful to only the weakest of minds? Did Hunter rape someone in a dressing room? Did he conspire to overthrow an election? No but we know someone who did. But let’s talk about Hunter…

    1. Acromion. The charge of rape against Trump is been brought by a women that said the rape happened thirty years ago. If questioning the outcome of an election were a crime there would be a lot of Democrats who would be in jail. I understand. You don’t want to talk about Hunter receiving millions from the Communist government of China because it’s no big deal.

    2. Get over it. This was orchestrated by Jimbo and Joe decades ago. Just because media wont over it doesnt mean it isnt true. Kind of like the Twitter files. You probably think the 51 former ( intelligent ) were intelligent and it was Russian disinformation. Kind of like the Russia Collusion nonsense that still goes on 6 years later.

    3. Tara Reade says Joe Biden raped her in the halls of the Capitol Building. Do you believe her?

    4. We are talking about Hunter.

      But I get why you’d like to change the subject…

  16. I used to ask myself: doesn’t Turley have ANY shame–or does he just need money this badly. Hey, members of Cult 45, can you spot the qualifiers in the following passage?: “For years, the Bidens have worked (with the media’s help) to delay any recognition of the influence peddling and corruption that MAY BE revealed on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Even this week, in child support proceedings in Arkansas, Hunter’s counsel continued to refuse to admit ownership of the laptop abandoned at The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Del., in April 2019.” Hunter Biden is under no obligation to “admit” anything, especially in the context of being accused of a crime, which Turley, who allegedly is a law professor, knows damn good and well. And, Turley isn’t even saying there IS either influence peddling or corruption–“may be” does not equate to “is”. And, of course, another item on the assignment list is to get in digs at mainstream media. With these shaky premises as a foundation, Turley’s little piece continues as if there are no qualifiers. I read no further. I didn’t need to. This is a clear example of Fox’s agenda which relies on the disciples failing to see that even Turley can’t factually claim that there is either influence peddling or corruption–but do the disciples understand this? No, they don’t:

    1. Gigi, it doesn’t matter that Hunter Biden admits that the laptop was his the evidence speaks for itself. Anyone who reads the posts on this blog has to wonder why you are so quick to change the subject from the censorship of Robert Kennedy Jr. By ABC News. The only conclusion must be that you are in favor of censorship by ABC. Well, you are in great company with figures from the past who were also in favor of censorship in Germany and the USSR. Freedom of speech is unique in world history and when it is attacked by the American news media you chose to change the subject. It’s not hard to know an enemy of freedom when you see one.

      1. @Gigi,

        Everybody but Hunter and his lawyers have confirmed that it is indeed Hunter’s laptop.
        His lawyers attempted to sue the PC Repair guy, except in doing so, would confirm that the laptop is indeed Hunters. (Or rather it would be an admission that the laptop was Hunters.

        So there you have it.

        Now I suggest you get back to being your regularly paid troll job.


  17. I don’t usually address the Professor directly, but come on Jon: do you honestly think any of these people any longer have our best interests in mind? This is what ‘Zeitgeist” warned about, only flipped. You are whistling in the dark, my friend. Nevertheless: if Republicans, Independents, Libertarians – anyone outside of the Dem regime decide to actually join forces – the modern Democratic party will be a triviality and a footnote, and they know it. Unless you are fully brainwashed by party, that makes sense, and your survival might just depend on it. For Pete’s sake, get over your own prejudices. That is all that is standing in the way.

    1. James, I don’t get your point. Professor Turley on a daily bases tells us that Democrats do not have our best interest in mind. He can not speak more plainly. As a life long Democrat it must be very difficult for the Professor to admit the totalitarian movement of the Democratic party but yet he has the courage to do so. There is no question that the Democratic Party has made him a pariah. Professor Turley stands under great ridicule in the public square and proclaims the truth yet somehow this is still not enough for you. Wow.

    2. James, I don’t think the Dems have to worry about any group joining forces…they don’t have the guts to do it, and it would likely end up exposing their own dirty schemes…In my opinion, what best explains what is happening is that both sides are corrupt and they’re just putting on a show for us to make us think these endless hearings will actually result in any action or accountability. The GOP only has to make it a bit more than 1.5 years and the clock runs out, so they don’t incur the wrath of the Dems (remember Trey Gowdy running out the clock on Benghazi…a true crime that resulted in deaths of our service members?). I’d be happy to be proved wrong, but unfortunately there is no leader waiting in the wings to save us this time. They will tar and feather Trump (unjustly but in time for the election), DeSantis has his head up Mickey’s *** and is turning out to be a state guy rather than a national/international force, and Joe’s puppet squad seem to be doing ok keeping him from falling off the stage. We are pretty screewed. Top that off with Biden giving illegal aliens the vote just before the election and too late for the courts to address it in 2024. News at 10.

    3. James: does your post reflect the latest daily affirmation provided by alt-right media? The fact is, Republicans continue to lose support among the American people. Ronna McDaniel admitted as much yesterday. They have to gerrymander and suppress the vote in Democratic areas to have any chance to obtain and keep power. It’s because they have NO agenda that appeals to most Americans–to wit: they want to take away and renegotiate Medicare and Social Security every single year–seniors and those on Medicare can never depend on benefits down the road, if this were to happen; they want to cut back on food stamps; they want to repeal Obamacare but can’t come up with anything better; they want to ban all abortions, something even most Republicans oppose, and they even have laws in places like Texas that pays a bounty to turn in a woman or anyone who helps her obtain an abortion out of state; they want to ban books; they want to attack and marginalize LGBTQ people; they want to second-guess physicians and psychologists who treat transgender youth and make it illegal to provide puberty-blocking medications they need to avoid emotional distress; they want to roll back consumer and environmental protections and cut taxes for wealthy corporations and individuals. They’ve even gone so far as to suggest raising the voting age to 35 because they are so unpopular with young people. It’s the Republican Party that is devolving into “a triviality and a footnote”–and, according to Ronna McDaniel, they know it. And it isn’t “prejudices” that are standing in the way–it’s the lack of any agenda that appeals to most Americans. Just look at what their obnoxious, narcissistic and lying frontrunner has done to America–he took a booming economy and turned it into the worst recession since the Great Depression; alienation of our NATO and EU allies; sided with a Russian dictator over his own intelligence agency; twice impeached, multiple criminal investigations and civil lawsuits that he uses for fundraising; solicited donations based on the Big Lie, but he can’t shut up or go away because his mental illness requires attention and adulation. How stupid do you think most people are, anyway? Do you think they don’t see your hero for the loser he really is and the fact that your party has nothing that appeals to mainstream America?

      1. Gigi ,- in recent polling, a generic Republican is leading Biden. And if the American people did not Republican policies, they would not be moving to Republican states.

        1. What polling–Rasmussen, which is consistently unreliable? People move for all sorts of reasons, like the weather, lower state income and property taxes, to be close to family and friends, and for their jobs. That is not proof of approval for Republican policies–far from it. Polls show most Americans do not support the Republican agenda.

      2. If Trump was a loser for turning around America around in 4 short years, energy independent in just 2 years and everyone prospering?

        What does that leave Obama as, he could not do it in 8……LOL….

        Where does that leave Biden with bank failures, the world on fire headed to WWIII in just 2 short years among a long list of things? LOL

        The only losers are “useful idiots” still propagandizing for Dems.

        1. Fredo: Trump is the one who “turned around” America–from a booming economy created by Obama from the ashes of Bush’s disasterous turn as president–to the worst recession since the Great Depression. Trump’s lies and incompetent handling of the pandemic made it far worse than it had to be, and caused 130,000 unnecessary American deaths. Biden got COVID under control and got kids back to school, restaurants and businesses open and people back to work. Obama made us energy independent. When the pig left office, unemployment was at 10%. Biden has set a record for low unemployment, he got a historic infrastructure bill passed, Veterans Relief, lower prescription drug prices, all lesgislative achievements. Trump’s only legislative achievement was lower taxes that mostly benefitted the ultra wealthy corporations and people, and which drove the national debt to record levels. Trump started a trade war with China that resulted in shortages of consumer goods and computer chips, which has contributed to inflation. Biden is not responsible for bank failures, either. If the fat one you worship could have somehow cheated his way to stay in our White House against our will, Ukraine would have fallen, Zelenskyy would be dead and Putin would be invading Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. If anyone is an “idiot”, it’s people who beleive that Trump was anything other than a massive failure.

  18. By the way, today is May 1st and Biden’s new rules for mortgages goes into effect and for those of you that are unaware of these new rules what it comes down to is that if you have good credit you will pay more for a mortgage than someone with bad credit. Let that sink in for a minute. People with good credit will be paying more to help people with bad credit???? Come on Svelaz and “Anonymous” try defending this absurdity.

    You or your kids work hard, do the right thing, pay off all bills on time, save money for a down payment and they get penalized in order to help the losers that didn’t save, didn’t pay bills on time and did not work the extra shifts. This is the continuation of redistribution of money from the producing class to the lazy class. From the kids that went to work, saved, got married and then had kids to those that took off a few years, didn’t get married and had three kids “on their own”. It is like they don’t remember 2008.

    1. Hullbobby, you’re off topic.
      But to your point…
      The mortgage rule is convoluted. There’s a chart on whether you pay a premium or discount based on the loan to mortgage value and your credit rating.
      So if you have good credit, depending on your LTV of the mortgage, you could either be paying a premium or the same rate.

      Like if you own 70% of the house, you get the same rate, no premium. However if you put down 20% you pay a premium. If you pay slightly more down… no premium. The idea is the hit those home buyers who put down 20% which is the most common group.

      If you save more and buy later.. you’d get a better rate. Of course every time you refi… you pay this penalty.

      1. Ian, the bottom line is that if you have better credit you will be penalized. Why don’t you address that and not try to compare two people with the same credit vis a vis their LTV. This rule is about two people buying the same house but the person with better credit paying more. This is absurd.

        1. Absurd? You mean upside down, I think. Like multiple genders one can choose, giving war tools and money to the most corrupt country in the world, Joe’s kid flying on AirForce 2 to do million dollar deals the two never discussed (GAWD, how stupid do they think we are) and Mayorkas telling us the border is secure. Everything they say is the opposite of what is true, and yet half the country will vote for them again. I’m getting ill…

        2. @Hullbobby,

          I read the actual news and saw the chart.
          Its not as simple as you state and you have to pay attention to the details.

          I agree its pure BS and it will end up screwing people over badly.

          The point I was making was that there were carve outs so that it wasn’t a simple formula.
          So if you own your current house outright and then sell it to buy a new house, where your down payment is 70%, you won’t see a change.
          However if you bought a new place w only 20% down… you’re going to be screwed.

          Note that most first time home buyers put down 20%. So the bulk of new home purchasers get screwed.

          This is something that could help push the housing market back into trouble.


          1. Ian, I appreciate your information, but it doesn’t apply to 90% of home buyers. Maybe in FL where people retire to after selling their expensive homes in MA, NY or IL and pay cash or 70%,otherwise everyone puts down 20% or less. Most of the people getting this break will be putting down 10% and that is why it is absurd. The folks putting down less are more of a risk and therefore they should pay more, not the other way around.

            It is redistribution of wealth or reparations, as ZZDoc states below, plain and simple.

    2. @Hullbobby..,May 1st. From each according to their ability to each according to their need. Workers of the world unite.One is left to wonder by what design the date was settled on.

  19. Poor Joe. What a son he wrought. No one would ever wish it on their worst enemy.

      1. Ian, I didn’t think they were needed, but thank you for reminding me to consider it next time.

      1. @Upstate… you did… I did. But Hullbobby didn’t.

        Remember its a fine line to those who are trolls and those that can’t pick up the sarcasm.


    1. Joe Biden did the same great job raising Hunter as Jill Biden is doing in looking after the best interests of her husband.

      It’s a family thing.

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