Lock Him Up! The Excitement over Trump in Prison is Tellingly Premature

Below is my column in USA Today on the growing excitement among pundits on the prospect that former President Donald Trump could be going to jail. The celebration is a tad premature. Indeed, Trump could be convicted before the election and not be sent to prison for years, if ever. This is not to say that Trump will not go to prison. He most certainly could go to jail. However, the prospect of prison depends on the specific conviction, long appellate challenges, and pardons.

Here is the column:

With the indictment of Donald Trump, there is a palpable sense among many on the left that surely these indictments will bring about the long-desired incarceration of the former president. For some pundits and politicians, it is an anticipation that borders on obsession.

The Georgia indictment is a serious threat for Trump as is the Florida case. However, multiplying the indictments does not necessarily increase the chances of imprisonment before the election, or even during a second Trump term. However, the Georgia case does present a clear context for considering the prospect of prison for Trump.

The sense of anticipation was captured Monday on MSNBC, where Rachel Maddow and Hillary Clinton were shown laughing joyfully on the night of the Georgia indictment. The left is experiencing their own version of chanting “Lock him up,” with a boom business for merchandise celebrating the expected incarceration.

Yet, there is still a great deal of runway between the arraignments and any incarceration.

Let’s quickly review the four cases against Trump. The New York indictment, led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, is the weakest. It is based on a thin legal theory pushed by a prosecutor determined to charge Trump for something … anything.

The first federal indictment is the strongest of the four. The charges over the mishandling of classified documents are based on established law and firm evidence.

The second federal indictment is similar to the Georgia case in terms of the underlying acts. Both the Georgia case and the federal indictment surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol are based on the view that Trump and his associates knew that there was no reasonable basis to challenge the 2020 election.

However, Georgia adds state charges that could not only be difficult to challenge before trial but also are not subject to a federal pardon. The 98-page indictment contains 13 counts against Trump. The state charges include mandatory minimum sentences of five years in prison, with no leeway for the sentencing judge. Even five years in prison for a man who is 77 years old (and who never has been previously incarcerated) could be a terminal sentence.

As a threshold matter, a quick resolution of the Georgia case or the others is unlikely. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ demand to try all 19 defendants together in six months is wildly unrealistic.

Given the competing criminal and civil proceedings previously scheduled around the country, the Georgia trial may have to wait until after next year’s election. There are also likely to be motions to remove the entire case to federal court.

Even if it were held in the midst of the election, a conviction would not bar Trump from appearing on the ballot or taking the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2025.

During the pendency of these prosecutions, Trump can continue to run for office. Indeed, even a conviction would not prevent him from running for president or serving if elected.

There is even precedent for running for the presidency from prison. That distinction belongs to socialist Eugene Debs, who was on the ballot in 1920 while he served time in federal prison.

If Trump is convicted, most courts would allow him to remain free pending appeals on the weighty constitutional and evidentiary issues raised by the Georgia case. That process could easily take a couple of years.

And if Trump were to win in 2024 and a judge were to order his incarceration during his presidency, there would be an immediate challenge. While state offenses are not subject to the federal pardon authority, Trump’s counsel (and likely the Justice Department) would argue that incarcerating a sitting president conflicts with carrying out his federal duties.

Even if Trump were to be sent to prison, he would not likely be thrown into general pop with a bar of soap and a weekly call.  He currently has a federal security detail and, if elected, he would have presidential duties to perform. The state may have to yield to federal authority in how Trump is held to allow him to carry out his duties and to accommodate his security detail.

That challenge would take time, and the federal courts could balance the state and federal interests by delaying any incarceration until after the term. The courts also could effectively achieve that same result by extending the appellate process past the end of a second term.

During this time, there may also be a move to change the Georgia pardon law. Under the Georgia constitution, a five-member board (not the governor) grants pardons. Trump would have to wait five years to be eligible under the current provisions.  Georgia is only one of nine states with such a system, and there could be a push to give the governor more traditional clemency power. However, that constitutional amendment process is very demanding and Trump has hardly ingratiated himself with the current governor.

None of this is likely to quash the anticipation of Trump going to prison. Indeed, memes of a jailed Trump continue to be the rage online.

However, a review of the legal proceedings ahead is a buzz kill for the lockhimup crowd. Despite the proliferation of charges against Trump, there is nothing that guarantees that he will be sent to the big house instead of the White House, if elected.

Jonathan Turley, a member of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors, is the Shapiro professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley

144 thoughts on “Lock Him Up! The Excitement over Trump in Prison is Tellingly Premature”

  1. *adjusts tin foil hat*

    It is entirely possible they want Trump in prison simply so he can be Epsteined, and the length of the sentence is actually irrelevant. Far- fetched? Maybe. But these are very dangerous waters we find ourselves in, and we need to stop talking about the dems as though they give a toss about our laws, though I also think it’s critical we continue to elucidate those laws nonetheless. This all stinks to high heaven, and anyone that still believes the society-wide corroboration or consensus of left-leaning mainstream culture is coincidental or honest needs their head checked.

  2. Jonathan: You claim “many on the left” are gleeful about the prospect DJT will go to prison. You say that “borders on obsession”. The IPSOS poll this week shows between 63 and 65% of Americans think DJT has committed serious crimes. The majority of Americans are not on the “left”. Neither are Rachel Maddow nor Hillary Clinton. Maddow is a liberal Democrat. Clinton is a moderate Democrat. In a 2015 CNN interview she said: “You know, I get accused of being kind of moderate or center. I plead guilty”.

    And what about former federal judge Michael Luttig or Ty Cobb, DJT’s former WH counsel? They are both conservatives. Then, of course, are the two conservative law professors who wrote the long article saying DJT cannot serve as president again under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. They are both members of the Federalist Society. All these conservatives think DJT has committed serious crimes. They are not “leftists”. And how about your good friend Bill Barr? He thinks DJT violated his constitutional responsibilities. He is a conservative–like you. So it’s pretty obvious. It’s not just the “left” that is calling for Trump to be prosecuted and put in prison.

    And I am not part of the “growing excitement” of the prospect that DJT will go to prison. It will be a sad day when a former president goes to prison. Many historians, who are not “leftists, will mark that day as a demonstration of the resilience of our Democratic institutions in holding a former president accountable for his crimes. It will demonstrate that even a former president is not above the law. I’m in that camp.

    1. ‘Dennis McIntyre…’ well noted spin. ..rest assured we can all clearly see the ‘hillary-clinton-rachel-maddow-concerned-citizen spin..’ by the radical progressive Left turned reactionary Right camp which gives the impression it is above all in ‘wisdom’ and ‘decency’ with the thinly veiled arrogance and disdain of Professor Turley’s points…. hiding behind such slogans as ‘no one is above the Law’ while there is a crime family syndicate in the WH, careless with the cocaine, after years of treasonous corruption against this country.. with followers who create fake hoaxes like the Steel Dossier-Russian Collusion,, vis-a-vis a man who challenged Election Results (..and as Alan Dershowitz pointed out.. no differently than Al Gore…) Etc. Ad Nauseum.

    2. Let’s watch Joseph R Biden Jr. be impeached and “held accountable for his crimes” starting with bribery.

      Fat chance that will ever happen. Biden is the criminal, not Trump.

  3. I’m in the camp that thinks it unlikely Trumps serves time for any of the four different times he'[s been indicted. I do think he’ll find guilty, but as Turley often points out that Trump wouldn’t likely survive even a short sentence and that any time in jail is a death sentence, it would take just as long to exhaust all his appeals and there’s more of a likelihood that I prefer that Biden would Parden him. We’ll have to settle, for Rudy, Meadows, Eastman, and others, much like Watergate when dozens went to jail but never Nixon.
    The best chance of seeing Trump in Orange is that he keeps making attacks against the judges, prosecutors, and DOJ which lands him in jail for a brief period for contempt. Every other citizen would go to jail for what he’s already done and there’s no question he’ll do it again. Trump will talk himself into jail, and Turley will make excuses for him.

    1. enigmainblackcom: Do you really think Pres. Biden would pardon DJT? A pardon includes an admission of guilt. Do you think DJT would take a pardon under those circumstances. Get real. DJT has never admitted to anything in his entire life. He would rather stay in prison and play the martyr!

      1. ” A pardon includes an admission of guilt.”

        Dennis, you say you are an attorney. Where in the Constitution does a Presidential pardon have to include an admission of guilt?

        You lie about everything else, so why wouldn’t you lie about being an attorney. If you are one, then you are an incompetent one, and your law school should be shut down.

        1. He’s not an attorney. What attorney on the planet has time to run all over the internet reading left wing rags and compiling and regurgitating it here.

          What’s especially rich is that he thinks that even if he were an attorney, that that gives his brain dead ramblings some sort of weight.

      2. Dennis, I am still waiting, where in the Constitution does a Presidential pardon have to include an admission of guilt? You say you are an attorney so you should have an answer readily available.

        I am waiting for you to say you were wrong or prove a presidential pardon must include an admission of guilt. I plan to be here a long time.

    2. Your fake news brainwashing full of propganda and lies is really sick to witness. You and Dennis, et al. It’s sick.

        1. “Every other citizen would go to jail for what he’s already done”

          What, precisely, are the laws that apply to what Trump “did” that was criminal, in contrast to what Hillary and her co-conspirators actually did, along with their fabricated, years-long-taxpayer-funded Russia collusion conspiracy hoax set in motion to frame Trump?
          And in contrast to what every other Democrat has done when they lost the election?

          “Every other citizen would go to jail for what he’s already done”

          Are you speaking to Hunter Biden and his multiple actual felonies, because that statement is 100% accurate.
          Joe expected Hunter to get off scott free, without even a misdemeanor, until the IRS whistleblowers came forward.

  4. My concern is if elected President and serving time in prison, his focus will be consumed with his personal court issues and not entirely focused on events surrounding the United States which in turn only leaves only one option I can think of, and that is whomever he chooses for Vice President needs someone strong such as DeSantos or Vivek Ramaswamy.
    He placed many people in power positions during his prior administration. In the long run, they were individuals departmental to this nation, and I do not foresee this pattern changing.
    In turn, because of his legal issues, my worry is enough conservatives will be swayed to vote otherwise, and because of the division among conservatives, this will once more place a Democratic candidate as President.

  5. [The Democrats]:
    Let Them Have Their Day.
    1. Book Trump by Friday August 25th 2023,
    2. Take the Mugshots in an Orange ‘Fulton County Sheriff’s Inmate’ Jump Suit,
    3. Release it to the Press,
    4. Let Them Have Their Day,
    5. By Tuesday the Day after Labor Day – It’s Over, Old News, Done & Forget About It.

    Now comes the things Democrats Don’t like to do,
    6. Do the WORK (Legal follow up),
    7. Face the Reality (Without Trump),
    8. Make Admissions,
    9. THINK,
    10. Blame Biden and Everyone else but Themselves.
    – – –
    11. A Convicted Trump runs for President, even as a Write-In,
    12. The DNC RETIRES BIDEN AS A CANDIDATE in a last moment Bait-N-Switch,
    13. In comes Candidate Hillary for Pres. with V.P. Harris,
    14. November 5, 2024—Election Day … Another ‘Close Race’,
    15. More Election Fraud accusations,
    16. Winner declared,
    17. Wall Street Lays an Egg,
    18. America is thrust into Deep-Depression (77%+ Unemployed),
    19. January 20, 2025: Inauguration Day,
    20. 4 more years of Misery and B.S. Lies [.]
    -THE END-

    ORANGE 🍊 is the New RED, WHITE, and BLUE ! 🇺🇸

    1. [(if) Post Trump Conviction]
      The next political debacle will be when County Election Officials go to put Trump’s name on the 2024 Presidential Election Ballot, and Democrats say that the County Officials can not do it.

      You can count on it.

    2. 1. Biden is already acting as a Lame Duck President (He Knows It). He’ll be spending more and more time away from the spotlight. Camp David, time spent preparing Legal defense for Hunter & Himself.

      2. The DNC disposed of the Democratic Primary Debates because they already have a Candidate waiting in the Wings (Hillary), Hence if there are ‘No Primary Debates’ there is no Other Victor to contend with when Biden is retired as the DNC Candidate, They will keep him around for the January 25th 2025 hand-over, and to keep Kamala in the V.P. Seat. Gavin Newsom is dying to run away from California, He’ll take V.P. / Senator (Dianne Feinstein’s Position), anything to save his ass.

      3. Don’t need to Tell-Ya, Trump is being “Contained” at all possible levels. His name on the Ballot or Not will be the next issue. He could be a Contender by Write-In. In this case, think of Him as a Third Party Candidate. The GOP will have to respect the Ranks and Constituency. A little Horse Trading and the GOP House will be in order. It’s about deciding Who will be Trumps V.P. at this point. That may change if the GOP is pressured to Run a Candidate under Their flag, forcing Trump into the 3rd Party position.

      4. At this point 2024 appears to me as:
      Hillary Clinton / (Kamala Harris or Gavin Newsom)
      Donald Trump / (Vivek Ramaswany or Nikki Haley)
      Strictly GOP*: Vivek Ramaswany/ Ron DeSantis / Nikki Haley
      (* Trump forced to run 3rd Party)

      Don’t Forget Your Hurricane Prepareness Package:

  6. Democrats are willing to do anything to stop Trump even if it means destroying the country.
    Vote Republican, no matter who it is.

    1. Upstate, as usual, hits the nail on the head. I would vote for Asa Hutchinson over Biden, I would vote for Christie over Biden, I would even vote for Romney over Biden…or any other Democrat! The only “Republican” that I wouldn’t vote for is Liz Cheney because she really isn’t a Republican.

      To Upstate’s point, in their determination to get rid of Trump the Democrats will “burn down the village to save it”.

  7. Ellen Evans brings up a very important point. Trials are a two way street, unlike a grand jury. Also there can be reasonable attempts for a change of venue due to a a hostile populace to the defendant in Fulton County, Ga. As well as D.C. As well the Judge in the trial in D.C. has shown animus towards the defendant in prior statements and the Fulton County DA is anything but an unbiased observer of the political scene. Discovery, well that is a whole “nother” matter. Many a case has foundered on the material discovered in “Discovery”. And then, of course, with all these trials, I would expect the defense to try the 2020 election in court since we had so many decisions about “lack of standing” in 2020 courts. Trump’s team does not have to prove there was malfeasance in 2020 but present enough evidence to turn a few jurors. Jury selection will be key and I would suspect any running roughshod over an attempt to get unbiased jurors will bring forth an appeal.
    New York’s case is a joke, the classified materials in Florida is also a joke with virtually nothing but fines and slaps on the wrist with prior miscreants like David Petraeus and Sandy Berger. Any attempt to go stronger would likely not go over well with a large part of the American public and might be resisted strongly.
    The Jan 6 charges seek to determine what was in Donald Trump’s mind. Well good luck with that because even his most rabid supporters and family cannot usually determine that, much less Trump himself.
    The Georgia indictments will be a s—show as Ms Wallis tries to convict people of making phone calls, eating dinner and having meetings as they legitimately contested an election, just like democrats have done over multiple elections and especially presidential elections and governor’s elections. I would suspect Stacy Abrams might be the first witness for the defense in Fulton County. The only question there would be if she appeared in business attire or as President of the United Earth as she appeared in Star Trek Discovery.
    Nothing like watching our legal system degenerate into FARCE.
    Our medical system is already well on the way into Farce as it acts like the human body is nothing more than Mr. Potato Head where you just pull out or stick in parts to create a person irrespective of genetics, science and 3.5 billions years of evolution.
    A real fine time in the USA.

    1. Lord, when I think of my forefathers’ blood, shed to establish this nation almost 250 years ago, and see what that nation has degenerated into, I could weep.

      Thanks for the mention.

  8. “. . . excitement among pundits on the prospect that former President Donald Trump could be going to jail.” (JT)

    During France’s “reign of terror,” thousands of “enemies of the state” were executed at the guillotine. Those barbaric executions “were a popular form of entertainment and crowds gathered to watch. The market women, who had led their own successful protest against the establishment in 1789, famously sat by the guillotine and knitted, among other things, the red ‘liberty caps’ worn by revolutionaries.” (https://ageofrevolution.org/200-object/a-french-guillotine-blade/)

    Same cause: People driven by vengeful emotions over reason. Same effect: A barbaric spectacle.

  9. Fani seems to think she is prosecuting crimes akin to those of Nuremberg at the close of WWII.

    Eighteen Defendants with Trump replacing Hermann Goring redux using Trump as the lead figure.

    She should recall it is Joe Biden that wears sunglasses and probably thinks he was an aviator at some point in life.

    The difference is there were real crimes committed by the Nazi’s on trial back then.

    This Fani Circus will wind up looking like a Jamaican Saturday night festival rather than a fair,, just, and legal court trial.

    My prediction is Trump and his co-defendants walk on all charges and Fani winds up being removed from Office by the Governor.

    That would be an appropriate outcome.

  10. Its not about Trump its about our Country and what the legal system is trying to do to him and to its citizens.

  11. Sycophants like Turley are hilarious and pathetic all at the same time.
    He claims to be a scholar of the first amendment when in reality he is nothing more than a lawyer skewing the words of the founding fathers to satisfy his own emotional driven agenda.
    I along with every one else in 12th grade government and civics learned that a vice President has ZERO power over a states certified electors, and people like Trump are the reason why the SEPERATION OF POWERS is so crucial to our republic.
    This point alone renders moot all the ridiculous excuses you heap atop each other as to why Trump should be allowed to hold office.
    But please Turley continue with the massive amount of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias needed to still support this pseudo-fascist and born and bred New York liberal who flew on the Lolita express and wished a sexual abuser of young women “Good Luck!” In their court case.
    The man who said he likes to “Take the guns first then due process…” in complete disregard of our entire notion of freedom and Liberty.
    The man whose son said “If it’s what you say it is, I love it” about acquiring hacked Democrat emails from Russian intelligence assets.
    The same man who claimed over a hundred times that China pays the tariffs the imposed.
    Finally the man who said that as a Christian, he has never asked for God’s forgiveness…”
    You will not be remembered as a scholar Turley but as a Toady, for you further the ignorant emotions generated by this man to the detriment of this nation.

    1. I along with every one else in 12th grade government and civics learned that a vice President has ZERO power over a states certified electors

      Strange you make such a statement and don’t link to a source. Because its not in the Constitution . In fact a recent congress passed legislation to include in the law the language you claim has always been there.

      1. “…The President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the Certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted. The Person having the greatest Number of Votes shall be the President…”
        I don’t see any reference to the VP having any power to do anything else other then open the Certificates. Please link your source if you disagree (you can’t because there is none).

    2. “Blah blah blah trump trump trump evil evil evil blah blah balh”—-Monty

      Thanks for making Turley’s point. Next time, please just say “I agree”.

  12. It is easy to get caught up in the lefts narrative to voters. I get caught up in the latest inanity. Assuming the left is offering an honest take on the facts and the law. But they NEVER are being honest. They are always pandering to there low information voter. Dems depend on their low information voters getting ONLY the headlines, ONLY the 10 second teaser on CNN. So yes, the low information voter does believe the number of indictments means something.
    ALL of the lies the left tells about Trump are just that. Lies. The RUSSIA, Russia, russia, lie is STILL being trotted out to the low information. Like the trolls that visit here.

    College educated women are the worst. They are women, so emotion overrules facts, and logic. I know, because there are a few of them in my life. They are smart and successful, and don’t give two shakes about politics…so they vote with sound bites of info they hear on NPR. Not knowing what they don’t know.

  13. I have never been so ashamed of being an American as I am now, watching the Democrat vultures trying to cripple a presidential candidate while their own candidate has committed far worse crimes against the country. If Trump were a Democrat, their black shirts would be burning down cities now instead of mulling over the charges.

  14. They’re a spelling error ; “ or even during a second Trump team. ”. I think you meant term not team.

  15. Shirley had previously written the Georgia case was a complete attack on first amendment. And how the state would have difficulty showing intent. No this article fantasizes about the possibility of imprisonment. This is an unlikely possibility in light of the tenuous nature of the charges in the indictment. And this includes all four indictments.

  16. The indictments are a ploy. Nobody wants a trial. They are a cudgel to beat Trump with by the media, Democrats, and never Trump Republicans for the next year and a half. Expect leaks to continue dripping out between maybe another indictment or two. The trials will be delayed until after the election and then Trump and Hunter will be pardoned by Biden, hoping to set a precedent for his pending legal problems. Biden will not be the Democrat’s candidate. I’m thinking Cory Booker.

    1. clancy, you have the cause effect all wrong.

      The constitution is desingned to survive any single man or movement. But it is rooted on clean transparent elections. Democrats have almost succeeded in wiping that protection away.

      1. can you point to any elections that weren’t clean and transparent? Didn’t Arizona do a recount of Maricopa Country votes and found it to be pretty accurate? After making all sorts of accusations about bamboo paper and forged votes? Didn’t they find Bide won by a bigger margin? Where is the fraud? Oh yea trump is going to show us the fraud on Monday. Oooooops, the dog ate the evidence, no press conference.

        1. ” Didn’t Arizona do a recount of Maricopa Country votes and found it to be pretty accurate? “

          Recounting the same ballots without checking their legitimacy is a fool’s errand. Are you asking us to place you in that group of fools? The same criminals that destroyed the voting process are the ones to count the votes and get rid of the evidence.

          Remember, the questionable votes are in certain Democrat areas where criminality is common. Were you one of them?

          1. “Didn’t Arizona do a recount of Maricopa Country votes and found it to be pretty accurate? “

            No. They found FRAUD where 13,000 people voted just under 50,000 times.
            Trump lost Arizona by 11,000 votes.

            Also note that Fact Checkers only came on the scene when Truth started getting out. And to attack Trump.
            If you believe all “fact checks” you are a useful idiot.

        2. “Didn’t Arizona do a recount of Maricopa Country votes and found it to be pretty accurate? “

          Here is something that happened in Georgia. Many others in Georgia had the same problem. They can count the votes over and over until hell freezes over, and the count won’t change, but that doesn’t mean the ballots counted were legitimate and that honest people were denied their vote.

          Proofs like screenshots, signed documents, etc., are at the site. Copies of the documents are available.

          Some who cannot think, say everything is fine. Nothing happened. When they repeat the same lies, one recognizes they are the ones not to believe.

          ‘Fraud in the system’: MTG’s ex-husband details 2020 election incident in Georgia

          Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) ex-husband alleges there was voter fraud in Georgia during the 2020 presidential election after he and other voters were told that they had already voted, despite none of them casting their ballots.

          On Wednesday, Greene posted on her account on X, the platform previously called Twitter, about how her then-husband, Perry Greene, went to cast a ballot at a polling station in the 2020 general election but was told that he had already voted absentee. However, she said, he had not requested a mail-in absentee ballot for that election. Greene also claimed the same happened to other voters in that polling station….

          “We are unable to say why it appeared from the Secretary of State’s records that a by-mail absentee ballot was requested but we can confirm that no documents were located indicating that Mr. Greene ever requested a by-mail absentee ballot, nor that he turned one in when he voted with an in-person absentee ballot,” McDonald said.


          1. Wow, you trump sycophants are a sick bunch. Get a life. The Republican Party in Maricopa committed fraud to get Biden elected? That is what you are saying. Please, why has no proof ever been shown to a court of law/?

            1. “sick bunch”

              Sick? Where did I mention Maricopa? I didn’t, but the leftist sickness permits you to say whatever you want without embarrassment.

              Trump sycophant? What makes me a sycophant? I like Trump’s policies, a secure border, peace, a good economy, and more. But I like DeSantis as well. Are you foolish enough to call me a DeSantis sycophant? Probably because you are not careful with the truth. I also like some of the other candidates. Does that make me a sycophant as well?

              I don’t like Biden. Whether you do or not isn’t important because your responses tell us you support the left. That means you like drugs killing over 100,000 Americans, mostly young. It also means the death of many migrating children more than the numbers indicate, my multiples, because their bodies are eaten by wolves and animals when they die in the desert. You like that. That is sick. You like women raped along with children. I won’t deal with all the rest because you have demonstrated enough sickness, that nothing more is necessary.

    2. I am imploring Dr. Turley and others to back their defense of the constitution by defending President Trump in Court. Everyone deserves the best possible defense, especially if they are being prosecuted by the State. This persecution of Trump could be stopped by someone of Dr. Turley’s caliber.

  17. JT, you have sunk to a new low with this opinion piece. You used to stand for something, now…

    trump openly mocked, ridiculed, humiliated, dishonored so many people. To this day he continues to treat anybody that disagrees with him with complete contempt. And you JT, sound like a whinny 4 year old about someone giving trump a taste of his own medicine. Is trump worth 1 minute of airtime to mock his present predicament? Hardly, Someday our society and country can regain some semblance of compassion. I fear it will be long after trump is gone.

    You JT could help matters. You don;t, that is a real tragedy as you could be so much better than this whiny puff piece for trump.

    1. Bob: Mocking, ridiculing and humiliating someone is not a crime. Money laundering, fraud, sex trafficking and lying on a gun application are. Get your facts straight.

      1. Did I call “Mocking, ridiculing and humiliating someone” a crime? I don’t think so, no, I know I did not. Get your facts straight. Please read my post again and try not to impugn things not in evidence.

        1. Bob admits he has nothing left but meaningless adhominem attacks. (lacking substance and facts, as is the situation here

          1. So I laid out things trump has done. First I get accused of saying those things break the law (I said no such thing). Now I am making “meaningless adhominem attacks”. I don’t think so.

            trump sycophants, hopeless cult followers.. You can’t even read a short post and understand what was said because it was critical of your cult leader. Sad, so sad.

  18. Trump Derangement Syndrome hits ever-higher levels. So is the level of Democrat hate and viciousness towards the country with their unending string of Trump-Russian Collusion conspiracy, hateful rhetoric, ongoing lies, bogus impeachments, one-sided January 6 Commission that never interviewed the head of Capitol Police nor looked at their failure to protect the Capitol, and on and on. Meanwhile their lapdog media completely ignore or make excises for the Biden corruption and incompetence.

    1. Well said EV. I guess a Vice President pimping out his crack addicted son to get bribes from China, Russia, and Kazakhstan isn’t a problem for the Cheka (I mean the mainstream media).

  19. “Both the Georgia case and the federal indictment surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol are based on the view that Trump and his associates knew that there was no reasonable basis to challenge the 2020 election.”

    That view is complete nonsense, as anyone would know if they followed the court proceedings associated with Voter Ga’s challenges to the election in Georgia. Appologies for my having posted this information a couple of times recently, but apparently it bears repeating:


    Six sworn affidavits of Fulton counterfeit ballots; (10s of thousands est.)

    17,724 more votes than in person recount ballot images required to tabulate votes in Fulton

    Drop box video surveillance representing 181,507 ballots destroyed in 102 counties

    Improper Chain of Custody forms for 107,000 ballots statewide

    Estimated Chain of Custody forms missing for 355,000 ballots statewide (Georgia Star)

    86,860 voters in 2020 have false registration date prior to 2017 but were not on 2017 history file

    Over 1.7 million original ballot images are lost or destroyed in 70 counties despite state, federal law

    1. In my response to an earlier column by JT, I asked whether the GA case would open the door for Trump to show that the election was, indeed, tainted. That would remove the very foundation of the DA’s case.

      1. The Voter Ga findings are more than enough to raise the reasonable doubt necessary to defeat a guilty verdict, and go a LONG way toward turning the tables and transforming the prosecutor into a defendant, if there were any real justice in Georgia.
        Step One, I think, is to get the case transferred out of state court into federal court, where a jury pool would be drawn from a wider selection of Georgians than just deeply-corrupt Fulton County.

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