A Tired Bunny

humorous-136_smallWhile many of us think little of the level of effort needed for a single bunny to bring candy to all of the Goyim boys and girls each year, this picture shows that the holiday takes its tool on Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha.

This picture means different things to different people, of course.

For conservatives, this most noble of small mammals has been able to do this shipping feat every year without a stimulus payment or bailout.

For liberals, the bunny distributes benefits equally across society in an egalitarian celebration.

For libertarians, this celebrates a successful non-government program with non-taxable benefits.

For PETA, it is a case where humans invite a rabbit for dinner without having the rabbit for dinner.

For me, the rabbit saves parents from having to stay up all night because four children are so excited that they get up every hour to check if it is morning — starting from ten to 6 am. Thank God, parents do not have put out this stuff each year.

14 thoughts on “A Tired Bunny”

  1. Bob,

    Thanks for the link. I needed a little Bugs this AM, I just didn’t realize it.

  2. Mike Spindell,

    Notwithstanding your leporiphobia—or in the Georgie Bush-level lexicon, bunnyphobia—I think you should use your education to overcome your dislike/distrust of bunnies and tendencies towards equinophobia—specifically your mule phobia—or more generally, your zoophobias.

    However, I am somewhat hypocritical because, even given my education, I will most likely never overcome my politicophobia of everything Bush/Cheney…

  3. FFLEO,
    Since I’ve already shamefacedly admitted my hare-triggered prejudice, perhaps you can infer my lack of respect for the Fortunate Son’s intelligence by my comparison.

  4. Mike S.

    Is it not blasphemous on Easter/Passover to compare Peter Cottontail’s intelligence favorably with Bush’s lack thereof?

  5. Buddha,
    While I genrally abhor pre-judgements, you must realize from my past comments that I’m anti-hare. I can’t help it, it’s an ugly truth about me and I can only defend it by pleading Rabbit trauma as a youth. I will say no more.

  6. Mespo,
    I think they make a wonderful couple, well matched intellectually.

  7. mespo,

    You’re not supposed to scare the living crap out of everyone on this blog with pictures like that!


    That is a wonderful picture and a sweet, creative post–one correction. PETA would not approve because the bunny is workin’ for the man and that ain’t right! He’s taking care of business while the overlords sleep!

  8. I like my bunnies creamed filled. Jelly Filled and mint jelly is not to bad either.

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