Happy Easter!!!

180px-easter_postcard_1910Happy Easter to Everyone on the Turley Blog. The Easter Bunny came as expected this morning, bringing sugarly foodstuffs . . . and even edible grass this year!

The Turleys are preparing our annual Easter Egg hunt for neighborhood kids — a scene reminiscent of the locust swarms of Oklahoma in the 1930s. Due to our mixed marriage, our kids actually get to double dip with Passover and Easter — insuring the maximum level of sugar intake.

I am making our tradition of leg of lamb with a garlic-mustard coating (left to marinate all night).

Happy Easter and Passover to all of our bloggers.

20 thoughts on “Happy Easter!!!”

  1. Happy Spring, Happy Passover, and Happy Easter!!!

    Here’s hoping all the litle Angels have burned up all the goodies and are no longer whirling dervishes!

    And for all you Devils:

  2. Seamus,

    The best antidote for that mixture of beer ‘n beans in your belly is to eat an Ostrich-sized dark chocolate Easter egg…guaranteed to fix you up for good.

  3. Deviled eggs are a personal favorite. Especially when made with real devil.

  4. I hope everyone had a great day of consuming the large hunk of meat of their choice, with the family members of their choice. Personally, it’s the deviled eggs that make or break my spring festivities.

  5. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all Turley bloggers and to Professor Turley and his family. I am trying to figure out how many miles I have to ride on my bike to work off the multiple black jelly beans and cheesecake that I have inhaled today. Have a great week.

  6. Here is a lament from the “poor side of town,” probably from Patches’ boyfriend about for whom those the Peter Cottontail Easter Bunny might not visit for fear of being mugged, running into a meth lab, or worse:

    Quote (Editorial note: I had to clean up one word):

    “The f@%$^# never came to our trailer!!
    I woke up and opened the door and looked out and NO BASKET! Guess Peter doesnt come around to “mobile homes”.

    Point of constitutional law: Should the Easter Bunny, or any human impersonating him—is there *really* a Peter Cottontail hoppin’ down the bunny trail—be granted First Amendment Freedom of Association individual rights to discriminate against *egg* deliveries in poor neighborhoods to ‘trailer trash’ kids on a USA sanctioned holiday, and especially on a Sunday?

    Disclaimer. Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin’ down the bunny trail, Hippity, Hoppidy Easter’s on its way.. is one my most favorite tunes by Gene Autry.

    My how times have changed since *1950*. Gene Autry’s version of ‘Peter Cottontail’ reached:

    #3 on the Country Charts
    #3 on Best Seller
    #5 on Jockey
    #7 on Juke Box

    Somehow, I just cannot image a Hip-hop/Rap version of Peter C, but then again, given the way music is headed in a downward spiral…

  7. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to the Turley family and all who are here! The Easter egg hunt sounds like so much fun. What a wonderful thing to do for the kids in your neighborhood.

    My organic ham is still in the freezer since my adult children have requested to send out for Chinese. I’m not sure if that’s a commentary on my cooking or on organic ham.

    At least we have a little non-inhaled chocolate. As FFLEO points out, there’s always somebody trying to take the fun out of things. Even when I was a serious Catholic, we didn’t have Easter eggs because they are profoundly religious–we had them for FUN!

  8. “A goldfish left Lincoln Logs in my sock drawer!”

    “That’s the story of Jesus!”

    — Bill Hicks

  9. Mike Spindell:

    “May this be a day of meaning”

    The big going away party? Thrilling.

    I’m especially fond of the smell of egg salad on everyone’s breath.

  10. Happy Easter/Holiday to all. I’m doing monster-large BLT’s, an avacado salad and Baily’s Irish Cream malts for dessert. It’s dreary and chilly in my neck of the woods so here’s hoping you folks with kids and easter egg hunts planned have a nice sunny day to play EasterBunny.

  11. Quoted from HuffPo:

    “Ever stopped to wonder how bunnies, eggs and scavenger hunts are related to Easter’s religious celebration of Jesus dying on the cross and rising again? Strange bedfellows they are.”

    “Wow. Bet that gets your bonnet in a tizzy. Imagine the irony in making up a goddess myth, which becomes linked with the “greatest story ever told,” and simultaneously serves as a mecca of commerce for Hershey’s, hat makers and basket weavers. For those who are devoted Christians: does this affect the power of His word and His teachings? No, but come on; it is a pretty darn good story.”


  12. Happy Easter to all. I’m doing turkey, but I’m not very good with trimmings, so I got to figure all that out. (Although I think chocolate would work nicely.)

  13. Happy Easter To All,
    I’ve gained five pounds from overconsuming brisket and should see my cardiologist this week to check my cholesteral. May this be a day of meaning for you as you gather with those most important to you and enjoy the elixir of children. I’ve overindulged in same for the last few days and am ready to return to a sunnier climes and then start the process of missing my children and grandchildren all over again.

    Peace and comfort to all.

  14. Happy Easter to all who celebrate and may JT’s children not catch fire from the sugar rush. Amen.

  15. Don’t you mean the run of the Sooners? Happy Easter to all and to all a good meal!

  16. JT:

    You and Patty C must have compared notes on the leg of lamb. I am pickling a turkey in the finest of Easter traditions. Good hunting for the kiddies.

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