Swiss Vote To Ban Minarets

We previously discussed today’s Vote in Switzerland on a ban on minarets for Mosques. Despite international criticism, the ban has passed. Just as we saw today (here) how Islamic extremists can justify blatant discrimination against other religions, the Swiss have shown that Christians are equally comfortable with such double standards.

The vote is a triumph for the country’s far right party. It is not a ban on new mosques but rather the minarets typical of such places of worship.

A surprising 57 percent approved the measure.

For the full story, click here.

49 thoughts on “Swiss Vote To Ban Minarets”

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  2. I support this, but only because I believe that there should be no Muslim immigration into western Europe in the first place.

  3. Berliner: “Until this sunday the banning of minarets was unconstitutional in Switzerland. Then a referendum passed which amended article 72 (“Church and State”) of the constitution to exempt minaret-bans from the right of religious freedom.

    Which is, I believe, the whole point of this blog entry…”

    Check, back rank & mate. Well played sir.

  4. Bob brings up a very valid point. Sir William’s maxims are quite often misused. It’s a great tool, but it also has to dubious distinction of being used on occasion as a shield for ignorance or superficial analysis.

  5. Byron: “I thought that was William of Ockham.”

    The law of parsimony is more often than not misunderstood and abused by the cognizantly lazy.

    It’s often the fall back position for right wing radio talk show hosts.

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