We Few, We Happy Few . . .

The voting continues with the ABA. Some would say that we are outmatched in second place with 66 votes to The Legal Satyricon with 106. But every great movie from Rocky to Star Wars has the underdog struggling before a thrilling victory. Yea, that’s us. Part Rocky, Part Jedi. Worse yet, that means a planet will be destroyed (who needs to threaten kittens) if we lose. By the way, the low numbers over all are the result of a weirdly rigid and awkward voting system. The result is that it suppresses the votes overall and requires people to go through a couple of steps. Below is your weekly inspiration to get the vote out.

Remember this my friends: We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, For he today who sheds his vote with me shall be my brother, Be he ne’er so vile, this day shall gentle his condition, and gentlemen of other blogs now abed shall think themselves acursed they were not here, and hold their manhoods cheap whilst any speaks, that fought with us upon ABA Blawgs days!

50 thoughts on “We Few, We Happy Few . . .”

  1. While another site tastelessly and humorlessly threatens to kill innocent kittens, Kenmore the cat leaves a subway station for the comfort of a kind trolley operator’s home:

    “After months of roaming the tunnels and dodging trolleys, the striped tabby – named Kenmore – is being adopted by MBTA trolley operator Karen Ingraham.

    “Kenmore was first spotted on the tracks by MBTA employees in July, according to Ingraham.

    ““He was a little kitten hiding by the rubber under the rails,’’ said Ingraham, who lives in Roslindale. “We don’t know how he got down there. We tried so many times to rescue him, but he would run away and hide.’’

    “The elusive feline grew up to become something of an underground celebrity. In recent months, passengers have written about Kenmore sightings on UniversalHub.com. Just a few weeks ago, Shaula Clark of the Boston Phoenix snapped a photo of the cat lounging across the thick yellow line on the subway platform. The picture was published under the headline “Kenmore cat can’t be caught.’’

    “For five months, MBTA employees brought food and bottled water to Kenmore, and worried about his safety.

    ““It was so hard watching him dodging trolleys. He was the same color as the rocks,’’ said Ingraham. “I knew this cat was in danger.’’

    “Ingraham, who has a 9-year-old cat at home, said she spent one of her days off trying to catch Kenmore, to no avail. She gave a pet carrier to another MBTA employee, who captured the cat Thursday.

    ““He’s never been outside the subway,’’ said Ingraham, who marveled that Kenmore survived in the subway station for so long. “I believe he’s surrounded by guardian angels.

    ““He’s safe now. He’s going to be well taken care of.’’”


    Safe at last. May many other kitties escape from the fiendish grasp of the merciless Legal Satyricon.

  2. Jill:
    “…Secondly, morally speaking the ABA really should reconsider making a moral issue of anything. You can’t be kicked out for writing torture memos but they’re very concerned about two or more unique individuals voting from one IP address? Glad their priorities are in order.”
    Oh SNAP, girlfriend! I just about lost a mouthful of coffee. LOL, thank’s for putting it all in perspective.

  3. You’re right Gyges,

    It’s per valid e-mail address. I thought Nal said IP address. The ABA still needs to worry about war criminals as well as contest rules though!

  4. Jill,

    They can just register under different E-mail addresses. That’s what my wife and I did (Hey she enjoys the links from here that I send her when I think she’ll find it interesting).

  5. BIL,

    By the way did you catch the Rudolf\Full Metal Jacket mash up on that OTHER blog? Hilarious, if not appropriate for work\small children\people with heart conditions.

  6. There are two serious points with regards to the ABA policy. Guess what? More than one person may use the same computer IP address in a home. Is only one of them allowed to make their opinion known by voting?

    Secondly, morally speaking the ABA really should reconsider making a moral issue of anything. You can’t be kicked out for writing torture memos but they’re very concerned about two or more unique individuals voting from one IP address? Glad their priorities are in order.

  7. Gyges,

    No worries. Miscommunication happens. Thankfully English is self-correcting when used properly but I didn’t take your comment as other than a joke. I can see where those who don’t know you as well might not though. I wasn’t disagreeing with you so much as agreeing with FFLEO that nal is honorable. It was meant as a complement to him, not a slight to you. So perhaps the proper apology should be mine to you.

  8. FFLEO and BIL,

    Perhaps I should have phrased that as “bragging about what you did online.” Obviously I meant it as a joke.

  9. Nal did the honorable thing indeed, but it has caused a bit of a stir. In response, I’ve posted the following message to their board (awaiting moderation).

    “Speaking as one of the joking, I was indeed about joking about cheating. I was not, however, joking about the ability to do so. No, if there have been slight irregularities, it’s nothing like what would happen if I put the network at my disposal to work. I work with a lot of computers. All of them call me daddy. I’m pretty sure no one intends to seriously cheat. If they were? I’d be my first suspect. Your being in the lead belies that.

    We may give you a hard time at Turley’s. As kitten threateners you deserve that much. But wholesale cheating for an ABA Award?


    Like you said, it’s not that big a deal.

    We do understand the meaning of critical perspective and restraint. The competition is friendly, but ultimately unimportant. You win some, you lose some. Unless kittens are actually harmed. Then it’ll just be on.

    At least that’s my perspective.

    Personally I’m wondering if Elaine’s pod people make good soup. And I don’t mean preparation. I suspect they’d skew the vote with write-in’s for Palin. They are vegetables after all. I can see them applying the magic markers to their screens right now. Soup and the Senate is what they are good for, so I wouldn’t be to concerned over them unless you are allergic. Or live in their district.

    Happy Holidays

    And relax. I, for one, take this just about not seriously. I think you’d find that the common response.”

  10. That is funny! Not everyone was so serious though. And doesn’t he realize there are people here from Chicago who have every right to vote as many times as they have dead relatives?

  11. Gyges,

    Yup, should have kept my mouth shut.

    The ABA site FAQ suggests one vote per valid e-mail address.

  12. Nal,

    Well I don’t really think your extra two votes would make a difference one way or the other, but good on ya. Also, what’s wrong with you? Don’t admit to stuff online that’s for stupid teenagers with facebook accounts…

    To those from other blogs,

    Pod people aside, the Prof. has never encouraged us to cheat. It’s all been in fun, so let’s just agree that mistakes were made, and in the end what really matters is that we all got to watch some great moments in cinematic history..

  13. I think I’ve been busted.

    So, to make amends, I logged on and voted for The Legal Satyricon the same number of times minus one. I didn’t think Marc would take the voting so seriously.

    1. Nal:

      I am glad that you corrected the situation. I was not even aware that this was possible since I assumed that the voting locked out after one vote. For that reason, I thought some of the past comments have been joking around. Perhaps, I should have followed the thread more carefully. As much as we joke about pod people, cloaking devices etc. It is all in good fun. I strongly discourage any efforts to inflate votes. The competition is fun as a distraction and an excuse to post clips from old movies. While I appreciate the loyalty to the site, that is not how we want to win or lose. Besides, God favors this site. Who needs ghost voting?

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