Don’t Mess With Antarctica: Scientists Prove Gov. Rick Perry Correct On Texas Secession

It appears that if they just stayed put Texans would be living seal steak and penguin chili. Just 1.1 billion years ago, rocks show that Texas was part of a remote part of the Antarctic continent south of the Atlantic Ocean basin.

All of this was before the existence of Pangea as part of a giant, early land mass called Rodinia. Rocks in the two locations show the exact same age and have the same chemical and geologic properties. This research will be published in the journal Geology.

However, putting aside the scientific implications, consider the political implications. It means that when Governor Rick Perry was suggesting possible secession of Texas from the United States “as a right,” he may have been misunderstood. He was criticized for his poor knowledge of Texas history and constitutional law. However, he may have been speaking as an Antarctican, not a Texan. They have done it before. Just picked up and drifted off.

It is not clear what led to the first secession of Texans from Rodinia, but it is believed to involve the general practice of evolution in Antarctica.

We now know the origins of the “burrrrito” and “chilly” as common food names. It also explains why Big Tex has a vaguely Inuit look. Some of Perry’s statements now make much more sense when one considers his roots in the tundra: “I don’t want to look like Connecticut, no offense, I don’t want to look like Oklahoma, I don’t want to look like California. I want to be uniquely Texas. And that’s not to diss anybody else.” I give you the current look of Texas in the state of Rodinia:

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  1. SwM,
    Blouise, I think McConnell picked the republicans. At least Portman has worked on a budget previously.


    Yeah, I know, but I really don’t like Reid

  2. SwM,

    He served under Bush I as White House Counsel and Director of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. He also served under Jr. as Director of the Office of Management and Budget for a whole year till he quite to “spend more time with his family”. He sucked up big time to the teabaggers

    Here’s a link with his stance on issues.

  3. Blouise, I think McConnell picked the republicans. At least Portman has worked on a budget previously.

  4. Blouise, Just read it. Keep up the good work. Planned Parenthood people were out on the streets in Boulder talking about the awful legislation that has been passed in nine states. Of course, Rick Perry is responsible for some of it.

  5. SwM,

    Please read my post on Rick Perry thread … just did it … about my day in cleveland to protest at Portman’s office

  6. rafflaw, They thought they owned the place when Bush was president. Now they have to worry about the EPA and national healthcare.

  7. Swarthmore,
    Who took these wealthy Texans country from them and how did they do it? Perry doesn’t worry me, what Obama chooses to do or not to do is what worries me for 2012.

  8. And this, of course, is proof that global warming is a fraud. You really can fool some of the people all of the time and the climate change deniers have done an excellent job of fooling just enough of the people. The question will be can our species survive the results?

  9. LOL, Now on to other issues…..It would only be fit and proper to call it…Anta-Texas….if you are from outside the state or if a native you’d be pressed to refer to it as Texartica….Geeze…trying to train a Yankee on simple euphemisms…

    On a sadder note…it appears that the Dems were only able to wrest 2 of the 3 seats needed for control of the WI Senate…but that may be lost this next week if the two other Dems do not maintain the current seats….as they face recall….Walker will not have a recall until he has served one year….

    Good to see you back professor…

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