American Taliban: Meet John Benefiel

Sarah Palin had Thomas Muthee and John McCain had John Hagee and Rod Parsely and Barack Obama had Jeremiah Wright. For Rick Perry, his bizarre religious ally may be John Benefiel, the head of the Heartland Apostolic Reformation Network. Benefiel was one of the official organizers of Perry’s controversial The Response prayer rally. In this YouTube clip, Benefiel calls the Statue of Liberty a “demonic idol.”

Here is what Benefiel states on the Statue of Liberty:

Libertas is also called the Freedom Goddess, Lady Freedom, the Goddess of Liberty. You know there’s a statue in New York harbor called the Statue of Liberty. You know where we got it from? French Free Masons. Listen folks that is an idol, a demonic idol, right there in New York harbor. People say, ‘well no it’s patriotic.’ What makes it patriotic? Why is it? It’s a statue of a false goddess, the Queen of Heaven. We don’t get liberty from a false goddess folks, we get our liberty from Jesus Christ.

He has also insisted that the District of Columbia be renamed. In an August 2010 sermon, Benefiel insisted that he would “divorce Baal” from Washington and had unilaterally “renamed the District of Columbia the District of Christ.” He added: “I tell you I have more authority than the U.S. Congress does, see I guarantee you that that will not forever be called the District of Columbia, it will be changed by somebody, it will be changed by the Lord when He comes back or our Congress.”

Benefiel is just one voice against the separation of church and state in America. Despite the violence and repression caused by religious-based regimes around the world, such figures are seeking a new theocratic government in America.

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  1. The freaky fundies hate all things French, in fact anytime fear rears its ugly head in America we blame the French. Remember post 9/11 when ‘french-fries’ became ‘freedom-fries’? The enemy has been outed….it is the fearful fundy-right, who so comfortably find solace and harbor in the arms of the Republican party….ever willing to exploit any fear to thier own advantage.
    I am concerned about those fears being channelled through a court system that has proved itself unwilling to listen to those educated and knowledgeable in favor of those whose political ideation is more in alignment with thier own, personal ‘illumined design’ and experience.

    Freedom is a 3 way street…..

  2. Actually Geebie Perry has called for the destruction of America himself. He has stated several times, publicly, that he would like Texas to succeed from the Union. That would work as well this time as it did last time.

    Also, one of the biggest reasons this slander has not stuck to Obama his his entire life and his entire record specks as an individual dedicated to making America better. Despite his having met a guy from the Weather Underground 30 years after his sentencing and despite the overheated rhetoric of the minister from his church (which was quite badly echoed by Revs Robertson and Falwell on several occasions, most notably after 9/11) the libel won’t stick because his whole life shows it to be false.

    Gov. Perry’s, not so much.

  3. GG,

    “My political hypocrite is better than your political hypocrite” is a weak argument and disregards the heart of the issue: politicians are in large hypocrites. The reason for this simple. Their job description says they work for the people, but they beg for money from corporations and wealthy individuals to campaign on which in turn makes them beholding to those narrow special interests. They lie to the bulk of their constituents because if they told the truth about how they are selling out our legal system and their best interests to the highest bidder, they’d all be run out of town if not given the Mussolini treatment. As far as Oprah goes? Yeah, I agree she sucks, but in the end it makes no difference that she’s a hypocrite. She’s an entertainer. Her job is to pretend to be something she’s not. That’s not the Constitutionally defined job of a Representative or Senator, yet the campaign finance system has perverted their original job of representing their constituents as a whole into something very similar. It’s not rocket science.

  4. Having had sex and long term relationship with Ms Liberty I can personally attest to the veracity of Benefiel’s demonic claims. maybe I should get hold of Perry team so they can use my support on TV?

  5. From the clip posted it looks to me like Perry was saying that we need to pray for the problems with America that are spiritual in nature. IOW pray for better outcomes and help. So what? At least Perry doesn’t hide this. Obama would claim that for all the years he attended Wright’s congregation he never heard all the hate of America babbling that Wright has been recorded saying.

    And yes, I’m afraid to say that Oprah is one of the biggest frauds there ever was. Grandstand Central. Speaks from both sides of mouth herself. Remember after winning the meat industry law suit and proclaiming “Free speech rocks” while shackling her employees with a very restrictive and personal non-disclosure contract? Also, she claims in one hand that she will never go back to that high school she attended in Wisconsin because of all the racism and bad treatment. On the other hand she said she was the only black student and it was “hip” in the late 60’s to know a black person there she “I was very popular”.

    Let’s remember the line from Michael Corleone, Godfather II, “We’re both part of the same hypocrisy, senator …”

  6. Perry is dangerous and he is pandering to the Tea Party and the far-right religious nuts who want the Bible to replace the Constitution.

  7. So Obama has the Ghosts of Marx and Alinsky and his neo-convenient-got-pride-in-America bride Michelle resonating in his soul and Perry has this guy. Well la de frickin’ da. Is this guy calling for the death of America like the Taliban? No, just some stupid changes. I suppose he has room for improvement like we all do. Wasn’t the Pope trained in the Nazi infantry? As the great great Pat Paulsen said, “Picky, picky, picky”.

  8. Makes sense. The statue is “green”. This is a clear pro environment message that thumbs its nose at God Mandated Corporations, which are only trying to do God’s will by making as much profit as they can. And it came from the French, what more can you say?

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