The Turley Blog Needs Your Vote! The ABA Competition Is Down To The Wire For Top Opinion Blog

This year’s competition for the top opinion blog by the American Bar Association has become an intense race between our blog and one of the largest conservative legal blogs, Volokh Conspiracy. Even though VC is one of the largest blogs in the country, we are only a couple of dozen votes away with voting closing on December 31st. We need every vote so please spread the word to civil libertarians and others that we need their support to pull off the ultimate David and Goliath victory.

We are currently one of the most visited civil liberties blogs in the country. We often conflict with VC on issues like privacy and Supreme Court cases. That ideological difference makes this year’s competition even more intense. You can vote at this site by clicking on the “opinion” category and we need your vote. A quick registration is needed to prevent cheating in the competition.

Please spread the word and let’s see if we can close the remaining gap. While I respect our counterparts at VC, we deserve this honor. After all, to paraphrase Stuart Smalley, “We’re good enough, we’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like us!”

FLOG THE BLOG: Have you voted yet for the top legal opinion blog? WE NEED YOUR VOTE! You can vote at HERE by clicking on the “opinion” category. Voting ends December 31, 2011.

54 thoughts on “The Turley Blog Needs Your Vote! The ABA Competition Is Down To The Wire For Top Opinion Blog”

  1. Stephan Patterson,

    Agreed. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, this blog is a light in the darkness… Jonathan Turley is a giant among men and, as you rightly say, “a great voice for liberty.” We need more like him, if this republic of ours is to be rescued… I’d love to see Jonathan Turley on the Supreme Court. Now wouldn’t that be a day for celebration?

  2. Jonathan Turley deserves all the praise and awards possible.
    I think that if he were alive in the 1700’s he would have been a leading voice at the constitutional congress,….. I picture him then and today as great voice for liberty.

    Stephan Gregory Patterson

  3. Really, what does this ‘popularity contest’ prove? -Muad’dib

    Nothing, of course. But, sometimes, it does the heart good to take a stroll on the lighter side of life. Cheers.

  4. Congrats on the lead Professor, here’s hoping it continues (toasting with largest coffee mug in North America).

  5. ARE, do you have cookies blocked? It should let you register if you have cookies enabled. Your antivirus software could also be the culprit. You might try a different computer.

  6. I wish I could join the voting, but I find that I cannot register to vote. The site won’t let me. Do you have to be a bar member?

  7. Muad’dib, what it means is that these kinds of things seem to draw curmudgeons out of the woodwork.

    The other thing it means is that some people who have not discovered the blogs being voted on will find them and be both entertained and learn something.

  8. amityfessenden,

    “There are 12 categories, and registration gets you 12 votes for 12 different blogs. But you can vote more than once in the same category.”

  9. Thanks, princesspat. Come often and stay long. The discussions are lively and passionate. It helps to have a good sense of humor here too, since the snark can get pretty deep sometimes.

  10. Thanks to Otteray Scribe I’m here to support your blog…….and enjoy reading while I am here.

  11. Done. It says when you register, your vote counts for 12 votes, but it’s not possible to vote unless you register…. I don’t get it, but I followed orders, registered and voted. Hope the Prof gets 12 votes as promised.

  12. Vote early…Vote Often….Where is that Buddha at when you need suggestions…

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