The Turley Blog Needs Your Vote! The ABA Competition Is Down To The Wire For Top Opinion Blog

This year’s competition for the top opinion blog by the American Bar Association has become an intense race between our blog and one of the largest conservative legal blogs, Volokh Conspiracy. Even though VC is one of the largest blogs in the country, we are only a couple of dozen votes away with voting closing on December 31st. We need every vote so please spread the word to civil libertarians and others that we need their support to pull off the ultimate David and Goliath victory.

We are currently one of the most visited civil liberties blogs in the country. We often conflict with VC on issues like privacy and Supreme Court cases. That ideological difference makes this year’s competition even more intense. You can vote at this site by clicking on the “opinion” category and we need your vote. A quick registration is needed to prevent cheating in the competition.

Please spread the word and let’s see if we can close the remaining gap. While I respect our counterparts at VC, we deserve this honor. After all, to paraphrase Stuart Smalley, “We’re good enough, we’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like us!”

FLOG THE BLOG: Have you voted yet for the top legal opinion blog? WE NEED YOUR VOTE! You can vote at HERE by clicking on the “opinion” category. Voting ends December 31, 2011.

54 thoughts on “The Turley Blog Needs Your Vote! The ABA Competition Is Down To The Wire For Top Opinion Blog”

  1. OS,
    I hated that white paste! The good Benedictine nuns made us use that stuff. My New Years resolution is to not disappoint Mr. Burn. 🙂

  2. raff, the very idea! Having an opinion on a blog clearly labeled an opinion blog. You gotta do better. In the future, your opinions and writings should have all the gooey goodness of library paste.

    1. Maybe if he adds a bit of sugar to the paste. So; Sweet, syupy, gooey goodness. I could go on but ….hey Raff. just trying to help.

      I’m sure you could come up with some feel good pieces to satisfy the publics obvious craving for solace and comfort.

      DAMN IT MAN! You’re a college grad-je-ate. “Step up”, He said with a voice dripping with Sarcasm.

  3. Brian,
    Inflammatory? Please be specific. Politics are always a part of this blog. I will strive to meet your undisclosed standards!

  4. Professor, I read your wonderful blog every day. The only thing that would make it perfect is if you would stop having Rafflaw as a guest blogger. He can always be counted on to inject politics into your otherwise apolitical blog, and his posts are inflammatory and consistently disappointing.

    1. Brian,

      Not a Poli-Sci man I’m guessing.

      I say that because while you claim to read this site every day; you also claim to have found the site apolitical.

      I will admit that the professor provides a balanced view and always states the law as it exists but I would hardly describe either he or most of his readers as apolitical.

      As far as i can see the articles posted by Rafflaw are pretty much in harmoney with the thinking of many of the readers and although I may be presumptious I would venture to say that the professor’s political opinions are not far from Raff’s either. Correct me if i’m wrong Prof.

      I myself find his pieces to be entertaining and informative. His opinions are right on mostly as far as I am concerned; even though he is a lawyer. As much as I’d like to; i just can’t bring myself to hold it against him.

      So, I of course acknowledge your right to your opinion………everyone has a right to have an opinion……………………………………..but if you’re going to have one; I really think you should take better care of it and try to educate that sucker a bit. Then it won’t be so rough looking and seemingly without reason and inteligence.

  5. angryman, you have 12 votes spread over all the categories. You cannot vote but once in each category.

  6. Seems i need some help again. When I registered to vote, i was told i would get a total of 12 votes to be distributed throughout the 12 catagories as I wished; even should i choose to give all to one site.
    When i cast my first vote however; for some legal blog or other;………..JK
    it would not allow me to vote again. i have closed the internet even; to attempt to vote a second time but to no avail. Am I doing something wrong or is this a Conservative plot to secure the coveted award?

  7. anon nurse
    1, December 21, 2011 at 1:20 pm
    Really, what does this ‘popularity contest’ prove? -Muad’dib

    Nothing, of course. But, sometimes, it does the heart good to take a stroll on the lighter side of life. Cheers.

    Sometimes its just a good feeling feeling good….knowing you have done you best….

  8. The score at 7:39 CST 12/22 is

    JT – 335
    VC – 277

    Keep building that spread, loyal readers!
    Vegas loves it!

    I now return you to “Dune”, already in progress . . .

  9. Muad’dib

    Its really not important that JT wins, not even a little

    It is, however, critical to the health and well being of the nation that VC never wins.

    Its a little gom jabbar for them

  10. lol

    “Even comes with authentic Zucotti Park smell!”

    Nice find, pete.

    And the score at 9:02 PM CST 12/21 is

    JT – 323
    VC – 277

  11. Although . . . I guess as a technical point, a lot of spice would make one popular in and with the Spacing Guild.

  12. “Really, what does this ‘popularity contest’ prove?”


    Don’t it make your brown eyes blue?”

    Mike, I think you’re confusing “popularity contest” with the spice Melange. :mrgreen:

  13. “Really, what does this ‘popularity contest’ prove?”


    Don’t it make your brown eyes blue?


    BTW I share your enthusiasm for making sure I’ve got things done properly.

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