Merry Christmas To All

Best wishes to everyone celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah.

Last night, I made our traditional Cioppino soup — a tradition started by my late father, Jack Turley. I hated the soup as a kid so fate has left this tradition to me. I am now as addicted to the soup as my father was. On Christmas Eve, we then went to Midnight mass at St. Mary’s of the Lake to hear my 84 year old mother sing in the choir. Today, I am cooking the beef as well as the Yorkshire pudding, horseradish. and gravy. We will have the entire family clan over to the house.

Waiting For Santa were notes from the kids and homemade cookies with milk. Below is the note from my son Aidan. Not surprisingly, Santa was won over by the note and delivered many of the requested items.

Dear Santa:

How’s your reindeer doing? Well don’t answer right now. Have some cookies and milk. By the way, how was your trip? And was I good this year? I’ve got so many questions. But I know you’re running late and can’t answer many. But right now please relax. I know how much work you’ve done.

Nice meeting you.

Sincerely Aidan

P.S. I ‘m a big fan.

Christmas List

Raindow maker
3rd Book in my series
Science Kit
Leather boots
New Violin Book/Rosin
Squishy toy
Square pixleized clock

For her part, Madie (6) added on her note that “the cookies are only for you” and then added “P.S.: I am scared of you. From Madie to Santa Claus.”

The Turley family wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday. I will be toasting our blog family tonight and give thanks for the wonderful community we have created at this site.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Turley

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  1. angrymanspeaks,

    Thank you for telling us about the challenges your daughter faces. Know that we will keep her in our thoughts. Those of us who rely on a higher power will issue our appeals on her behalf while those of us who believe in the power of positive thought will place her smack-dab in the current of healing.

    Trust OS’s words on thyroid cancer for his wife was a nurse who spent her life caring for cancer patients.

    I wish there were words to help relieve your worry. The first year of my youngest granddaughter’s life was spent waiting for the day she would spend 14 hours undergoing open heart surgery which was necessary in order for her to live beyond her first birthday. This Christmas she was 3 years old. Yet I look back at the pictures from 2 Christmas’s ago and I see the fear and stress on everyone’s face hiding behind the forced smiles.

    It is hard, damn hard.

  2. OS:

    Thank you for posting that,for I saw where heart felt wishes and thoughts were being directed to you,but I did not know why.Now I do and please except my heartfelt condolences also.

  3. angryman, Having a sick child is the hardest thing I have experienced. My daughter is okay know.

  4. Thank you, angryman. I hope things turn out well for your daughter. Thyroid disease, including cancer, are serious indeed, but tend to be among the most survivable cancers if detected early. Please keep us posted. From my own experience, this and other online communities such as Daily Kos can be–and are–unbelievably supportive in time of need.

    If you need anything, do not be shy about letting us know. The woman who wrote the piece about my wife drove halfway across the country–no exaggeration–with her husband to attend both services and help out with our needs at a time I was completely lost.

    Support is out there in these online communities. Oke and I helped arrange the service and burial of an online friend whom we had never met in person. All because we cared about him and his significant other. Here is his story:

  5. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((To all of you here))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Holidays.
    I hope all your fights will become little ones.
    And to all of you who are hurting I hope you have people with you as kind as I see so many of you are here with those near and dear to you.

  6. raff,

    I know you meant SwM … now, put the eggnog back in the refrig and get some sleep 😉

  7. It is late and this has been one of the best Christmas’s in memory for our family. The following is my favorite modern Christmas song done beautifully by the Celtic Woman.

    And from a master cellist Schubert’s Ave Maria (it gets absolutely thrilling around 3:53)

  8. Thank you Blouise for your support of your friend. I have a good friend who is living with ALS now and each time I bring him lunch to catch up, he is getting progressively more limited. He has a great attitude, so how can I be depressed about anything?

  9. As the day winds down I hope you all had much love, made good memories and treated yourself to that ‘extra’ and fattening treat.

    I like this loud, a seriously good arrangement the better half found in a blawg. Enjoy:

  10. O.S., We really don’t have control. My son just told me he had one of his best Christmas’s ever and that made me very happy.

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