Last night the editors of the ABA Journal informed us that we have voted the top opinion blog of 2011 in the ABA Journal competition. It is our second such top award in the annual competition and it is an honor shared equally by all of our contributors and readers.

We have tried to create something special at this site for the discussion of legal and policy questions in a civil and substantive manner. The success of the blog is due entirely to you. I view posts as merely creating a foundation for broader discussion, much like cases in a law class. It is what you bring to the discussion that makes this blog unique. We will continue to improve the site and I am always interested in suggestions on how to improve the site further. The nice thing about this competition is that it introduces new people to the blog and I hope some of them will decide to stay and contribute to our discussions. More importantly, I needed something to overcome the performance of the Bears this season!

Congratulations to the other winners and competitors in this year’s competition. This competition often allows us to explore the ever widening array of legal blogs and I encourage you to check out some of the other sites among the top 100 blogs.

Thanks again everyone for pushing so hard to help improve the blog and to secure this top spot.


  1. angryman:

    The Four Horsemen were a famous University of Notre Dame backfield. I don’t know the name of the Chicago Bears’ front seven in the 60s with Dick Butkus, but I do know the Minnesota Vikings defense that routinely stomped them — The Purple People Eaters!

  2. Liberty 1st-

    A Chicagoan gets on a bus and asks the driver, “Do you go to da Loop?” The driver replies, “No, but I go beep-beep.”

    I have been following da Bearssss since the days that they had only one play: Wade to Ditka, Wade to Ditka, Wade to Ditka, Punt.

    In Milwaukee, we go down by Schusters once where the streetcar bends the corner around. When you come by, holler me out so my Ma knows who I hang by. Aina?

  3. One more thought. Wasn’t it the bears who had the tremndous front line back in the sixties and seventies? Like when dick Butkiss was playing? Was it them they called the “Four Horseman”?

    My memory for these things isn’t what it used to be. I do remember that Chicago front line though; whatever they called them.

  4. Hey Professor,

    Great news! Congratulations. And to everyone who visits and make this site what it is. I’ve said it before but “I love dis’ place”. So much to read and to learn as well as the chance to spout off.

    Thanks for everything you do. Um….I can’t help the Bears but I can offer a wonderful alternative in the Baltimore Ravens. Doing great this year as usual. Headed for the Playoffs but they could always use some extra support if this year isn’t going to turn out like the last 3 or 4. Seems we get to the Playoffs and then get knocked out before the Superbowl. I have faith in them though.

    Anyway; just a thought. i don’t expect to be seeing you wearing the Purple anytime soon. Hope the Bears do better next year.

    I remember the bears when i was a kid. Great Team.

    Anyway; thanks again and i will see you round the blog.

  5. Ah, HenMan: Sorry to correct someone’s grammer but its: “da Bears”. I went to Kindergarten in Chicago and was taught that right off da bat. Din we moved to NY and I learned how to catch da bus at tirty turd and a turd.

  6. Hallelujah, Mazel Tov, Le Chaim and Erin Go Bragh. The Professor got the honor he deserved and for this brief, glorious moment, alls right with the world!

  7. Congratulations to all but especially to our guest bloggers who have provided such richness and depth.

    And once again … I miss our pictures from France.

    And … good job Benjamin!

  8. The King of Thieves! The Megalodon of Sharks!

    According to twitter, rumor is that 19 all male conspirators and one proprietor of the annal tea house are going to try and bust your keyboard.

    Man I tell ya, there’s Santorum and then there’s annal t.

    Anyway, congratulations again, I’ll turn off the scripts now.

  9. What Gene and Raff said. Congratulations in great quantities to all.

    Slàinte Mhòr

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