Oops, Our Bad: Syrian Rebel Group Pulls Wounded Soldier From Hospital, Decapitates Him, And Prances Around With His Head . . . Only To Learn He Is A Rebel Fighter

LiveLeak-dot-com-c8f_1384461393-article-2507424-196AB57900000578-150_634x348.jpg.resizedThe problem with being a murderous religious extremist is when you behead your own allies in one of your blood-soaked celebrations of hate. That is the problem facing the al Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). The group held one of its signature beheadings with joyous killings and prancing around with body parts only to learn that the victim was a wounded anti-government soldier. Oops.

Mohammed Fares was an anti-government fighter who was wounded and taken to a rebel hospital. He is also a Shiite who called out the names of two Shiite religious figures in his pain. The extremists are Sunni and that is all they needed to conclude that he was a wounded government soldier. Let’s recap for a second. This is a wounded soldier who is calling out the names of two religious Muslim figures. That was all the rebels needed to pull him from a hospital, decapitate him and throw his head around in a celebration of what they viewed as Islamic morality. This is the side of the civil war that our leaders (here and here) were pushing for us to join in the latest war until the public rose up in opposition.

A posted video shows two fighters from ISIS prancing around with the decapitated head in Aleppo, saying “He is an Iraqi Shiite volunteer fighter in Bashar al-Assad’s army.” Another fighter announces “If they (al-Assad’s army) enter they will not distinguish between supporters and opponents. I swear they will rape the men before the woman.” That sounds like two guys who really want to rape men and women and call it a service to God.

The rebel group issued a “my bad” statement: “We call on God to accept Mohammed Fares into his Kingdom and to forgive his brothers that sought to rid us of the enemies of God and our enemies.” It added that it did not see why these murderers should be punished since it was an honest mistake. There is of course no consideration that the war crime of killing a wounded soldier in a hospital, promising to rape both men and women, and to pledge to kill indiscriminately might require a reprimand.

Source: CNN

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  1. Omitted from your list of al-Queada supporters are all of the GOP establishment turds. Do not miss that point–Just as Newscorp funds the one-world dirtbags, and runs uber-progressive outlets in other countries, and many demoralizing programs here–The establishment GOP is also “just for show”, a false harbor, a plug for a hole in the market bucket, an enemy for street Democrats to focus on, so that they do not consider what their own are doing.

  2. disgusting video. now how am I gonna sleep? I know I know, freedom to post, freedom of speech etc…but seriously….?

  3. In a “war” military troops wear uniforms so that they can distinguish the “enemy” from their own side. Terrorism is when cowardly mercenaries, death squads, and snipers, wear no uniforms and have no clue who they are killing. They are paid to kill, maim, and torture randomly. Today’s use of deadly weapons is nothing more than a very cruel and sadistic form of population control.

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