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eurocuptrophy80mm2008Well, the results are in and we have another distinction to crow about at the blog. We have been selected as the 2013 top News/Analysis site among the competing world blogs in the annual ABA Journal survey. The success of this blog is due entirely to our unique community around the world, which have maintained a site where the issues of our day can be discussed with passion but civility. Thanks to all of our regulars and particularly our our talented and popular weekend team of guest bloggers: Mike Appleton, David Drumm, Mark Esposito, Gene Howington, Elaine Magliaro, Larry Rafferty, Darren Smith, Mike Spindell, and Charlton Stanley. While we created and maintain this site to allow us to share our thoughts, it is always gratifying to receive such recognitions. It is always my hope that the selection will bring new people to our site to further expand the voices and views on legal, political, and sometimes just plain bizarre stories.

Congratulations to all of the competitions in this News/Analysis category, particularly Ken White and his Popehat site which appears to have come in second. The other winners are:

Criminal Justice
Defrosting Cold Cases

Abnormal Use

Business of Law
Divorce Discourse

Legal Research/Legal Writing
Dewey B Strategic

The Legal Genealogist

Jonathan Turley

Labor & Employment
The Employer Handbook

Careers/Law Schools
JD Careers Out There

Hercules and the umpire.

Legal Tech
iPhone J.D.

The Legal Geeks


30 thoughts on “Turley Blog Selected As Top News/Analysis Blog”

  1. Well deserved, congratulations. And I might add that the discourse us rabble followers leave in the form of our comments is among the more civil to be found on news sites. Your thoughtful pick of topics keeps us on our toes. Now hopefully a few political types will start to follow and head your sage advice.

  2. With all those loved starved women……throwing flowers at my feet…..


  3. ABA Journal Weekly Newsletter 1-3-2014 :

    ABA Journal Blawg 100
    And the Blawg 100 popular vote-getters are …

    ABA Journal editors picked their favorite 100 law blogs of 2013 and then opened up the polls for some friendly competition. After some 4,000 readers weighed in, the winners and proud owners of bragging rights in each category are:

    Jonathan Turley


    HALL OF FAME George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley draws on his own experience in high-profile litigation as he analyzes breaking news items that raise legal questions. His posts, and those of his guests, show a particular interest in the First Amendment, rights of consumers, the rights of criminal defendants and the patently bizarre.

  4. Kudos to Jonathan and the guest bloggers with contributions from visitors who come and sit down and visit for a spell!

  5. Turleyblawg enters the hall of fame on a high note, congratulations Professor Turley and all of the guest blawgers!

  6. Great honor. Congratulations. I am trying to think of something witty to say, but it it too early and I am not yet on the outside of my first cup of strong Cajun coffee. Well done.

  7. Eclectic AND electric.

    Turley Blog Selected As Top News/Analysis Site
    Wal-Mart Recalls Donkey Meat In China As Containing Fox Meat.

    Ya just don’t go down to the corner store for this stuff.

    Huzzah to the Turley Blog.

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