55 People Arrested In Nigeria For Drinking Alcohol In Violation Of Sharia Law

No_alcoholIn Kano, Nigeria, 55 people have been arrested and convicted for alcohol consumption in violation of Sharia law. Making the violation more serious in the view of the Sharia “judges” is the fact that they were drinking during Ramadan. They received four months in prison for failing to live up to the religious demands of their government.

There are reportedly 27 others who have also been arrested in the Sharia crackdown.

It is not enough that a government protects the right of people to practice Islam. For these officials, it is essential to force others to adhere to their religion.

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  1. What is it about religious extremists that they always ban or want to ban those things so many people enjoy like s x, alcohol/drugs and rock and roll? That’s pretty much no matter those extremists are Christian, Jewish, Muslim… Oh, and Squeeky, I do care to know about things like this because it’s good to be reminded what can happen when the religious fanatics try to impose their sanctimonious ideas on others. Just this past week there were 29 female prostitutes killed in Iraq by another bunch of rotten sanctimonious holier-than-thou men. I bet you a hundred dollar that some of them were clients of these women.

  2. you can get locked up for selling/buying beer in large parts of the southern u s on sundays.

    i don’t hear any outcries about “baptist law”

  3. We need to rethink our immigration policies. Europe is experiencing a lot of intolerance as a result of their immigration tolerance. We need to follow France’s lead and outlaw the veil. And the Holy Grail. And the Red Sea. And Sintur Klaus.

  4. So Squeeky, what do you think about Nigeria’s treatment of homosexuals?

  5. How many drug convictions have there been during the past 24 hours in the United States, not counting dealer or pusher but personal use alone? Would you say there’ve been more than 55? How many vehicles have been searched, then impounded, because some snot nosed dog smelled a joint underneath the seat? How many millions of dollars have been confiscated on highways because some greedy cop thought your cash would be better served to buy groceries for his family, make his car payment or put his kids through school? And how many have lost their jobs, reputation, and savings, all because they were politically incorrect in the workplace or accused of sexual innuendo?

    We do not have to look to Nigeria or Sharia law for examples of corrupt officials exerting iron will upon the ppopulation, we have more than enough right here at home. We don’t see or notice it because, well, that stuff only happens to other people, and sheer ubiquity anesthetizes, conditions us to normalcy as though bureaucratic injustice is heavy traffic, something to just suck up and deal with.

    Then there is the injustice that denies personal freedom and civil rights if one is on the opposite side of the aisle, goes to a different church, or goes to church at all, has opposite gender, or is a minority. And there’s zero tolerance. Every new day brings a new attack on our incomes, our environment, our food, our health, our beliefs, and peace of mind. There is probably more injustice in the US than in all the rest of the Western world combined.

  6. Nick,

    Boko Haram hot heads are still pimping girls for $12 bucks. Food, drinks + tip in Kano is faith driven. Not sure about service offered to Christians or Jews.

  7. @Annie

    There is no recognized “human right” to violate substance abuse laws. If there were, our jails wouldn ‘t be busting at the seams. If these people want to outlaw booze, that is their business. Why should I give a hoot one way or the other??? My goodness, whatever happened to celebrating diversity???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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    Take that WordMess!

  9. So, I guess they must have rescued all those Christian girls taken hostage and have time for this nonsense.

  10. I just read somw Wiki stuff and in addition to common law and customary law, Sharia law is well established in the northern states and even pre -dates the British protectorates.

    Nigeria appears to be a federal system, and I don ‘t know if Nigerians have a bill of rights. That being said, why does an arrest for drinking booze in a place covered by Sharia law concern us??? I don’t own no stock in no liquor company.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. Just yesterday a commenter said how it took religion to keep a society in line by not allowing aberrancy. If your state religion’s laws say you can’t drink, be gay, or whatever, you better not think you can Squeeky your way out of a stoning or beheading.

  12. Going to a restaurant and ordering food & beer in Kano, Nigeria anytime of year, is risky.

    May 2014 Nigeria’s Boko Haram crisis: Kano suicide attack in the Christian area of Sabon Gari

    The bars in Sabon Gari have been attacked several times in recent years.
    A suicide blast in a street full of bars and restaurants in the northern Nigerian city of Kano has killed four people, police say. One of those killed was a girl aged 12, they say.

    Witnesses say the explosion was caused by a bomb in a car in the mainly Christian area of Sabon Gari.
    The area has previously been targeted by Boko Haram Islamist militants but it is the first attack on Nigeria’s second biggest city for several months.

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