Sick 74-Year-Old Brit Faces 350 Lashes For Possessing Homemade Wine In Saudi Arabia

P-6e3039b7-72e8-4f94-8b30-e3b30803464e.thumbSaudi Arabia is about to add another victim to its adherence to the medieval Sharia law system imposed by the Kingdom. Karl Andree, 74, is a sick asthmatic Englishman who has survived three periods of cancer treatment. He has already been held in prison for a year but will now face 350 lashes . . . for having homemade wine. He has been held for a year despite that fact that his wife Verity is dying of Alzheimer’s — all under the Kingdom’s insistence on carrying out the tenets of Islamic morality codes.

Andree is the grandfather of seven and lived in Saudi Arabia for 25 years while working in the oil industry. One could certainly accept that Saudi Arabia has a right to impose jail after Andree was arrested in Jeddah with bottles of home-made wine in his car. However, he was sentenced not just to 12 months in jail and flogging.

The flogging of this elderly sick man is a disgrace and the very essence of immorality. While the United States (correctly) denounces ISIS and Iran for their cruel application of Islamic law, it is important to note that our closest allies continue to impose similar punishments that shock the conscience.

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  1. Perhaps something changed recently, like Mr. Andree’s neighbors or local officials. I doubt his wine possession was a one-time event, though of course it could be. For some reason he felt the calculated risk was in his favor — maybe he used to share glasses with a local policeman who has since retired, for example. We most likely will never know why the Saudis decided to come down on him; he may never know either. Could just be bad luck the day he was arrested.

    That being said, the cruelty of the punishment is staggering but not surprising. I certainly hope those with influence want to help Mr. Andree. God help him if he is left to face the beatings.

  2. Bernie’s not rich.

    The old guy who faces the brutal flogging… He needed to leave Saudi Arabia when he reached retirement – especially if he felt the need for a drink. England is a great place for drinking. Saudi Arabia isn’t.

  3. The comment about Hillary and Bernie brings something to mind.

    These people have become rich, famous, and powerful through taxpayer funded government jobs. Their favorite tactic to get votes is their opposition to successful business owners. But how often have they said they are going to save taxpayers money by cutting down on their own pay? Hillary openly gloated about her $250,000-$300,000 speaking engagement fees, while at the same time claiming she wants to make education more affordable. How about if she charges a more reasonable fee and save universities some money singlehandedly? How often do they direct their ire at the politicians who get rich off of taxpayers?

    We have created a government ruling class pushing the fallacy that they identify and fight for taxpayers, while they get rich off of us.

  4. Let’s also not forget about the Saudi princesses kept on house arrest for many years now because they were too Westernized.

    Deplorable barbarism entrenched in the Kingdom. I feel so sorry for those who live there, even those who have been brainwashed since birth to be extremists.

  5. This reminds me of the movie, “Paradise Lost” with Joaquin Phoenix, whose character was executed overseas for what we would have considered a minor drug crime.

  6. Nick:

    Very true about the royal males being drinkers. The girls are sheltered, but the royal males vacation in the States and make up for lost time under their repressive laws at home. They view American girls as “other”, do not respect them at all, and basically run amuck. They are infamous here in SoCal among the Muslim community.

  7. Yes, it is true that one of the photos purported to be Mohammad Fazal is incorrectly attributed to him.

    It is also true that Mohammad Fazal, as the Taliban’s former Deputy Defense Minister, killed thousands of Shi’a Afghanis.

    So…not an outstanding guy whose character was maligned.

  8. BarkinDog-
    I’m with you on Bernie, the exchange about the emails between Clinton and Sanders was amazing! The audience seemed to wholeheartedly agree.

  9. I agree with Maryann. We dont need that pipeline that will run down to Louisiana so as to sell oil to others. Put a tax on foreign oil. Ban Muslims from coming here with their Sharia apCray. Move the UN out of the United States and send all the tent heads out with it.

    Enough of the fake photo apCray. It is kind of like the Hillary emails. Listen to Bernie on that one.

    This dog is voting for Bernie. Early and often.

    1. BarkinDog – Bernie is playing team ball for Hillary. More and more stuff is dropping every day. One of her assts. sent classified emails from the State Dept to the Clinton Foundation. Time to lawyer up everybody.

  10. All the more reason to not export our American oil, we need it for ourselves so we can stop importing theirs.

  11. Most assuredly this man won’t survive the punishment. I wonder if Great Britain has tried to intervene on his behalf? I can’t understand why modern countries such as GB and the US continue to ally with Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Qatar and the rest.

  12. BTW, the article mentions that this gentleman worked for years in the oil industry, without specifically naming the actual company. Fine. Perhaps that no-name-oil-company could use some of its clout, in a country dependent upon oil revenue, to get this ill couple booted back to England. It’s not a matter of whether or not it can be done–just a matter of whether or not there is the interest, on the part of the oil company executives, in expending valuable capital, so to speak, in order to gain the release for this former employee. While I don’t condone this man’s obvious disregard for the law of the land, a punishment of 350 lashes, along with his continued incarceration, guarantees his death. Perhaps the no-name-oil-company is secretly working, behind the scenes, to cut a deal for his banishment from the country? Perhaps.

  13. Wonder if Obama, in the pursuit of mercy, would be willing to stick his chin out for this guy and ask one of the Saudi princes, before whom he regularly bows, adoringly, to give this guy–albeit, a Brit–a break? 350 lashes? For this poor schlub, that’s a death sentence. Nahhhhh, not gonna happen. The POTUS and his wife are too busy extending White House invites to people bringing ticking pencil-box-clocks to school. That’s what’s important. Not some old British, white cracker in Saudi Arabia. He’s on his own.

  14. @bam bam

    To me it appears as if people here are denigrating Annie for posting a correction. I appreciate factual information and when someone doesn’t do their homework, it deserves to be corrected. I didn’t see any denigration toward LisaN on the part of Annie that you speak of. I think that the focus on this photograph is a distraction. I don’t understand why it was posted by LisaN to begin with. We should try not to kill the messenger, makes us look bad.

  15. Photo schmoto…..none of which has anything to do with the topic which is the man who is being punished for breaking the laws in Saudi Arabia. Just another instance of thread hijacking.

    This guy, for whatever reason, decided to make Saudi Arabia his home. As such he knew or should have known what the laws of this country are and what the consequences of breaking the laws are. Do I think the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, sure. BUT…..I am not in Saudi Arabia and those laws are not the same as those in America or Britain.

    When you are IN another country as a visitor or as a resident you are obligated to know and obey the laws. THIS is one of the main issues with immigrants from the Middle East in that they expect you to kowtow to their laws yet they refuse to obey the laws in their host country. Not only refuse to obey our laws, they attempt to subvert our system and replace it with Sharia law.

    This should not be tolerated. They obey our laws and are punished accordingly just like anyone else in the host country for breaking the laws. This type of law breaking in the form of so called “honor killings” while tolerated in Muslim and Hindu countries is murder in the US and should be treated as such. If we are lax in this we are setting ourselves up for chaos when people are not treated the same based on religion or other cultural feelings.

    That this guy in Saudi Arabia is going to be punished so severely is horrific in our eyes, and I would hope that because of his age and likely mental condition he would get some dispensation,……he broke their laws and he knew better.

  16. I have no problem with Annie attempting to fact check. None. Perhaps it is the notorious Mohammed, perhaps it is not. Getting caught up on his correct name, in order to serve up some sort of distraction, in light of what the photo depicts, misses the point. These beheadings are not a joke. They are real, and they are actually occurring. That is indisputable. I, for one, appreciate Annie’s fact checking. I don’t criticize that. On the other hand, when presented with facts or claims that Annie, herself, doesn’t believe to be true and correct, she, along with her echo chamber, will not only denigrate the one posting contrary views, but they will also ridicule the very sources cited as proof.

  17. For those here who seem to be overly concerned with a poster who corrected a misidentification, you seem to be suggesting that it doesn’t matter who this person is. It does matter and it’s sloppy and lazy to be willing to blame any Mideastern man with a beard for such a heinous act.

  18. Steg, I didn’t see anyone claim the jihadist in the picture LisaN posted wasn’t barbarous. No one seemed to defend the act. It simply was not this Fazi guy and saying it was Fazi doesn’t help prove that there are Islamacists doing some horrible things in those regions. I think we should be grateful to people who fact check.

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