Tourist Kills Swan After Dragging It Out Of Lake For Photo

7f7ebf88a8021dfc23e5424feb534f69We recently discussed disturbing cases where people killed a shark and a rare dolphin to take selfies. Now, another tourist, in Macedonia, dragged a beautiful swan from a lake by the wing to take a selfie. The swam was then left on the shore to die.

f12bb9ed0356787ef688a62197892af1I confess that I read these stories out of not just disgust but bewilderment because I cannot imagine even contemplating such an act. It mystifies me that some people are raised with so little empathy or responsibility that they commit these acts or film them for others.

The fascinating thing is that the rise of the selfie generation has succeeded in self-identifying the worse people among us, including those who take smiling selfies at scenes of enormous tragedies.

Police are searching for the Bulgarian tourist.  Since she was part of a tourist group, there is a chance that they could identify the woman.

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  1. If you want to photograph yourself with an animal just stand in front to one side. You and the animal will appear together, though the animal will look smaller. Here in the US many animal rescue organizations help injured animals. SeaWorld especially treats marine animals. Macedonia might not have the facilities we do.

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