Tourist Kills Swan After Dragging It Out Of Lake For Photo

7f7ebf88a8021dfc23e5424feb534f69We recently discussed disturbing cases where people killed a shark and a rare dolphin to take selfies. Now, another tourist, in Macedonia, dragged a beautiful swan from a lake by the wing to take a selfie. The swam was then left on the shore to die.

f12bb9ed0356787ef688a62197892af1I confess that I read these stories out of not just disgust but bewilderment because I cannot imagine even contemplating such an act. It mystifies me that some people are raised with so little empathy or responsibility that they commit these acts or film them for others.

The fascinating thing is that the rise of the selfie generation has succeeded in self-identifying the worse people among us, including those who take smiling selfies at scenes of enormous tragedies.

Police are searching for the Bulgarian tourist.  Since she was part of a tourist group, there is a chance that they could identify the woman.

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  1. Small acts of cruelty/stupidity/callous narcissism become larger acts of the same if not negatively sanctioned by people who aren’t sociopathic and brain dead. That’s only one of the reasons this matters and why it’s worth getting “worked up.” Are there still some disbelievers out there who think the Tierra del Fuegans weren’t human (see Darwin), black people aren’t people, and animals don’t feel pain?

  2. Cut off her hand. ……. Seriously did the swan die? Left to die? I often go to a poultry auction…the birds are “man handled” and don’t die from it. Even if it looks like ouch….they are put in cages after the highest bidder and left to die. Not. Tho they may be stunned and need some nursing to lay good eggs or make good meat. The point being….if this fowl couldnt survive a) a slow human catching it b) holding its wing… wasnt very tuff. The culprits were all the ppl who fed it….domesticated it….for no domestication purpose (food). They are the ones who sentenced it to death ….if indeed a human came along later and was able to catch it in their bare hands. Then again this could be an iceberg penguin hoax.

  3. Hmm why does almost everyone seem to believe the media when they said the bird died, even after they report that “Macedonia Online reports that the swan remained ‘motionless after the encounter.’”

    I have learned to not believe everything the media reports.

    BTW yes, the woman is still guilty of assaulting this bird, which would be illegal in the USA.

  4. the idjit tourist seems to be clutching the bird’s wing near a joint… maybe the poor thing’s joint was crushed, with internal bleeding, leading to shock, then death? Also, yes, an enraged swan can break a human arm or leg — IMHO this human’s “attack” was so unexpected that the swan couldn’t react as one would expect. disgusting that no one watching did anything to help the bird.

  5. This is why the Western World needs to bring back flogging and caning. There is no other way to adequately punish this kind of stuff outside of personal pain and embarrassment. Singapore has the right idea.

    Caning, as a form of legally sanctioned corporal punishment for convicted criminals, was first introduced to Malaya and Singapore by the British Empire in the 19th century. It was formally codified under the Straits Settlements Penal Code Ordinance IV in 1871.[1]

    In that era, offences punishable by caning were similar to those punishable by birching or flogging in England and Wales. They included robbery, aggravated forms of theft, burglary, assault with the intention of sexual abuse, a second or subsequent conviction of rape, a second or subsequent offence relating to prostitution, and living on or trading in prostitution.[1]

    Caning remained on the statute book after Malaya declared independence from Britain in 1957, and after Singapore ceased to be part of Malaysia in 1965. Subsequent legislation has been passed by the Parliament of Singapore over the years to increase the minimum strokes an offender receives, and the number of crimes that may be punished with caning.[1]

    I really loved this excerpt!

    Two Taiwanese nationals, Su Wei Ying and Wu Wei Chun, were sentenced in September 2010 to 21 and 24 months’ imprisonment respectively, and both received 15 strokes of the cane each for loansharking offences. Another Taiwanese national, Chen Ci Fan, was sentenced in January 2011 to 46 months’ imprisonment and six strokes of the cane, also in connection with loansharking.

    Oh, wouldn’t I love to see some of the Wall Street crooks having to “bend over”, instead of us

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. The dolphin story remains in question. We are still not sure if the dolphin was dead before it was removed from the water for photos. The article about the swan women refers to the dolphin:

    ” It comes only a month after a dolphin allegedly died in Argentina after tourists pulled it from the water to take photographs – although a photographer has since refuted this claim. ”

    Then the shark. I did not see any definitive statements or proof that it died. Even looking at the video, from where JT was able to make the statements, ” The shark is then shown being dragged back by others into the water but appears to be struggling in the water. It was then pushed further into the water. It is not clear if the shark survived.”, the shark appears unharmed and very likely to not struggle when it is out of the surf and in a comfortable depth.

    This story, from the link, only has this sentence as the definitive proof that this atrocious behavior resulted in the death of the swan:

    “Macedonia Online reports that the swan remained ‘motionless after the encounter.’”

    What, Macedonia Online doesn’t have reporters with a camera or smart phone to take a picture and prove it?

    Why would I demand pictures (or it didn’t happen)?

    There is so much real suffering and pain in the world that I am not going to get worked up over an ‘alleged’ bird death *anywhere* without definite proof it happened. Can we expect this beyond a reasonable doubt?

    I’ve become so cynical because these half a$$ed news reports just report a minimum of story without any definitive facts, with the idea that we all get emotionally worked up and bloodthirsty.

    JT has made quite some logical leaps himself in this article, declaring the shark from the earlier story now dead. Please, professor, share that link so that we may all join in righteous outrage and let our voice be heard with definitive and defiant proof.

  7. It’s very similar to men who pose for photos with beautiful animals they have just brutally slaughtered. They are so proud of killing a beautiful animal, while those who are pro-life (really pro-life, as opposed to anti-choice) find the idea horrifying and depraved.

  8. Swans are quite capable of movement on land. Including attacking humans who get too close. The swan is a water fowl, not a fish. It is capable of flight, walking/running and swimming in the water. Swans do not die if left on land.

  9. Catana

    Something doesn’t add up here? You don’t comprehend how clumsily and roughly mishandling another creature–grabbing it by the wing and pulling it on the shore–could cause it irreparable harm and kill it?

    What are you? Lennie from Of Mice and Men?

    Please don’t ask us when you’re going to get the chance to tend the rabbits.

  10. Question about “killed” and “left to die.” If she just left the swan on the shore, wouldn’t it have walked back into the water? Swans are clumsy on land, but they do manage to go back and forth between land and water. Something doesn’t add up here.

  11. Some people can watch this and not stop it. (Most people.) I guarantee that had I been there, the bird would never have been moved too far, and she may have ended up wet.
    I have said this before, but it is true. If you have to think about stepping in, you never will. You either have that “gene” or you don’t. But, if you see someone stepping in, GET THEIR BACK, please.

  12. The word “selfie” gets bandied about in America lately and needs to be curbed. I don’t see this dumb broad holding a camera and taking of picture of herself. “Helpee Selfie” was the name of a store in a midwest town back in the 60s. It was also the name of a hooker in Vegas.

  13. Corporal punishment is in order. Since the bird died the perp needs to be killed. If anyone has her address, it needs to be published worldwide so that some redress can be had of this grievance.

  14. The British press (Daily Mail) reports that the tourist was from Bulgaria. It said the birds are used to being fed by tourists, so she was able to walk up and grab it by the wing. The story also said that witnesses were horrified. So the natural question, why didn’t anyone say or do anything? She just left the bird on the shore to die. Someone could have tried to stop her from dragging the bird, and helped the bird back into the water.

  15. This was no “selfie”–it appears as though another person, obviously, snapped these shots. The demented toad, with the incredibly ugly red purse, seems to have had had an accomplice–another demented toad, who was equally devoid of all judgment and conscience. One would assume that the presence of another human being would serve to bring some balance and wisdom in these situations–discouraging the commission of such rash acts of brutality. Obviously, not.

  16. “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.”

    Lily Tomlin

  17. People are scum; they destroy everything. Hate ’em (us). Extinction’ll fix us. Hoping!

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