Executive Loses Job and Dog After Tirade Against African American Bird Watcher [Updated]

download-4We have long discussed the difficult questions raised by private and public employers punishing employees for postings on social media or controversies in their private lives.  When employers are identified in the media, controversial statements or conduct can have an obvious backlash against the them, particularly if there is an allegation of racist or discriminatory views.  For free speech advocates, this can raise a type of “Little Brother” problem but the First Amendment is focused on state, not private action. This ongoing debate over where to draw the line on private speech has a new controversy with the release of a truly shocking videotape of a woman, identified as Amy Cooper calling police on an African American bird watcher in Central Park. Her employer Franklin Templeton has put her on administrative leave while reviewing the incident.  She is reportedly the head of insurance investment solutions at Franklin Templeton.  Others have called for animal abuse charges to be filed as Cooper was shown yanking around her hapless dog during her tirade. The dog was surrendered to a local shelter for its protection. Update: Amy Cooper was fired shortly after she was put on administrative leave.
      The video is very disturbing.  Christian Cooper tried to get Amy Cooper to leash her dog because he said he was concerned over the dog ruining the habitat for birds.  When she refused, he pulled out a treat to pull the dog away from the underbrush.  She then picked up the dog by the collar and began walking toward him. He asked her to keep her distance and she told him to stop recording her.  The scene quickly melts down with her saying that she is going to call the cops. She can be heard saying “I’m in the Ramble and there’s an African American man in a bicycle helmet. He’s recording me and threatening me and my dog.” She then repeats “There’s an African American man. I’m in Central Park, he is recording me and threatening myself and my dog.” She soon is yelling in her phone “I’m being threatened by a man in the Ramble. Please send the cops immediately. I’m in Central Park in the Ramble, I don’t know.”

The police arrived but found neither Cooper nor the man were present.

It is not clear if Cooper would be charged though it is unlikely.  She clearly clearly suggesting an imminent attack and says falsely that Christian Cooper is threatening her. Section 240.50 allows a charge for anyone who “initiates or circulates a false report” or, “gratuitously reports to a law enforcement officer or agency…an allegedly impending occurrence of an offense or incident which in fact is not about to occur.”  However, such a charge might deter other people from calling police when they are in fear of an attack.

      Cooper, 41, later apologized for the incident in a phone interview with NBC New York. She also returned her Cocker Spaniel to a rescue shelter where she adopted him a couple years ago.  According to Heavy.com, Christian Cooper, 57, is a former Marvel Comics editor who graduated from Harvard and now works as the senior biomedical editor at Health Science Communications.  He is an avid bird watcher.

Amy Cooper is a vice president and head of investment solutions at Franklin Templeton Investments in New York City and a native of Canada. She received a degree in actuarial science from the University of Waterloo in Ontario and a master’s in business administration in analytical finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2009.

We have addressed an array of such incidents, including social media controversies involving academics. In some cases, racially charged comments have been treated as free speech while in others they have resulted in discipline or termination. It is that lack of a consistent standard that has magnified free speech concerns.  We have previously discussed the issue of when it is appropriate to punishment people for conduct outside of the work place. We have followed cases where people have been fired after boorish or insulting conduct once their names and employers are made known. (here and here and here and here and here and here).

The fact is that Franklin Templeton has now been drawn into the controversy by association. This case does not raise the type of political speech that we have previously discussed as a growing concern. This is not political speech but an unhinged and deeply disturbing use of what Christian Cooper called “the race card.”  Courts are likely to support employers in holding employees accountable for such controversies.


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  1. I am so glad for us, we no longer live in a ‘rape culture’.
    The democrats were lying about it the whole time. What a revelation.
    Amy deserves a big reward for straightening that out for the democrat party.

    hat tip you know who you are, thank you

  2. ” Speaking exclusively to NBC New York on Monday, Amy says she overreacted but she claimed that Christian was screaming, and that she felt threatened because she didn’t know what was in the dog treats.”

    LAUGHING. Not at her, obviously, at you morons.

    1. Why is this even a new article? Is this newsworthy?

      Amy Cooper is an A type personality, go getter, rise to the top. UofC is hard to get into, ya know.

      She is not use to hearing No. And she is not use to others telling her what to do. Another A-type personality Narcissist.

      It is rampant in doctoral degrees, you wouldn’t make that far, if you were not a pusher.


      Then you have Christian Cooper, another A-type personality, go-getter, Harvard is even harder to get into, worked in Hwood, has his own Wiki page, Say What!?

      He seems a lil less aggressive, but enough to tell strangers in the park about the birds, and their dogs off leashes.

      Another controlling thinks he is in the right, coercing another person’s pet to him.

      THIS. IS. NOT. NEWS.

      A stupid spat between 2 Karens with their entitlement ego issues.

      Who lost it more?

      Amy lost ot more bc she had to 1-up him with her digs.

      1. You wonder why he has his own Wikipedia page?



        “Christian Cooper is a writer, and editor based in New York City. He has worked for Marvel Comics as a writer and an editor, writing Marvel comics Presents Stories, the Darkhold series for over a year, a run on Excalibur and edited a number of X-Men collections. In Star Trek fandom he is also notable for writing the Star Trek: Starfleet Academy comic for a few years, co-creating the first openly gay Star Trek character, Yoshi Mishima. Cooper is currently a senior biomedical editor at Health Science Communications.”

        1. Friends and colleagues refer to Christian Cooper as ‘kind’ and ‘gentle.’

          Amy was clearly in the wrong, but Christian might want to rethink his use of dog treats.

          1. Except when it comes to his lifelong mission of ramble birding, then he is a screaming dog theiver.
            SCREAMING as testified by Amy, before he recorded.

            1. Do we have any record of Amy’s version of events before the video ?

              Outside of the video there is no record of events prior to the start of the video I am aware of except Christian’s blog post.

              That can not be presumed to be true, but it can be presumed to the the most favorable version with respect to him.

        2. Big whoopty doo. I know 10 ppl just like him. There are a lot of ppl on this planet, Anon. And I live in LA. Hellyweird, or to make it more straight, The Wood from the Holly. Magick.

          Satanic Holly-Wood, here, Cooper is run of the mill. But thanks for plucking out one comment, and not focusing on the overall picture.

          Two Intellectual Geeks with Massive Egos having a Hissy Fit in the Park like Karen 1 and 2.0.

          Like lil children. If they weren’t intellects, someone would have sucker punched someone here. I know, I just saw it from my balcony today. Cops were called, whole deal. Brawl in the parking lot. 😉

          And it wasn’t a Black and White, but an Asian and a Mexican.

          1. I was joking the other day, where are all the other ethnicities, do they not have spats? Sure enough, lunchtime, one across the street from the balcony. I spoke too soon. It is usually just the wife’s owner of the market chasing ppl down with a bat or throwing water bottles at them. But today, it was an Asian and a Mexican over a parking spot, and one pulled Mace on the other. I really spoke too soon.. Could hear the screaming and yelling from inside. It must be Summerr Time.

      2. It’s a story because the lying fascist left got more than their pound of flesh out of it.

        1. Shakdi is right, this is by far the most comments on JT’s blog, so…perhaps it must be a story afterall.

          A minor story though. Glad to hear Mr. Cooper accepted her apology. Glad to hear Ms. Cooper apologized.

          Two nerds having a bad day.

      1. Anonymous –

        Melody Cooper wrote on Twitter, “My brother & I are so grateful for your concern! He is fine and left to continue birding after she leashed the dog, as he politely requested. I wanted folks to know what happened to make sure it never happens again from her. All she had to do was put her poor dog on the leash.”

        1. Why is this relevant ?

          While Melody has alot to answer for – she made this all public.

          She was not at the park at the time. Her claims are what is called hearsay.

          While Christian’s record might well be false, atleast it is that of an observer.

          You are constantly trying to go way beyond the actual records of the events in the park.

          Nothing else is relevent to decisions in the park.

  3. To John Say (in case reply is still not working): it takes a Trumpster to overlook facts and come up with a defense for that unhinged woman in this situation. As to filming, anyone can take photos or videos of people in public places. You have no expectation of privacy in a public park. You can’t peep into windows or trespass on private property, and if you make money from the photo or video you might need to pay or obtain permission, but Mr. Cooper was within his rights to film this woman and her tirade, especially for his own defense as it became increasingly clear that she is unhinged and was threatening him with the police by lying about him threatening her.

    She is a bully–she was disregarding the ordinance requiring her dog to be leashed, and when he asked her to comply, she went nuclear–she tried to intimidate him, especially when he was developing proof for his defense by videoing her.
    She was upset over his filming of her because it proved she was lying. Where is the proof he was threatening her? Refusing to stop videoing her, after she threatened to file a false police report is not threatening her.

    His race was irrelevant to an 911 call. The dispatcher hadn’t asked for his description. You’d have to be really dumb not to see why she threw in his race in addition to her lie about his conduct. She wasn’t describing him, either: she didn’t provide his height, how he was dressed, or any other description for the police to use.

    I have owned dogs my entire life, and I’ve never drug one around by the collar like she did. Did you see how the dog was choking while she drug it with its front legs off the ground, with its tongue hanging out of its mouth, and how it tried to pull its head out of the collar? She was so hell-bent on trying to extricate herself from the problem she started by allowing the dog off of the leash and trying to prevent proof of her conduct from being crated, that she couldn’t care less about the suffering she was inflicting on her dog. Anyone this narcissistic and immune to the feelings of others, including dogs, is incapable of investing my money. Most people would agree.

    You want to know what the proof is for her racism, being a bully and her emotional instability? Did you see the video? Even she has admitted she is wrong. But, you are a Trumpster, so black people are always wrong, even when there is video proof to the contrary.

    1. Natacha – it is nice of you to drop in after 24 hours of my doing the heavy lifting to agree with me. However, I am a Trumpster and I spent most of yesterday and part of today defending Christian.

          1. I got here with 50 to 100 comments and no one had yet noticed the idiot attempted to lure away the dog with a treat. Anyone who actually read the article took it as a goody two shoes signal.

            Yes, so admitting you are all brain dead idiots for me is very easy. I saw it firsthand right here. You can blame me for bringing it up in the first place.

            1. “I got here with 50 to 100 comments and no one had yet noticed the idiot attempted to lure away the dog with a treat.”

              Good to know that there was somebody in that horror show who was nice to the dog.

            2. Shakdi D – What Christian was trying to do was lure the dog which would panic the owner into putting the dog on the leash. What does he want with a loose dog?

              1. It’s a threatening power play against the woman, so stop lying your patootie off for your fellow birdie watcher.
                You can pretend in your head, and no doubt do, that my comments mean it is who the guy actually is. But that’s not what were talking about. What we’re talking about is the situation that occurred with the information available to the participants at that time. Try to wrap your thick skull around it. I mean are you insane, dumb, or a liar ?

                I left you alone after your ground owl reveal and figured that was it – but now I’m not so certain. Maybe it’s all you can do to drop dead pretending your crap just so bird watchers never get a hint of “bad reputation”. Heck maybe that’s it for you. You probably take it personal and think to yourself “i wub owls iba never stealie a doggie dee !”

                Play your dumb as a rock game all you want. A Cocker Spaniel is a valuable breed, too. Now go insane again. I expect it.

                1. Shakdi D – Amy got that Cocker as a rescue in 2018. She did not pay full price for it.

                    1. Shakdi D – if Christian wanted the dog, he would have brought a leash.

                    2. Do child abductors bring leashes ?

                      You seem to think that it is critical that Christian intended to take the dog home with him.

                      All that was necescary was what he comes close to confessing to, is for him to take possession and they use that possession to coerce Amy.

                      It is theft to take possession of something that is not yours – whether you have a leash or not.

                    3. John Say – stick to the facts. BTW, a loose dog in finders keepers.

                    4. Paul, you already bragged he could take out 3 men with bats, so he could take the leash away from the dog owner.

                      If he carried just a leash his plotting would be more obvious. Is your crook friend stupid ?

                    5. Shakdi D – yes, you have worked it out. Christian is responsible for all dog thefts in NYC. Please alert the police to your discovery.

                    6. Nope,

                      all we know of Christian is from his own post,
                      Their he admits to threatening something that Amy would not like, and then acting on that threat by trying to lure the dog with a treat.

                      You can read his words.

                    7. John Say – he was threatening her with the loss of the dog. That I will agree to. However, if she put the dog on the leash he would stop.

                  1. “The fair market value is the price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or to sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts. ”

                    This is not only basic economics, it is also the law.

                    1. John Say – Shakdi’s contention was that the Cocker was a very expensive dog. My response was that she got it at a rescue, not paying market value.

                    2. The price of the dog is what cooper paid for it.

                      That is by the laws of economics and the actual law the fair market value.

                      I do not care much of the dog was “expensive”

                      Expensive is not an objective fact.

                      A dog is easily property of sufficient value that depriving possession to the owner is theft.
                      That is all that matters.

                      Even at very low values it would be petit larceny – a misdemeanor, which is worse than the summary offense of having a dog off a leash.

                      Summary offenses are punishable by fines only.
                      And are not crimes.

                      Misdemeanors are minor crimes that sometimes result in short imprisonment.

          2. Here’s another thing no one has yet brought up. Idiot claimed he tried top lure the dog from the underbrush or whatever wording he used to indicate the dog was off rumbling up his precious birdie ramble ground, but he also said she immediately grabbed her dog before he could even feed it.
            So which was it – a dog rambling around destroying habitat or a dog right by her feet she immediately grabbed ?

            In other words, he’s a liar. He wants it all ways. He had to lure the dog from destruction of the underbrush, he can’t be in trouble for giving a treat, because she immediately grabbed the dog (at her feet).

            More morons than I wish to count up.

                1. Nope, the out of the lying fraudsters, caught and exposed with no where to go but to fantasy.

              1. In your imaginary world.
                I need you to go to court and tell the judge that in every case that comes up, see how far that gets you. Out on your can, that’s how far, every time, that’s how far.
                “You need new counsel, your current one is insane, defendant.”

              2. So Amy walks the dog off a leash.
                Christian shoots Amy.

                By your logic – Amy caused her murder.

                Paul, this assertion is so obviously logical error is it pathetic.

                Christian has ONE threat, and ONE ACT in response to Amy’s misconduct.

                He can threaten to call the police, or he can call the police.

            1. The only thing we can conclude is that it was easier for her to leash the dog than for him to lure it with a treat.

              Actually we might not even be able to conclude that.

              The ONLY proof we have the dog was unleashed ever is from him.

              I strongly suspect it was. But his FB posts can not be used as proof against her, only him. They are his version.

              The video only shows the END of the confrontation.
              We really know nothing about what preceded the video.

      1. Natacha is only making this worse.

        A video of Natacha typing out her comments would likely resemble the video of Amy
        Emotional, unhinged unstable,

        Comments drownign in vitriole and appeals to emotion are fallacies.

      2. There is no clear right left politicis in this.

        Christian and Amy are both left, probably far left.

        I did not vote for Trump and will not.
        Nor did I vote for Clinton or Biden.

        To my knowledge Trump has not commented on this.

    2. No,. it’s takes a liberal gasbag idiot to blame Amy and get her fired and her dog taken away and the local civic group demanding she be banned for life, and lying about the whole of the incident and following the msm line as here when 50 to 100 posts had no idea the dog was in danger from foreign treats and Amy said so, and the birder jerk was SCREAMING at her.

    3. I voted for Gary Johnson, I will likely vote for Jo Jorgensen.

      Trump has nothing to do with this – at all. Miraculously I do nto think he has tweeted about this.

      This is not a political issue – in the red/blue or democrat republican sense.

      The entire mess is “blue on blue”. It is entirely reflective of an assortment of failures of progressivism.

      What facts have I overlooked ?

      You note – correctly that Amy was “unhinged” – but that is an observation about her mental state. It has nothing to do with her actions.
      She can be completely bonkers so long as her actions are legitimate there is no issue.

      I oppose the use of disorderly conduct laws to prosecute people for things that are not conduct – like speech.

      The laws on recording in public actually vary from state to state.
      There are 2 two party consent states, and many states where you can record video, but not audio. Further those laws apply ONLY to recording.
      Publishing is controlled by other laws. Amy quite explicitly denied Christian the right to record her. That would include the right to publish the recording. Even if Christian could legally record her, publishing that recording is probably not legal.

      Recording for your own defense and publishing are completely different things.

      You keep trying to read other peoples minds.
      You have no idea why she was upset by Christians recording her.
      If you try to record me – I will be upset too.

      The claim it was because she was lying is ludicrously false, Every word she said on the clip is true. Christian threatened her, his own record of events admits that.

      We do not have the transcript of what the dispatcher said, regardless, it is ALWAYS better for the caller to concisely provide all the relevant information than for the dispatcher to have to query it.
      And the police ALWAYS want a description and race is ALWAYS an identifying physical characteristic.
      She did not provide the color of his shoes either – that does nto mean she was not describing him.

    4. I have owned dogs all my life too.

      I have never had a younger dog that has not behaved like that when under stress or exited. I have had several labs – they behave like that even when older. I have a blind, senile, deaf 12yr old lab who I can not take for a walk because she will pull so hard she chokes herself to death.

      I had one dog that I had to tie on an 18″ leash while traveling to the vet, or he would litterally crawl up onto the dashboard of the car in front of the driver – and this was NOT a little dog.

      Amy’s skills with dogs are poor – that is true of 90% of dog owners.
      If you are Ceasar Milan – great, everyone isn’t and that is not normal.

      More likely I suspect you do not recall the behavior of your dogs when excited or stressed.
      And no one recorded it for you to remember.

      “Did you see how the dog was choking”
      Further the dog had a normal collar, it was in near zero danger of being choked.
      It was in more danger of slipping the collar.

      “while she drug it with its front legs off the ground”
      You say you have owned many dogs and that has never happened to you ?
      I do not beleive you. That has even happened to Ceasar Milan.

      “with its tongue hanging out of its mouth”
      If you think that is unusual – then you are lying about owning dogs.

      “and how it tried to pull its head out of the collar?”
      I have had dogs slip their collars many times.
      If it had succeeded, she would AGAIN be guilty of having an unleashed dog.
      Further she would have an unleashed dog around a man who had threatened her and her dog.

      If I had a dog in the park, it would have had a choker on. That would have looked worse, but the dog would have come under control faster.

      “She was so hell-bent on trying to extricate herself from the problem she started by allowing the dog off of the leash ”

      Again you are reading minds. But even so, your conclusion if true is irrelevant.

      Christians recording of Amy with the dog on the leash is not proof of the inconsequential offense of having a dog off the leash.

      The video does “prove” as you note that she was stressed out – as you say unhinged.
      But there is no conduct on the video that is illegal.

      It is video of an ordinary person in a stressful situation responding less than perfectly.

      I would be shocked if many of us here would do better ?

      I do not assume perfection from others. I do not persecute them for it.

      Amy made two mistakes – unleashing the dog, and failing to retreat if she could when threatened.

      Christian made several mistakes.
      Initiating a confrontation.
      Threatening Amy and her dog.
      Approaching a dog that is not his without the owners permission.
      and failing to retreat from a confrontation.

      It is irrelevant what the confrontation is about.
      Ordinary people are not police.

      1. “Further the dog had a normal collar, it was in near zero danger of being choked.
        It was in more danger of slipping the collar.”

        John, I have trained all my own dogs. They behave. I use a regular collar and intentionally for the dog’s safety keep the collar loose enough so it can slip out of it if needed. When first being trained I used a crate, but never secured the door. I never yell at them, hit them or give them treats for learning skills. Most dogs want to please and be with us That is the only thing I used to train them. I did not trained them to do tricks. I trained them to follow only the directions required and they used intuition for the rest. If another skill was needed I could train the dog very quickly. The last dog could go anywhere and nothing distracted him from his job.

        1. Good for you.

          Regardless, Amy’s skills and control of her dog were abysmal – in absolute terms.

          In relative terms – they are average.

          Most dog owners are not Ceasar Milan.
          Most are not you.

          I am not appalled by what I saw, because it is normal. The percent of dog owners that can control their dogs in stressful situations is single digits.

          1. People don’t recognize that dogs are pack animals and are happiest when they have a good leader. Amy’s skills demonstrate one that needs to live in a remote area for awhile in order to develop mental skills that aren’t taught. She is not a full person and the dog knows she is not a leader.

    5. “she couldn’t care less about the suffering she was inflicting on her dog.”
      Now you are reading Amy’s mind and the dogs.
      I saw evidence that Amy was poorly able to control her dog.
      That is incredibly common.
      I saw no evidence of abuse of suffering.

      Have you really owned dogs all your life ?

      “Anyone this narcissistic and immune to the feelings of others, including dogs,”
      Wow, mind reading an psycho analysis from a 30sec video!

      Regardless, I do not care if Amy was a sociopath.
      Her conduct in the video was not illegal.

      You are fixated on emotions. That will nearly always mislead you.

      “is incapable of investing my money.”
      So do not invest with her. I am unlikely to ever want to have anything to do with either of them.

      “Most people would agree.”
      Whether true or false that is irrelevant.

      We do not execute people because “most people agree”.

    6. “You want to know what the proof is for her racism, being a bully and her emotional instability? Did you see the video? Even she has admitted she is wrong. ”

      Mist of the posters here appear to be emotionally unstable – that is not a crime.
      All of us are emotional at times. I doubt a single person here would not be emotional in Amy’s circumstance. Anyone who is not, might well be an actual sociopath.
      I am not diagnosing anyone, but Christian remained calm under stress.
      Sociopaths remain calm under stress.

      Emotional arguments are trivial to twist arround. Stick to facts, not emotions, not claims of instability or bullying.

      Wow, Amy has engaged in ritual self criticism. She has admitted to being a capitalist roader, a back slider.

      All that proves is how close NYC is to the PRC.

      “But, you are a Trumpster,”
      You talk about amy being unhinged and belly flop a flying Trump into the midst of the argument. Has Trump even tweeted about this ? If he has I am not aware of it.

      AGAIN, this whole mess is “Blue on Blue”.
      There are no Trumpsters in the underbrush, no MAGA hats.

      Are you able to look at anything from outside the lens of Trump ?

      “so black people are always wrong”

      Who has said a thing about “black people” ?

      Amy and Christian both made several mistakes in the Park.
      Had either of them been wiser and less fixated on establishing their victimhood, they would have retreated.

      Amy describing Christian as African American, does not suddenly make this a racial conflict.

      If Amy was black and Christian White and she said a white man threatened her – this would be no different. and my evaluation would be no differetn.

      Would yours ?

      “even when there is video proof to the contrary.”

      You have a video of a woman with a excited dog asking not to be video’d and reporting the person video’ing her for threatening her.

      Christian’s own FB post documents that he threatened her.

      All the rest is just emotion.

      The video proves pretty much nothing.

      If you want a video that is proof – go find the Floyd Videos.

  4. My comment was deleted such a shame.

    We have themes.

    Where are all my Asian and Hispanics at? Indians? No? Okay.

    Always, ALWAYS, the Blacks and the Whites.

    How many themes can you get into one episode?

    Blacks vs Whites, Man vs Woman, Dog vs Bird.

    And right after that poor man had to die, RIP George. That is real. Horrifying and unjust. Oh the horror.


    This story is worthless. And fake news.

    I call it the “Battle of the Over-Educated Pompous New York City Superiorities.”

    Or just the The Tale of Two “Karens.”

    Unfortunately, the Whitey one-upped the Blackey in this case with her “fake” hysteria. But that Blackey is no victim either. Dog treats? Say what!? Thank you, Bird Patrol.

    The only victim is the dog. Poor woofey.


    First, in Covid-19, “you can’t breathe,” then George “cant breathe,” and now, the dog “cant breathe.” !!!!!!

    Too many are getting choked out of Oxygen.

    We went from pandemic fears to race riot fears. What a strange transition…is it summer yet?

      1. Is that you, Shakira? Lol. I only breathe oxygen through my skin, or the water. 🐍🐍🐍

        1. No, no—Shakira and I are friends now. This…now…this, is someone else.

          Luckily, Anon1.0, I will be 2.0, since I the upgraded version with fewer viruses and bugs.

  5. ” Allan – have you seen the pics of Christian? He could probably handle himself against three guys with bats.”

    Gee, I can’t imagine why the dog lady was intimidated and scared.
    When you brag about your bird hero and it slams your positioned case into the dirt.

    1. Shakdi D – I had a friend who was a former heavyweight wrestler who tried to intimidate me by getting directly in my face. I never backed up a step. He eventually backed down and all was good.

      1. I would venture that you have no clue what it is like to be a woman alone facing a much larger threatening man.

        And aparently most of progressivedom does not either or this story never would have taken off.

          1. “John Say – do you understand what it is to be a woman?”

            No, but I likely understand Amy better than you,

            On march 1983, 6 months after we got married, my wife got up and walked 5 blocks to the church were she worked as an organist. But she did not make it. Part way she was accosted by a young black man who said he had a gun, He took her to an abandoned building and did things I am not going to write about for 4 hours.

            Absolutely positively I do NOT know what it is like to be a woman.

            But unlikely you I know that I do not.
            And unlike you I know alot more about it than I suspect you do.

            And Paul – quit pretending you understand other people.
            I have not pretended to. I have stuck to the facts.

            But you keep pretending that you know me, and it results in serious embarrassment for you – because you do not.

            You have no idea about my value of birds or theater, or museums, or my ability to understand what a lone woman might feel when threatened by a man.

            1. John Say – I am truly sorry about what happened to your wife. However, you are projecting your wife’s experiences into Amy to make your case. I don’t know about you in general, however you are opening up finally so we can see where your hot spots are.

              Oddly enough, I do understand other people. However, I am much better at it face to face. I think you should refuse to go to any park, museum, theatre, etc. that is taxpayer supported.

              1. “I am truly sorry about what happened to your wife. However, you are projecting your wife’s experiences into Amy to make your case.” -Paul to John


                There’s a book that I recommend: “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker.

                Let’s recall that Amy Cooper, while dragging her dog by its collar, approached Christian Cooper. He told her not to move any closer, repeatedly stating, “Please don’t come close to me.”

                Amy could have leashed her dog and walked away.

                  1. Wrong again. ‘Owls are wise’. You should study them some day.

                    ” He was filming at the time so he would say anything that would make him look good.

                    When her intimidation did not work one iota, she backed off carefully facing him, 20 feet or so. Obviously she was stilll scared for good reason or she’d have stood her ground where she was pointing at him.
                    She did not.
                    You people tell obvious LIES. ”

                    Also your hero was SCREAMING at her before the video started.

                    1. Shakdi D – SCREAMING is a relative term. Amy is a scofflaw, so she is not a reliable witness.

                    2. So anyone who has ever done a rolling stop at a stop sign can not testify in court ?

                      Christian’s FB post is the evidence against him.

                      Regardless we can not assume what either of them say is true.

                      But we can assume that when they assert facts that are harmful to them they are likely correct.

                      I do not know if Christian was screaming. I beleive he seemed calm in the video.
                      I suspect he did NOT go from screaming to calm.

                      I am not actually sure that Christian being calm is actually a good fact for him.

                      It means he was not threatened by either Amy or the dog.
                      Which eliminates the one argument he has the treat.

                    3. “Shakdi D – SCREAMING is a relative term. Amy is a scofflaw, so she is not a reliable witness.”

                      Gotta go with Paul.

                1. You’re an idiot. He was filming at the time so he would say anything that would make him look good.

                  When her intimidation did not work one iota, she backed off carefully facing him 20 feet or so. Obviously she was scared for good reason or she’d have stood her ground where she was pointing at him.
                  She did not.
                  You people tell obvious LIES.

                2. At various times each asked the other to leave them alone.

                  NEITHER did.

                  You are correct Amy should have retreated.
                  As should Christian.

              2. Paul,
                I did not bring up my wife’s experience – or anything else from my personal life until you made claims that I had no ability to understand other people in various contexts.

                Ir that I was clueless about various things.

                You have made innumerable false conclusions about me.
                And worse pretended that your knowledge of my thought process was somehow relevant to this debate.

                These are all fallacious and childish strategies.

                My arguments have been based on the facts. Not emotions, not my personal life, not projections.

                I have not told you my wife’s and my full story. Frankly it is not relevant.

                But a bit more. Subsequently my wife chose to go to law school – University of Pennsylvania. Where she graduated Suma. i she is a top graduate from one of the top 5 law schools in the world. She was one of 3 graduates interviewed for a clerkship with a supreme court feeder judge. She clerked for a federal judge and then for a state judge.
                She became a public defender, and now is the head of the appelate division in our county. Pretty much all her clients are minorities, many are black. atleast halfd her cases are sex crimes. She is one of the best appelate criminal defense lawyers in the state. She has two clients on the nationwide exonerated list – both are minorities accused of rape who were subsequently PROVEN innocent – and she was a part of that.

                Do you know who Brian Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative is ? I beleive there is a movie about him on Amazon. My wife and I have met him and are part of our states equivalent of EJI.

                Currently my wife is working on a Masters in Restorative Justice. I am contantly telling her she should be teaching the courses, not taking them.

                And this is only a tiny part of her background and less of mine

                I did not start with all of this, because in fact none of it matters.

                My arguments stand on their own, they are about the facts.
                Not assumptions about race, or appeals to experts, emotion, or other fallacies.

                But you keep playing this stupid game pretending that the truth is somehow different if you are a birder, or a dog owner, or black or a woman, or a victim of discrimination, or violence or ……

                The facts stand on their own.
                And both my wife’s experiences and my own are broad far beyond your imagining.
                Please quit pretending that you have a window into my thoughts and experiences.
                You don’t. Hopefully a SMALL part of my life will give you a clue.

                Neither I nor my wife, nor our lives are defined by or constrained by what has happened to us.

                We are however informed by those experiences. Experiences that include dogs, and birds, and violence to women, and real racism, and on and on and on.

                I do not know you. I have not pretended to know much about you beyond what you have said.

                But my sense is that the breadth of your life experience is narrow.
                I hope you are young, because you do not appear to have had much of a life.

                And maybe I am wrong – but if so, you asked for that.

                Stick to the argument, your speculations about other people are abysmally bad.
                We are on the internet, none of us really know the lives and minds of those we are engaging. It is stupid to assume you do.

                1. John Say – I stand behind what I said. Your latest missive does nothing to change that. How is your PTSD doing? Still getting treatment?

                  1. “John Say – I stand behind what I said. Your latest missive does nothing to change that. How is your PTSD doing? Still getting treatment?”

                    Wow!! Doubling down on stupid.

                    I do not have PTSD – but if I did how would that change anything ?

                    I keep noting you constantly engage in fallacy.

                    Most Fallacies are shell games, attempts top divert attention from facts, logic, reason.
                    and to drag completely unrelated matters into the argument.

                    You went into a tangent on Sanctuaries – irrelevant and at the same time presuming that you are some bird expert and I live in a bird free concrete jungle.

                    That would be irrelevant if true, but worse it is not.
                    Not only a fallacious tangent, but a false one.

                    You claimed I knew nothing about Women and rape – again a fallacious tangent, and also one horribly false.

                    You claimed I knew nothing about racism. another fallacious and horribly false tangent.

                    But “you stand behind what you say”.

                    1. John Say – from your reaction I am going to say it is not treated yet. I did not claim to be an expert, just a minimal interest in how they work. You were the one who opened the door on women, I just let you talk. At this point, I feel like I should be charging you counseling fees. What insurance do you have?

                      BTW, I generally stand behind what I say. I usually put at least minimal thought into this things, so yes, I do stand behind what I say.

        1. Another 5 star point out of 5.
          Rape culture immediately evaporated for the entire dem party.

          Umm… so we don’t live in a rape culture…

          Thank you so much libturds ! Wait a minute…

          1. The central issue to this entire conflict.

            The difference between those of us who think this is a non-issue that never should have garnered this attantion – “Two Karens”, and who grasp hasked on Christian’s own record of this that he has explaining to do, and those selling this parachuting racist storm trooper swat team nonsense is

            fealty to the facts.

            All women are not to beleived all the time.
            All people are not to beleived all the time.
            All black men are not victims.

            We must look at the facts in each specific instance.

            It is rare but some women lie about sexual assaults.

            We can not determine the truth based on feelings. We can not do so based on emotions,
            we can not do so based on who appears less in control.

            We determine truth by facts.

            In many cases we do not have sufficient facts to establish the truth with certainty
            Tara Reade, Christine Blasely Ford as examples.

            in those instances we use credibility and probability and as much suporting and conflicting evidence as we can find.

            But we may never know the truth.

            In other instances – such as this one – the facts are reasonably well established.

            We do not have perfect knowledge of what occured prior to the start of the video.
            We only have Christian’s after the fact written account.

            But we are always free to use one parties version of events to see if it implicates them.
            It is reasonable to assume that Christian would not shade the truth to make himself guilty.

            By christians own version of events, he he made a clear but not specific threat to Amy, and then attempted to lure the dog from its owner with a treat he states he kept specifically to deal with the “intransigience” of dog owners.

            That is pretty damming. In my state Christian would serve time.

            Again if Christian’s version of events is true – Amy would pay a fine.

            Next. Christians versions of events confirms the truth of everything Amy said in his recording.

            When one party confirms what the other party says we can assume that is true – a fact.

            WE decide truth by facts as best we can.

            Whether it is Amy/Christian. Tara/Christine, Freddy Grey, Martin/Zimmerman.
            Eric Garner or Floyd.

            FACTS not emotions, not rants about hypothetical racism.
            Not naratives about black men and white women.

            By not following the facts, NYC prosecutors got the Central Park five horribly wrong. Bit Ms Miele was still brutally raped in central park.

            Facts matter.

            I do not presume all women should be beleived, or that all police shootings of black men are justified.

            Each event is weighed against the facts.

            The facts are not left or right, Trump or Biden.

            They are the facts.

            Neither Amy Cooper nor Christian Cooper appear to be “good people”.

            They both appear to be Karen’s.

            We have blown an inconsequential conflict between two Karen’s into a public firestom over a false narative – that is not supported by the facts.

            That does not make Amy a good person.

  6. So Mr. Cooper is a Harvard educated cultured personality in the Audubon Society of NYC.
    We are to believe, if the police showed up, he would have been executed, because “Minneapolis”, as many have said. So there we have a projection of immense proportion. One incident far off in another state, suddenly becomes every incident.
    It’s all over this thread.

    Mr C from Harvard, would launch at the arriving police, swearing and screaming, in his asking for it cultured language, I’m sure….perhaps getting in a few hardcore strikes against the police… before the execution.

    Thanks, nutballs. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I still need more ‘cultural diversity training’ from you people. Keep it up, maybe someday I can become a babbling idiot.

    So, let’s just have you guys charge her with attempted murder. That’s what you’ve claimed. So, no calling the police on any _____(leaving it blank lest I commit a crime by having a word there, any word) man in any similar instance, ever. That’s the “new rule” from the retards in charge.

    1. I have no problem with those claiming that Christian had to contend with the possibility that if the police became involved this could turn very dangerous for him.

      But that is irrelevant regarding Amy.
      There is no “white women can not call the police when threatened by black men because the police might overreact” standard.

      All of us should expect the police to do their job properly and without predjudice.

      If we are in need of them – we should not have to second guess calling for help because they might react wrong.

      The problems with the police are on the police not the rest of us.

    2. Keep it up, maybe someday I can become a babbling idiot.” -Shakdi D.


      Aren’t you the person who thought that Christian’s bicycle helmet was a weapon?


      You thought she said “vise grinder.” LOL.

      And now you say he/Christian was “swearing and screaming”…and you know this how? And we need something more than “Amy said so”…

      As others have said, dog treats are one way of dealing with hostile dogs. Hostile people, too, apparently.

      Get help.

      1. A person who doesn’t understand something asks, and I had to correct the reply, they got it wrong, too.
        I probably had a corrupted sound on the vid I was watching.

        If a cheap all foam bicycle helmet, it’s not a good weapon, but I suspect Mr Harvard has the highest end brand name with a very hard outer shell.

        It would be great for swatting the dog and never getting bit even if it was attacking, much better than a treat. Once the dog is disabled he could do what he said, something she wouldn’t like. Then she could be cracked with it, hard. Oh, she’s knocked out and there’s no marks on the attackers hands.

        Now I never said the bicycle helmet was a weapon, but since you brought it up, you’ve destroyed your case further. If you don’t like that, test out my theory with yourself as the target. Obviously, you won’t. For good reason.

      2. If you are being attacked by a hostile dog, no one is going to question your use of dog treats to lure the dog AWAY from you and escape.

        But not one element of your dog treats in self defense against hostile dog is present in Christian’s posted version of events.

        We are not trying to determine the legitimacy of Christian’s or Amy’s actions in some hypothetical, but in the actual event.

        Fake naratives are counter productive.
        Stick to facts.

  7. The left doesn’t give a hoot about black people or anyone for that matter. They are self centered and selfish.

    While Media Focuses on Central Park, 10 Shot Dead in Chicago
    May 26, 2020

    If Black Lives really mattered, there’d be a whole lot more outrage over this than an argument in Central Park.

    Chicago experienced its deadliest Memorial Day weekend in five years — at least 10 people shot to death and 40 others wounded — despite a stay-at-home order and stepped-up police patrols.

    The death toll nearly matched the long holiday weekend of 2015 when 12 people were killed. Last year, seven people were fatally shot and 43 others were wounded.

    More than 1,000 people have been shot this year in Chicago, about 100 more than this time last year, according to data compiled by the Tribune.

    1. Clearly social distancing is working really well.

    2. If Black Lives mattered, this would be the priority, not destroying some random woman’s life because of a hashtag.

    Three teenagers were shot over the weekend, including 16-year-old Darnell Fisher who was killed Saturday night in the Washington Park neighborhood. Police took someone in custody for a weapons charge, but the person was released about 4 a.m. Sunday because prosecutors denied charges.

    A 15-year-old boy was shot in the face, chest and abdomen early Saturday in the South Shore neighborhood and taken to a hospital in critical condition. A 15-year-old girl was grazed in the leg by a bullet early Monday in the West Pullman neighborhood while sitting on a porch.

    Black lives don’t matter to the media and the social justice crowd. Hating white people does.


    1. Thanks for the post. It’s all too obvious. I want those people to see your post and have it dig into their minds and gnaw at them.
      They’ll probably fire off a donation to planned parenthood to quell the guilt.

    1. Squeeker, you love to use stereotypes (instead or logic). And I found your totally misogynist statement:

      Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter says: May 26, 2020 at 11:27 AM
      She is nutz, but so are over half the women in the country. Probably 75% or more. And this is the pool from which Joe Biden will be picking a VP. Yeah.

      You should officially resign from the female gender. Or have you already?

    2. Squeeky – Christian Cooper is a mover and shaker in the New York Audubon Society. There are some 400 species in the Ramble. And Christian is one of those people who helps people who are starting as bird-watchers.

      1. All well and good, and one of the more interesting things is that for those who have a clue – race had nothing to do with this.

        This was a conflict of values. Christian places a high value on bird watching and clearly thinks everything should be subordinate to his passion.

        While Amy’s remark’s make it clear that she thinks that Bird watching can tolerate a dog off a leash, that her dogs need to run, and her personal safety are more important than disturbing a few birds.

        The city of NY in its infinite wisdom has chosen Christian’s values over Amy’s.

        But the laws of nature chose Amy’s over Christian.

        Regardless, this is a clash of values, not about race.

        1. John Say – it appears Amy can be fined.

          og-Friendly Areas & Rules – Central Park NYC
          New York Central Park – General Regulations / Requirements:
          Dogs are allowed in most sections of Central Park whenever it is open to the public.
          Dogs must be on-leash 9:00 am-9:00 pm. Off-leash hours are 6-9 am and 9pm-1:00 am.
          New York State law and New York City Health Code require that dogs be vaccinated against rabies and every dog owner carry proof of a current dog license and rabies vaccination while in public. Dog owners may be fined for violation of these laws.
          All dogs in city parks must be on a leash (no more than six feet long) at all times, except in dog runs and designated off-leash areas at the prescribed times.
          Unless otherwise prohibited, dogs may be unleashed within designated parks or portions of a park from 6am to 9am/after 9pm.
          There are 23 dog-friendly areas around Central Park (see map below). These are areas where dogs and their owners often gather to participate in events, often in the early morning or evening hours when dogs are allowed to run off-leash. These include Harlem Meer, East Meadow, Cedar Hill and Mineral Springs.
          In addition, there are 21 dog fountains throughout the park.

          Areas of the park where dogs must be on leash at all times include:

          Arthur Ross Pinetum
          Bridle Path
          Cedar Hill
          Conservatory Garden
          Children’s Glade (Great Hill area)
          East Green
          East Meadow Oval
          Kerbs Boathouse Plaza
          The North Woods and the Ravine
          The Ramble
          Shakespeare Garden
          Strawberry Fields
          Turtle Pond Lawn and WoodLands
          Other areas where signs requiring dogs to be leashed are posted

          No dogs (leashed or unleashed) are permitted in the following:

          Swimming pool
          Ballfield or basketball, handball, or tennis court
          East Green
          Elm Islands at the Mall
          Great Hill Glade
          Lilac Walk
          Ornamental Fountains
          Reservoir Running Track
          Sand Volleyball Court
          Sheep Meadow
          Water Bodies.

          Bridle Paths

          Although bridle paths in most city parks are off-limits to all dogs any time, leashed dogs are permitted on the Central Park bridle path.

          Any unleashed dog must be leashed immediately upon request by any police officer, park ranger, PEP officer, or official of the Parks or Health departments.


          1. Did I argue that she could not be fined ?

            You seem to think that settles everything, that once Amy was guilty of some trivial misdemeanor, that Christian was free to issue ominous threats and do whatever he wished with her and her dog.

            That is not the case.

            You keep claiming that I think Amy is somehow innocent.

            She is not.

            But just like Eric Garner – small infractions do not justify anything that might follow.

            Eric Garner was killed by police for selling lose cigarrettes.

            Chrisitian Cooper is free to call the police over Amy having her dog off the leash.
            He is not free to approach or lure the dog without her permission.

            Further Chrisitian clearly threatened Amy.
            And in her phone call that is what Amy reported – that she had been threatened.

  8. The issue in regard to loss of her employment is that she is a bully who is also a racist and emotionally unstable. Would you want her handling your finances? If it were truly the case that Mr. Cooper was threatening her, she needn’t have mentioned his race. But, he wasn’t threatening her, and she called the police to try to intimidate him. She also was hurting that poor dog–dragging it around by its collar while she tried to bully Mr. Cooper into not filming her. What company would want someone like this working for it?

    1. “she is a bully”
      “who is also a racist”
      “emotionally unstable.”

      And the evidence for these is ?

      “Would you want her handling your finances?”
      I would base that decision on her financial performance, not someone else’s facebook posts.

      “If it were truly the case that Mr. Cooper was threatening her, she needn’t have mentioned his race.”
      It is unacceptable to describe a person you want to call to the attention of the police as African american ? You do know if you do not provide that – they will ask ? Just like they will ask hair color, dress, etc.

      “But, he wasn’t threatening her”
      I will do what I want, and you will not like it” – HIS WORDS according to him,
      Are a threat.

      “she called the police to try to intimidate him.”
      Yes that is one possible response to people who threaten you or your dog.

      “She also was hurting that poor dog–dragging it around by its collar”
      Have you ever owned a dog ? Particularly a younger dog in a stressed out situation ?
      How about a toddler ?

      Ordinary people are not Ceasar Milan.

      My 12yr old lab who is blind and deaf would have behaved similarly.
      You would think she is dying when all she has to do is quit pulling and she would be fine.

      “while she tried to bully Mr. Cooper into not filming her.”
      What you think that you are free to film strangers and then post it on the internet ?
      Did he pay her to model for him ? Does he have her consent to use her image ?
      Did she choose to be a celebrity ?

      “What company would want someone like this working for it?”
      When you own the company – you can decide who you want to work for you.

  9. Historically, has every dog that has ever been in that area been on leash 24/7/365?

    Of course not!

    Dogs are frequently off leash.

    Did the African-American, not American but African-American, male aggress or did the vulnerable female aggress?

    The vulnerable female created a problem with the law by unleashing her dog.

    The African-American male, who was not an officer of the law and who did not walk away, deliberately acted to create a confrontation

    between two individuals.

  10. She would have been wrong if the situation were reversed and she had asked the black fellow to leash his dog. If you are WHITE you are prescriptively WRONG!

    From VDARE:

    Apropos of Steve Sailer’s post on the white woman who called cops on the black bird watcher, she’s been fired.

    As The Washington Post described it, the dust-up was “less than 24 hours later after a video of their exchange went online, she has lost her dog, her anonymity, and her job—the latest incident in a long, too-familiar pattern of white people calling the police on black people for any number of everyday activities: Barbecuing. Playing golf. Swimming at a pool.”

    A black birdwatcher asked a white woman to leash her dog in Central Park. She called the police instead. https://t.co/7sn31TAwWj

    — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) May 26, 2020
    But given what went on—a black fellow’s asking a white woman to leash her dog—let’s reverse the situation. What if she were birding in the park and had asked the black man to leash his dog.

    It still would have been, as the Post reported, “the latest incident in a long, too-familiar pattern of white people calling the police on black people for any number of everyday activities: Barbecuing. Playing golf. Swimming at a pool.”

    The Post simply would have included “walking the dog,” even though the black man would have been “walking” him without a leash … that is, letting it run free, just like the white woman did.

    In this case, the white woman was wrong, of course. But if the situation had been reversed, she would have been right.

    And it wouldn’t have made a difference. She still would have lost her dog and her job and become subject to the usual Two Minutes Hate.

    yay Dead Beckys!!

  11. “We live in a world where it is nothing short of a miracle that Christian survived this encounter with Amy.”

    Yes he was going to be executed in moments. Moments of insanity Putin put on our culture. Thank you Arkham Asylum.

  12. Yes, he tried to get her dog executed by the police, which they do often.
    I knew there was more than one murder attempt afoot in this incident.
    The police show up the dog isn’t leashed…

      1. Yes he encouraged her to call the police. He thanked her when she had done so.
        Just like she tried to get him executed, he tried to get her dog executed.
        (give me a minute to find a dog execution in ‘Minneapolis’)

  13. It turns out this Karen is a leftist Obama and Buttigieg supporter who hates Trump and would likely support the attacks on her if they happened to a Trump supporter in the same situation.

    Funny how the left’s nasty policies sometimes turn around and bite one of their own.

    1. Why would this surprise anyone ?

      Single Female 40yr old in NYC walking a cocker spaniel in Central park.

      Doesn’t that just scream Trump supporter ?

  14. Another big company own by a white is going to hired her and she is going to be acquitted,justice won’t apply for whites,it probably the WH will make the call.”set her free right now”and Texas the governor made the call!

    1. There are no charges, there will be no acquittal.

      If the rest of your claim is that Amy will be “red pilled” – I do not know. Her own responses indicate that she took another blue pill and is trying to hide from reality and live in the progressive dream state.

      But this is clearly a “Red Pill” type event.

      And the entire issue has sent a strong message to women across the country than their legitimate fears are subordinate in progressivism to the slightest subjective perception of racism by others.

      Put simply women are once again expected to “lie on their backs for the movement”

  15. Two Karen’s visit a park, and this is what happens. Prime example of Leftist eating their own.

  16. Just another fake race bait psyop brought to you by the fake mainstream. Welcome to Amerika, Babylon the Great.

    C.hris C. ooper = CC = 33
    A.my C. ooper = AC = 13

    Divide and Conquer games always work well.

    Are these two crisis actors?

    The only non-actor is the dog, who is yelling for help from these two aliens.

    This is your new entertainment folks.

    1. Btw, if you watch the clip over and over, you begin the realize that THAT dog does not even know this lady.

      Dog goes, “How the hell are you, lady? Where is my owner? Let go, you’re choking me, your freak.”.

      Ms. Amy is lucky the dog was docile and didn’t bite her when she was fake panicking.

      1. It’s a good thing you used the mind control clip to inject more insanity into your brain with repetition and staring, and now you see things no one saw before.
        Get the dogs name and see if it adds up in gematria, too.
        I am laughing.

            1. Nope. But nice try, doofus. I love ad hominem attacks. 👊

              What is a better insult, or source attack, you tell me, idiot or doofus?

              I am just dying to know your genius.


              1. Hold on, let me lean in, I want to show you I “care.”

                You have my fool attention, Sir.


                1. I have a fun game for us, we all like games, here.

                  You play Brahma, and I will play Shiva. How does that sound?

                  Out with the old, in with the new—as my character would say.

                  How about you do a Shakti dance for me? 😘 I like to be entertained.

                  You could also try She Wolf, my Shakira.

                  I would like that very much.

      2. You are free to attempt to read the mind of dogs and women as you wish.
        But the odds of your doing so accurately are near zero.

        I prefer to weigh evidence and conduct rather than speculate on what is in the mind of dogs and women.

        The dogs behavior is fully consistent with that of a stressed pet.
        The woman’s behavior is fully consistent with that of a stressed person.

        1. John Say…..if you ever publish a book, I want one! Your thoughts are clear, concise, believable, professional-sounding. I’m just a housewife/Granny, but I pay attention.

          1. Thank you.

            Some recomended reading:

            Anything by Bastiat – it is also entertaining. Available free on the internet

            Hayek is good – but very hard.
            Nozick is better – and even harder.

            Ronald Coase is amazing and very easy to read.
            How China became capitalist is a very easy read and though it ends with Coases death 7 years ago, it notes that China was at a cross roads at the time. It picked the wrong fork in the road, and has drifted back into totalitarianism.

            “I. Pencil” is short and simple and still convey powerful complex ideas – easily. available free. There are even versions on Youtube, as well as spinoffs – I toaster. I. Whiskey.

            Walter Block’s “defending the indefensible” is available for free, and will force you to rethink things you thought you were certain of – you need not agree with each of Blocks points, but he will make you think. And probably outrage you.

            Julian Simon’s “the Ultimate resource II” is free online, and though it has not unfortunately been updated in 2 decades – Simon is dead. Is a treasure trove of nearly a thousand pages of compiled data that demonstrates that every malthusian claim (ever) is false. It unfortunately obscures in a blizard of useful data its central premise.

            The human mind is the ultimate resource. It is the only shortage that we should ever care about.

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