Facts First? CNN Host Don Lemon Insists Biden “Misspoke” On Georgia Election Law . . . Repeatedly

The White House is not the only outfit struggling to explain the false statements repeatedly made by President Joe Biden about Georgia’s election law.  Biden’s false claims have been widely refuted, including by the Washington Post.  Yet, CNN’s host Don Lemon mocked those raising the false statements and insisted that Biden merely misspoke. The problem is that he repeated the false claims after they were refuted and White House Press Secretary Jan Psaki has insisted that Biden was speaking truthfully in the Biden version of “alternative facts.”  What was also not explained on CNN was how the Georgia law is “Jim Crow on steroids” if these two objections are untrue and states like New York and Delaware (and Colorado where the MLB is sending the All-Star game) have stricter provisions. CNN ran the slogan “Facts First” throughout the Trump Administration, but it seems that facts are more fluid in 2021.

Lemon lashed out at critics of Biden as “incredibly dishonest and openly partisan” for his statements on the election law. Lemon mocked those raising the issue:

“Get this, Republicans have a new talking point, trying to turn Trump’s big lie onto Joe Biden, saying Joe Biden is lying about what’s in Georgia’s new voting law that restricts ballot access. New GOP talking point: Trying to turn Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ on to Biden for misspeaking about Georgia’s voting law.”

The problem is that Biden and the White House have continued to assert the statements as true.

During an interview on ESPN, Biden repeated his claim that the law is “Jim Crow on steroids” and added: “Imagine passing a law saying you cannot provide water or food for someone standing in line to vote, can’t do that? C’mon! Or you’re going to close a polling place at 5 o’clock when working people just get off?”

As we previously discussed, it is hard to “imagine” because it is not true and the White House knows that it is not true.  I will not repeat the clearly false claim about closing polling places early.  As the Washington Post noted, “the net effect [of the Georgia law] is … to expand the opportunities to vote for most Georgians, not limit them.”

Even CNN eventually called out the claims as untrue. CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale noted that Biden’s statement “is misleading for two reasons. First, the new law does not change Georgia’s Election Day voting hours, which still end at 7 p.m. Second, while the law does set a default end time of 5 p.m. for early voting on weekdays and on Saturdays, counties were already allowed to end early voting at 5 p.m. under the previous law. The new law gives counties the option to offer early voting as late as 7 p.m. if they want to.”

Biden and the White House have also pushed the claim that Georgia will not let voters receive water at polling places, which is demonstrably untrue. The law does not prevent people from giving water to those standing in line. The law allows “self-service water from an unattended receptacle” for voters waiting in line. It also allows anyone to give water or food to any voters outside of limited area around the polling place. The change in the language followed complaints in the last elections that campaigns were circumventing the rules by distributing water and food within the limited area. It makes no sense to bar people from politicking in the area if they can display the same political identifications in approaching people in line for the purpose of giving away free food or drink. Instead, it allows for non-partisan distribution of water in these receptacles. If the concern is truly for the waiting voters, it should not matter that the water is distributed without a political affiliation. States like New York ban any water or item worth more than a dollar. Period.

It is hard to maintain that Biden misspoke repeatedly when his Press Secretary is still trying to claim that he spoke truthfully.  The first evidence that Biden misspoke could be Biden correcting his statements and saying that the Georgia law actually expands the guaranteed hours for voting and that voters can be given water while standing in line from non-political self-service bins.

Moreover, the claims on the hours and water were the primary reasons cited for claiming that the law was worse than the Jim Crow laws — laws that mandated racial segregation. The law does mandate voter identification but so do many “blue” states like Colorado.  New polling shows that, even after this campaign, Americans continue to overwhelmingly support such mandatory identification rules with almost 75 percent in favor of such rules. Indeed, over 50 percent of Democrats support such voter identification rules. Some polling shows 63 percent of Democrats supporting such mandatory rules.

So if Biden misspoke about the hour and water changes, what in the law is worst than Jim Crow?  If it is the voter identification, then blue states like Colorado are equally guilty as are most Democrats who support such provisions.

These issues have been rallying cries for seeking the unprecedented federalization of elections, including a preemption of state voter identification rules.  The campaign was successful in prompting companies like Delta and United Airlines (which require photo identification to fly) to condemn the law as well as the MLB (which requires photo identification to enter the game).

There are legitimate issues to debate on these election laws. Let’s debate them but, as CNN once said, “Facts First.”

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  1. ‘Very special that the WH is suddenly trying to pretend Biden wasn’t instrumental in the MLB/Georgia boycott decision. All he did was call the state’s law worse than Jim Crow, lie about it repeatedly & endorse the boycott national TV, the day before the announcement came down.’ @guypbenson

  2. Turley says: “These issues have been rallying cries for seeking the unprecedented federalization of elections, including a preemption of state voter identification rules.”

    And Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen on account of MASSIVE voter fraud has been the rallying cry for Republicans to enact these new election laws. A Big Lie which Turley has NEVER acknowledged as a damnable lie because his company, Fox News, is currently being sued for billions of dollars for championing that lie on behalf of the Republicans. Turley has stated ONLY that HE does not believe the election was stolen but has ignored every opportunity to admonish those who continue to employ this lie as a justification to pass new election laws in Republican state legislatures. I happen to agree that Biden is lying about the Georgia law, but Turley has lost the moral standing to point his finger at Biden until he condemns the Big Lie as well. It is pitiful to see this once admired academic lose his credibility. But this is price one pays working for Fox News- he will never regain the fair-minded reputation he once had.

      1. Don’t be a sap. Biden won by a landslide.

        Want to buy the Golden Gate Bridge?

        I can get you a good price.

        Even MLB agrees and what’s a more conservative American organization than that.

        1. That’s an empty comment that does not refute the video and widely reported spiking.

          1. No responsible judge in America sided with the conspiracy theorists.

            Trump lost because he’s old, fat, vulgar and incompetent.

            He lost because America needed leadership in the face of a crisis and Trump didn’t have a clue.

            You can’t con your way out of a pandemic.

            Trump lost because he was a massive mistake, and America wised up.

            There was no election fraud and if there was, it wasn’t in the milliions of votes it would take to sway the election.

            The dumbest 50% of America had their dream president for four years, with the expected result: Economic, humanitarian and constitutional catastrophe.

            God was watching and Coronavirus was His punishment for a nation so venal, they elected a pussy grabber to lead them.

            Thank Odin it’s all over.

            There was no election fraud.

            Stop being a sap.

            1. Red herring. Lawsuits were dismissed on procedural grounds. Where they were and are being heard on the merits they win. The rest of your rant is drivel.

  3. I always thought Lemon was the Whack-a-Mole of the airways.
    Maybe not!

  4. OK, so Lyin’ Biden is called out for being a liar by his media base. But then he continues to lie. Why? Trying to protect HR1? Trying to distract from the border fiasco? Trying to … ?

    1. Joe Biden actually believes his own lies. It’s pathological with Joe Biden.

      1. Biden’s just borrowing a page from the Trump playback: Lie through your teeth and see if you can get away with it.

        So far, so good.

        Worked for Trump – up to a point.

  5. ‘The entire Biden presidency is officially a fraud. He ran on a promise to unify the country. He devoted his entire inaugural address to the theme of unity, to the exclusion of any discussion of policy. And yet here he is today falsely accusing Republicans of passing Jim Crow laws’ @joelpollak

    1. Well MLB agrees with Biden.

      Are you saying Major League Baseball is a bunch of socialists?

      And Biden is right about Georgia. What they’re doing is shameful and a throwback to the 20th Century.

      Biden wants to move the country forward and that is exactly what the infrastructure plan is about.

      Obama admin loaned Tesla $465 million and they turned that money into tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of billions in wealth.

      Did Trump do anything remotely that bold or succesful.

      No, Trump didn’t do shit except walk around in a stupid red hat and let hundreds of thousands of Americans die.

      1. What part about NY and other states having MORE STRINGENT voter laws than Georgia don’t you understand? Colorado has the hated voter ID law, too. You seem to be impervious to facts. Astonishing.

      2. There is no better example of how Democrats have hurt black Americans while exploiting black voters and false claims of racism for political purposes.

  6. The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.

    – Elena Gorokhova

  7. Of course Turley said nothing when the Dear Leader or his propaganda ministers would say that facts and the truth were “fake news”. And to be sure Turley will call out if President Biden does not cross his T’s and dot his I’s.

    1. Fish– “And to be sure Turley will call out if President Biden does not cross his T’s and dot his I’s.”

      We are past worrying whether Biden manages his T’s.

      The big question is can he still tie his own shoes?

      1. The big question should be, did Trump tie his own shoes, or he just got people to tie his shoes for him, and told people he has the greatest shoe laces in the world, they tie themselves.

        1. Somebody has a President Trump fascination.
          Joe can ruin a one car parade. Obama famously is quoted as saying.’never underestimate Joe’s ability to fornicate things up’

          Joe’s an idiot. But he knows he’s safe. Don Lemon will lie for him. Give him cover. all is good.

          1. Biden is president of the United States. Can you be an idiot and become president?

            Well Trump did, but that was different.

            Biden is doing a good job so far, and his infrastructure plan has vision.

            This is Making America Great Again and not just parading around in a stupid red hat.

            Biden is reminding Americans of what leadership is all about.

            1. @Ben, you ask if you can be idiot and be president. Of course. The U.S. has a real time example right now. Idiots exist at all levels and when they are at a high level either the organization falls apart or they are run, as in Biden’s case, by “handlers” who make policy and decisions.

    2. The Biden Administration lies.
      The corporate media cover for him.
      Social media companies delete the dissenters who tell the truth.

      1. If Biden lied Fox and Breitbart and OANanistic would be all over him.

        And anyone who says “corporate media” is going to be barking about Chemtrails and the Deep State next.

        People like you are beyond tired. Shaddap.

        If Biden lied, The New Yorker would call him on it.

        Put down the vaper and read a little.

        1. “If Biden lied, The New Yorker would call him on it.”

          No they wouldn’t. Catch up with the propaganda press, man. NYT is propaganda garbage woke “journalism” trash. They blew their reputation. And they don’t care.

          1. The New Yorker, not the New York Times but I have faith in the NYT too.

            Just because you are a blindass Trumper and don’t agree with what the NYT says doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

            NYT has a great reputation among the intellgentsia.

            Whereas dingalings like you can’t hardly spell PhD.

              1. Hoop de do.

                I agree with Elon Musk. = A degree doesn’t mean diddly.

                I know people with PhDs who can’t tie their shoes.

                And Jill Biden is married to the most powerful man in the world, is rich and is 10,000 times more relevant than you’ll ever be.

                1. I also agree that a degree doesn’t mean diddly. Tell that to “Dr” Jill who insists that the world refer to her as Dr Jill. It’s outrageously obnoxious what she’s doing.

                    1. Dr. Phil is a charlatan. An Oprah “creation.” Stay very far away from that one. But, sure, “Dr” Jill probably likes “Dr” Phil. Like attracts like.

                    2. I don’t know how you interpret the Bidens as phonies. The guy is a dedicated public servant who is more interested in doing the job right than money.

                      There are people like that.

                      Jerry Brown is another and he did a miracle turning around California after Schwarzenegger left the state $28 billion in debt.

                      Trump was and is the phony.

                      Biden is going FDR and dragging America kicking and screaming into the 21st Century – as he should.

                      That’s what a leader does.

                    3. “I don’t know how you interpret the Bidens as phonies. The guy is a dedicated public servant who is more interested in doing the job right than money.

                      There are people like that.”

                      Agreed. But Joe Biden is NOT one of them.

                    4. Of course he is. You think he’s in it for the money? He’s not. He’s worth like $9 million. That’s peanuts. Nothing. He would be much much richer if he were a private lawyer.

                      He’s a dedicated public servant with something to prove and that’s going to make him a good president.

                      He’s doing that, right now, picking up the disastrous mess left behind by Trump and straightening it out.

                      Just as Obama did after Bush43.

                      The infrastructure proposal is EXACTLY what America needs.

                      Did Trump propose anything like that?

                      No, Trump didn’t propose anything.

                      He didn’t accomplish anything beyond playing the fiddle while America burned.

                      Trump is an incompetent idiot, worshipped by incompetent idiots.

                    5. The Biden’s are phonies. They are corrupto-crats. The Biden’s are one of the most corrupt political families in American history. They are greedy, they are liars, they are corrupt, they are in it for the money, the fame, the perks. Period.

                    6. “Of course he is. You think he’s in it for the money? He’s not. He’s worth like $9 million. That’s peanuts. Nothing.”

                      That’s the “story.” That’s Joe Biden’s schtick: he’s ‘the poorest guy in Congress.” He “rides the train” just like all the ‘regular folks.’ Any politician who makes such a point of holding himself out as “the poorest member of Cognress” is exactly the one whose dealings you want to take a closer look at.

                      There is plenty of documentation that HIS family have been on the take for decades, and taking bribes from foreign countries, like China, Ukraine, and Russia, and even documents that suggest Joe Biden himself is “the Big Guy” getting a “ten percent” cut from son Hunter, the ‘bag man’s’ foreign deals. It’s truly sick how the media look the other way instead of digging and investigating and reporting. It’s all right there. Ask Tony Bobulinski. He knows what the Bidens have been doing and getting away with.

                    7. If the Bidens were dirty, the Republican administration that just left would have strung them up.

                      They didn’t. Because there was nothing to string them up over.

                      Biden and Obama are both smart enough to know if they do anything dirty, they’re gonna get caught.

                      That’s a given these days.

                      All of these accusations are a smokescreen put up for saps.

                      Don’t be a sap.

                      If you want dirty, look at Trump and his people.

                      They are gleefully corrupt. They don’t care.

                    8. You’re probably right Benji. Joe Biden is the poorest member of Congress cuz he’s there to be “of service” NOT for the money. Biden and his fam are clean as a whistle bcuz he’s just been there for 50 years to do right by the people he was elected to ‘serve.’

                      I’m not suggesting what Biden and his fam are doing is technically illegal, but it is unethical and corrupt as hell. And he’s far from the only member of Congress who is cashing in and whose fam is cashing in, big time.

                      But make no mistake: Joe Biden and his entire family is filthy rich BECAUSE of his “service.” It’s total corruption any way you slice it.

            1. “Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.” G.K. Chesterton

                1. You have good vibes, Benji. You can raise your vibes even higher if you take the Red pill. You can do it. 😉

                  1. The Red Pill leads to stupidity, madness and bankruptcy – moral and financial and otherwise.

                    The Blue Pill is the way of the enlightened.

                    Trust me, I am surrounded by Blue Pillers who are all gazillionaires, Oscar winners, a CEO of Google, etc, etc

                    All Blue Pillers. The best and the brightest.

                    1. That’s what they WANT you to believe Benji. The Red pill means awakening – that’s what Morpheus means by Wonderland – a life full of meaning in a real world. Taking the Blue pill means continued sleep – that you go back to trapped in the Matrix existence.

                      You can do it. We are all here for you, Benji. 😉

                    2. Next time you see Keanu in the parking lot at Ralph’s, ask him about the Red pill. He knows. 😉

                    3. I saw Keanu about a week ago at Malibu Kitchen.

                      I wanted to read him my review of the sequel to 𝑃𝑜𝑖𝑛𝑡 𝐵𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑘.


                      I sometimes sit with my friend John who portrayed the bank robber in the Jimmie Carter mask.

                      And I also surf Malibu with Vince who was the guy who fought with Keanu over the lawn mower.

                      It would be cool if I was sitting with John when Keanu walked up.

                    4. Busy morning coming up Wednesday for President Trump and the MAGA movement – be sure to eat your Wheaties tomorrow!

                    5. Busy morning = cheating at golf and screwing sad strippers?

                      Answering phone calls from the Southern District of New York and/or angry, foreign voices asking about the vig?

            2. Benji , lay off the left nut cola….and the damn yellow dog koolaide…it shows you imbibe too much therein. What a hoot…the “mainstream media will call senile lord darth baizou biden out”…yeah and pigs can fly too.

          2. D’oh. The New Yorker was confused with The New York Times. I’ll admit the New Yorker has Ronan Farrow, among others, and rates higher than the New York Times at this point. Still sad times for NYT as its rep is in the tank.

            1. The New Yorker is killing it and back to being top-drawer relevant. Ronan Farrow is one of them.

              The NYT is also great, they just don’t agree with what you think, so you don’t like it.

              The NYT stands for truth, justice and the American way.

              1. “The NYT stands for truth, justice and the American way.”

                Sorry, but no, it doesn’t. Correct me if wrong, but Is NYT owned by Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire? You were saying something about “the American way?”

                1. Carlos Slim is an investor and a voter but he doesn’t own the New York Times:

                  On January 20, 2009, The New York Times reported that its parent company, The New York Times Company, had reached an agreement to borrow $250 million from Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire “to help the newspaper company finance its businesses”.[31] The New York Times Company later repaid that loan ahead of schedule.[32] Since then, Slim has bought large quantities of the company’s Class A shares, which are available for purchase by the public and offer less control over the company than Class B shares, which are privately held.[32] Slim’s investments in the company included large purchases of Class A shares in 2011, when he increased his stake in the company to 8.1% of Class A shares,[33] and again in 2015, when he exercised stock options—acquired as part of a repayment plan on the 2009 loan—to purchase 15.9 million Class A shares, making him the largest shareholder.[32][34] As of March 7, 2016, Slim owned 17.4% of the company’s Class A shares, according to annual filings submitted by the company.[35][36][37] While Slim is the largest shareholder in the company, his investment only allows him to vote for Class A directors, a third of the company’s board.[32]

              2. The New Yorker is killing it and back to being top-drawer relevant. Ronan Farrow is one of them.

                I remember Farrow, he’s that crack investigative reporter that uncovered the Kavanaugh gang rape crew.

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