New York Times Sues To Get Hunter Biden Information

We have repeatedly discussed the virtual news blackout on the influence peddling by the Biden family, particularly Hunter Biden. Despite overwhelming evidence of millions given by foreign companies and officials, the media has preferred to cover literal scoops over a story of breathtaking levels of self-dealing and corruption by the Bidens. Now, however, the New York Times has sued to force the Biden Administration to turn over information on Hunter Biden’s Romanian dealings. The lawsuit comes after another report that, in 2019, the FBI subpoenaed JP Morgan for records on Hunter Biden’s Chinese dealings.

In a new lawsuit on Monday, the Times sued the State Department to obtain emails from Romanian embassy officials sent between 2015 and 2019 mentioning a number of international business figures, including the president’s son and his former business associate Tony Bobulinski.

While the request was sent in December 2021, the Biden Administration told the Times that the soonest that it could possibly turn over the information is April 15, 2023. That is after the mid-term elections.

This story could be a bit awkward for the White House staff. When the New York Times’ Ken Vogel wrote about Hunter Biden’s dealings as a potential “significant liability,” Biden officials viciously attacked him while others suggested that he was a pawn of Russian or Trump disinformation. Of course, the allegations proved to be true and the infamous laptop is now considered authentic.

One of the most outspoken aides denying the entire story was Kate Bedingfield, who is now the director of White House Communications. She denounced the story as an “egregious act of journalistic malpractice.”

Andrew Bates, who is now deputy director, tweeted  “SCOOP from Philadelphia: KEN VOGEL (@kenvogel ) is a COWARD.”

They will now handle questions on this story as White House officials. That includes why President Biden repeatedly said that no one had accused Hunter or his family of “doing anything wrong” when he was presumably aware of the FBI subpoena and the seizure of the laptop. Given these investigations, there is also the question of why a special counsel has not been appointed given President Biden’s past comments that have been contradicted by witnesses (as well as references to his own financial accounts in these emails).

The media and FBI investigations now cover transactions ranging from China, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, and other countries. Millions flowed to the Biden family while Joe Biden was Vice President and later as he prepared for a presidential run. Biden is still running out for ice cream and the media is dutifully covering it. The question however remains whether this will remain just desserts . . .  or whether Hunter and others will receive their just deserts for influencing peddling.

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  1. Jonathan: Hunter Biden may well have been involved in “influence peddling”. But this has gone on ever since the founding of this country. This happened under Trump when many of his big donors got cushy jobs in the administration. Giuliani and his cronies used “influence peddling” in Ukraine in getting the the US Ambassador fired. Other examples abound. So far there is no evidence Hunter did anything illegal. Nor is there any evidence Joe Biden was involved. But you keep beating the right-wing drums against Hunter to try to undermine President Biden and his administration. So far it hasn’t worked because, as Gertrude Stein famously said: “There is no there, there…”.

    1. Please. Hunter flew with his dad, on Air Froce 2 around the world and got Billions. His father extorted the government of Ukraine (and bragged about it) to get the prosecutor investigating his son’s employer fired. Trump never even approached that level of corruption.

      I am not pro-Trump, but this ostrich like behavior is shameful. Everybody died it or some other straw man is beneath your dignity, I hope.

      1. ” Trump never even approached that level of corruption.”

        Of course not, because Trump wasn’t corrupt.

        1. I have several bridges to sell you. There’s no such thing as an honest politician, it’s just degrees.

          1. John, Trump is not a politician or at least wasn’t one when he became president. Your broad brush doesn’t cover him. However, if you think he is corrupt, you can always provide the details.

            1. He ran for political office. He ran for re-election. He is a politician. Maybe not a career one, but he is absolutely a politician. As to corrupt, he bilked students out of millions at his university. He sold condos in Mexico that we’re never built. He was more than a spokesman. He had to settle both. He hired a printer I know for campaign materials in 2016 and didn’t pay. He just threatened to suehus collection agent.

              Then there’s Stormy Danieks. I was at the Ro-Am where he banged her. He paid her off. Now she shpukfnt gave gone after him, she took the money, bug it was corrupt.


              1. John though on non-political items Wikipedia might be a good source for quick information, it is a spin factory we’re politics is involved. First one has to deal with what corruption is. If you wish to call Trump University corruption, then perhaps you want to call most of our universities in the country corrupt as well. Do you know the history of the litigation? Apparently not. The case was dropped. The lawyers involved knew they couldn’t win. There was no case against Trump. The settlement you read about only occurred because some attorneys realized that they can earn a quick buck with a nuisance suit. That is what it was.

                Business is tricky because quite frequently people believe they got the short end of the stick. They believe that could only happen if the other person cheated. Take an in-depth look at everything and if you find something you think is corrupt provide it and the reason why.

                1. I was offered one of the Condos. That’s how I know about it. He absolutely settled both cases and they can be found on the respective court websites. Trump worship is just as bad (well maybe not as bad) as Biden or Obama worship. Trump is no hero. Better than Biden? Sure. A dead ftog is better than Biden. A criminal? No. Corrupt? Absolutely. Biden is a criminal..

                  1. I know very little about those condos.

                    Firstly, was this a Trump project or did he license his name? What was Trump’s active part in constructing the Condo, if any? I understand that it happened during the financial crisis where loads of business people could not get loans and had their property foreclosed on. Does that mean every failed business and homeowner failing during 2008 was corrupt? Were grandma and grandpa who owned a $150,000 Florida condo corrupt when they were foreclosed on?

                    There was a settlement. The developers paid out money. I hear that the financial compensation was a good outcome. Tell us about your settlement.

    2. I’m so disappointed that Jonathan Turley seems to have joined the cult. He seemed so reasonable for so long.


  2. I am instantly suspect if it’s the NYT doing the suing. This is a nothing burger, they have proven too many times that the truth is a trivial matter to them. Whatever. All I see is cowards noticing the wind is shifting and that it might impact their bottom line and with that, by extension, their employment and precious ‘relevance’. I’d rather see them all in the free soup line after the past six years, frankly, and then having to actually work for a living. Too bad none of their staff have any practical skills, they’d struggle at Starbuck’s, especially with the having to actually work five days a week. Boo hoo. None of us have forgotten what they have done. Wouldn’t wipe my backside with what that paper has become, and I am never going back. They are finished for me, already a non-entity.

  3. This morning apparently Executive Branch agencies blocked a citizen’s communications to his Legislative Branch representative (co-equal branch of government). If true, for oath sworn officials this is subversive activity equal to the January 6 insurrection. This would be as disloyal as it gets for any executive branch official or contractor. Turley has been pretty silent on post-9/11 Cointelpro tactics torturing citizens for more than 7000 consecutive days now, robbing us of “legal standing” (a constitutional right under Article III).

    1. Care to name the citizen you believe has been blocked or otherwise provide some evidence for this?

      1. This citizen’s great aunts and great cousins were close personal friends to Barry Goldwater at Staunton Military Academy (where Nixon’s John Dean attended) and WH staff members in the Lyndon B Johnson Administration. In the 1990’s, this citizen’s customers were Condoleeza Rice, Karl Rove and Virginia Governor George Allen. In 2001, the Bush Administration somehow – somehow -placed this citizen on a terrorist watch list betraying Ronald Reagan’s Torture Treaty. Currently AG Garland has done nothing to correct this situation or hold the dirty tricksters accountable.

        1. Your say-so isn’t evidence, and if you’re unwilling to name the person, I’m not going to spend trying to figure out the name.

    2. If anyone here’s been paying attention, the MSM has been floating trial balloons to see the reaction when (not if) they tossed Biden under the bus, for a couple months now. They know they can’t save him, and they know for certain that no matter how hard they cheat, Cameltoe can’t possibly win.

  4. Ha! There is no special counsel appointed because the Dems control Congress. Wait until Jan 2023 though.

      1. WHO is the Attorney General again?? Biased Merrick Garland who THANK GOD isn’t a Supreme Court Justice. Merrick Garland isn’t doing anything about our open borders with hundreds of thousands coming into our country unvaxxed and sent secretly around the country in planes and buses. What a joke it is to think he would do anything.

  5. Here is the President of the United States stating that he will take questions. The White House staff quickly rush in and shoo the press out of the room. Biden is perplexed and then starts to grin.
    1. This has never happened in U.S. History.
    2. It is obvious that he does not call the shots.,
    3. Why is it nearly impossible to find this story?
    4. It didn’t come up on YouTube when I did the search earlier this evening. Why are not the major networks reporting this?
    5. Reporters in the main networks appear to get their marching orders. This is a big deal. Yet, there is a whimper from the press corps.

    As an elderly man, one can understand cognitive decline and that he is not operating at full capacity. However, he is the President the United States. This is not a game. How would the press handle this for the previous administration? Would their treatment pass the “shoe on the other foot” test?

    How would a person feel if this were their airline captain? Surgeon?

    As a consumer I am perplexed at how such obvious occurrences are brushed aside. As a citizen I am deeply concerned for our welfare and the safety of the world. Our enemies carefully study this and plan accordingly.

  6. I think the NY Times filed this lawsuit to get JT to stop talking about the Supreme Court nomination and knew that JT couldn’t resist anything to do with Hunter Biden. I did notice in the NY post article that the underlying FOIA request was also looking for information on Rudy but JT did not discuss that.

    1. Billions. ROSEMONT SENECA BOHAI, LLC. got $1.5 Billion. Hunter and his dad flew Air Force 2 to go pick it up

      Now go look up Devon Archer in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v. JOHN GALANIS. Rosemont is Hunter, Devon, and Kerry’s step-son.

  7. To the Leftist’s that have posted on this subject today I’ll quote Eric Hoffer; “If a society is to preserve stability and a degree of continuity, it must learn how to keep its adolescents from imposing their tastes, values, and fantasies on everyday life.”

    1. George, why do you waste so much time here.

      Shouldn’t you be off wooing women and trying to convince them to make babies with you?

  8. The New York Times investigating the Biden family. Nothing to see here folks, just move along.

  9. Let’s apply the same framework that the Dems used to try and impeach Trump via UkraineGate–that there was a quid pro quo that was done with corrupt intent.

    Thanks to Joe’s televised remarks, the quid pro quo, unlike Trump, is not even in question–Ukraine would lose $1B in US aid unless it fired a specific prosecutor. That, in and of itself, should raise some eyebrows. It wasn’t that the US wasn’t looking for a more favorable trade deal or the Ukraine had to meet more stringent anti-corruption milestones or some other clear and overarching US interest. Instead, $1B was directly contingent upon the Ukraine firing one specific individual and not even a particularly high placed individual at that. This individual was a prosecutor who had an active corruption investigation into Burisma, an energy company that had recently hired Hunter Biden who had precisely zero relevant business experience to Burisma’s operations. The compensation for Hunter’s “services”: a cool $1M per year. By way of contrast, the board of directors for Pfizer average around $350k per year and all of them have highly relevant experience and established expertise that add value to Pfizer. What exactly was Burisma’s expected return on investment? Perhaps it was exactly what transpired. Do we know this as fact? No, because a comprehensive investigation was never conducted or completed (based on public knowledge at the time); however, certainly corrupt intent would have to be considered a possibility given the facts at hand.

    The media’s response: any suggestion that Joe Biden had done anything wrong in the above matter was a “conspiracy theory”. The last time I checked a conspiracy theory is generally considered to be something that is beyond the realm of possibility given the known facts. Given the above facts, the Biden/Ukraine situation was anything but a conspiracy theory. In fact, if someone were to request an investigation that should hardly be a surprise given the facts and circumstances. Indeed, as we now know, the FBI had an open investigation into Hunter Biden, including aspects of the Burisma affair, based on the infamous laptop that must not be named or even discussed.

    Yet, despite direct testimony that disabused the notion that there was a quid pro quo or corrupt intent on Trump’s part, the House voted to impeach Trump because he requested the Ukrainian President to (no, wait for it) investigate the Biden situation.

    Imagine if the name Donald J. Trump, Jr were substituted for Hunter Biden in this matter.

    Somewhere in the beyond, in presumably rather warm environs, Saul Alinsky must be nodding in approval.

    1. M; This is the type of commentary/inquiry I like to see on this blog. Whether anything you raise ever comes to resolution (one way or the other) or has already been resolved, -it nonetheless invites readers to think, question, seek more information…Thank you for taking the time to write all that,

    2. You’re actually understating your case. Burisma demanded deliverables from Hunter. Specifically, the prosecutor had to go. In writing. In a publicly available email message.

  10. From the great Glenn Greenwald:

    When liberals’ favorite media outlets, from CNN and NBC to The New York Times and The Atlantic, spend four years disseminating one fabricated Russia story after the next — from the Kremlin hacking into Vermont’s heating system and Putin’s sexual blackmail over Trump to bounties on the heads of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, the Biden email archive being “Russian disinformation,” and a magical mystery weapon that injures American brains with cricket noises — none of that is “disinformation” that requires banishment. Nor are false claims that COVID’s origin has proven to be zoonotic rather than a lab leak, the vastly overstated claim that vaccines prevent transmission of COVID, or that Julian Assange stole classified documents and caused people to die. Corporate outlets beloved by liberals are free to spout serious falsehoods without being deemed guilty of disinformation, and, because of that, do so routinely.

  11. So what have we here? More Proof that someone at the Times is looking out across America and suggesting to his or her associates that “perhaps its Time to cut ties to a Dog named Biden (or more accurately thee Biden’s & Others…hint she is Bill’s wife and he is Michelle’s husband).

    I have written of Hunter Biden’s “Hi! I am Daddy’s Bag Man” machinations, in various forums, since 2017. The NY Times has been complicit within the solitude of their silence. The very perpetrators of illegal activity assigned their sins to Trump so that they could continue to “Heavy Skim” beneath the roiled political waves they self created to obscure their own sub-surface wakes passing.


    The very fact that the Times is pressing is not because they have not known, it is because the NY Post has never ceased to tell the Truth. If one needed any further confirmation that Biden is a flaying, failed President look no further. Then look at the challenges facing America.

    At no time in our History has such a staggering symbol of incompetence been confront with such a disproportionate Foreign and Domestic Policy challenge set.

    In God We Trust but through Men we must Act.

    Be certain, the Winds of War are Rising.”No Mr. President, they are not ceiling fans”.

    1. Now if the alleged “Hunter Biden Scandal” was “well-founded”, then why would the NYT need records? If you don’t have records, then what is the foundation for the alleged scandal, other than the bull put out by Fox and other pro-Trump media? If you’ve been reporting that there IS such a scandal, knowing you don’t have proof, then you’re just another partisan hack and liar. The reason non-Trump media don’t report on this alleged “scandal” is because there is no “there” to report on, and you know it. But accusing non-pro-Trump media of a cover-up is also part of the Fox/Trump narrative: mainstream media cannot be trusted. All part of the propaganda campaign to keep the disciples tuning in.

      Want to talk about a “staggering symbol of incompetence”? How many people died because Biden lied about the seriousness of a deadly pandemic? How many times did Biden promise that Mexico would pay to build a “big, beautiful wall” to keep out the “criminals, rapists, animals and vermin”? How many times did Biden lie about losing an election, or try to bully state election officials into stealing his opponent’s votes, or go on vainglory tours promoting the lie that his “landslide victory” was stolen, or rile up his supporters to storm the Capitol to prevent the election winner’s victory from being recorded and to try to force Pence to “do the right thing”? You claim that it’s Democrats who are “assigning their sins to Trump”–this is part of the masterful campaign of projection–projecting the lies and misconduct of the ReTrumplicans onto Democrats.

      Yes, let’s look at the state of affairs we’re in. How did we get here? Biden inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression that he has turned around, but inflation is a problem due to the supply chain being slowed due to the Trump Recession. Conversely, Trump inherited a smashingly successful economy created by Obama from the ashes of Bush’s flop of a presidency that Trump proceeded to trash with his stupid tariffs, failed attempts to bully other world leaders and other bad decisions. Biden inherited double-digit unemployment from Trump, and a pandemic out of control, that caused factories to shut down, crippling the supply chain, and tariffs that have delayed receipt of computer chips made in Asia, which has contributed to inflationary pressures.

      In my lifetime, I’ve never seen this country so divided, and Trump bears a lot of responsibility for this. He just won’t shut up or go away, but continues to stir the flames of division by constantly criticizing Biden, appearing on Fox and other pro-Trump media, holding vainglory tours to raise money and pretending that he somehow should have a voice despite losing the election. You claim that the “Winds of War are Rising’. I guess that you Trump Neandertals think because you stand on highway overpasses with your Trump swastica flags and banners and shouting anti-Semitic and White Supremacist rhetoric, and because Fox, News Max, OAN, Info Wars and Breitbart keep telling you that “most Americans” agree with you, and because you have your phallic-extension weapons you love to wave around, that someday you’re going to take over and install Trump as leader over the will of the American people. Don’t be too sure about that. There are more of us patriots than there are Trumpsters out there, and when Fox tells you otherwise, they are lying to you. We are on the side of American patriotism. You worship a malignant narcissist who lost the popular vote. Twice.

      1. I ‘like’ your Russian name but you are obviously mentally ill. Severe TDS has cut off the oxygen supply to that bony, vacuous brain of yours. SEEK HELP!

        1. ElPeneGrande: No, I think that Natacha is a created pen name designed specifically to polarize readers/commenters on this blog, that is why her comments are filled with such invective and extreme/hateful argument. And I also am not sure that it is even a female.

          1. Iin, but you support these kind postings. As you have said,

            Lin: “ M; This is the type of commentary/inquiry I like to see on this blog. Whether anything you raise ever comes to resolution (one way or the other) or has already been resolved, -it nonetheless invites readers to think, question, seek more information…Thank you for taking the time to write all that,”

            That “glowing” compliment was given to a poster who also posed divisive ideas that would invite readers to “think, question, seek more information…”

            Seems quite hypocritical to denigrate Natacha’s own post AND question her identity by implying she’s not who she claims to be.

            Her points are just as valid according to your own “erudite” comments.

      2. And you Troll of a Foreign Dictatorship knows little of what we speak of herein–Freedom. Your words confirm that you favor the Infirm and Corrupt. Take Joe or Hunter to your whore houses and banks. That you fear Trump and those like him speaks volumes as to whom we shall next select to face off with your ex- KGB or CCP Mafia. Russia economy is the size of Brazil’s. Go invade the Ukraine. Sanctions will follow and vodka production in Russia will soar to all time post Soviet Highs. And there we shall find you Drunk and in bed with President XI. Happy Chinese New Year!

        1. You are nuts. But, thanks anyway for proving a point I’ve frequently made on this blog: you Trumpsters never have any substantive or meritorious responses to facts about why your hero is a total failure or to back up your complaints about Joe Biden.

          1. You fear Trump and Pompeo…you cannot believe the good fortune found in Joe’s Dementia. Is there AA in Russia?

      3. Biden inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression that he has turned around
        Come back on Friday and explain how great Biden’s economy is.

        They have been doing battle field prep on the horrendous Jobs numbers. The have been cooking the economic indicators for months Time shifting numbers to hide the truth. But eventually you have to give the true numbers. That day is Friday.

        1. You do realize that it was the best economy in a century before the MPH appended swine destroyed it over a virius that kills, maybe, 0.3% of those infected unless the infected are over 60, right? You also realize that inflation is out of control and his massive jobs numbers are just some of the people going back to work, right. Also, you do know that Friday is going to be a rout, right?

      4. Want to talk about a “staggering symbol of incompetence”? How many people died because Biden lied about the seriousness of a deadly pandemic?

        You are a psychopath. You are pure evil. Trump never — even arguably– told a single lie about Covid. And you and every other Democrat agreed 100% with ALL of Trump’s Covid policies. No Democrat EVER suggested a different course of action.

    2. Mark, yours is a really good comment. I would just add one thing.

      Why is it that the NYT is chasing Biden’s corruption now? It is not because they just learned about it, or because the Post embarrassed them into it. It is because the Biden is a flailing, failing president who is becoming a political liability to the Democrat party. Recent Democrat party politics is a guide to what may come next. The long knives may be coming out.

      Recent examples:

      Andrew Cuomo. His sexual predations were well known for quite some time, but he was politically useful as the face of the Democrat response to COVID, a foil to Trump, and as a possible 2024 presidential candidate, so the scandal was buried. Cuomo’s usefulness faded, and he was seen a possible rival for the 2024 presidential nomination. So the long knives came out. Letitia James, who has her own eyes on the NY governorship, commissioned her damning report. Notice it centered on his sexual harassment. Cuomo’s role in the nursing home COVID deaths, which would reflect poorly on the Democrat party, was still buried. But Cuomo was gone. Dumped. In disgrace, dead to 2024.

      Ralph Northam: Coonman (best college nickname ever for a progressive Democrat, no?) was a dead man walking for his blackface/KKK debacle. Then the Democrat party realized that the next 2 Democrats in the VA gov. succession had their own blackface and harassment problems. The next guy in line, who was clean, was a Republican. The result? Scandal buried. Coonman received a stay of execution and served out his term.

      This could be the beginning of the end for Biden, as the Democrat party and media position to depose him. The wild card is what they will do with Kamala. One line of thinking is that Biden needs to survive another year so that Kamala could be eligible for 2.5 terms as president. But she is an unmitigated disaster. Do they need to take her out and replace her with a viable successor before they move on Biden? Think Agnew being replaced by Ford before Nixon and Watergate. Or, if Biden miraculously regains some of his cognitive functioning and is no longer a political liability, the NYT could even re-bury Biden’s corruption.

      Many are saying that reading NYT for the tea leaves on Democrat politics to is like reading Pravda in Soviet times. Let the purges begin.

      1. WE the People need truly cleared minded and sober Americans to bring the full measure of America’s Exceptionalism to bear against our enemies. To say that we are facing clear minded and sober enemies is an understatement of geometric proportion. Of this I am certain, the same fools who led us to the gates of Bears and Dragon’s cannot be entrusted to deliver us from such Beasts. Time is short. War is coming. Ideas matter and they matter greatly. Joe Biden is a broken man facing off against determined foes. He is a Strategic Liability and V.P. Harris will not even stop a rain drop–let alone a Russian advance ofnthe Ukraine or a PLA Strike against Taiwan.

      2. Epstein, another example of your fine hypothesis is the case of Al Franken. When Franken was knee deep in his “troubles”, troubles which were less egregious than Norhtam’s, he was thrown under the bus BECAUSE THE GOVERNOR WAS A DEMOCRAT AND HE WOULD HENCEFORTH APPOINT ANOTHER DEMOCRAT TO REPLACE FRANKEN. The party thought that maybe Al would be a problem and since they could dump him for a NEW Democrat they did it.

        Another example is the case of the state’s AG, Keith Ellison. Far left Keith was in some serious trouble with credible accusations of actual sexual abuse, but with his bone fides in order he was forgotten.

        One more point: Whenever a politician gets in hot water they tach to the left…hard. See Trudeau in Canada, Northam in VA , even Joy Reid and many other examples. It is an example of “liberal privilege”.

  12. So what’s the real goal? Impeach Biden who is a disaster for the left and try and get somebody else in there? Who? Kamala? Nancy? We know that the nyt has no interest in objective truth so what’s their game?

  13. Whose holding their breath for the NY Times to be critical of a democrat? If they find anything it will never see the light of day. All the News that’s fit to prin….. fit to an agenda.

  14. Billions flowed to the Biden and Heinz family while Joe Biden was Vice President and later as he prepared for a presidential run. Fixed it for you.

  15. I have always said that the Bidens are not above the law and welcome any investigation into their alleged corruption. Put Trump and Joe Biden in jail. Suits me.

    1. I have always said that the Bidens are not above the law and welcome any investigation into their alleged corruption.

      🤔 Always huh? That rings of the same sentiment that Biden’s deputy national security advisor, Jonathan Finer, expressed regarding Ukraine when he said it goes to a very fundamental principle of all nations, which is that our borders should be inviolate, that our sovereignty should be respected.

      1. Has the government of some other country sent its troops into the US, like Russia has already done with Ukraine?

        1. The US is not Ukraine. If the Ukrainians wish to retake Crimea, that’s up to them. The US, on the other hand, has sent its troops into Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, The list goes on and on.

        2. Has the government of some other country sent its troops into the US, like Russia has already done with Ukraine?

          Do you believe moving the military is the first move in a conflict between nation-states? The Cold War didn’t end because our military beat the Soviets on the field of battle.

          No. As Durant said; A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.

          So while this current administration blusters about borders and sovereignty, our adversaries needn’t do a thing while we open our borders and spit on our own sovereignty. Russia didn’t need to send their military into our country. As Bezmenov warned: No matter how many problems you think the US may have, believe me when I say that they are nothing in comparison to the troubles you will experience if the US continues to agree and sympathize with communist/socialist doctrines. Those troubles, brought about by ideological subversion, have been through demoralization, destabilization and now crisis after crisis. All without the Russians firing a shot.

        3. No official troops have been sent in but Biden has opened the doors to those from Iran, China and elsewhere that wish to destroy the US. You are too busy polishing your toenails to notice.

      2. The problem for Trumpists is that the fact that the Bidens may be corrupt does not excuse Trump for his corruption, if any. Unlike lying Trumpists, I don’t believe in a Deep State engaging in witch-hunts against our Presidents. You do.

        1. 🙄 I don’t believe in a Deep State engaging in witch-hunts against our Presidents.

          Shocker. Reality has never been your strong suit.

          Man Creates Reality
          The obvious implication is that, if you eliminate the conceptual framework — presto! you change nature and reality. Horkheimer says this is what happens with each passing historical era: “There are connections between the forms of judgment and the historical periods. A brief indication will show what is meant. The classificatory judgment is typical of prebourgeois society: this is the way it is, and man can do nothing about it…. Critical theory maintains: it need not be so; man can change reality” (italics added for emphasis).

          From this, we can extrapolate why members of this new left believe that man can change his sex, which is just “assigned” at birth: because they are both Godless and materialist, they believe man is omnipotent. Things are not as they are because God or nature made them that way. Things are as they are because we conceive them so. Man creates reality.

          This turns philosophy and theory on their head. Philosophy studies the true nature of things. But since there is no fundamental truth, philosophy becomes the motor to create a new reality.

          Marx himself, once again, started it, writing in 1843, “Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it.” Five years later, he added in the Manifesto, “Communism abolishes eternal truths. It abolishes all religion and all morality.”

          1. Olly,

            It will surprise you to learn that I was a philosophy major at Dartmouth. My thesis was on the “Definition of Punishment.” However, your quote is too heavy to discuss virtually. It needs to be discussed in person preferably with a good Port at hand.

            You say:

            “I don’t believe in a Deep State engaging in witch-hunts against our Presidents.”

            Great. Now try to convince the blog Trumpists. Unlike you which they hold in high esteem, the Trumpists dismiss me as whale sh*t, and there ain’t nothing lower than that….

            1. jeffsilberman —- The bottom feeders are lower than that. They just flounder around. Trumpists, that is.

            2. Jeff,

              When Olly wrote “I don’t believe in a Deep State engaging in witch-hunts against our Presidents,” he was quoting your 4:28 PM comment. He generally uses italics rather than quotation marks.


              There are lots of eternal truths in mathematics. For example:
              The set of primes is infinite.
              The square root of 2 is irrational.
              The set of rational numbers is countably infinite, but the set of irrational numbers is uncountably infinite.

              “they believe man is omnipotent.”

              What bunk. No man is going to change the fact that the square root of 2 is irrational. No man is going to change the fact that hydrogen and oxygen are distinct elements. The list of things that humans have no power to control is huge.

              Accepting that we cannot know whether any gods exist (and accepting that if they exist, we do not know what their values are) does not in any way imply that “man is omnipotent.” That Marx is wrong does not make you right.

              1. This county is not divided ideologically or politically. We are divided epistemologically. People of faith vs Rational people. If you are prone to suspend your disbelief of things for which there is no scientific evidence, you can make yourself believe anything of which you have faith. Trump’s lies are far more plausible than the existence of mythical gods. Not all people of faith believe in Trumpism, but is there a Trumpist among us on this blog who doesn’t believe in the supernatural?

        2. The problem for leftists is they believe that Biden is corrupt. They try to excuse Biden’s corruption by calling Trump corrupt. It’s foolish, of course, but what does one expect from people that lack morality and ethics? Should we expect the truth from them? Absolutely not. Listening to Jeff alone proves my point.

          1. Will you still believe that if he is convicted of, say, tax fraud? Or will you blindly dismiss the conviction as rigged?

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