Report: Diplomat Complained that Hunter Biden was Undercutting Anti-Corruption Efforts in Ukraine

It may be time for Joe Biden and the media to go out for another ice cream scoop. Hunter Biden is back in the news in a big way.

A newly released email from the State Department shows that former U.S. embassy official George Kent raised concerns about how Hunter Biden’s influence peddling would “undercut” anti-corruption efforts in the Ukraine. The email contradicts President Joe Biden’s repeated assurances that no one has accused his family of doing anything wrong as well as his claims as a key figure in anti-corruption efforts in the Ukraine.

President Biden once bragged how he got the lead prosecutor fired in the Ukraine because of his concerns about corruption. However, around that time, his son was, according to this email, actively undermining the anti-corruption efforts with his raw influence peddling.

The email, obtained by Just the News, dates from Nov. 22, 2016, when former U.S. embassy official George Kent raised concerns over Hunter Biden’s Ukraine dealings with former Ukrainian natural resources minister and Burisma Holdings founder Mykola Zlochevsky.

Kent was lionized by Democrats during the Trump impeachment but they appear universally silent on his email (which must have been known to the impeachment committee staff).

Notably, Kent said in his email that someone in Washington needed to engage then-Vice President Biden about how his son is “undercut[ting] the anti-corruption message the VP and we were advancing in Ukraine.” So why would Hunter Biden’s efforts “undercut the anti-corruption message” other than being a form of corruption?

The release raises a number of tough questions.  First, did anyone raise the matter with Joe Biden and, if not, why? Kent states that Sally Painter was tasked with the raising issue on Hunter, but that he never heard back from her. Painter serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Washington, D.C. consultancy firm Blue Star Strategy.

Second, this is only classified at the “confidential” level, so why was it not disclosed earlier? The recipients of the email included Jorgan K. Andrews, then-Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, and then-U.S. Ambassador to Kyiv Marie Yovanovitch. It was Yovanovitch who reportedly xclassified the email. Why?

Once again, while the New York Times recently sued to get the Biden Administration to turn over material related to Romania, the level of success of the Biden team and the media had in burying this scandal is breathtaking. To this day, most of the media remains invested in maintaining the narrative that this was really not a story worth focusing on before or after the election.

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  1. Why is their no link to the document? That would seriously help people who are very careful about who they believe be convinced that this is a fact not just a claim. We need proof of this corruption in the media and not just shouting accusations. It’s very difficult to know who to trust these days. Please provide links in your articles so people know your not just vomitingup more rhetoric. Thanks!

  2. It’s a moot point that Russia can put it’s forces wherever it wants. That doesn’t mean they are still not a dangerous threat. This is why American ICBMs target Russian ICBMs.

  3. How is Ukraine supposed to become a member of NATO if Russia invades? Putin is a dick. He should be assassinated or overthrown in a coup.

  4. An invasion of Ukraine by Russia would not be in conformity with the UN charter, and would be illegal. Russia would need to suffer consequences for any illegal actions that it takes.

    1. “Russia would need to suffer consequences for any illegal actions”

      What were the consequences Russia suffered when it took over Ukraine?

      1. Correction:

        What were the consequences Russia suffered when it took over the Crimea?

  5. Russia should be kicked out of the United Nations if it keeps threatening to invade Ukraine.

  6. It would be wrong of Putin to invade Ukraine if Ukraine did not invite him in. Ukraine does not belong to Putin.

  7. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Japan and United States is 6,321 miles. The total straight line flight distance from United States to Ukraine is 5,680 miles. Japan is farther away than Ukraine. Thus, according to Tucker Carlson, we should not have gotten involved in a war with Japan, because it is even farther away than Ukraine.

  8. Prof, you are beating a dead horse! As “investigations” about Hunters businesses are ongoing for several years without any substantial success, who cares about this email?

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