Incitement or Free Speech? CNN Analyst Calls For Slashing Tires as Critics Call for Action Against the Canadian Truckers

I have previously lamented what I call “the age of rage” and how many seem addicted to rage in our society. That was evident this week as many vented against groups ranging from the Canadian truckers to the unvaccinated. CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem seemed to suggest vigilantism as a proper response to the Canadian protesters while James Carville said that he wanted to punch the unvaccinated. I do not view either Kayyem or Carville as seriously advocating or condoning violence. However, the heated rhetoric highlights the danger of past demands from the left for censoring or prosecuting others for violent speech.

On her Twitter account, Kayyem responded to a Wall Street Journal article on the gridlock caused by the truckers: “The convoy protest, applauded by right-wing media as a ‘freedom protest,’ is an economic and security issue now. The Ambassador Bridge link constitutes 28% of annual trade movement between US and Canada. Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks.”

For his part, Carville longs for even more personal satisfaction, saying that anyone without a vaccine was a “piece of s–t” and he wanted to punch them in the face.

These snarling, violent comments are all-too-common in today’s environment. However, they also raise the question of how we treat violent speech.  Various Democrats are calling for the disqualification of members of Congress, and former President Donald Trump, for their comments made before the January 6th riot. Some members have brought lawsuits over allegations that such speeches constituted incitement for insurrection. However, violent language continues to be common on both sides of our political divide. What constitutes hyperbole and what constitutes incitement is dangerously undefined.

If CNN viewers went out on a tire slashing frenzy, would Kayyem or CNN be legally responsible? I would oppose such claims as inimical to free speech. Likewise, MSNBC hosts and politicians like Minnesota Attorney General Kieth Ellison have supported Antifa, but I do not attribute the violence of that group to their support.

Trump has still not been prosecuted (as previously suggested by some) for incitement. It is not in my view, but, if it were to be prosecuted, some Democrats could face similar allegations. Likewise, many have called for conservative figures to be barred from social media for engaging in violent or incendiary rhetoric. Should Twitter now bar Kayyem or Carville?

The point is only that commentators are risking more than hypocrisy in calling for prosecutions of figures like Trump or disqualification of figures like Rep. Madison Cawthorn for reckless rhetoric. This is a fluid standard that can apply as easily to figures on the left who vent their anger with violent speech and ideations.


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    1. David B Benson, did you notice the resemblance to George Carville with the man in your rage drawing. Looks like a spitten image to me. I wonder if George sat for his portrait or if it what just taken from one of many of his photographs. Thanks

        1. David, someone should contact the artist to see if Carville was the subject of his work. A tip of my David. A tip of my hat.

    1. Here is the NYT today on the Canadian truckers situation

      “Why hasn’t Justin Trudeau ordered the police or army to quash the protests?”
      – NYT

      Contrast to Senator Tom Cotton’s op ed that was pulled by the NYT for being fascist, racist and so forth?

      “Send in the Troops”
      Senator Tom Cotton
      – NYT
      JUNE 03, 2020

      Fun times those wascally wabbbit leftists

  1. This absurd idea keeps cropping up: you can’t expect a trained, professional soldier to fight in a war unless you are
    willing to fight in the war yourself. This is absurd. It defeats the purpose of specialization in society if civilians had fight the wars.
    Why have an army at all if civilians will be expected to do what the army does if the civilians want the army to do what it does?
    There’s nothing wrong with wanting someone trained in a profession to do that profession. That’s sort of the whole point.
    Must a homeowner be willing to do the wiring of his home himself before calling upon the expertise of a trained electrician?
    Of course not.

    1. I’m not sure why at this point the US has a military, leo, doj or courts as our southern border remains wide azz open 24/7/365??? Among other issues.

      Oh, & don’t you dare defend your family or yourself or even hold up a weapon as it may hurt the Islamic Nuts/ Antifa/BLM Feelings as they were planning to rape your daughter/son right in front of you tied up in the corner???

      But 1st many US Citizens need to read some history about how & why this country was founded & go read the our owners manual for operator’s directions.

      And about how to fly US military aircraft now thinks to Biden we can ask the Taliban!!! What an Ph’in bad Joke.

      Now what everyone needs is another Bio-weapon mRNA booster Jab from the enemies.

      (Good news this week, PFE pulled plans to Shoot up 5 year olds & under with their mRNA Bio-weapon)


    2. You must know naught of War…real War….not the Hollywood kind which is the closest you have ever come to having heard a gunshot fired in anger.

      I can assure you that dramatic music is not part of it….but there is lots of blood, gore, guts and ugly….ugly beyond belief.

      Until the People are willing to stand up, shoulder a musket, fix bayonets and march into the rifle fire and massed cannon …..that War does not need to be fought.

      The Professional Army is there for only one purpose….. to be Cadre….Instructors….Trainers… in times of expansion of the Ciitzen Army….its initial leaders until others can take up that role.

      When EVERY family’s Son and Daughter are called up to go fight, be wounded, maimed, or killed…..don’t talk of War to us.

      We have been down that road and it has not served us well at all.

      Unless you ante up and pay the cost of something you do not appreciate the full cost of it.

  2. Does anyone really think that Carville has ever been in even one fist fight in his life. I may be missing the fight he had with his kitten. His yellow kitten’s name is Cornpop.

  3. QAnon’s Role In Convoy Protests

    Until the end of 2021, Canada Unity was a relatively unknown group.

    Its founder, James Bauder, is a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory and has openly called for Mr Trudeau to be put on trial for treason over his COVID policies.

    Other key figures include Tamara Lich, previously a member of the Maverick Party, a far-right fringe organisation calling for western Canada to become independent; QAnon supporter Romana Didulo who describes herself as the ‘Queen of Canada’; and Benjamin Ditcher, who has publicly condemned the “growing Islamisation of Canada”.

    According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, between 85% and 90% of the Canadian truckers who regularly cross the US border are vaccinated.

    1. Anonymous, I read your link from beginning to end. Other than this source saying that the truckers are associated with QAnon they offer no proof. They offer no mutual communication between this group and the truckers on social media or by email. They offer no proof of funding from QAnon to the truckers. At least when you provide a link you could find one with real evidence of a connection. Otherwise it’s just propaganda. I’m thinking that you must be more intelligent than to accept just anything you read without lookin more deeply. Maybe.

      1. Great article on the composition of these truckers. There is talk among them about their trucking down to Washington DC.
        Because “Virginia is for lovers!”

        What the Truckers Want
        “I’ve spoken to 100 of the protestors gathered in the Canadian capital. What’s happening is far bigger than the vaccine mandates.”

      2. Thinkthrough,

        I’ve been following this story closely and every article refers to QAnon. Since I don’t follow QAnon, I’m not sure what ‘proof’ you’re looking for. It’s really just a network of conspiracy theorists that wouldn’t necessarily leave any fingerprints.

  4. In an emergency NATO vote, Ukraine can spite Putin by joining NATO anyway, despite 100,000 Russian soldiers on the border. What will Putin do about it? If Putin invades, then that will trigger Article 5, and Putin will be screwed, the wrath of 31 European nations falling upon him.

    1. Vladimir is just creating a crisis to cause an increase in the price of energy. It’s Russias only real commodity, so high prices matter.

    2. Putin has already warned the world multiple times that if Obama/Biden/Pelosi/McConnell/McCarty play that Nato/Ukraine card the nukes start raining down.

      Others & I understand exactly what & why Putin/Russia would warn us all he can’t allow you lunatics to punk US Citizens & the world.

      So go ahead you nut jobs, enough with most of the last century of screaming Russia, Russia, Russia, just play that card or shut the ph up about you’re all about peace crap you Fraud Authoritain Globalist.

      Better yet, you people just get you backpacks, AR 15s & You people get to Ukraine & go toe to toe with those damned Ruskies.

    3. The best bet is to let Russia secure their border. And that the US keeps it’s nose out of other people’s business & we secure our own borders instead, like with Mexico.

      Below is news old media/tech doesn’t want you to know.


      The Alex Jones Show
      The Alex Jones Show

      Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly reiterated his commitment to preventing Ukraine from joining NATO hours after meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday.

  5. Off topic:
    Heaven. Hell. Prior life. Life as a dog:
    I was a dog in a prior life and have recollection of prior life and heaven and hell.
    Heaven is not up high in some outer space place. Hell is not deep down in volcanic fire. Heaven is certain places like New Orleans or Florence, Italy. You have a new life in such a place. If you were evil you arrive in a bad place like Bronx or Moscow.

  6. For months, perhaps a year, the unvaxxed have heard a litany of complaints that they should be locked down in their homes, denied essential medical treatments, and potentially starved to get them to comply with the demands of the almighty elite. I think the protestors should at the very least be given the same amount of time to make their voices and horns heard, and truck blockades are not an unreasonable way of meting out a compsrable level of discomfort and inconvenience to those who would have society inconvenience the unvaxxed to the point of penury and deprivation of life.

  7. Truckers Gripped By Conspiracies

    Protesters have made constant allusions to a conspiracy theory which holds that the World Economic Forum is seeking to use the Covid pandemic to stage a “Great Reset”, which would purportedly create a “Marxian-inspired totalitarian system”. Many proponents of this conspiracy theory blame the Forum for creating Covid-19 itself.

    On Thursday, Quiggin’s daily intelligence report provided a “a partial list of Canadian officials who are members of the World Economic Forum”, including Trudeau, several members of his cabinet, two Conservative members of parliament and a host of other government and civil society officials.


    Donald Trump made wild conspiracies acceptable to far-right followers. And Trump has endorsed these protests by characterizing Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau as a “left wing lunatic”. Q’Anon is also stoking these protests; creating a fact-free atmosphere where anything is believable.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Baghdad Bob Anonny!

      Hey, I think your late getting your next Booster of Bug Juice ain’t you? Get on down there.

    2. Please cite the Constitution for mandates or any other “emergency” powers. There are no “emergency” powers provided to the government by the Constitution beyond the power of Congress to suspend habeas corpus in a condition of rebellion or invasion, not secession, not pandemic – healthcare being an individual right, freedom and responsibility.

      The Constitution exists to provide power to the people. The Constitution severely limits and restricts government. The Constitution provides every, conceivable, natural and God-given right, freedom, privilege and immunity to the people.

  8. Jonathan Turley, it is inappropriate to use an illustration of one of the renditions of “The Scream” by Edvard Munsch. All of his several similar paintings by this title are about insanity, the painter’s own.

    It wasn’t rage.

    1. @David Benson

      He was using to illustrate *his* point, not the artist’s. Grow a pair . . . of brain cells.

      1. James, I have been to the museum in Oslo where I saw of Munsch’s renditions of “The Scream”.

        You are a fool.

        1. You are a narcissistic figment of your own imagination, not to put too fine a point on it.

          I’m not so sure that delusions of and obsession with phantom ego and intellect are the tickets required for entry at the pearly gates.

        2. David, this is a very appropriate picture, for what we are hearing from the left is what some might call the left’s insanity. The left screams at non-existing things, and those screams vibrate in the water, reflecting the red blood from the sky that the leftist nations have spilled over the past century.

      2. James – please overlook Benson’s ignorance. He was raised with animals and doesn’t know better. 😉

      3. Ah, the “sting” of polarizing protests! Maybe Professor Turley really used the image as parody for little MacCaulay Culkin in “Home Alone” after the shock of shaving lotion on his cheeks! I agree with you in any event, feeble attempt at humor aside

      4. Edvard Munch likely would have agreed with Professor Turley’s use of The Scream. “Liquidating the individual”, one’s “becoming distorted by subjectivized flow of nature”, “obliteration of human personality” all apply. Very Kafkaesque, surreal, senseless.

        Essentially The Scream is autobiographical, an expressionistic construction based on Munch’s actual experience of a scream piercing through nature while on a walk….But man is part of nature, and absorption into such a totality liquidates the individual. ….allowed the foreground figure to become distorted by the subjectivized flow of nature; the scream could be interpreted as expressing the agony of the obliteration of human personality by this unifying force. Significantly, although it was Munch himself who underwent the experience depicted, the protagonist bears no resemblance to him or anyone else. The creature in the foreground has been depersonalized and crushed into sexlessness or, if anything, stamped with a trace of the femininity of the world that has come close to assimilating it.

          1. De nada. I have always enjoyed Impressionism over Expressionism. Impressionism always struck me as more graceful, sublime, purposeful living, while Expressionism made me think of darkness, angst and a world without meaning. I toured a few art museums in Europe and was drawn to the former, then walked quickly past the latter, e.g. Germany, France, Belgium, etc.

    2. At some point rage becomes insanity. Insane is appropriate label for the babbling heads of MSNBC and CNN.

    3. (I interpreted the professor’s use of the image to reflect the insanity of today’s “age of rage.”) That would be quite appropriate.

        1. David, that painting is quite similar to Van Gogh’s. He died at approximately the same time. In fact, IT IS A Van Gogh painting that is in the Van Gogh Museum. Decades ago, the Metropolitan Museum of Art had an incredible show with rooms of Van Gogh’s paintings. It was extraordinary because one could trace Van Gogh’s life’s ups and downs, observing how his artwork changed. His paintings are brilliant.

          1. Yes, a Van Gogh, I didn’t mean to imply otherwise.
            I wouldn’t user the word “brilliant”. Sensational, in the original meaning of that word.
            Certainly one of the world’s greatest artists.

            1. Brilliant for both the mastery and color. Did you forget color? Apparently, you did. I don’t think sensational is the best word. The painting may have aroused your senses, but the word lacks description.


      1. David, if you observe closely, you will note that many of the most prominent features in your picture have similarities to The Scream. I can see that you don’t understand artistic expression.

        1. S. Meyer, it is obvious that you have only seen a reproduction of “The Scream”.

          As I stated, I experienced an original. I assure you that the mental effects are not the same.
          I freely admit that I am not an art critic nor an art historian. My ability to express what happens when one sees an original is surely lacking.

          1. David, I don’t think you have the visual acuity to differentiate between a good copy or an enhanced print. I understand the phenomenon of seeing the original, but that doesn’t provide you any expertise or unique talents for most, you included. Your words betray you as an unsophisticated novice.


    4. And you don’t think that Ms Kayyem sounds somewhat deranged?

      Further, Turley’s column, Turley’s choice.

      Don’t like it, publish your own column.

      1. Jojo, from my course entitled psychobiology and attempting to follow the progress in the neural sciences, yes. Depends on the insanity. Vincent Van Gogh’s drove him to suicide and that might be more common.

        Contrariwise, literature seems to imply that rage leads to a temporary insanity, but not like that of Edvard Munsch.

    5. There are two kinds of pride, both good and bad. ‘Good pride’ represents our dignity and self-respect. ‘Bad pride’ is the deadly sin of superiority that reeks of conceit and arrogance.

      John C. Maxwell

  9. The freedom of speech is absolute as the “manifest tenor” of the U.S. Constitution.

    Slashing tires is a crime initiated as a misdemeanor by each State.

    Each several individual is fully responsible for any and all decisions he makes.

    Each several individual is fully responsible for any and all actions he takes.

    No person has any power to make a decision in the mind of another.

    1st Amendment

    Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech,….

    NY Penal Law § 145.10: Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree

    S 145.00 Criminal mischief in the fourth degree.

    A person is guilty of criminal mischief in the fourth degree when,
    having no right to do so nor any reasonable ground to believe that he or
    she has such right, he or she:

    1. Intentionally damages property of another person; or

  10. This might be where Canadian truckers got their inspiration: In 2020, protesters shut down Interstate (I-84) during 12 days of protests commemorating Geo FLoyd’s death. They also shut down LA’s 101 freeway. In 2021, protesters shut down I-94 in Minnesota over the death of a musician in Ethiopia. In 2018, protesters shut down I-94 (Chicago area) over “gun violence.” In 2017, protesters shut down I-580 over “white supremacy.” In 2014, nationally-coordinated protesters marched onto interstate freeways across the country over the death of Michael Ferguson. This included I-10 and 110 in LA , I-980 and 580 in Oakland, I-80 in Berkeley, also San Francisco, the Lincoln Tunnel in NY, the Massachusetts Connector to I-93 in Boston, and a march down the entrance ramp in Cleveland, OH.

  11. Just like every day for the last 2 years I see more families joining they Anti-Bio-Weapon mRNA Death/Clot shots:


    Woman’s Autopsy, Obituary Blame Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine for Death
    by Adan Salazar
    February 10th 2022, 3:49 pm
    Primary cause of death was ‘anaphylaxis due to Covid-19 vaccination,’ according to Kansas resident Jeanie Evans’ autopsy report.

  12. If we want to keep debate constructive, we need to be very tough on incitements to slash tires. Or, to punch people.

    I would take a broad definition of incitement, so that the populace is conditioned to express opinions in non-militant fashion.

    1. @pbinca

      The days of keeping debate ‘constructive’ died with the raising of children thinking they are gods and that their personal feelings are all that matter. Now, we need to vote and legislate. Period. you aren’t going to fix that with simple talking. Wake up.

  13. Hail Canadian Truckers!

    A handful of courageous Canadian truckers organized a protest against petty tyrants. They have been derided, smeared, and subjected to police-state tactics. But they persist. Freedom is a powerful motivator.

    The seeds they planted are now sprouting around the world, including in the U.S. with a similar freedom protest scheduled for early March. But already, Americans are reaping the benefits of the trucker protests. Blue state governors are relaxing their Covid diktats. Why? Why now? (And, no, it’s not because the “science” changed.) Their fascist restrictions always depended on one thing: The passivity of the American public. But now, the Canadian truckers have stirred Americans into action — into righteous resistance and demanding freedom. And *that* is what our home-grown tyrants fear most.

    it is inspiring to see how a few seeds of freedom sprout so quickly. Like a Tea Party. For those seeds, you can thank the Canadian truckers.

    1. Gonna be pretty funny if those truckers try to come to the US and block roadways after all those states passed laws making it legal to pancake protesters blocking traffic with your car.

    1. Someone calls for a peaceful protest and the left calls for violence of their own. MSNBC and CNN have no problem with calling for violence of their own. Someone calls for a peaceful protest and the left incites people to slash tires and punch people in the face. Which side is instigating violence. They had to send their marching orders to ANTIFA and BLM. These are things that they used to say in secret but now they say these things right out in the open. They want you to trust them with power? Carville told Bill Clinton to just punch the girls from the trailer park in the gut and give em a dollar. When are you going to get tired of being sucker punched?

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