Speechphobia: University of North Texas Students Seek to Ban “Transphobic” Group

As Hillary Clinton advises Democrats to move away from the discussion of trans rights, one student government is taking a different approach in seeking to ban others from speaking against such rights. The students are pushing for a ban on any “transphobic” clubs from campus. The student government at the University of North Texas became the latest student body to seek to curtail free speech rights of other students by declaring opposing views to be harmful. It is a new example of the growing “speechphobic” movement on our campuses.

The Student Government Association passed a resolution at the end of the semester that demanded immediate suspension for “any UNT Student Organization that engages in harassment, discrimination, hate crimes, and/or violation of UNT policy through transphobic posts, statements, and actions.” The students simply declared the speech of others to be harmful and said that the university has to ban such views to “protect the mental, emotional, and physical health of transgender students at UNT.”

The resolution was a response to an event held by the Young Conservatives of Texas chapter with Jeff Younger, who attracted national attention over his fight to block his ex-wife’s effort to raise his son as a girl. The event was interrupted by protesters.

A recent poll showed that sixty-six percent of students believe that stopping people from speaking is free speech.

We have been discussing student editors and student government leaders using their positions to retaliate against the exercise of free speech by other students with the support of faculty. We have seen student government move to block speakers, fellow students, or groups at schools like the University of Illinois, Stanford, Iowa State, Skidmore College, Cornell, Harvard, and other schools.

The resolution includes any “transphobic posts [and] statements” as the basis for being banned. That would presumably include religious groups which have faith-based opposition to trans rights. As a public university, such an effort would likely run afoul of the First Amendment.

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  1. you aware welcome to the delusion of thinking you are a bird…it is just I don’t have to believe your delusion!

  2. “trans-” brainwashing is a litmus test. If you believe in Trans- you are anti-science and brainwashable!
    No surgery can CHANGE the FACT that your DNA is either Male or Female…no matter the Mutilation!

  3. Supposedly, 65% of this country has never been to college. If that’s the case then by a margin of 2 to 1, most Americans have not been indoctrinated T that level, yet.

    1. Independent Bob wrote, “Supposedly, 65% of this country has never been to college. If that’s the case then by a margin of 2 to 1, most Americans have not been indoctrinated [to] that level, yet.”

      That’s an assumption based assertion that can’t be proven and based on my observation since we crossed over into the 21st century, I personally think your assertion is significantly off.

      I think it’s self-evident that your assertion is off due to the cultural shift away from the Constitution and Constitution based norms that have been rooted in our culture since it’s inception. There’s been a massive ignorant shift towards flushing cultural norms, common sense, critical thinking, logic, and trashing Liberty in favor of the irrational politically correct “social justice” nonsense based on totalitarianism and this shift is far, FAR beyond college students. In fact, it doesn’t take a college to indoctrinate these ignorant people, they were indoctrinated long before they got to college, however, colleges not putting a stop to the childish nonsense and instead validating their ignorant social justice nonsense cements that nonsense in their malleable minds. These totalitarian minded people put their fingers in their ears whenever they hear inconvenient facts, it’s very similar to the pure ignorance we see in childish adolescent rebellion. We now have hordes of ignorant and childish people spouting ridiculous emotion based arguments at the top of their lungs as if they’re fact when in fact they can’t support their argumentation with real facts. All this has happened relatively quickly in the 21st century, more specifically it’s really taken hold in the last 15 years.

      I’ve been writing about society/culture problems and the lack of critical thinking for a few years, critically thinking about things that change society is the primary focus of my blog.

  4. A recent poll showed that sixty-six percent of students believe that stopping people from speaking is free speech.

    Well good. Then they will have no objection to being silenced on campus.

      1. “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ~George Washington

  5. Now you know why the general American vote criteria in 1788 were male, European, 21, 50 lbs. Sterling or 50 acres.

  6. Truth phobia, one side of the political arena shows the same disdain for facts as a vampire does a cross. The issue is that side also controls the vast number of megaphones.

  7. Does referring to actual science — genetics and biology — constitute “harmful speech”? Because that’s the danger. These “fragile” people want to define “harmful” subjectively. Trouble is, they’re emotional cripples from the start, so anything one says that doesn’t fit their twisted narrative will be construed as “harmful” speech. They need to grow a thicker skin and leave the Constitution alone.

  8. “ The students simply declared the speech of others to be harmful and said that the university has to ban such views to “protect the mental, emotional, and physical health of transgender students at UNT.”

    Republicans do this as well. They ban discussions of CRT in schools because they are a different point of view they disagree with. And the laws they have enacted include language stating they are to protect students from feeling uncomfortable and from feeling marginalized. The UNT student government is doing the same thing, to protect the trans students from feeling uncomfortable with the rhetoric of the student republican organization.

    1. The ban is in public schools where the emphasis is on learning, not indoctrination, or the stupidity of a few that can’t recognize the need of an education rather than an indoctrination.

      1. Students are not being indoctrinated. That’s just the claim being made by those who oppose exposing students to a different point of view. Just because they are uncomfortable with the idea that there may be a truth to it. Why shouldn’t students be exposed to it? Surely they can make up their own minds.

        1. “Students are not being indoctrinated.”

          No need to argue. You are not credible.

          Data that demonstrated in writing the syllabus for the teacher demonstrated indoctrination. The link was provided along with the links for much more on the subject.

          You are not credible. End of story.

          ” Why shouldn’t students be exposed to it? Surely they can make up their own minds.”

          Stupid and not credible. We already heard what you have to say about children K-3rd grade being taught sexual material.

          You are stupid and not credible. End of story.

          1. Anonymous (S. Meyer),

            “ Data that demonstrated in writing the syllabus for the teacher demonstrated indoctrination. The link was provided along with the links for much more on the subject.”

            You didn’t provide that S. Meyer. Don’t lie.

            “ Stupid and not credible. We already heard what you have to say about children K-3rd grade being taught sexual material.”

            You heard, but you didn’t comprehend because it was too difficult for you to grasp. It was kind of pathetic really.

            When you resort to insults instead of actual discussion you just show everyone how mentally weak you are.

            1. But I did provide it just like I provided the data on the Covid Vaccine.

              Here is an example of a similar lie with the proof of what I had posted that you claimed I didn’t document. You are a troll because this is one of many times you have played this stupid game.

              Svelaz writes: “Again, you provided no documentation at all. You still haven’t. You “don’t feel obligated” because you never provided them in the first place and you can’t find it. You’re just covering for your BS claim.”

              Here are a couple of locations where I mentioned the address of the FDA report. This proves you don’t know what you are talking about.

              In the first one, I copied your statement, which is what is being argued about and is completely wrong,

              You said: “All the current vaccines have been granted full approval. ”

              Below is one of the many FDA postings I made. I believe others have posted FDA sites as well


              In the second of the posts, I showed one of the reasons Pfizer might like this legal distinction.


              I posted other things from the FDA with their addresses, and much of what I said was pure quotes from the FDA.

              This proves you to be what everyone knows you to be. You were wrong again, and it isn’t just about Covid. You have been proven wrong repeatedly on a multiplicity of subjects where proof has been provided. You deny the truth and the proof provided even when it is on the same official papers you have posted.

        2. No, primary and secondary students should not be exposed to evil doctrines, because they are not mature enough to make up their own minds correctly, and there is too much danger that they will adopt them. That’s true of Mein Kampf or of Zinn’s and Kendi’s poison.

    2. Nobody has proposed banning discussion of CRT or any other evil doctrine on school premises, by students and other individuals speaking only for themselves. The discussion that some states are quite properly banning, and all states should ban, is teachers in government schools, who are speaking for the government, teaching a doctrine that contradicts the very purpose of having public schools.

      And it’s well established that governments are entitled to control their own speech. Government speech is not free; it is up to the government to decide what it wants to say, and its spokesmen are required to say that.

      The purpose of public schools is to inculcate patriotism in children, and raise a generation of productive and loyal citizens. Teaching children to hate their country, and to hate each other because of their race, is contrary to that mission. Even discussion in a neutral way, which leaves open the possibility that such a doctrine might be correct, should be banned, just as neutral discussion of the merits of Nazism, or the reintroduction of slavery will get a teacher fired.

  9. Problem is who gets to determine who or what club, organization, etc. is “transphobic?”

    If I started a Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster organization on a college campus, while never saying anything against trans movement, but at the same time I do not feel I have to openly declare I support the trans movement, does that make my group transphobic?

    1. No one can be allowed to speak against the Flying Spaghetti Monster…such people are Spaghetti-phobic and must be removed from Campus.

    2. “ Problem is who gets to determine who or what club, organization, etc. is “transphobic?”

      The student government does. The organization in question was in violation of school policy and the student government constitution.

      “ The above-mentioned actions by the Student Organization were in clear violation of UNT policy 16.0041• The transphobic statements, actions, and rhetoric used on campus directly threaten the physical health and lives of UNT students, and caused substantial and direct harm and distress to the trans community on campus.”


  10. The UK, Finland, Sweden, France are on the way to recovery and hopefully will lead the way out of this morass. FINA’s new rules should also be helpful in in controlling this gender shopping in Olympic sports in swimming and hopefully others will follow. It’s actually a fairly sane rule. The referral of Picard above to anorexia nervosa is a salient comparison. Having known and studied under Hilde Bruch, who literally wrote the book on eating disorders and anorexia nervosa, I strongly believe she would agree with Picard’s sentiments.
    To quote the MSM, maybe the walls are starting to close in on this trans aberration. We do have science here on the side of good sense but there is a concerted attempt to muzzle and/or suppress this truth. Ron Desantis and Florida are setting up a Board to discuss and debate the whole aspect of gender dysphoria and it’s treatment. This has ramifications for their state medicaid coverage. Suppressing free speech is more and more simply a means of blocking sunlight from being spread over the writhing mass of corruption and exploitation of children, medicine and our various American cultures. Hopefully a swing back to the middle and sanity is on the way.

  11. Turley wrote, “A recent poll showed that sixty-six percent of students believe that stopping people from speaking is free speech.”

    I don’t care one bit what the polls say, even if 100% of the students believe this crap that doesn’t make it right! These students are wrong, dead wrong; they’ve been dumbed-down to the point of complete ignorance as to what rights are.

    Rights are not there so they can be intentionally abused to literally infringe on the rights of others.

    Let me repeat that…

    Rights are not there so they can be intentionally abused to literally infringe on the rights of others.

    Using free speech rights to intentionally infringe on the free speech rights of others is literally abuse of 1st Amendment rights. What they’re doing is very intentionally and very literally B-A-S-T-A-R-D-I-Z-I-N-G and abusing the 1st Amendment. They seem to have been brain-washed into believing that their right to free speech is superior in every way to the right of those who disagree thus justifying public persecution of a dissident to the hive mind, it’s an unethical/immoral pure ideological “rights for me but not for thee” rationalization and signature significant of a totalitarian.

    NOTE: Our justice system can strip 2nd Amendment rights from individuals that intentionally abuse those rights to stomp on the rights of others, the abuser gets due process of law with their day in court and the court can legally take away their 2nd Amendment rights; should we start doing the same thing to those that intentionally abuse 1st Amendment rights? No I’m not being flippant, I’m asking a serious question.

    Abusing free speech rights to infringe upon the free speech rights of those who disagree is anti-American totalitarian bull sh!t and it’s persecution in its purest form!

    1. Witherspoon, it’s not an abuse of the 1st amendment.

      Using free speech to infringe on the free speech of others is called opposition. It’s perfectly legitimate. Especially when it involves two private parties such as speakers and protesters or simply those who oppose the speaker’s views.

      Shouting down a speaker IS free speech. As contradictory as it may sound. It happens all the time.

      It’s not “anti-American” or “totalitarian”.

      The pushback from the student government and the trans students who correctly sought redress from their student government about the student republican organization is a consequence of their exercising their free speech rights.

      1. Svelaz wrote, “it’s not an abuse of the 1st amendment.”

        No matter how many times you spout that, it doesn’t make it true.

        Svelaz wrote, “Using free speech to infringe on the free speech of others is called opposition.”

        That statement literally contradicts itself and is signature significant to someone that actively rationalizes unethical, immoral and illegal behaviors.

        Infringe: actively break the terms of a law.

        Opposition: resistance or dissent, expressed in action or argument.

        Opposition to free speech should always be free speech using better arguments NOT trying to infringe on the rights of another.

        Svelaz wrote, “Shouting down a speaker IS free speech.”

        That’s the kind of ignorance and/or gaslighting that’s dividing the United States. No Svelaz it’s not, it’s abuse of free speech, persecution, to literally infringe (your word) upon someone else’s right to free speech. Shouting down a speaker is unethical, immoral and (in my opinion) anti-1st Amendment therefore not an ethical Constitutional “legal” behavior, it’s persecution.

        Svelaz wrote, “As contradictory as it may sound. It happens all the time.”

        In the context that you delivered those statements, it’s an either the rationalization 1. The Golden Rationalization, or “Everybody does it” or it’s one of the sub set rationalizations.

        Svelaz wrote, “It’s not “anti-American” or “totalitarian”.”

        Propaganda brainwashed people like you seem to be walking around with permanently attached industrial-strength weapons-grade thickened ideological blinders.

        1. Witherspoon,

          One person CAN infringe on another’s free speech. The law says nothing about people not being allowed to infringe on another’s free speech. The prohibition on infringement only applies to government. Not private individuals. That’s why shouting down someone else is also considered an exercise of free speech. It not an abuse of free speech. It’s the kind of free speech Turley talks about all the time. The answer to bad speech is more speech. In this case being shouted down or just being louder than the other person. It’s certainly rude or obnoxious, but by no means an abuse of the right.

          “ Shouting down a speaker is unethical, immoral and (in my opinion) anti-1st Amendment therefore not an ethical Constitutional “legal” behavior, it’s persecution.”

          It can’t be “anti-1st amendment. Because the 1st amendment protects you from GOVERNMENT infringement. Not from private individuals.

          Have you ever seen the British House of Commons in action? They literally shout each other down until the speaker calls for order. It’s not unethical. It’s the norm.

          “ Opposition to free speech should always be free speech using better arguments NOT trying to infringe on the rights of another.”

          Not quite true. Opposition to free speech neglects the fact that opposition itself is free speech as well. Just because it “should be” that way doesn’t mean it’s obligatory. Any private individuals CAN infringe on your free speech. It’s not illegal or unconstitutional. It’s just rude or unethical. That doesn’t mean it’s forbidden. It’s just part of.. free speech.

          1. Svelaz wrote, “One person CAN infringe on another’s free speech.”

            That’s not in question you moron because it’s obviously happening and part of my point.

            Svelaz wrote, “The law says nothing about people not being allowed to infringe on another’s free speech. The prohibition on infringement only applies to government. Not private individuals.”

            Anyone that spews that kind of anti-Constitutional, anti-cultural, anti-ethical, anti-moral, anti-logic and anti-civility moronic garbage has earned themself a very special trophy for their mantle…


            What’s wrong with Svelaz cannot be fixed.

            I’m back to completely ignoring Svelaz the troll.

            1. Witherspoon,

              “ Svelaz wrote, “The law says nothing about people not being allowed to infringe on another’s free speech. The prohibition on infringement only applies to government. Not private individuals.”

              Anyone that spews that kind of anti-Constitutional, anti-cultural, anti-ethical, anti-moral, anti-logic and anti-civility moronic garbage has earned themself a very special trophy for their mantle…”

              You’re the one having difficulty In grasping the basic fact that the constitution doesn’t prohibit people from infringing on others speech. You can’t show me any law or the constitution itself where that prohibition exists.

              All I’m doing is giving you a different perspective and you’re just having fits of rage over something that challenges your preconceived notions about what the right of free speech and it’s limitations are.

              I wouldn’t be calling others “moron” when you don’t seem to be able to grasp a very simple concept that shouting down someone IS also protected free speech. Just because it’s rude or unethical doesn’t change that basic fact.

  12. Interesting concept…..banning speech is free speech.

    It is more than just not knowing which bathroom to use that Lefties are confused about these days.

    Lets see the Conservative Students raise the free speech issue on campus…and demand a Resolution by the Student Government that would require the suspension of any organization or person that attempts to deprive any person of their ability to excecise their First Amendment Rights and ability to speak to any issue. I know that would be a nearly unique concept on today’s college and university campuses but as at one time those very. places were the bastions of critical thinking and free speech. But then…in those days….they were institutions of higher learning weren’t they and not indoctrination centers for the Leftist Mantra.

  13. Another manipulative disaster created by feminism. Effectively, trans-people are so on the defensive that they interpret many good faith comments as deragotary, hateful, ignorance, etc… Those ho control their psyche are very happy of this result, as the “movement” grows powers for feminists. It’s ambivalent that in defending or promoting their rights, trans-persons appear to create more gains for female rights then for themselves.
    For example, I personally believe transwomen to be more beautiful than females, and some transwomen view this as hateful speech…
    Interestingly, real gender dysphoria often find its root in maternal relationship gone defective. This was the manner in which psychoanalysis dealt with what it defined as a defence mechanism which evolves into dissociation. But the matter of fact, is that the current trend which gets its roots in school settings is more the result of feminist propaganda which creates and consolidates gender insecurity, with rapid interventions to inflict a gender theory based consolidation and reinforcement. It is scary.
    Imagine telling an anorexic patient that he has found himself and in order to help her (or him in the rare cases of male anorexia) that we will make sure to deprive him of food because we don’t want her to lose herself.
    I believe that adults may take the therapeutic course of action they want and affirm their true self with the tools they chose. Yet I firmly believe that the Biden administration making an EO which will mandate children to take testosterone blockers is a crime against humanity. All the science points to the catastrophic risks of such therapies for children, This is completely ignored by the community of adults who p^roponents. Any such delicate situation as identy, self perception, body image of a child may not be part of a “movement”… And their is the problem. If Clinton is proving an idiot, so is Biden in this instance. Last year, while the government of Finland, and the Only care center in Sweden who both had been proponents of the Dutch Protocol have reversed their decision, and explicitely stated that the “Best Care Protocol” established for Gender Dysphoric Children in terms of chemical and surgical interventions are “experimental” and were terminated immediately. And I believe that creating a psycho-emotive therapy based on feminist and gender theory is also erroneous and uses children as cultural warriors on top of treating them as guinea pigs.
    I sure won’t be the one bullying TRanswomen…I have much empathey for them, and much of their experience I can personaly relate too.

  14. Turley’s “civility and decorum policy” in part:

    “I will delete abusive comments when I see them or when they are raised to me. If the conduct continues, I will consider banning the person responsible. However, such transgressions should be raised with me by email and not used as an excuse to trash talk or retaliate. I am the only one who can ban someone from the blog and I go to great lengths not to do it or engage in acts that might be viewed as censorship.”

    Turley will BAN anyone who speaks *abusively* (whatever that means exactly).

    1. Round and round he goes, jeffsilberman cacatus sans phallus, 24/7. Observe the empty, shallow, soulless troll, bereft of any honor, selfrespect nor dignity. Such is the fate of men who succumb to their darkest and most pitiful state, men who are mocked and have nothing of importance to add to society. Do not be a jeffsilberman

      jeffsilberman says: June 20, 2022 at 8:47 PM
      Your opinion is noted. I vehemently disagree with you. You will find that I am implacably opposed to your Trumpist views and will never cease shaming Trumpists for their lies.

      1. The only way to deal with the Silberman’s of the World is to utterly ignore them….please do not feed the Trolls.

        But very accurately said none the less….you described him to a “T”!

    2. Jeff, not able to respond to your post of 8:00 today. Only ” like ” option.
      What other information do you need in order to form an opinion? There are minor children, witnessing a drag show. I would be equally outraged if they were exposed any form of pornography. Not saying that it legitimizes pedophilia. Although I think that is the road we are on. As you know I have previously stated my indignation towards Dr. Allyn Walker, who was suspended by Old Dominion only to be hired by Johns Hopkins. She put forth the premise that labeling adults who wanted to have sex with minors as pedophiles was ” stigmatizing”.
      Instead, we should use a less offensive acronym. M.A.P. Minor Attracted People. You don’t have to be a Qanon loyalist to know that is SICK!

      As far as the Toobin ZOOM vs, Ailes and O’Reilly, let’s remember the context. I was commenting on Stelter’s reluctance to address the issue and subsequent media coverage. Supposedly his singular focus. I was not comparing sexual indiscretions.

      1. Of course it is stigmatizing – that is the point. Crime is stigmatizing.

        Should we quit calling people who murder others – murderers and start calling them KAP – Killing attracted Persons ?

        I have no idea what causes someone to be a pedophile – and from what I can tell there is no good science on it either.

        Ultimately like many other crimes, neither I nor society care much about Why.

        Having Sex with Children is a crime. Just as Murder is.
        We do not punish people for having impulses that we have defined as criminal.
        We punish them for acting on it.

        With respect to all this Drag Queen nonsense – I would prefer that we left the choices regarding what Children can be exposed to, to their parents.

        That is not perfect – life is not perfect. Parents often do badly – but government is worse.
        Government should not interfere with parenting until the conduct of parents is criminally egregious.

        Like it or not we can not make the world perfect.

        1. John, I agree with you. It is intimately up to the parents. It is not against the law for a parent to take a child to a drag show. Just sick! Government is definitely worse.
          But if these shows are taking place in schools, without the parent’s knowledge, I have a BIG problem with that.

          1. Again we START with Parental Control – and that includes Parental control of schools.

            Between Covid, and CRT and School shootings – we are experiencing a strong shift away from traditional public schooling.
            This likely will be a HUGE positive issue of republicans if they grab it. They have a decades long history of trying to provide meaningful alternatives to traditional public schools.

            I would love the US to switch to a Swedish system – where the state provides each student with educational funding. But parents decide where and how their kids are schooled. About half of all schools in Sweden are completely private. Further the public schools have improved dramatically because they must compete for students.

            I have ZERO problems with a specific school declaring that their curicula is Woke CRT LGBTQIA+ – so long as parents get to CHOOSE whether to send their kids their. My Bet is that nearly all minority students are going to send their kids to schools that Drive the fundimentals, that prepare their kids to succeed in the real world – rather than to this racist nonsense that the left is pushing.

            Schools are one of the most interesting aspects of the US ideologically.

            You can persuade an afluent white woman that she is a rasict, white supremeacist, nazi adjacent. You can get her fully on board for 100% equality, but the moment it comes to her own Children – all that goes out the window.

            Every single parent on the planet wants the BEST for their child – not EQUAL, they want THEIR child to have the advantages they do not have, they want them to have the advantages that other children do not have.
            Every parent understands that whatever their childs weaknesses are – they are UNIQUE an that it is the PARENTS job to get them every single advantage they can.

            Leftist nonsense goes out the window when you start talking about THEIR child.

            To the extent that the state has a role – it is ONLY when parents have failed EGREGIOUSLY.

            Charles Manson was the product of the State as Parent. Statistically even the children of emotionally, physically, sexually abusive parents are better off with the abusing parents – than in state institutions.

            Absolujtely we should do something about bad parents – but we should not hide from the fact that the State is an abysmal parent.

            The state should be the parent of last resort. No matter how bad parents are – to the extent they are nearly always far better than the state – we should work towards leaving parents in control of their kids.

            The entire left wing concept of the school as a means of ideologically indoctrinating kids is disasterously dangerous garbage.

      2. Paul,

        You are really hung up on this drag queen thing. Did it happen at one school one time or is it happening everywhere in the country’s school system? It’s not unlike Fox to take one deviant example and blow it up to smear the entire Left. How big a problem is this?

        The best way to discuss Stelter’s bias or any show’s bias/false narratives would be to watch the program together side by side and analyze every line and observe the chyrons.

        1. Jeff, not hung up. You just continue to hide behind the ” I don’t know enough about it” defense when I simply ask for your OPINION on a certain subject given a particular set of occurrences. I would never fall into the ” Everywhere ” trap. I learned long ago to never state anything in absolutes. Those are argument losers. And you are totally wrong to presume that I am getting all of my information from conservative outlets. Actually, on this particular subject, most information comes from ” Libs of TikTok.” Which is basically a compilation of people posting in their own words with no chyrons, no editing and no editorial comment on Twitter. Hanging themselves with their own words.
          For your Stelter experiment, better get your plane reservation soon. Last Sunday he had the worst ratings since 2015.
          Maybe I could break my promise to never spend a dime of my money in a state that borders the Pacific. If I come to S.F how many pairs of shoes should I bring? I am not good at cleaning feces off of my footwear.

          1. Paul,

            Answer my questions. How prevalent is this drag queen thing? Is it a one-off? Since you know all about it, just tell me- what is the rationale for it? Surely, they have defended their performance. What do they say? I know nothing about it except what I hear from you. Are you making a mountain out of a molehill?

            I watch Stelter on my DVR. I watch everything off DVR because I skip through commercials. I haven’t seen a commercial since they invented DVR’s 20 years ago! I watch Stelter, but I don’t track his ratings as you do. You must have a bet with someone on his longevity. They say you can bet on anything. Will your bookie take a bet on TV shows? How much you got riding on Stelter?

            Not to worry about stepping in human feces in Marin County. Forget about SF. Only Leftists are welcome there. They won’t take fly-over money.

            1. Jeff, just a couple of examples:
              ” family friendly” Drag event at a Texas bar. June 19. Infants, preteens in attendance.
              ” family friendly” Drag event in Ohio bar. June 20. Children shown putting bills into drag queen’s G string.
              Michigan A.G Dana Nessel ” there should be a drag queen for every school”.
              NYC Mayor Adams Backs Drag Queen Story Hour for NYC public schools and libraries. To the tune of $ 207, 000 tax- payer dollars to fund such events.

              Outside of sporting events I DVR everything. See, we have something in common.
              No bet with my bookie. But a $500 bet with a liberal former classmate.
              I was in S.F in 2018. They took lots of my money. Alioto’s is closed now right? Helicopter ride over Alcatraz. That wasn’t cheap. Had to see where fellow Chicagoan Capone spent some time.

              1. Paul,

                Children putting bills into a G-string? I was in my 20’s when I started doing that! Ok. I agree. That is WAY too much!

                A helicopter over the Rock. Did you not go inside the prison? I went there once. Didn’t you say you were distantly related to Capone? I’m pretty sure Alphonse would be a Trumpist.

                1. Jeff, did not go inside.
                  Not related to Al. But, went to my father’s gravesite on Father’s day. Mt. Carmel in Hillside.
                  Capone’s grave is about 100 yards from my father’s.
                  Not all of us Italians from Chicago are related. Or in the mob.
                  You say you started in your 20’s. Continuing?
                  I was getting worried. 3 posts without invoking Trump.

          2. Paul, this doesn’t respond to the exact topic but you might want to see the actual curriculum for third grade in one Chicago school.


            I had posted it to Svelaz in the past but he now states he never got it, so I will post it here since you are discussing things I find very important. I think children at this age time should be spent teaching kids how to read. For further information you can go to Christopher Rufo’s website as he has tons of information having to do with CRT, sexual matters and young children. My bet is that you have already been to his site.

        2. Jeff, while reading, I came across something of interest to you and Paul. It has to do with your neighbors living in Marin County and the early sex education of children in schools. This particular article involves a private school. In your discussions with Paul, you claimed ignorance of many related items, while at the same time, you displayed ignorance of your neighbor’s political views.

          Paul and Beka Sinclair didn’t like that their kids’ pricey private school was teaching first graders about ‘deconstructing the gender binary.’
          The Sinclairs weren’t the only parents who had protested the new gender-identity curriculum

          “I had no problem being a pariah in Marin,” Beka said. “We were worried about raising our kids long term in an area that was embracing these destructive ideologies.”

          she saw the teacher read the kids Ibram X. Kendi’s “Antiracist Baby.” She didn’t like Kendi’s ideas

          A few weeks later, one of Charlotte’s teachers asked the kids to introduce their stuffed animals with their pronouns. “The six-year-olds were like, ‘What’s a pronoun?’” Beka said.

          A former MCDS teacher whose daughter attended the school said his little girl was similarly confused when MCDS “started introducing gender, and you can be whoever you want, and it’s fluid. She started taking that on.”
          The former teacher, who declined to speak openly, said his daughter was hardly alone. A group of girls in her class started to think of themselves as gay, and then transgender. By the fourth grade, his daughter was “dating” other girls in her class. By sixth grade—last year—she had adopted male pronouns and a boy’s name, and had started wearing a breast binder.

          Beka noticed that all the American flags had disappeared.

          The school, Paul said, seemed intent on teaching kids to feel bad about who they were—whether it was being white, or American, or a boy or a girl.


          It’s a long article, so I copied only the portions to show how this school diverged from the America we used to know and love.

  15. On a related note, Biden just issued an EO requiring his administration to oppose “conversion therapy” as applied to transgender identity. Many argue that this will require “affirmative care” for children — including social transition, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and ultimately surgery — and rule out mental health care and watchful waiting as alternatives. Already, children are rushed into “affirmative care” without thorough consideration of the alternative. A number of European countries, including the UK, Sweden, Finland and France, are going in the opposite direction, discouraging “affirmative care.” Any thoughts?

    1. “Biden just issued an EO requiring his administration to oppose ‘conversion therapy’ . . .”

      So the first “conversion” is fine, but the later ones are not?

  16. Face it. You WILL accept whatever weirdness and anti-reality mumbo jumbo or we will call you names.


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