The White House Refuses to Answer Questions About Audiotape on Hunter’s Foreign Dealings

In yesterday’s White House press briefing, there was an extraordinary moment when White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to discuss a 2018 voicemail from President Biden that showed that the President lied repeatedly in denying ever speaking with Hunter Biden about his foreign business dealings. Jean-Pierre refused to answer a question from Fox News’ Peter Doocy and then refused again to answer a question from RealClearPolitics reporter Philip Wegmann. The rest of the press seemed content with an answer that was not just openly evasive but contemptful of the press.  It is continuing evidence of the success of the Biden campaign to get the media to maintain a false narrative that they helped create during the campaign.

As previously discussed, the recording clearly proves that President Biden has lied about his knowledge of these dealings. The audiotape of the President concerned a Times report on Dec. 12, 2018 detailing Hunter’s dealings with Ye Jianming, the head of CEFC China Energy Company. Ye was later arrested amid allegations of economic crimes.  Biden associates reportedly worked on the Times to change aspects of the story and President Biden appears to view that effort as successful.

The plan with the Bidens (which included Joe Biden’s brother) specified a proposed 10 percent share for Hunter for “the big guy.” According to Biden associate Tony Bobulinksi, that was a reference to Joe Biden.

The voicemail, discovered on Hunter’s discarded laptop, reveals that Joe Biden was following the stories of his son’s alleged influence peddling and specifically his Chinese dealings. In his message, Biden tells Hunter,

“Hey pal, it’s Dad. It’s 8:15 on Wednesday night. If you get a chance, just give me a call. Nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk to you. I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times, was good. I think you’re clear. And anyway if you get a chance, give me a call, I love you.”

Some of us have written for two years that Biden’s denial of knowledge is patently false. Indeed, it is baffling how Attorney General Garland can ignore the myriad of references to Joe Biden in refusing to appoint a special counsel.

Doocy asked the obvious question now that we have an actual audiotape of the President: “Why is there a voicemail of the president talking to his son about his overseas business dealings if the president has said he’s never spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings?”

Despite clearly contradicting the President, Jean-Pierre declared “Well, first I’ll say that what the president said stands. So if he — that’s what the president said, that is what stands.” Such an absurd response is only possible when you know that most of the media will go along with the evasion.

Doocy followed up “He’s leaving a voicemail about a New York Times article concerning Hunter Biden’s business dealings and he says, ‘I think you’re clear.’ How is that not him talking to his son about his overseas business dealings?”

Jean-Pierre then dismissed further questions, saying “We’re not, from this podium — I’m not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop.”  When pressed again, she said  “I am not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop. Peter, I refer you to his son’s representatives.”

She repeated that position with Wegmann who appeared the only other journalist even remotely interested in whether the President lied repeatedly about an influence peddling scheme run by his son.

Notably, neither reporter was looking for a response from Hunter or their representative. The tape captured President Biden’s voice not Hunter’s voice. Indeed, Hunter previously contradicted his own father and said that he did discuss dealings with his father.

There is no plausible reason why the President would not be willing to answer a question about his own statement captured on audiotape. He is not denying that it is his voice, which appears obvious. He simply will not answer a question about whether he lied during the campaign and repeatedly as president.

Again, this is only possible when you have the media in your pocket. Could you imagine if this was Trump caught on a tape and refusing to answer a question about the content. For example, the media has Trump’s call to Georgia officials on a virtual continual coverage loop.

I previously wrote a column on the one year anniversary of the Hunter Biden laptop story that marveled at the success of the Biden family in making the scandal vanish before that 2020 election. It was analogized to Houdini making his 10,000-pound elephant Jennie disappear in his act. The Biden trick however occurred live before an audience of millions. The value of involving the media in the original trick is that it invests reporters in the illusion. It is like calling audience members to the stage to assist in the performance. Reporters have to insist that there was nothing to see or they have to admit to being part of the deception.

The problem is that the media is now obviously concerned that the Democrats could lose the White House as well as Congress. They have begun to openly criticize Biden and even press him to clear the path for a successor. While recognizing the false narrative will be embarrassing, the Biden White House may be faced with a media more concerned with a possible GOP win in the coming elections. The risk is that journalists may decide to see the elephant.

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  1. We have gone from a VP taking envelopes with small amounts of kickback cash, Agnew, to a VP, Biden, that was taking millions from the nation that is the greatest danger to our future.

    One would think that every little “journalist” out there would have studied Woodward and Bernstein, idolized what they did and then try to emulate them in their professional life, but the J schools have become indoctrination centers and the little girls of the media will only dig, if they even know how, if it is a Republican in office.

    When I was young people would do anything to advance their careers, help them make more money and to be able to look at themselves in the mirror. Today the little girls of the media sit quietly in the press room failing to a) make a name for themselves as a good reporter and b) do the right thing by their career and try to get information from the ELECTED PEOPLE IN CHARGE. But just as CNN will lose all of their viewers and go down the tubes just to be able to be a far left arm of the Democrats even if it means losing millions as Fox dominates, the little girls in the press room forgo a full career just to be in the “in” group.

    1. Where is the proof that Biden “took millions”? Do you have any? Of course not. You are just a disciple. Bear in mind that Biden has disclosed his tax returns and Trump refused to do so. Where’s the proof of income or payoffs? What alleged benefits did Biden, as VP, confer on anyone? Do you have proof? You want proof of crimes committed by a POTUS? “I just want you to find 11,780 votes”. THAT’S a crime, and we all heard it.

      1. Where was the proof regarding the Russia Russia hoax?
        That did not stop you for a second, why are you stopping now?

        1. Where’s the proof? The Mueller Report, based on court-admissible evidence, like deposition testimony and certified documents, establishes that Trump’s campaign fed insider polling information to Russian hackers who used it to spread lies about Hillary Clinton on social media. This was in swing states, and in certain districts where support for Hillary was soft enough that the lies would work. There were dozens of guilty pleas and guilty verdicts. Trump wouldn’t cooperate. Then, there’s Dan Coats, appointed by Trump as head of US Intelligence agencies. He said Russia helped your hero cheat his way into office, and Trump fired him. Where’s your proof? I find it fascinating that they simplify their lies with cute little ditties like “Russia Russia Hoax” and “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

          1. Funny. I’ve read the report twice, and didn’t see that. Why don’t you give me the page number(s) for your allegations.

      2. Natacha, as One of the little girls refered to by Hullbobby, you pulled off a smashing response, cementing yourself as the tiniest of tiny and the littlest girl out there. May you and your hypocrite Friends in the media get just what you deserve, a completely different administration taking over in the future that will refuse to answer questions, even when warranted.

        Put that in your little girl pipe and smoke it. Then again you have been smoking a little pipe for sometime.

        Just saying 🙂

      3. Is Biden a millionaire? When did he obtain his millions? Was it during his time in public office? Does his salary pay millions?
        And what does Trump have to do with the millions mysteriously possessed by Biden? Why do you insist on conflating and confusing the discussion?
        One might think you were trying to deflect rather than sincerely and seriously discuss the matter…

      4. Former PM Abe of Japan has died from gunshot wounds. He was assassinated because of lunatics like you.

    2. Consider the possibility that these young journalists ARE EMULATING Woodward and Bernstein. They are both still on the scene and active in the world of journalism as their steady stream of books and appearances on various news media outlets attests.
      Somehow these 2 idols of journalism have found plenty of time to investigate and attack the perceived failings of Trump, but neither one, to my knowledge, has ever done anything of major import in regard to our current President, including his connection to Hunter’s dealings. Indeed, their silence has been deafening.
      The reality of Woodward and Bernstein’s journalistic endeavors is that, like the current crop of leftist advocacy ‘journalists’, they are and always have been mainly driven by a pro-democrat, anti GOP agenda in their choices of subject.

  2. No one seems interested anymore in playing the game ‘what if Donald Trump had been re-elected for a 2nd term……..where would we be now.’ It’s a good parlor game among friends and family. for example: would Putin have invaded Ukraine? would a barrel of oil have risen from $40 to $110 and higher? Would inflation at the day to day consumer level still be 2.5% or would it have tripled or worse? Would the Attorney General of the USA have opened an investigation into Joe Biden and family? Would there have been a January 6th assault on the Capitol Building? Would we have withdrawn from Afghanistan in the manner it happened in late August of 2021? And many more questions of a similar nature. Including getting conclusive evidence that the Covid epidemic began in the Wuhan Lab and China covered it up!

    1. Richard Lowe: There is NO “conclusive evidence that the Covid epidemic began in the Wuhan Lab”. China TOLD us about it. Would they have done this if it was deliberate or if they knew it came from the lab?
      No, they wouldn’t. The root cause is being investigated. A lab leak is a possibility, but not conclusive, so whoever convinced you of his is just making up things. Donald Trump didn’t get validly “elected” in 2016, and had NO chance of getting “re-elected” with al of the chaos he caused because he is clueless as a leader, he botched the pandemic, causing it to be much worse than it had to be, so it lasted longer. Businesses, restaurants and factories shut down or slowed down. People started working from home, and stopped taking pleasure trips, school buses weren’t running, so demand for fuel went way down, which artificially depressed the price because there was a glut of oil. In reaction to this, refining production went way down, and some refineries went off line and not all of them have been fired up again. Schools closed to in-person learning, and kids are still behind where they should be. He started a trade war with China, which has resulted in shortages of consumer goods and computer chips, which has helped fuel inflation. His tax cuts that mostly benefitted the very wealthy drove the national debt to record levels. Interest on this debt alone helps fuel inflation. If Trump could have gotten enough state election officials to “find votes”, where would we be now? In a third world war, that’s where. How do we know this? Because he would have withdrawn the US from NATO, like he said. Without the support of the US, NATO alllies would have problems stopping Putin, who would already own Ukraine and would be in Poland by now, on his way to Warsaw. Putin has said he intends to take back all of the countries that used to be under Soviet control, starting with Crimea and Ukraine. Putin wants to control the Black Sea and Baltic Sea, so he’d be going after Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, too. Without our help, how could they resist? Zelenskyy would be dead or in a Russian gulag getting tortured before they killed him. Eventually, just like the US got drawn into WW 1 and WW II, the US would get drawn into this war. That is inevitable. We would be receiving daily death and casualty reports of our young service men and women.

      You are trying to blame Biden for inflation, the cause of which was your orange hero. Biden turned around the Trump recession, which was the worst since the Great Depression. Job growth under Biden set a record. People are back to work, schools are open again, and demand for fuel is back to pre-pandemic levels, but production is not. Global prices for oil are at record high due to the sanctions placed on Russia and depressed production due to the pandemic. Demand for consumer goods is high due to record job growth and pent-up demand, and due to shortages of computer chips, factory slow downs and closures, and reduced imports from China, all caused byTrump’s trade war, there’s a shortage of consumer goods. When demand outstrips supply, the price goes up. Inflation is Trump’s fault, as any reliable economist would explain to you. You really cannot dispute the facts about the things that are driving inflation, nor the fact that they are directly the fault of Trump and his clulelessness about how to lead a country. When your alt-right media try to blame Biden for inflation, they are not being honest. Of course, explaining the root causes of inflation points directly to Trump as the main cause, so they never will. And, besides, they know that the disciples aren’t very knowledgeable about economics, so they fall for the idea that it’s all Biden’s fault. The disciples know that gas and some items cost more now that Biden is in office, so it somehow must be his fault. You are blind if you can’t see how alt right media manipulates people into falling for their attacks against Joe Biden.

      You want to talk about Afghanistan? The issues with the withdrawal are Trump’s fault. He drew down our troops from 14,000 to 2,500 and turned loose 5,000 Taliban. He didn’t negotiate for any air base or US presence in Afghanistan. He didn’t involve our Afghan allies in settlement negotiations, which left them dispirited, so they just gave up. US intelligence believed that we would have much more time for an orderly withdrawal, but they were wrong.. All of this is due to Trump who is NO “master dealmaker”. Blaming Biden is disingenuous. Biden got handed a hot mess to deal with, unliike Trump who was handed a successful, growing economy that he trashed, just like he bankrupted multiple businesses.

      What evidence is there that Joe Biden committed any crime? There is none. Even Turley admits that influence peddling is not illegal.

      1. What evidence is there that Joe Biden committed any crime?

        It wasnt a federal crime to lynch blacks until this past May. It is a crime though for you to sputter your nonsense hour after hour. Your handlers should be made to pray the rosary in Latin for 30 days on their knees on a wooden floor. The horror!

      2. Nice delusional diatribe.

        China told us? Simply laughable. They absolutely refused to admit that anything could have happened there, came up with all sorts of ridiculous hypothesis that have no bearing in any historical biological knowledge, and they restricted any legitimate investigations. Topping that, one of the individuals on the “investigative team” had inherent conflicts of interests as it was his organization that was funding this type of research surreptitiously by Collins and Fauci in disregard to the law.

        Your comments regarding Trump and NATA are also laughable and disregard all the facts. Apparently you believe all the illegitimate crap spin from the left wingnuts. Funny how the leader of NATO actualy gives credit to Trump for helping them shore up their finances. Why? Because instead of pussy footing around like everyone before him, Trump called all the leaders on the carpet for not living up to their contractual agreements regarding the funding of NATO. Apparently you think its a good thing for us to pay and do more than our fair share while eveyone else rides our coattails.

        As for inflation…much of it is due to policy. It was the policy that Biden campaigned on. It was that policy that anyone with half a brain warned would result in what has occurred. Global prices are very much based on supply and demand…and when you announce that the US is cutting its supply and future supply potential while demand remains the same, prices are going to go up. And not just gas…but everything because everything has a reliance on fuel. It creates fertilizer, it powers the farm equipment necessary to grow and harvest, it posers the transportation required to get the crops from farm to processor, it powers the processor, it powers the transportation to go from processor to the store…and it fuels the power necessary to run the store. A transition is fine…but you don’t transition immediately to something that does not effectively exist yet. All the countries that tried this…are reversing course and returning to reliable energy sources…why a bunch if fools lives in their own utopic dreams world.

        Job growth under Biden? Hahahahaha!!!! You had a pandemic that cause job losses, and job gains still have us with 2 millioin fewer employed than at pre-pandemic levels. A chimpanzee could have had equal if not better results.

        Afghanistan? More delusion. Yes, troops were drawn down…but even with the troop reductions…there were zero deaths for 18 months prior to the withdrawal. The withdrawal agreement also had benchmarks that the Taliban had to meet prior to anything taking place….but the Biden folks, disregarded all of them. The problem wasn’t the concept of the withdrawal…it was the execution, and there is absolutely no one to blame but Biden who reportedly refused to listed to his seasoned advisors.

        1. Tell me, did you hear the hog say that he would withdraw the US from NATO if he got the chance? Didn’t Hannity cover that? Want to know why? Because Putin, to whom he owes his illegitimate “presidency” wants to invade those countries that used to be part of the Soviet bloc and the US is one of the strongest NATO allies. Biden has pulled NATO allies together to oppose Putin, something your hero could never do because he’s a joke to the rest of the civilized world. Finland and Sweden have asked to join NATO, too. Helping Putin with his world domination dreams is why your hero trash talked NATO. Not “paying their fair share” had nothing to do with the fat one’s scorn of NATO: just like your hero tried (and failed) to get Russia back into the G-7, and publicly sided with Putin over US Intelligence in Helsinki (someting literally unthinkable for a US President that shocked the entire world), he did it to kiss up to Putin. The rest of the world knows that.

          Every legitimate economist I’ve read or heard about agrees that Trump is primarily responsible for the inflation alt-right news is trying to blame on Biden. We agree that global prices are due to supply and demand. In the US, demand went way down when schools, businesses, factories and offices had to shut down after Trump kept telling us that COVID was under control, despite the fact that he knew better, wouldn’t listen to public health experts and tried to downplay new daily records of deaths and infections. He said “15 cases would soon be 0 cases; it’s just one person coming from China; you’ll be back in church for Easter; it’ll go away when the weather warms up.” All lies, all made up to mislead Americans about how serious the pandemic was because it was raging out of control and made him look weak. He also pushed for quack cures, like Hydroxychloroquine and horse de-wormer and wouldn’t wear a mask. His ego wouldn’t let him defer to real infectious disease experts. Then, there’s the trade war Trump started, which you don’t address. That caused shortages of consumer goods from China, especially computer chips. You can’t deny that. Demand is up, something else you can’t deny, but the supply chain is handicapped. There are something like 94,000 new US vehicles ready to be delivered except for the computer chips they need, so they’re sitting around in warehouses. Because demand is high and supply is low, prices went up. That’s on Trump.

          There was a glut of oil because people who could work from home did so, people quit going on vacation due to the risk of COVID and couldn’t afford it because of unemployment and school buses weren’t running, so refining capacity was cut back and some closed down and still aren’t back on line. Prices for fuel were artificially lower than they would have been but for Trump causing the pandemic to be far worse than it had to be. Since Biden turned the economy around, demand is up, but supply isn’t, plus there are the sanctions against Russia. Russia was emboldened to invade Ukraine because Putin believed that Trump had so alienated NATO and the EU that a coordinated response could not be mounted.

          When you defend Trump and his trashing of the successful economy he inherited by claiming that Biden did nothing, you are ignoring facts. Biden got a huge infrastructure package passed–something Trump failed to do, and that is helping to drive job growith, along with getting the pandemic under control, something else your hero couldn’t do. The deaths prior to US withdrawal in Afghanistan have nothing to do with the problems with withdrawal because the troop strength was different then and we were still working with our Afghan allies, something that ended when Trump excluded them from talks with the Taliban. Just another pointless Hannity argument. Trump’s stupidity in releasing 5000 Taliban prisoners and drawing down troop strength BEFORE everyone got out and without consulting with the Afghan allies CAUSED the problems with execution. You know nothing about what Biden did nor didn’t do. Trump set the stage for all of the problems your alt-right media are trying to blame on Biden.

          There is an international team of investigators looking into the origins of COVID. They have not come to any conclusions yet. But, since your hero attacked China (because all of the deaths and infections couldn’t possibly be his fault and he always has to blame someone else for his failures), which resulted in attacks against Asian Americans, alt-right media blames it on China.

  3. Just a thought, maybe it’s the Chinese who have Hunter’s laptop and whenever Joe does something they don’t like the leak a little more of it to keep old Joe on the straight and narrow path. Maybe far fetched? Then again, maybe not. They might be saying we got him by the family jewels (see 3.5 carat diamond gift to Hunter boy). We must admit how lucky we are that the press let us know all about it before the election. Thank you, NYT, WP, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PBS and NPR for your diligence in protecting the American people. We will express our gratitude in November.

    1. ThinkItThrough,
      There was a poll that showed had the MSM and social media NOT suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story, 16% said they would of voted differently.
      So, in a way, the election was in fact rigged. Just not the way we normally would think of it.

      Then again, this was the admin that was supposed to bring back “norms” to the WH.
      Dont know about you, but there is nothing close to “norms” I am seeing in this admin.

      1. You don’t see it because you’re missing what the ‘norms’ are. Joe’s only previous experience is from 2009-17, so by his standards, the norms are the norms of the Obama WH. When viewed in this light, Joe has brought back the norms he knew.

    2. Hunter is aparently quite good at losing laptops.

      There is a 3rd missing laptop that is beleived to have been taken by a russian hooker/honeypot.

      Regardless there is plenty of evidence that Hunter lost another laptop with similarly damning information on it, that has not as of yet surfaced.

      SOMEONE has it.

  4. Gym Jordan, Mo Brooks, etc. are all mum on J6 involvement though it appears Cippolone will testify. Being a RWer, it is questionable whether he will be truthful but here is hoping his integrity will rise above his party affiliation.

    1. Anonymous, what an absolutely sickening attempt to avoid the topic. If you want to ignore the crimes of Joe Biden then just don’t comment.

      1. hullbobby – please don’t give Norman Bates and the Clown Crew air. Keep posting the good post.

    2. If I were from mars and sought to determine credibility based on Facts, I could only reach one conclusion.

      Democrats lie.

  5. Why would they answer questions when we already know the answers? The blame rest’s with voters who bought into the Democrats and MSM lie’s about President Trump.

    Things are really great now, how much is a fill up, how’s your 201k, are your kids getting a good education or being confused about gender and American history, how safe do you feel today? Why should they answer questions, he hid in the basement before and you bought into it so silence for you works.

    Can you imagine where we’ll be in 2 more years if they manipulate the midterms?

  6. “Indeed, it is baffling how Attorney General Garland can ignore the myriad of references to Joe Biden in refusing to appoint a special counsel.”

    No, not baffling. Merrick Garland is an unprincipled hack, a corrupt, weak, useful idiot for the left and he should be impeached for overseeing a lawless “justice” department no better than a banana republic, and his utter contempt and disregard for the Rule of Law. Garland is a disgrace.

    1. I am not sure how to judge Garland. Though certainly it will not be well.

      He has destroyed all arguments that he should have been appointed to the Supreme Court.

      He has been played by the Biden Whitehouse repeatedly – and I think he realizes that and is now quietly resisting being Biden’s dupe.

      I think that the J6 hearings were an effort to blackmail Garland into prosecuting.

      Clearly democrats as a whole – and especially those here do not trust DOJ to have investigated J6 on its own
      They must using an idiotic highly partisan process to try to blackmail Garland.

      Frankly it is Stupid. Democrats seem intent on destroying Trump, as if he is the only republican on the planet that they can;t beat fair and square.
      Yet DeSantis is waiting in the wings.

      Despite common ground on alot of politics, I suspect that DeSantis is quietly happy if the J6 hearings diminish Trump – as that increases his poltical value.

      Short of getting caught in bed with a black male hooker DeSantis will likely eventually become president. He and Trump dominate the GOP field, and Trump’s last shot is 2024, while DeSantis has decades left.

      Obviously things can change and likely will. There are today no democrats of consequence that are presidential contenders, an though DeSantis and Trump dominate the republican field – without BOTH of them, the republicans actually have a deep bench.

      1. John B. Say has been churning the conspiracy theory machine way too long. This is how drug addicts spiral out of control. They just can’t stop with the “what if’s” until they arrive at their predetermined conclusion devoid of evidence.

        1. Not an argument.

          Your reply is little different than accusing someone of being racist regardless of the facts and pretending that ends things.

          Clinton and members of her campaign did plot to Smear Trump with knowingly false allegations of links to Russia.

          The evidence of that is far beyond denial.
          If you are still pushing the Collusion Delusion – you are a moron.

          That was an ACTUAL conspiracy – not a “theory”.

          It was immoral, unethical, a fraud and a hoax.

          But it was not a crime.

          Selling it to the FBI was a CRIME.

          I would note that Sussman was aquited because the Jury decided the The FBI KNEW he was lying to them.

          That MIGHT help Susman but it makes the conduct of the FBI WORSE.

          Everything the FBI/DOJ/SC did from that point forward is an abuse of power and a crime.
          Those involved either KNEW they were conducting an investigation based on a HOAX or they were REQUIRED to know.
          Further they SOLD this to the FISA court – more abuse of Power and a CRIME.

          None of this is a “theory” – it all happened. It is well documented.
          The only part that had to be PROVEN rather than being openly admitted by participants was that the Steele Dossier and the Alpha Bank scam were HOAX’s Fraud’s Lies.

          That has been well established by witnesses under oath.


          Next we have the Biden pay for play syndicate.
          Faux impeachment uno was predicated on the claim that there was no entanglement between the Biden’s and Ukraine.

          There was LOTS of evidence of that at the time. John Solomon was reporting on this – providing Documents from the US State department obtained through FOIA, and documents and testimony from proceedings and depositions in Ukraine, as well as public statements.

          The Information obtained by Solomon includes communications between Hunter’s lawyers and the State Department, as well as communications between the State Department and the Office of the Vice President complaining about Hunters influence peddling and that it is raising significant Ethic and possibly criminal problems for Joe Biden. From Ukraine there is testimony of Shokin under oath. there is communications between Hunter and the Ukraine Prosecutors office. And much much more.

          You are free to conclude this is not proof of Criminal conduct by the Biden’s. But it was not ever debunked- as you constantly claim about anything you do not like. Like racism a claim easily made, that allows you to hide from the truth, but not actually meaningful.

          Regardless, the legal STANDARD that Trump had to meet was reasonable suspicion. That is trivially met.

          Subsequently we have Hunter Biden’s laptop emerging in Oct 2020. 51 Intelligence officials claimed that was “russian disinfomation”

          That is NOT a conspiracy theory – it is an ACTUAL conspiracy – when 51 people say the same thing that is an actual conspiracy, not a theory.
          Their actions were NOT a crime, but they were a FRAUD on the american people. There was more than sufficient basis in Oct 2020 to KNOW that the laptop was NOT “Russian disinformation” – Glenn Greenwald – certainly no Trump supporter published a DAMNING analysis of just what the NY POST published and confirmed that by any actual journalistic standards that have existed over the past century, the material met the most stringent journalistic standards for publication – and not merely the NY Post, but ALL of the media should have been publlishing the story.

          The claim that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation is a “Conspiracy theory” – and a fraud.
          The collusion delusion is a conspiracy theory and a hoax and a fraud – by the left.

          52% of americans polled think that the 2020 election likely involved significant fraud. Only 26% polled think there was no consequential fraud at all.

          Are you accusing the majority of amercians of the same idiocy that you had when you bought the collusion delusion ?

          The lawlessness of the election likely fueled the fraud. The lawlessness is NOT a theory is a fact.

          As I have pointed out repeated – 38 states in the US have state constitutional requirements for secret ballot elections.
          Mailin voting can not ever meet the requirement for a secret ballot.

          Every single state that has a secret ballot provision in their constitution that conducted mailin voting violated their laws and constitutions.

          That is not conspiracy theory it is a fact.

          There is massive amount of evidence documenting the fact that election laws were violated right and left throughout the country.
          Big election laws, Small ones.

          Every swing state – and probably every state has large numbers – in several cases hundreds of thousands more ballots than people who voted.
          It is likely that Some of this problem is poor record keeping. The law does not allow poor record keeping.

          In GA there are 300K ballots that have no chain of custody documents. Fraud ? Human error ? Both ? Impossible to tell.
          Regardless the GA law was violated.

          In AZ of about 2M ballots examined in the AZ audit about half had some issue that violated AZ election law. Fraud ? Human Error ? Both ?

          In PA there are about 275K more ballots than voters ? Fraud ? Human Error ? Both ?
          What is known is that nearly ll these “errors” only occur in Democrat precincts.

          If you can not manage to competently conduct your elections according the the law – at some point you should expect HUGE blow back.
          The Least worriesome possibility is that the courts could order your votes discarded because they were not made lawfully.
          That should have happened long ago.
          The way to assure that democratic precincts follow election laws is to impose consequences that are sufficient to motivate following the law.

        2. The font of idiotic conspiracies today is the LEFT.

          No one should believe anything you say – because you have tried to sell so much horse$hit.

          There are atleast a dozen left wing conspiracy therories that many of you still beleive wrapped up in the ball called the collusion delusion.

          You have been right about pretty much nothing in the past 6 years – why should you be trusted about the election.

          And whenever anyone says something you do not like – rather than make an actual argument – you dismiss it as a conspiracy theory or accuse them of being racist.

          This over used idiocy has lost any force.

          Increasingly no one beleives you.

          Because you are the boy who cried wolf.

  7. It seems like we’ve seen the complete collapse of a once proud and virtuous profession. Do any true journalist exist today? Are there any media outlets objectively holding themselves to the foundational principles of journalism? It’s hard say whether this loss of journalist integrity or the indoctrination culture that has overwhelmed our schools and universities is the greater threat to our republic. Perhaps the answer is that it is likely the former stems from the latter.

    1. Trump was right again. The media are Fake News. We have Propadanda media. There is no “journalism” — only leftwing activism. Only a Republican president or politician will ever be scrutinized by the Fake News, with the media’s only intent being to tear down and destroy all Republicans and conservatives.

      Imagine how much lower in the gutter Joe Biden’s approval ratings would be if not for the Fake News media propping up his weak, corrupt, lying a$$.

      When it is time, and the word goes out, then and only then, will the Propaganda press will do its job — which will be to expose Biden’s corruption and finally take Biden down.

  8. The time has long passed since we have had “reporting” having any semblance of what it used to be. Sure there was always some liberal bias in the past. Now the traditional press is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrats. Not to say we do not have Republican loving press too. All norms and traditions have gone by the wayside. Do you think the Republicans are not going to use Pelosi’s tactics when they take control so we will have more show trials? But hey, you won’t see it on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc.

    1. Under Obama, spokespersons referred to the Press as its echo chamber. It’s much more obvious today than it was back then.

  9. Jonathan. You are the lone voice In The darkness. The silence is deafening. This is coming from an intellectually honest Democrat like me.
    Love your articles and comments.

    1. David, thanks for being the last of a dying breed. Turley was highly critical of Trump, as was I, but not enough Democrats, or Republicans for that matter, will hit on their own team. In the Republicans defense I would say that it is hard to be critical of your side when 90% of the media is wrongly and unfairly attacking you daily. Why should a Republican attack another Republican when every lousy “journalist” in the country is already lying about them?

      1. +100

        To Paraphrase Tommy Smothers.

        “Trump was the best president in the 21st century,
        That is NOT a compliment”

  10. Her answer, as bad as it is, is the only plausible one she can give. The only alternative is to admit that Biden lied which opens a Pandora’s Box of problems. With the media riding shotgun, why not keep obfuscating. It worked once already. In January, the R’s will open a public investigation into this corruption. It will be brutal for Biden. His brother and son will be on national TV taking the 5th. Biden will blame the R’s for conducting a witch hunt and the mainstreamers will play right along but even their sycophancy will not save him. Poor Richard Nixon must be spinning in his grave.

  11. Ok let’s save some time here. No, this is not a distraction. It has nothing to do with Trump. For the millionth time, this is Turley’s blog. He is free to address any subject matter that he chooses. If you don’t like his choices, take your ball and go home.

  12. It is absolutely unbelievable that they can get away with this. Just wait until the 2024 election when the media goes back to their previous scorn toward Biden (as long as they have what they consider an option). These aren’t journalists. They are advocates, which is what is being churned out by today’s J-Schools. Pathetic.

  13. Seems like, indeed, Jean-Pierre answered the question. You just didn’t like the answer, Jon. Was it that you didn’t get fries with your order?

    1. She said “I am not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop. Peter, I refer you to his son’s representatives.” You call that an answer? It’s an evasion. Why would the reporter be directed to Hunter Biden’s representatives regarding a question about what Joe Biden said?

    2. Anonymous, she answered the question by saying she would not answer the question. Now that there is some nifty answer. You say that she didn’t give an answer that I like but how can you know if I would like her answer when she presented no substance to either agree or disagree with. The fact is that she simply dodged a very uncomfortable question. Anyone with a curious mind would want to know if Joe Biden was aware of his son’s dealing with government officials of a rival nation to the United States. I repeat, anyone with a curious mind.

  14. Anyone who has followed Biden’s career knows that he’s a pathological liar. That’s who he is and what he does. And a note to the trolls: Don’t bother bringing up Trump until the liberal media starts being honest about Biden.

  15. Lefties lie.

    And Washington Lefties include Pres. Biden, the MSM, the DOJ, and the permanent bureaucracy.

    And Turley’s lefty readers eat up the lies.

    1. Monument said “Leftie”, simple-minded comment from a simple-minded fool. Same people say the same sh!t all the time, must be nice to be so stupid.

  16. what we know is the DOJ and Intel operations of the USA are 100% corrupt and DC is lost!
    Republicans need to remove 90% of federal government from DC! Either cut it or move it to the heartland!

    1. And abolish a bunch of Departments starting with the Department of Leftist Education Indoctrination.

    2. To be fair, that 90% also includes a lot of Republicans, so it’s going to be a tough battle…

    1. Gym Jordan, Mo Brooks, etc., you are so right though I see Cipollone will testify. Let’s see if he can rise above partisanship and tell the truth not that you’ll believe it

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