Last-Chance Hearing: Jan. 6 Committee Has Yet To Establish A Criminal Case Against Trump

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Below is my column in the Hill on today’s final scheduled hearing of the J6 Committee. While the Committee can continue to schedule new hearings, the eighth hearing highlights the fact a compelling criminal case against President Donald Trump has still not been made. Despite the prior promises of the members, the hearings have largely amplified what was previously known rather than introduce new “smoking gun” evidence. Even in the absence of a single dissenting member, the Committee has not been able to make the long-promised criminal case.

Here is the column:

The eighth and final scheduled hearing of the House Jan. 6 select committee is scheduled for Thursday, and its members reportedly will present a time line of events on that day, particularly the 187 minutes between the end of then-President Trump’s speech on the Ellipse and his call for supporters to leave the Capitol.

It will again replay moments from the horrific to the heroic. What it has not shown thus far, however, is what was promised at the outset: a clear criminal case against Trump.

At the start of the hearings, committee members promised they had the long-sought smoking-gun evidence — new material that would close the circle on Trump. Committee member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) indicated he thought there was now “credible evidence” to support a variety of criminal charges. His colleague, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), said the committee would show that Trump organized a “coup” on Jan. 6, 2021.

No sooner had the hearings begun when many in the media declared that the criminal case had been conclusively proven — even though most of what was being presented was already generally known.

It often sounded more like a prayer than proof.

Former Nixon counsel John Dean said an indictment would be forthcoming because “I don’t see how the line prosecutors at the Department of Justice can’t take a lot of this evidence and use it. … Trump is in trouble. Trump is in trouble.”

Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe said the question was only what would be charged first, since Trump’s felonies were shown “without any doubt, beyond a reasonable doubt, beyond any doubt, and the crimes are obvious.” That included an allegedly clear case of attempted murder of former Vice President Pence.

Yet, on the eve of the primetime hearing this week, committee members sound strikingly less prosecutorial. Rep. Elaine Luria (D-Va.) told CNN that “I look at it as a dereliction of duty. He didn’t act. He did not take action to stop the violence.”

It is difficult to make a criminal case over what an official failed to do. Yet the last hearing seemed to focus on a number of things that did not occur, from a draft tweet that was not sent to an executive order that was never signed. There were discussions of appointing Trump attorney Sidney Powell as a special counselseizing voting machines or replacing the Justice Department’s leadership. As unnerving as these proposals were, they also were not carried out.

It is the type of evidence used to show mens rea — “guilty mind.” However, crimes generally require both guilty minds and guilty acts. Building a criminal case on the failure to act to stop the violence is a notoriously difficult case to make. It has been raised in various contexts without success even when officials had direct law enforcement duties, as in Seattle with the CHOP zone in the summer of 2020. It is even more difficult when the House committee has blocked any serious investigation into the potentially contributing failure of Congress to take better precautions before the riot, another costly act of omission.

The committee has built a powerful case that no compelling evidence of widespread voter fraud existed in the 2020 presidential election, and that Trump knew (or should have known) he was asserting baseless allegations. White House strategy sessions became increasingly heated between Trump’s two teams of lawyers, including a breathtaking Dec. 18, 2020, meeting when two lawyers seemed close to a physical altercation. Clearly, Trump only heard what he wanted to hear — but that does not prove he knew the election was valid.

The committee has portrayed Trump’s reliance on a private legal team as knowingly dishonest by calling it “Team Crazy.” However, the committee also portrayed Trump as a raving egomaniac who could not accept that he lost the election to Joe Biden.

But, again, it is a difficult criminal case to make, based on a layperson believing one set of lawyers over another. Former prosecutor and former senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) said of the hearings that “as a former prosecutor myself, everything that I’ve heard, I think it would be a very tough indictment to get.”

It is not even clear, after seven hearings, what crime we are discussing.

The conspiracy to insurrection claim of the second Trump impeachment has turned into accusations of obstruction of Congress, seditious conspiracy and conspiracy to defraud, or the dereliction of duty suggested by committee members like Rep. Luria.

Attorney General Merrick Garland clearly is looking for evidence of criminal conduct and could seek an indictment. If based on the committee’s evidence, however, it is a criminal case that would be ripe for reversal even if a conviction could be secured from a favorable District of Columbia jury.

Looking objectively at the evidence, the committee never supplied “credible” proof of crimes. That is not to say the evidence is not shocking; indeed, it is like a series of “jump scares” involving Trump and others raising unfounded or unconstitutional courses of conduct.

However, the most damning evidence concerns what Trump failed to do in those 187 minutes.

Trump has stressed that he told his supporters to go to the Capitol “peacefully” to support Republicans challenging the election. At 1:11 p.m., Trump concluded his speech. Around 2:10 p.m., people surged up the Capitol steps. At 4:17 p.m., Trump made his statement to stop — roughly an hour and a half later.

Many have denounced that delay, and some of us were critical of Trump’s speech as he was giving it or soon after it ended. His was a failure of leadership — but that does not mean it was a violation of the criminal code.

It is the type of evidence that should have been gathered before the second impeachment, to make a case for conviction in the Senate. Instead, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and others opted for a “snap impeachment,” holding a single hearing. Today, they seem to be building the case I recommended in 2021 — just 19 months too late.

Trump still could face charges in Georgia over efforts to force a recount there and pressuring state officials to “find” the needed votes. However, the committee spent much of its time with Georgia witnesses in showing how they were hounded by Trump supporters and publicly mistreated by Trump. That again is outrageous and reckless, but not necessarily criminal. A Georgia case could also bog down on the question of Trump’s intent and knowledge in pushing election fraud claims.

The Jan. 6 committee has made a case against Trump personally and politically. It has not done so criminally. This final scheduled hearing would be an excellent time for that promised case to be finally made.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

321 thoughts on “Last-Chance Hearing: Jan. 6 Committee Has Yet To Establish A Criminal Case Against Trump”

  1. Even a casual examination of Trump’s Georgia remarks show that he was speaking of illegal votes that he had been told existed. To portray his remarks as encouraging the creation of illegal votes (even by omission as in the case of this commentator) is scurrilous behavior and makes any other of their allegations obvious fakery!

    1. Just how blind and stupid do you have to be to believe this crap? NO ONE told the pig that any “illegal votes…existed”. EVERYONE told him that he lost, but his massive ego couldn’t handle the truth, so Giuliani said: “just say you won anyway”, and that’ what he did, and is still doing. Why do suckers like you believe this sh*t anyway? EVERY poll predicted he would lose. The economy was in the crapper, COVID was out of control, schools and businesses were shut down, no one could go on vacation, hospitals were overrun with sick and dying people, with nurses and doctors working long hours to try to save lives, unemployment was above 10%, the national debt had reached a new historic high and Trump had insulted and alienated our allies. And, still, you believe that the majority of Americans wanted this hog to stay in office?

  2. None of the above. A group of Woke Snowflakes trying to destroy the one person who stands between them and their Marxist Utopia. Live Free Or Die! God Bless The Constitution and God Bless America!

  3. Six plus years, 100+ million angry Democrats have frantically scoured every single corner of the globe for any hint of a whiff of an actual crime committed by anyone named Trump. Although they have unearthed many of their OWN crimes, with respect to Trump all they have are six years of bitter, abject failure.

    Trump/DeSantis 2024!

  4. Perhaps you’ll enjoy President Trump’s next term better, comrade.
    Soon, he will be reelected (again), this time with a huge majority in both houses of Congress. According to the book makers, he’s the overwhelming favorite to return to his duly elected office as POTUS.

    1. You’re dreaming. He will not be reelected in 2024, just like he wasn’t reelected in 2020. He has a big fan club, but there are even more of us who think he’s a con artist.

      1. Natcha, he will be reelected, and you will have job security for another 8 years to troll for your handlers, unless if you move to Canada as you promised last time


        1. He wasn’t validly elected in 2016 and was stopped in 2020 from cheating a second time. Most Americans find him repulsive.

      2. It is u who is a dreamer er..delusional with a criminal negative mind.
        You must have a miserable life.
        Get some vit d in the sun.
        Your disposition will change.

  5. Fortunately, most Americans realize that the 2020 POTUS election was as fraudulent as the Democrat Show trial. That, according to Rasmussen Reports, the most accurate national pollster of the past 12 years. Soon, President Trump will be reelected (again), this time with a huge majority in both houses of Congress. Payback for lying Marxists will be a mutha.

    1. wouldn t be a blast if in 2024 when DJT wins again he does it with 100 millions votes vs 80 million votes for the democrat loser. the dems have spent the last 2 years claiming no matter what the evidence shows there is no voter fraud. they will be hard pressed to claim fraud against them and if they disrupt congress they can go to jail also…..

    2. Rasmussen has the LEAST credibility of any polling organization. Current polls predict Biden would beat Trump if the election were held today.

  6. In Washington D.C., Americans are always tried and condemned.

    In Washington D.C., communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) are always absolved and exonerated.

    In Washington D.C., the truth is dispatched and inhumed.

    In Washington D.C., “lies, damned lies,…statistics,” hysteria, incoherence, propaganda and indoctrination thrive and prevail.

    Why is that?

  7. ” Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime ” Michael Henry Lavrentiy Beria Secret Police Chief of Stalin’s terror squad. And Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff

  8. The only thing the committee has shown is why the Constitution bans Bills of Attainder.

    You know they would if they could. They are trying for something like it.

    1. “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

      – Declaration of Independence, 1776

  9. It’s definitive — Trump has violated the Raging A**hole Act of 1923. Seriously, I was taught in law enforcement that you first established the existence of the crime by detailing every single element that defines that crime in law, then give evidence that the accused violated each and every one of these elements. We had blanks on the paperwork for it. Miss a single one of these, and you have no arrest. I’m just not seeing this.

  10. The Committee has already made the case that Trump was unfit to be President.

    It is up to the DOJ — not the House — to indict Trump or not, depending on its evidence. The DOJ is clearly investigating the potentially criminal actions of a diverse set of people, including those who directly obstructed the certification of the EC vote and those involved in the fraudulent electors scheme. We know this because of the hundreds of people who have been indicted (many of whom have already pleaded guilty or been found guilty at trial), the search warrants carried out, and public referrals (e.g., the referral by the MI AG for the fraudulent MI electors). Will it reach Trump? We don’t know, and we’re just going to have to wait and see.

    In the meantime, here’s a good overview of Trump associates we know that the DOJ is investigating, including Giuliani, Stone, Jeffrey Clark, John Eastman, and Peter Navarro:

    1. Will you include the Durham indictments that resulted in the felony convictions of Hillarys Russia operation too?
      You know, real crimes that have been prosecuted, not ridiculous accusations because you think politics are a popularity contest.
      You’re a fool if you think the voting public can’t see through yet another Dem charade.
      36% presidential rating.
      That’s what you voted for.

      1. Durham has gotten a single conviction — of Kevin Clinesmith, who pleaded guilty. What other felony convictions are you imagining?

        I’m no fan of Biden’s. Biden only got my vote because Trump was worse. I remain happy that Trump lost. Trump’s a dangerous con artist.

    2. Please the only thing the Jan 6th committee has done is make a mockery of our justice system . And by rights some on the committe have comitted pejury .

      1. The people on the Committee were not under oath, and like the rest of Congress are generally protected for statements made on the floor of the House or Senate by the Speech and Debate clause.

    3. “The Committee has already made the case that Trump was unfit to be President.”

      Not their job. That role belongs Exclusively to the electorate. Given that 70M people voted for him that is obviously false.

    4. If the DOJ had evidence – they would have done so long ago.

      Only an idiot thinks the House is more capable of conducting an investigation than the DOJ.

      It is not the role of the House to conduct a show trial in an effort to force the DOJ to indict someone given that the DOJ has the legitimate authority to conduct criminal investigations – and the house does not. \\
      the J6 committee is in great danger of doing what the Iran Contra committee did and polituting the process so much no criminal prosecution can stand.

    5. If there was something for DOJ to investigate – they would have done it long ago.

      It is already well known that Both the White House and House democrats are Ticked that Garland has not indicted anyone already.

      This entire show is just to pressure Garland into doing something that has with near certainty already failed.

    6. God not this nonsense again.

      We KNOW that the while prosecution of nearly all of those who were at the capital is a fraud.

      There is no such thing as Criminal interferance with an election by protesting, or by seeking every possible constitutional means to challenge an election.

      You should know that already – because Clinton is not in jail.

      Nor are the Colbert Crew.

      1. Talking about Colbert, that incident is one of three occurring in the vicinity of Majorie Taylor Greene’s office. Rightfully she claims the Capital Complex is “a dangerous place to work”

        Her poster was ripped down reportedly “at the reported instruction of a House Democrat chairwoman”

        Three police episodes involve liberals or Democrats’ objections to posters expressing her belief in two genders, male and female. It seems that the question of what is a woman has made Democrats feel like Neanderthals and they are now acting like barbarian fascists.

        “officers caught the alleged perpetrator: Timothy Hysom, the chief of staff to Democratic Rep. Jake Auchincloss of Massachusetts. Police requested an arrest warrant for Hysom, but the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington D.C. declined in May,”

        Steven Colbert’s goons were there as well near Greene’s office. That was an unlawful entry. Despite being repeatedly warned against trespassing.

        “Again, the U.S. Attorney’s office declined prosecution, a decision that Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger criticized as “unfortunate.”

        “This week, Greene’s office required police intervention again when a poster was ripped down outside her office and discarded in a men’s bathroom. The poster displayed information about the Capitol Police’s request for an arrest warrant for Hysom over the earlier defacing of posters.”

        “Greene said police have been gracious in addressing all three episodes, which she said are a microcosm of elitist disdain for everyday American and Christian beliefs.”

        1. One of the things likely to come out as the Republlicans start investigations in 2023 is that the capital police are themselve split over alot of this.

          Two protestors were murdered by capital police officers.

          But many protestors were allowed in to the capital by the capital police.

          Many of these protestors are current or former military or law enforcement.

          While I do not beleive there was ahighly coordinate plot to make this go south – I beleive there are numerous uncordinate groups that sought to stir up trouble and to prevent a peaceful protest.

          I think the rejection of the NG by Pelosi was ahuge deal.

          Though I think the Capital police could have allowed controled access to the capital without violence and without help – that was NOT what peolosi and many others wanted.

          I think they hoped for far worse then they actually got. Contra the left there was only a small amount of localized violence on J6.
          And atleast part of that instigated by some capital police officers.

          Regardless with the NG there would have been no excuse to close the capital.

          1. There exists Zero evidence. No phone records. No paper trail. No corroborating witness testimony. Nada, zip, zilch. That Donald Trump requested the presence of the National guard, nor that Pelosi denied the NG’s activation. Anyone who has claimed or suggested otherwise is flat out spinning tales without any evidence. Its is an undeniable fact that neither Trump, or Pelosi have any say whatsoever in the deployment or activation of the NG. Both have no legal authority in that matter.

            1. “There exists Zero evidence:”

              Absolutely totally completely FALSE.

              Do those of you on the left EVER check your facts ?

              Trump met With Gen. Miley and Dod Sec Def Miller on the 3rd. The release of the NG to the capital for J6 was discussed – Trump told Miley that he wanted the Guard their to assure a peaceful protest.
              Subsequently DoD relayed Trump’s offer of the NG to the Capital police.. Originally they were hesitant. But they changed their minds and forwarded the request to the office of the house and senate Sargent of Arms – who are controlled by the Speaker of the House and Majrotiy leader of the Senate respectively. The Sargent of Arms office unequivocally DENIED the Capital police request for the NG. There are stories – but no proof yet that this direction came from Pelosi.

              There is documentation of the meeting with Miley and the subject matter, all attendees have confirmed what I have said above in public to reporters and there was testimony about this to the House. There is a memo from the DoD to the capital police – this was made public by DoD. As well as tests going back and forth between CP and DoD. The capital police timeline – which has been introduced into evidence at these hearings and is publicly available confirms every single part of this except the meeting between Miley and Trump as the Capital police were not a party to that.

              The NORMAL legal process for deploying the capital police in the capital id for a request to be issued to the president – either from the DC mayor or for the capital area by the sargent at arms office. THEN the President decides whether to provide the NG.
              There was no request by the Sargent of arms prior to the start of conflict at the Capital.

              But there was the above documented proactive Offer by Trump through DoD to the Capital police that was Turned down.

              While Miley and others have documented Trump initiating the offer – everything about that meeting is redundant with respect to proof.
              The DoD memo alone PROVES Trump authorized the offer. No one but the president can make hat offer.

              So you are blantantly wrong.

              You obviously are unfamiliar with the facts.

              As I advise left wing nuts over and over again – Before you post something stupid and embarrassing – verify that it isTrue.

              Everything above I have mentioned – the reports on the Trump Miley meeting, the DoD memo, the Capital police timeline are ALL publicly available for NUMEROUS sources.

              The Capital police timeline is particularly useful as it was developed a long time ago when the facts were fresh and it contradicts significant numbers of claims made in the J6 hearing.

              But god forbid that you left wing nuts should have the slightest clue about any actual facts.

              Your thoughts are not facts.
              Your fears are not facts
              Your wishes are not facts,
              your feelings are not facts.

              Actual facts do exist and YOU clearly do not know them.

              Learn how to use google.
              It will prevent you from making stupid mistakes that make you look bad.

              Reuters documents the meeting with Miller., Miley and Trump, as well as Millers testimony regarding the meeting.

              JTN documents the DoD memo, tests, AND provides a link to the capital police timeline.

              1. It does appear that my assertions were incorrect. And I do appreciate the links.

                1. Thank you for being honest and correcting yourself.

                  I apologize for being harsh.
                  Far too many of those on the left here make false claims and then are unwilling to back down in the face of overwhelming evidence.

                  All of us make mistakes sometimes.
                  Some of us are honest enough to admit it.

                  We may not all be able to solve our politicial disagreements. But your reply leaves me hope we can figure out how to live together.

            2. There is probably not two words next to each other in your post that are True.

              The DC national guard requires presidential authorization to be deployed. All of this was publicly addressed here on JT way back in the Summer of 2020. Other states national guards can not be deployed to DC without the presidents permission.

              However, the president can not deploy the NG in DC unilaterally – they must be requested FIRST. In DC – outside of the federal district that request must come from the mayors office. In the area of the capital it must come from the Sargent of Arms of the House or Senate.

              The House Sargent of Arms answers tot he Speaker of the House. The Senate Sargent of Arms to the Majority leader.

              It is well documented that on J2 and J3 DoD offered the CP the NG on request.
              It is well documented that the Sargent of Arms turned this request down.

              It is not know why or at whose direction. But there are news stories claiming it came from Pelosi’s office.

              All of this is more left wing idiocy.

              Absolutely there are numerous “fact check” organizations that claim Trump never offered the NG – all that does is prove that They like you are immune to actual facts. Can not read and do not know what testimony under oath means or what documents entered into evidence mean.

          2. “One of the things likely to come out as the Republlicans start investigations in 2023 is that the capital police are themselve split over alot of this.”

            John, I want to make it absolutely clear that the vast majority of Capitol Police are good upstanding people that did not support those that were out of line. If they did there would have been many more deaths and injuries.

            I believe the cracks started at the top, Pelosi. I believe a few of the capitol police were sadists, and some let the situation get control over them. I believe many other actors were creating the problems, and I believe this special force, I talked about, might have been chosen based on their predilection towards violence. Some of the leadership might have used people like Byrd. Finally, what makes us believe the Capitol police were well trained?

            1. I am not going to speculate where the sympathies of the capital police lie.

              They are each individuals, and a significant portion of the protestors they faced were current and former law enforcement or military.
              The exact extent to which those in the CP sympathized is not known. I suspect it is smaller than you do.

              Further I suspect that even among those who opposed Trump a large portions supported the right to protest.

              I am just about the only person I know making the argument that the Capital should no have been locked down on J6.
              That surprises me because it is so OBVIOUS and argument.

              If hollocaust survivors can not prevent Nazi’s from marching through their town – how can democrats prevent Election protestors from parading through the capital ?

              They were not looking to burn down Target, or assassinate Pelosi at her home. They were not looking to prevent AOC from dining out.

              They were looking to protest government, to petition government at the most consequential public forums to protest government that there is.

              The CP were obligated to assure those protests remained peaceful – and to receive the assistance of the National Guard if needed.
              But not to prevent the protestors from excercizing their first amendmetn rights.

              1. “I am just about the only person I know making the argument that the Capital should no have been locked down on J6. That surprises me because it is so OBVIOUS and argument.”

                John, if you recall, I stated the 20,000 NG guards authorized by Trump could have created a slightly wider perimeter which leads to less concentration of violent actors. That permits non-violent people to enter the Capitol Building under controlled circumstances. If the authorities wanted the violence, it would be in their interest not to have the 20,000, and to closely compact the crowd.

                The management of J6 points to elements that wanted violence whether it started at the top or not. Any way I look at it, at the very least there was negligence on the part of the government that had little to do with Trump.

    7. You have done so poorly so far What makes you think you will do any better now ?

      Your going to go after Guiliani ? For what ? Being right about the Biden’s Ukraine Corruption ?

      Your going after Stone ? For what ? Beating you in 2016 ?
      Your going after Eastman ? For What ? Understanding the constitution ?
      And Navaro ? For What ? Posting an editorial demonstrating the statistical unlikelyhood Biden won without Fraud ?

      There is a long list of people who have pissed you off by opposing you.

      But I would suggest you consider – what goes arround comes arround.

      Every time you escalate – You weaken your credibility and you make it easier to take you out.

      From the DoD IG report on J6.
      On Jan 3, 2021
      “Mr. Miller and GEN Milley met with the President at the White House at 5:30 p.m., The primary topic they discussed was unrelated to the scheduled rally. GEN Milley told us that at the end of the meeting, the President told Mr. Miller that there would be a large number of protestors on January 6, 2021, and Mr. Miller should ensure sufficient National Guard or Soldiers would be there to make sure it was a safe event. Gen Milley told us that Mr. Miller responded, ‘We’ve got a plan and we’ve got it covered.'”

      A peaceful protest turned ugly – because Pelosi and democrats unconstitutionally locked down the Capital before a legitimate permitted protest, something that has never been done, and refused Trump’s offer of assistance from the National Guard – because god forbid the should be a peaceful protest.

      People are not stupid.

      Treat them that way and you lose them.

      Trump is now +4 against Biden for 2024.

      RCP has Republicans with 239 LOCKED house seats If democrats win Every tossup they will be 40 seats down.

      The Senate is now likely to go republican. the GOP has 47 locked seats, Democrats have 46, Democrats must win 4 of 7 tossups in a bad year to keep control of the Senate.

      Biden has Covid – but thinks he has skin cancer that the oil companies gave him.

      The economy is either in recession or is about to be. Regardless, everyone is down 4pts in their income to inflation.

      Things will only get worse between now and November.

      And come 2023, the republicans you have been shiving in the back are going to have to decide whether they will behave better than you.
      Or if turn about is fair play.

      The far left is pummelling Democrats for not delivering on radical promises.
      We should all be thankful they did not. Things would be worse.

      Democrats should thank Manchin and Sienema – for saving their party from itself.

      1. “But I would suggest you consider – what goes arround comes arround.”

        John, the individual who posted is a fascist, so if he can, he will use force to see to it that what goes around never makes it around a second time. That is the problem we are all facing. The Democrat solution is a fascist type of oligarchy where the Constitution is secondary to their desires. They have already perverted the bureaucracy, the intelligence agencies, many in Congress, and many other areas.

        The Chinese see this and are paying big to American leaders. That includes Pelosi, McConnel, and Joe Biden.

        Example. Just one, but the examples are all over the place. They stare us directly in our eyes but Democrat fascists are addicted to the lures of the Chinese along with other fascists they deal with regularly.

        Republicans demand answers on Strategic Petroleum Reserve sale to China firm linked to Hunter Biden

        “Nineteen members of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform sent a letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm asking why the DOE sold nearly 1 million barrels of oil from the SPR to Unipec America, the American subsidiary of a Chinese company, Sinopec. The private equity firm, BHR Partners, founded by the president’s son, Hunter Biden, invested $1.7 billion in Sinopec in 2015, the lawmakers note.

        “The decision to sell to Unipec raises questions about why the Biden Administration is selling oil from the SPR to China, especially when the sale may enrich Hunter Biden, the President’s son,” they write. “This transaction is even more troubling given that evidence continues to mount showing the Biden family peddled access to the highest levels of government to enrich themselves.”

  11. I suppose the headline is fair enough. The content of the article is more to the point. And one must acknowledge that a hearing isn’t held solely to produce criminal activity or it’s a bust. They have saved the most damning hearing for last and in prime time — covering Trump’s inaction during the entire afternoon.

    When I woke up the morning after the 2016 election, I was surprised. But I wasn’t very surprised and I certainly wasn’t stunned. Put me down in the column of people who got a chuckle out of watching the “inside the beltway crowd” walking around with their jaws on the floor.

    Trump can’t win a general election anymore.

    1. You’re in denial. Look at the polls. Better yet, look at the Vegas bookies. They are NEVER wrong.

      1. Bookies are seldom wrong within a reasonable time period before the election — which we are not at. But they can be wrong even then — as they were in 2016. At some point it will register that Trump has lot the independents and cannot get anywhere close to 50% of the independent vote. People don’t have to like it. But Republicans have to accept the political reality.

    2. covering Trump’s inaction during the entire afternoon.

      Not a crime. On top of that, the Executive Branch has zero authority in DC or the Capitol

      1. Immoral and a dereliction of duty.

        Liz Cheney: “Trump gave no order to deploy the national guard that day, and made no effort to work with the Department of Justice to coordinate and deploy law enforcement assets. But Mike Pence did each of those things.” Are you saying that Pence acted unconstitutionally?

        1. Trump requested 20,000 nat guard troops, Pelosi orchestrated the Jan 6th hoax where 4 Patriots were murdered. 2 women 2 men. Go to the Capitol and let your voice be heard Peacefully and patriotically! Trying to stitch a fart to a Marxist moonbeam describes what you are pushing.

        2. Lie.
          It was under Piglosi – @insidertraitoring’s control. He offered. She wanted chaos.
          She refuses to turn over her docs or cell
          #lock her up.
          She’s the insurrectionist and hides behind her gavel.

        3. Are you saying that Pence acted unconstitutionally?

          The VP ordering the military into DC?

          Since the VP is not CIC. Since the NG can only go into DC with the request of the Mayor. Pence acted out side his authority. President Trump and his VP learned all of that during the summer of love. They wanted to move the Guard into DC squash the rioters, The Mayor said NO. The President and VP, learned about jurisdictional power.

          The two people who did nothing were Pelosi and Bowser. The executive Branch has no power in DC or the Capital Grounds

            1. So you think the National Guard appeared for no reason. OK.

              You just quoted Cheney as saying Trump refused. Now you claim the NG was there all along.

              So Cheney is lying?

              But please tell me. Can the President Order the NG to DC without a request from the Mayor? yes or no?

              1. Work on your reading comprehension:
                Liz Cheney: “Trump gave no order to deploy the National Guard that day, and made no effort to work with the Department of Justice to coordinate and deploy law enforcement assets. But Mike Pence did each of those things.”

                But according to you, Pence “has no power in DC or the Capital Grounds,” and the National Guard just magically appeared.

                1. Has Anonymous the Stupid forgotten everything known about the law? It seems so. Trump gave the authorization for troops. They were not wanted and Pelosi was in charge. They did call out ” according to Arkin, included “commandos” with shoot-to-kill authority. And among them were members of the military.” Schiff tried to bury these details. “What is Adam Schiff Hiding?” “Schiff tucked an amendment into the National Defense Authorization Act that would prohibit any evidence collected in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act from being used in investigations. ”

                  and newsweek HTTP in article

    3. They have saved the most damning hearing for last and in prime time — covering Trump’s inaction during the entire afternoon.

      Inaction? So the most damning of all the 1/6 hearings will be rooted in actions not taken by the President? Perhaps you believe he should have taken the Obama/Biden approach and acted where Congress and/or the DC mayor did not. So he could have acted as the mayor and ordered the National Guard to be deployed, as he had authorized. He could have acted like the leader of the House of Representatives and ordered the National Guard to be deployed, as he had authorized. Perhaps he could have directed FBI Director Wray to order all his agents on the scene to arrest the Capitol Hill police providing access and guided tours to the rioters, instead of inciting them to riot. Yeah, let’s talk about the inaction that left the Capitol complex unsecure in the first place.

  12. We’re so excited about the final presentation that we’re having a Jan6 House Party. We’ve invited 5 homeless, 10 illegals named Juan, a defrocked priest who will define what’s woman, a woman who’ll swear men can have babies, a guy named Larry and someone with long fingernails to drag across a chalkboard when the camera pans to the lovable Elizabeth Cheney. While the guests are enjoying themselves I’ll be rolling pennies to pay for gas tomorrow.

    1. Margot: Can I come over too? Sounds like a good time. Oh, never mind. Thursday night is my time to remove lint from between my toes.

      1. Randy – your welcome to come over and I understand the importance of removing that lint maybe the next Democrat committee meeting?

  13. Doesn’t anyone find it laughable that the J6 Committee and the Democrat party faithful including those mainstream media outlets that are an extension of the Democrat Party use the word ‘coup’ Only occasionally does anyone choose the word ‘overthrow.’ Is it because using a French word has more historical gravitas? Is it because ‘coup’ is a word that the coastal ‘elite’ have in their vocabulary as a rule, and fly-over Americans don’t? I think MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, and Rachel Maddow, have used the word coup more in the past 2 years than either had used it in the 20 years prior to January 6, 2021. Why not call it a ‘junta?’ That word used to be in vogue for quite some time, many years ago.

  14. ⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠏⠌⣾⣿⣿
    ⣿Let’s Go Brandon ⣠⣾⣿⣿

  15. The whole thing is and has been political from the beginning. Pelosi and other Democrats are scared out of their wits that Trump will run again and they are desperate to prevent it because they fear he’ll win. It’s all politics and they don’t give a flying flip how many lives they and the DOJ ruin. It’ll all go away next January when Democrats are no longer in power and they’re the ones being investigated.

    1. As a political activist, mostly as a democrat, with others we were always suspicious of the voting machines, particularly in 2000.
      We need to have a paper trail in order to really know what happened, and it has been asserted by many who would know that the voting machines can be programmed to perhaps change the actual vote. I’m not being paranoid. Every voter has the right to believe that their
      vote is counted, and this is not necessarily the case in all of the states. Despite what you think of Trump, this controversey offers an
      opportunity to try to make our voting system clearly reflective of the actual vote. And of course perhaps I’m old fashioned but I believe
      only citizens should be allowed to vote for president

  16. We will soon be thankful that the witches have mounted their brooms and will soon be flying back to their coven in the cave. Bubble bubble toil and trouble. Back to the official gaggle of the Pelosi Clavins.

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