The Seven-Percent Solution: How Hunter Biden Allies are Turning to Addiction as a Last Line of Defense

Below is my column in the New York Post on the increasing use of Hunter Biden’s history of addiction as a defense or excuse for his conduct as possible charges are reportedly under consideration in Delaware. The use of the addiction defense omits a few salient points in the record of influence peddling by Hunter Biden. His cocaine addiction is now the “seven-percent solution” to avoid any public airing of the corrupt multimillion dollar enterprise connected to the Biden family.

Here is the column:

For years, President Biden repeated the same mantra when asked about Hunter Biden’s influence peddling and alleged crimes: “My son did nothing wrong.” It was always implausible — as was his denial of any knowledge of these dealings despite emails and pictures to the contrary.

So the president and the press have been shifting to a new defense. As the father recently insisted of his son, “He fought an addiction problem. He overcame it. He wrote about it.”

The family and the media have been cultivating the angle for months as they anticipated possible criminal charges. Such charges would not only be an embarrassment for the president but also many in the media, which have been actively complicit in covering up the multimillion-dollar influence-peddling schemes of the Biden family, including Hunter and his uncle James. With possible criminal conduct exposed, all that’s left is the addiction defense.

Hunter Biden’s autobiographical book laid the foundations for this final line of defense. While the book did not do particularly well in sales with the public, the media offered fawning interviews about his account of addiction. The narrative was ramped up by many of the same media outlets that buried the scandal, including articles on how the family fought “to keep him alive.”

Now The Post reports prosecutors are second-guessing charges in light of the addiction and how it might undermine any criminal case. While there’s no question the defense would likely use such an addiction, it’s usually more of a concern for sentencing than charging. Addiction can be cited as a mitigating factor to the court in determining the defendant’s level of culpability.

The most obvious problem for the addiction defense is that Hunter did not appear to have any chemical-based challenge in maintaining a global, multimillion-dollar influence-peddling scheme. The image of a crackhead holed up in high-end hotels with call girls is undermined by thousands of emails on international money transfers and complex deals stretching from Moscow to Kyiv to Beijing.

The fact is you can be an addict or alcoholic and still be a criminal. Addiction did not appear to inhibit prosecutors in cases like the murder trial involving Lillo Brancato, the actor from “The Sopranos” series and the movie “A Bronx Tale.” Brancato was a drug addict when he participated in a burglary that ended in a shooting. He was convicted and given 10 years.

Indeed, in some cases, prosecutors use addiction is as a motive for committing crimes, particularly in paying for or acquiring more crimes.

Not only is this possible prosecution not based on a drug offense, it would feature a high-functioning defendant who earned millions in influence peddling. Indeed, the now-sober Hunter has repeatedly acknowledged that while his family name may have led to some of his past positions, he is a lawyer with experience that was useful in work like serving on the board of Ukrainian energy conglomerate Burisma Holdings.

It will be difficult for Hunter to switch from the privileged-but-capable defense to the hopeless-addict defense. Most hopeless addicts are trying to hock property or score a few bucks for their next hit. Hunter was flying around the world, arranging meetings with his father and coordinating multiple global accounts.

Moreover, using the addiction to defeat the gun and tax charges will only heighten questions about the influencing-peddling allegations. If Hunter was a hopeless addict incapable of criminal intent or sound decision-making, why were foreign interests clamoring at his door to give him millions of dollars as a board member, lawyer or consultant? Without skill or capabilities to sell, you are left with raw and open corruption to gain access to or influence with his father.

For President Biden, the hopeless-addict defense will also fall short with most people outside the mainstream media. During this period, Joe had some of his own bills paid for by Hunter, including with accounts tied to his foreign dealings.

Of course, the defense may be more effective as an excuse for the Justice Department agreeing to a generous plea deal than it would be in an actual trial. Attorney General Merrick Garland has already protected both Joe and Hunter Biden by refusing to appoint a special counsel despite the obvious need for such an appointment under the governing rules. Democrats in Congress have continued to block any investigation into the Biden family’s influence-peddling schemes.

The best-case scenario is a plea bargain that does not involve charges under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. Indeed, the reported emphasis on gun and tax charges is strikingly similar to what I described weeks ago as as the ideal “controlled demolition” of the Hunter Biden scandal.

The Justice Department has used FARA aggressively in past prosecutions like that of Paul Manafort. However, such a charge would likely reveal details on past foreign dealings by Hunter Biden and possibly his uncle James. A plea bargain on a gun-registration count and tax counts would allow political and media allies to declare the matter closed.

That’s why raising the addiction is both predictable and telling. By suggesting it would make a trial difficult, the family and its allies can portray a plea deal as a good deal for the public. But there has never been a lack of evidence of criminality, just a lack of interest in covering and prosecuting Hunter Biden’s corrupt practices.

.Jonathan Turley is an attorney and professor at George Washington University Law School.

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  1. The National Socialist Democrat WOKE Party is beyond despicable.

    Fake Catholic President and Speaker of the House.

    If we don’t throw them out of office all that is left Civil War.

  2. According to several movies and news reports, George W. Bush used both cocaine and marijuana (neither were legal in any state at that time).

    Many of us could care less that our leaders used drugs. It’s the hypocrisy of voting for a $1.2 trillion “War on Drugs” and tough drug enforcement, of mostly minorities, is the real issue.

    Most of us could care less if Bush used cocaine and marijuana in his younger days.

  3. When Rush Limbaugh had a similar drug problem, Limbaugh hired ACLU affiliated attorneys to keep him out of jail. What’s good for Rush is good for Hunter.

    1. Limbaugh’s drug problem was quite different from Hunter’s and there was no criminal activity attached other than doctor shopping and “possession”. The prosecutor wanted to get Limbaugh for political reasons. The inconsequential drug charges were a way to do it.

      To equate Hunter and Limbaugh is nonsense and beneath anyone who has an understanding of the law, morality and individual rights.

  4. Oh good grief! Turley is showing his desperation AND exasperation about the lack of attention to this “scandal” and the very likely, possibly, almost guaranteed, reality that charges against Hunter Biden will be meager to none. Turley has spent considerable time and effort to hype and inflate Hunter Biden’s alleged legal problems and alluding to crimes even he cannot articulate, but sure knows they are. He set expectations so high. Now with reality putting the kibosh on those high expectations and an underwhelming result is shaping up he’s making excuses for his inability to accept that he is a victim of his own hype and innuendo.

    Turley keeps harping about influence peddling and making millions. Neither is a crime. Seriously. Turley, a law professor and an attorney should know it’s not a crime. Even the staunchest conservatives on the Supreme Court have ruled that influence peddling is not illegal. In fact it’s free speech protected by the 1st amendment. If you don’t believe me look up McDonell v. United States. They literally say bribery is legal because it’s a form of protected speech.

    Here’s the ruling itself,

    1. Do you still believe Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation?

      Here is your chance to put aside your silliness.

      1. “Do you still believe Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation?

        Here is your chance to put aside your silliness.”

        “Still”? I never claimed it was certainly Russian disinformation. Personally I donn’t know. There is still the question of how did the lap top end up at the repair shop and the sketchy nature of the owner. That he couldn’t ascertain who dropped it off and why did he give a copy of the hard drive to Giuliano. Giuliano could have added contents to it or someone else who received a copy from him.

        It’s on my “don’t know, don’t care” file at the moment. Until sometime concrete and verified comes along I’ll consider changing my mind.

        1. Are you saying the laptop isn’t real and the information on it is false (meaning someone else put it there)?

          That is more silliness, so here is a second chance to rid some of your silliness.

          The FBI had the laptop for a long time.They may have kept it hidden from the public’s view a long time for political reasons, but they didn’t deny what was on the laptop. Too much proof and much of the proof resides outside the laptop.

          Are you going to add more silliness?

          “It’s on my “don’t know, don’t care” file at the moment. Until sometime concrete and verified”

          Tell us what verification your require? Third party verification? It exists. FBI verification? They alluded to that by not finding anything wrong. Did Hunter deny it? No. Did Joe Biden deny it? Not recently. (I have used the word alluded several times in my responses to help you accustom yourself to the word you used in the previous comment. It was the wrong word.)

          You are compounding your silliness. You pretend knowledge when you have none.

    2. They literally say bribery is legal because it’s a form of protected speech.

      Lying Troll

      Literally you say. Hmm? Provide the quote. The entire dispute in this case revolved around what defines an “official act.” The court determined the jury instructions were so vague, that jurors could conclude any action taken by the governor constituted an official act, saying: Because the jury was not correctly instructed on the meaning of “official act,” it may have convicted Governor McDonnell for conduct that is not unlawful.

      There is no doubt that this case is distasteful; it may be worse than that. But our concern is not with tawdry tales of Ferraris, Rolexes, and ball gowns. It is instead with the broader legal implications of the Government’s boundless interpretation of the federal bribery statute. A more limited interpretation of the term “official act” leaves ample room for prosecuting corruption, while comporting with the text of the statute and the precedent of this Court.

      The judgment of the Court of Appeals is vacated, and the case is remanded for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.

      A private citizen lobbying foreign actors for financial compensation in exchange for influence within American government is not illegal, as long as it complies with FARA. That’s the quid. If there is an official act connected to that quid, then that’s the pro. If the individual providing the official act also receives something of value for that pro, then FARA is the least of our concerns, as someone is actively selling their government position to foreign actors.

      And you want us to believe there is no there, there. Because you claim SCOTUS ruled bribery is protected speech.

      Lying Troll

      1. Olly, So what was the quo? Everyone keeps saying the Bidens have been corrupt and there’s been lots and lots of corruption, but nobody can articulate exactly what it is that they did? Nothing they have done is illegal or corrupt.

        Well they didn’t ‘literally’ say that. That was a little rhetorical exaggeration on my part. HOWEVER the court DID make it essentially legal to bribe government officials. If it falls under the protection of the 1st amendment as they ruled then they make anything similar including influence peddling legal. I didn’t claim SCOTUS ruled bribery is protected speech. SCOTUS did.

        1. So what was the quo?

          😃 GFY you Lying Troll. You’re not interested in the answer. You’re only interested in picking the fly$hit out of the Biden family corruption pepper.

          Well they didn’t ‘literally’ say that.

          No $hit, you Lying Troll, you literally did. I called you on it and suddenly your lying is to be considered a little rhetorical exaggeration.

          HOWEVER the court DID make it essentially legal to bribe government officials.

          Not only are you a Lying Troll, you’re an idiot as well. Saying in all CAPS the court DID make it essentially… is the Svelaz Lying Troll style. I understand your entire existence on this blog is to troll your way through every post/comment on what you argue is the “essential” fact as you see it, as opposed to the explicit fact that everyone else knows exists.

          So, for each statement you’ve made here claiming they (SCOTUS) ruled, then cite the explicit language from the decision to support it.

    3. Well done, Svelaz. Turley has become nothing but a Fox echo chamber: “His cocaine addiction is now the ‘seven-percent solution’ to avoid any public airing of the corrupt multimillion dollar enterprise connected to the Biden family.” All Fox and other Trumped media do is HARP about the alleged “corrupt multimillion dollar enterprise connected to the Biden family”, so there’s plenty of “public airing”–so what’s he complaining about–the fact that mainstream media don’t go along and echo such outrageous accusations? And, WHAT “corrupt multimillion dollar enterprise” is he referring to, and whatever happened to using the word “alleged” when making criminal accusations? Oh, I know the answer to that one: Turley didn’t name any specific Biden he is accusing of corruption, so it’s not libel–just another serving of red meat to the faithful. That doesn’t change the fact that Turley has sold his soul and credibility for Rupert Murdoch, nor the palpable desperation in this piece over the fact that no blockbuster Hunter Biden prosecution is on the horizon, much less anything implicating Joe Biden.

      Of course, all of this is just another deflection away from Trump’s public admission at that rally over the weekend that he knowingly took and “stored” classified documents that he is now claiming are his property which he is demanding to be returned immediately. Plus, there’s the lie that Obama, both Bushes and Clinton took “millions” of classified documents and kept them in unsecured locations–a lie immediately refuted by the NARA. Karen S: what happened to the claim that Trump is just a sloppy housekeeper and pack rat and that the GSA packed the papers without his knowledge or the claim that the FBI planted the classified documents found at Mar A Lago after Trump’s attorney lied about returning all of them? Or, are you willing to admit that those things were just lies?

  5. Any of us that have actually dealt with these issues in real life as ‘simple peasants’ know the score, and the veritable industries that have popped up around covering this up are a huge, gigantic, slap in the face (I doubt the dems even considered they might lose the ‘recovery contingent’, in addition to the black, the brown, the beige or whatever other nonsense they ascribe to the humans they presume to own into infinity). I don’t want Hunter to continue to suffer. Clearly this is a an out of control situation. I don’t want Joe to continue to suffer, either, this must be heartbreaking for a parent; politics cease to matter altogether when something like this is on the line. But I do very much understand addiction and I have to ask, why? What about Hunter’s life brought him to this point, where his own dad is tearfully begging him to stop (after apparently a couple of family interventions – see the latest leaks from the laptop), because this does not happen without context. I am not without compassion, but this just isn’t right, and it isn’t fair, to anybody. Honest conversations are not a dem strong suit in these modern times. Heartbreak is real, particularly between adult parents and children when everything has gone sideways. I don’t think there is anything more devastating than outliving your children, i watched my own parents go through that. And yet, there is no hint of compassion in sight from the people claiming to be the flag bearers of it. We are not this stupid or inhuman, DNC. Even thIs, which could have been a great exercise in human decency, you have so royally screwed up for normal, rational, people – there is no way we are voting for you, and for me, never voting dem again. Signed, sealed, delivered, likely in 2016. The modern Democratic Party is an abomination I wish I didn’t live to see.

  6. “Last line of defense?”

    He has not been charged with anything yet, so we have not seen a first line of defense. Meanwhile, Hannity is showing naked pictures of Hunter as if everything that makes Hunter look bad is newsworthy.

    1. Does it matter? If you aren’t congenitally stupid, and forgive my admitted rudeness, but you see what’s going on. Unless, indeed, you are a generational trust-funder doing whatever is expected of you because mom and dad insisted you do *something* to earn some money and kinda sorta pretend you are a grown up. The thing that always strikes me about ardent leftists: basic, basic human compassion does not seem to be wired into your brains, it doesn’t even resonate. Pong may have been created as a game decades ago; it seems to play out daily in the likes of your minds, on loop, ad nauseam. And you never win. You just come back to the same dang place in your brain, day, after day, after day. That is not a sign of health.

    1. Margot,
      Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, Tim Pool, Brandon Straka to name a few.
      Not sure if Bill Maher has had enough yet.
      The few Dems I know of, are saying they are not voting in the mid-terms.

  7. The Justice Department has used FARA aggressively in past prosecutions like that of Paul Manafort. However, such a charge would likely reveal details on past foreign dealings by Hunter Biden and possibly his uncle James. A plea bargain on a gun-registration count and tax counts would allow political and media allies to declare the matter closed.

    This is the nut paragraph.
    Plea deal, no jail time. 2 more years to get rid of Garland and who ever Biden’s marionette would install. tRepublicans could demand a person picked by the Senate is nominated, but Republicans always refuse to fight. )

    I expect a special counsel to be appointed by Garland to throw an impenetrable veil over Jan investigations, and what ever else needs a close examination. That was the only purpose Mueller filled. Shut down all investigations, except those run by Garland.

    1. Justin. I cant find a list of the crimes Manfort was convicted. Memory says FARA was not ever prosecuted against Manafort. His crimes were all personal finance problems.

      1. Iowan2,

        “Manafort pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States in connection with his failure to register under FARA as an agent of the government of Ukraine; that country’s Party of Regions; former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych; and the Opposition Bloc, a successor to Yanukovych’s Party of Regions. In the same count, Manafort also pleaded guilty to conspiracy in connection with FARA-related false statements and misrepresentations to the Department of Justice in violation of both FARA and the general false-statements statute, 18 U.S.C. § 1001.”

        Obviously you are very confused.

    2. Sorry but Manafort does not hold a candle to Hunter Biden.
      Hunter has a raft of problems that make Manafort look like a saint.

      Hunter’s foriegn dealings and tax and money problems dwarf Manaforts.

      It was wrong to call Manaforts conduct money laundering – but whatever you call it – Hunter was doing it in spades.

  8. No one cares about Hunter when Trump is hiding top secret documents and suspected of selling them to our adversaries.

    1. Sammy is worried about Trump as Biden is beholden to our greatest enemy, China.

      There is nothing that any Democrat could do that people like Sammy would find objectionable. Shower with your daughter, no problem. Grope an aide, not an issue. Bring your kid to China on AF2 to garner millions off of the CCP, all fine. Open the border, not a problem. Use a pen to spend 400 BILLION dollars on school loans, okee dokee. Empty the Petroleum Reserve, whatevs. It is sickening how liberals will let the country go to pot just to remain in power and little sycophants like Sammy care not one whit.

    2. Prove he is selling actual top secret documents to anyone,
      he will lose nearly all his base.
      This is another incredibly improbable claim – like the collusion delusion

      1. Well…there ARE folders bearing classified markings with missing documents. NARA still has documents missing. Trump could still have more hiding on his other properties. Since he has deliberately lied to NARA and the DOJ they may have probable cause to search other properties.

        He could have sold some already. We can’t be sure.

        1. “Well…there ARE folders bearing classified markings with missing documents.”
          Evidence of nothing.

          “NARA still has documents missing.”
          How does NARA know ?
          separately NARA is not even invovled right now.

          “Trump could still have more hiding on his other properties.”
          He could, and the mon could be made of green cheese.
          If you have evidence – get another search warrant.

          “Since he has deliberately lied to NARA and the DOJ they may have probable cause to search other properties.”
          False and false.
          Nothing involving NARA can lead to a search warrant. The PRA is not a criminal law.

          There are no lies to the DOJ.
          Even if there were – any random lie would not justify a search warrant.
          You would need a statement the DOJ could prove was false prior the the search warrant, that established probable cause to beleive that documents providing evidence of a crime would be found.

          “He could have sold some already. We can’t be sure.”
          We can;’t be sure he is not klingon. that is not evidence of anything.

  9. My only opinion on this is: Was your daddy addicted when he took his 10%? The issue before most patriotic Americans is not whether a wayward damaged son got himself in a heap of trouble, but whether his POTUS father was part and parcel of these entire grifting schemes while he was a Senator, VP or POTUS? Don’t allow the media and DOJ to obfuscate the issue. Letting hunter off with a slap on the wrist is what they want to close any inspection of daddy’s crime family dealings.

  10. Hunter Biden is a private citizen – from 2017-2020 his Dad was too.

    As far as I know, a private citizen can help a foreigner arrange a meeting with another private citizen without registering as a foreign agent.

    Turley tries to muddy things up so his readers think there is a whole lotta smoke there.

    1. Hunter Biden is a private citizen
      PC, Turley addressed this lie in his post. Manafort , a private citizen, was gone after by DoJ

      Anyone lobbying Congress for foreign concerns need to be registered(unless they arer Democrat donors). Hunter talked about the problem in more than one e-mail. But Hunter had get out of jail free cards to play.

      It is so illustrative how the left just keeps repeating the lies. They don’t change any minds, but of they wrongly inform more Dem voters, all is good.

      1. Iowan2, Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager. He was literally engaging in political activity which is why he was required to register as a foreign agent under FARA.

        Hunter Biden was not. That’s the difference. Turley deliberately left out that pertinent little fact.

        1. “Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager. He was literally engaging in political activity which is why he was required to register as a foreign agent under FARA.”

          Are you ready to fact-check your information? Manafort’s possible violation of FARA did not occur while he was a manager of Trump’s campaign.

          What do you think should be done to John Podesta?

          Time to reject stupidity and put the silliness away.

        2. FARA is about lobbying, not politics. It is about representing the interests of foreign countries in the US with US politicians.

          Manafort ran the campaigns of several foreign politicians in their own country.
          Separately he brokered arrangements with US lobbying firms to represent the interests of those countries.
          The requirement to register was with the democratic lobbying firms that he hired – Tony Podesta, Not Manafort.

          Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager briefly, regardless FARA has nothing to do with that.

          FARA claims regarding manafort are complete nonsense.

          Hunter Biden was directly representing foreign countries and foreign actors with US politicians – LOBBYING in the most traditional sense of the word. The biggest, but not only target of his lobbying was the vice president of the united states.
          This actually gets worse – because we now know VP Biden was part of Hunters Deals – then this is no longer lobbying, but actual political corruption on Joe Biden’s part.
          But beyond lobbying his father, Hunter was actively lobbying the state department.
          You really are completely ignorant of the FACTS regarding Hunter Biden.
          Long before there was a hunter Biden laptop, before Trump asked Zelenski to investigate the Biden’s.
          Hunter Biden was lobbying the US state department on behalf of Burisma.
          That activity was LEGAL – but required him to register under FARA which he did not.
          That activity was well documented by John Solomon using FOIA requests to obtain memos and emails from the US State Department and Hunter Biden.
          And before that the NY Times ran a story on it in 2015.

          Conversely Manafort NEVER had direct contact with a US elected official or with a US government employee while representing a foreign country or a foreign actor. Manafort hired Tony Podesta to do that.

        3. Manafort was not required to register under FARA.

          Manafort did not lobby government, He represented foreign entities in hiring lobbiests – like Tony Podesta.

          1. “Manafort was not required to register under FARA.

            Manafort did not lobby government, He represented foreign entities in hiring lobbiests – like Tony Podesta.”

            You just pointed out exactly what FARA says why he was required to register.

            “The statute requires “agents of foreign principals” to register with the DOJ and file both detailed disclosure reports and copies of any “informational materials” that are distributed within the United States. Such materials must bear a stigmatizing disclaimer reflecting that they were prepared by a foreign agent. When FARA registration is required, both individuals acting as agents and their employer must register.”

            Representing a foreign entity IS being an agent of a foreign principal. He was bien PAID to represent THEIR interests. The act of hiring others is acting as THEIR agent. He’s the one facilitating the lobbying effort on behalf of a foreign government or entity.

            FARA has a commercial exemption which is what applied to Hunter Biden. “Commercial exemption,” which exempts “private and nonpolitical activities in furtherance of the bona fide trade or commerce” of a foreign principal. Implementing regulations indicate that trade and commerce includes the purchase and sale of commodities, services, or property. In 2003 regulations, the Department added a second, regulatory commercial exemption for “political activities” undertaken for a foreign corporation “in furtherance of the bona fide commercial, industrial, or financial operations of the foreign corporation.” There remains, however, considerable uncertainty regarding the outer boundaries of the commercial exemption.

            The most important distinctions between Manafort and Hunter Biden is that Manafort was deliberately hiding his foreign contracts and was caught lying about it. Hunter Biden can argue that he qualified under the commercial exemption in the statute. The problem is the statues is written so broadly and makes it difficult to pin down serious violations. If Manafort didn’t try to deliberately commit fraud he would have been in the same boat as Hunter Biden. Unfortunately he was caught and pled guilty. Luckily for him Trump pardoned him. That still doesn’t change the guilty verdict against him though.

            1. FARA does not apply as you are claiming.

              If Manafort worked for Deutche Bank, and represented DB before congress or the state department – he would be required to register.

              If he represented DB in dealings with Citibank – he would not.

              The Podesta’s did the govenrment lobbying for Manafort THEY violated FARA.
              FARA does not and can not apply to business to business or foreign government to US business relations

              In my work I have dealt with people from India an Sweden. they did not have to register with FARA.

              Representing a Foreign interest is PART of what FARA requires.
              The other PART is that you must represent their interest to the US government.

              You are constantly reading laws way to broadly.

              Do immigrants have to register for FARA ? They are foreigners, and they deal with the US govenrment – they represent themselves ? What about immigration lawyers – must they register ?

              When you make a claim about the law and reading the law the same way in other circumstances produces absurd results – you have read the law wrong.

              Always narrow with regard to govenrment powers, always broad with respect to individual rights.
              That will keep you out of trouble.

            2. Manafort was not hiding anything.

              He hired the Podesta’s to lobby the US government for foreign interests.

              Manafort NEVER lobbied the US government.

              You make these bizarre claims. It is not hiding anything to not tell people who are not involved.
              Manafort did not register because he did not have to.

              He did not publish what he was doing on the Web. That is not “hiding”

            3. Hunter was directly lobbying the state department and not about Trade.
              not covered by your commercial exception.

              You do understand that there are emails from Hunter to the state department trying to get them to intervene with the Ukrainian government on behalf of Burisma ?

    2. As far as I know, a private citizen can help a foreigner arrange a meeting with another private citizen without registering as a foreign agent.

      Well that’s not very far. Here is a comprehensive timeline that you have apparently ignored. If you replaced the name Hunter Biden with Donald Trump Jr. and Joe Biden with Donald Trump Sr., and add in for good measure the policy decisions that influence bought, they’d all be in prison, if not sentenced to death for treason.

      Turley tries I’m to trying to muddy things up so his my readers think there is a whole lotta smoke there.

      You should quit smoking.

  11. The world, our country America, for all intents and purposes has not benefitted from the existence of Hunter Biden. Very few human beings are born into positions of potential influence, who can do good for others with that privilege. Hunter failed on all counts, unless the willing media have failed to show us Hunter’s actions for good as a great benefactor.
    With that said, if any of us normal mortals had broken the list of laws Hunter has fractured, we would have been prosecuted long ago.

      1. It’s not a two tiered system. It’s the difference between being able to AFFORD a very good lawyer and the regular Joe six pack having to decide between having dinner or paying your lawyer.

        These cases are easily 100, 200, even 400 thousand dollars just to make it to a preliminary hearing.

          1. No, The system is the same. The problem is one can afford it the other can’t.

            Unfortunately under our judicial system you don’t have a constitutional right to the best lawyers or the right to their services for free. You just have a right to a fair and speedy trial. Not the best lawyer for that trial.

            1. First the definition of two tiered has absolutely nothing to do with what the constitution guarantees.

              Two tiered means that different perpitrators will be treated differently for the same crime.
              We are supposed to go to great trouble to avoid that.
              But two tiered as a consequence of factors NOT controled by government, does not violate the constitution.

              That said it is still two tiered.

              Gideon V Wainright guarantees the right to a lawyer.

              1. “Gideon V Wainright guarantees the right to a lawyer.”

                Correct. That still doesn’t mean you have a right to the best lawyer. Just A lawyer.

    1. “ With that said, if any of us normal mortals had broken the list of laws Hunter has fractured, we would have been prosecuted long ago.”

      What laws were broken? Nobody has pointed out all the laws he’s broken except the lying on the ATF4473 form. Which is so rarely prosecuted and more difficult to prove for the DOJ that he was indeed addicted when he purchased his gun.

      1. “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?”

        All it requires is the use of any unlawful drug. That is unlikely to be difficult – the information on his laptop is likely more than sufficient.

        1. The problem for the government is they still have to prove that he was indeed addicted at the time he filed the application. Addicts don’t have paper tails and his book cannot be used because it would be considered hearsay.

          The laptop info cannot be used either because the authenticity of the information cannot be shown to be the original since the repair shop owner gave away copies of the hard drive and Giuliani gave more copies to other people. It’s tainted evidence that is useless in court.

          1. Addicts do have paper trails and his book absolutely could be used.
            statements against interest is one of MANY exceptions to the hearsay rule.

            The content of his laptop can be used, his stays in rehab can be used, the testimony of people who knew he was using at the time can be used. they could probably get the people who sold him drugs to testify, if they wanted.

            This is a very easy case to make.

            regardless – is your argument that Hunter is innocent ? Or is it that the charge can not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt ?
            Do you have doubt that Hunter is guilty ?

            You are really ignorant about the laptop.
            There is a receipt, Hunters signature is on it.
            the contents are to a very large extent self authenticating.
            The FBI received the original drives – TWO directly from the repair shop owner.
            You have chain of custody from Hunter, to the repair shop, to the FBI.
            Guiliani received COPIES. the FBI received the originals BEFORE the repair shop owner gave the copies to Guiliani.
            Though I would note – even if the hard drives dropped from the sky into the FBI’s hands.
            They would still be admissible into evidence – AFTER they were authenticated.
            There is massive information on these drives that is not hard to do.

            One really strong way to prove it would be that the drives contained an icloud backup of Hunters iphone.
            That was eventually recovered by hackers from Guiliani’s copy.
            If Guiliani can do it – the FBI can.
            Using the icloud backup the hackers were ultimately able to gain access to hunters CURRENT icloud.
            This is how we have gotten the voice mails from Joe Biden to Hunter more recently that are pretty bad for Joe Biden.

            Regardless, it provided even more data AND being able to use the encryption keys from the hard drive to hack into Hunters CURRENT icloud proves the data is his.

            That is just one of MANY ways to authenticate the drives.

          2. There is no such thing as tainted evidence – in the way you are using it.

            Lets say Guiliani Stole the laptops from Hunter and gave them to the FBI – they would be admissible.

            If the FBI stole them, or if the FBI asked Guiliani to steal them they would not.

            The drives the FBI has were never touched by Giuliani, but had they litterally passed through his hands – they would still be admissible.

      2. I am not after Hunter Biden. His conduct is revolting, some of it may be illegal.
        I would not go after Danchenko either, nor Van Zander, Papadoulis, or Manaford – all for the same reasons.
        I would have gone after Sussman specifically for making a false criminal report. I would have locked Klinesmith up for years.
        Deliberately false statements on an affadavit of probable cause are extremely serious. Klinesmith got his wrist slapped.
        I would have fired every single person who touched the FISA Warrant, and every single person who partifipated in Crossfire Huricane and the SC investigation.

        Durham has proven at this time that before the SC was appointed DOJ KNEW the whole collusion delusion thing was a load of rubbish.
        I would have to review their statements to congress, but in light of what we know and what DOJ must have known, it is likely many people who testified to congress regarding the Collusion delusion LIED under oath.

        The big deal regarding Hunter Biden is not What Hunter did. It is What VP Biden did.
        There is far more than enough for a special counsel.
        And I suspect that Democrats are likely to demand a special counsel AFTER the midterms.
        The reason being that as we saw with the collusion delusion, a SC is a serious impediment to public investigation by congress.

        We are way way way past the nonsense that Joe Biden was not involved in Hunters business dealings.

        Elsewhere you said influence peddling was legal.
        That depends.
        Hunter Biden as a private citizen can sell whatever he wants.
        VP Joe Biden can NOT receive anything of value in return for his influence.
        The firing of Shokin is a blatant quid pro quo.
        There are likely other quite obvious one.
        There are certainly plenty that stink even if they are not provably criminal.

        I do find it interesting – you loath Trump, and you swear constantly that he is a criminal.
        Yet, you do not have evidence of any crime – only beleif. Everything Trump has done is legal.
        And most of the time he did not do what you claim.

        With Joe Biden there question is not – is their evidence that VP Biden committed a crime.
        The question is can it be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

        At this point for MANY reasons Biden should resign or be forced to.
        By republicans and democrats alike.

        Harris will make a bad president – though it would be hard for her to be worse.
        But Biden is not competent, has past conduct is despicable and by standards far narrower than the idiocy you used to impeach Trump – easily impeachable.
        But Biden needs put out to pasture, not impeached.

        The biggest problem that republicans would have going after Biden is that no one wants to criminally prosecute doddering old fools who probably can not remember what they did wrong.

        1. Sussman did not make a false criminal report. He only gave a heads up to the FBI about suspicious data. Durham couldn’t make the claim you are making precisely because he didn’t have evidence, just as you don’t either. You’re relying on twisting the facts to fit your evidenceless narrative.

          Durham failed to indict Sussman because he had scant evidence and was buying into his own conspiracy theory about the reasons of Sussman’s “heads up” to law enforcement.

          The facts were litigated and the truth was he was not guilty of the charges.

          1. Sussman made a false report. He is responsible for delivering both the Alpha Bank data and the Steele Dossier.

            With respect to your “only suspicious data” – when you bring human altered data to the FBI claiming it is suspicious – that is sufficient for a false reports claim. the Data was altered – it was a deliberate attempt to Frame Trump. Sussman does not need to say – “Here is evidence Trump committed a crime” – when the evidence provided is deliberately constructed.
            The same is true of the steele dossier.

            Though if you prefer – we can call it obstruction of justice. Does providing knowingly fraudulent information in an investigation meet your definition of obstruction of justice ? If not, what does ?

          2. I would note – the Jury found that Sussman lied.
            The just found that since he FBI knew he was lying it was not material.
            That decision is correct.
            That is why the charge was inccorrect.

            Lying to the FBI should not be a crime.
            But it is not a crime if the FBI knows you are lying.

            Filing a false report – is a crime
            The FBI knowing your report is false does not change that it is a crime.

            What I have heard is that Durham did not charge false reports because the sentence is only 1 YR, and the statute of limitations had expired.

        2. “The big deal regarding Hunter Biden is not What Hunter did. It is What VP Biden did.”

          What exactly did he do? Nobody is able to articulate exactly what it is that he did. What is the evidence?

          Just saying “corruption” doesn’t say anything.

          “I do find it interesting – you loath Trump, and you swear constantly that he is a criminal.
          Yet, you do not have evidence of any crime – only beleif. Everything Trump has done is legal.”

          You must be very confused. There is literally evidence on the public record. It is ILLEGAL to take classified documents especially SC/SCI. Trump was found in possession of those documents. It is ILLEGAL to take government documents that belong to NARA home.

          Obviously you wish to be in willful denial of the facts. He will be indicted on that for sure. It’s just a matter of how long he can delay the proceedings.

          1. I have commented in other posts about the evidence – there is plenty if you want to find it.
            The fact that the sources you follow do not cover it, or call it debunked conspiracy theories or russian disinformation,
            Does not mean that it does not exist, is not documented and verified.

          2. Citizen Trump did not take documents from the WH to MAL.
            President Trump did (or the GSA did), Neither of those are illegal.

            NARA does not own presidential records. The president at the time does. NARA is the temporary custodian of them.

            Even Judge ABJ found that NARA can not just take documents from a former president.

            Regardless, it is NOT a crime. The PRA is not a criminal code.
            Further YOUR interpretation of the PRA and the espionage act runs affoul of the very first line of Article II (executive) of the constitution. Either your interpretataion is wrong or the PRA and espionage act are unconstitutional. Either way Trump has not committed a crime.

            Not denying any facts. Trump had documents from his presidency at MAL – just about everyone accepts that.
            Some were marked Classified – again that is broadly accepted. there are stupid claims that Trump was trying to sell nuclear secrets. Make a credible case for that and you have a crime.

            Right now you are pretty far short of a crime.

            The NARA nonsense is a loser. Even if the courts should decide the PRA entirely against Trump – NARA would get posession – though DOJ is a different issue. Regardless there would be no crime.

            NARA should have gone to court if they wanted the documents. They did not because they likely would have lost.

            The RAID is an independent issue. If this all boils down to merely posession of actually classified documents unrelated to the collusion delusion at MAL – you do not have a crime.

            You want a crime you need more. If Trump – after jan 20, 2021 emailed actually classified documents – you have a crime,
            though people will ask why Clinton is not in jail. If Trump – after jan 20,2021 posted actually classified documents on the internet – you have a crime. I Trump after jan 20, 2021 shared classified docuuments with foreigners – you have a crime. If Trump tried to sell classified documents you have a crime.

            But you have no evidence of any of those, and insufficient evidence under the circumstances they documents were actually classified.

            I will be happy to lock Trump up – when you have a real crime. You don’t.

        3. “Elsewhere you said influence peddling was legal.
          That depends.
          Hunter Biden as a private citizen can sell whatever he wants.
          VP Joe Biden can NOT receive anything of value in return for his influence.”

          What influence did he provide? The Shokin issue was officially government sanctioned and that included the European Union. This was very public and Hunter didn’t sell anything in exchange for something that was already going to happen anyway. That is your evivdence?

          You keep saying evidence, but all you show is allegations. This is why your claims are pointless. There is more concrete evidence against Trump than there is of Biden. Trump is literally in court fighting against REAL evidence against him. Where is Biden’s?

          1. First you have been completely ignorant about the whole Ukraine issue from the start.
            No the firing of Shokin was not something independently sanctioned by the US.

            VP Joe Biden was the primary driver of US policy towards Ukraine.
            He was also involved – along with Sorros in pushing the EU policy.
            You seem to think the claim is that Joe Biden showed up in Kiev one day and his son said – Fire Shokin for Burisma
            The Shokin/Burisma issue was a side show to a coordinated set of regional policies that Biden was deeply involved in.
            Shokin was just one of the speed Bump’s that had to be gotten out of the way.

            Ukraine was corrupt, it is still massively corrupt today. Much of the money going to Ukraine NOW is disappearing god knows where. All kinds of people are profiting – quite possibly Hunter and certainly many of the same people Biden was working with in 2015.

            Conversely Shokin was not corrupt. Only idiots still claim that.

            You want to claim that the US, EU, … all claimed he was corrupt too. No kidding – all driven by the same ACTUALLY corrupt sources.
            You seem to think that saying the EU was in agreement is meaningful.
            What you do not think the EU is manipulated by the same forces as manipulated Biden ?
            Or more accurately that all the same crooks work together hiding their corruption under the umbrella of government action.

            I would separately note that Obama and the rest of the WH were concerned about Biden’s conduct in Ukraine.
            They were well aware of the smell of rotting fish, and that VP Biden was part of a smelly mess that was much broader than Shokin and Burisma. And that his egregious conduct with his son was likely to attract attention.

            I doubt Obama gave a $hit one way or the other over getting Shokin Fired. I doubt he cared alot about the EU’s positions on Ukraine.
            What he cared about was not having a scandal of one kind or another. Hillary F’d Obama over creating the initial mess in Ukraine which resulted in Russia invading Crimea in 2014, and made Ukraine into a hot spot and a point of conflict between the US and Russia – both of which were not what Obama wanted.

            You have spent so much time ranting about “trump/russia” that you forget that Obama was actively and correctly seeking to improve the US relationship with Russia and Putin.

            You left wing nuts forget that everytime Putin messes arround in eastern europe, it is the result of the US/EU disrupting the status quo along Russia’s borders. The US/EU talked about Georgia joining NATO – so Russia invaded Georgia, wrecked the country and left. Georgia was subsequently wise enough to avoid getting too close to the west.
            Clinton fostered an anti-Russia coup in Ukraine and then there was more talk of Ukraine joining NATO – and Putin invaded Crimea. Biden becomes President and more US/EU talk about Ukraine joining NATO occurs and Putin invades Ukraine.

            Putin is perfectly content so long as the nations surrounding Russia are atleast nominally in Russia’s orbit.

            For two Decades the US has had two choices – make nice with Putin and Russia and slowly move Russia into the west – Away from China. that requires accepting that nations surrounding Russia must remain nominally in Russia’s orbit.
            Or seek conflict with Russia.

            During the Obama administration in particular we were constantly jumping back and forth between the two.

            Trump was not in a postion politically to try to build a better relationship with Russia.
            But he did actively move towards not creating new conflicts.

            We do not have to like the leaders of other nations – but we do have to figure out how to coexist and sometimes work with them.

            Despite all the ranting by the Left – Trump was far better than Bush, Obama and Biden are working with other nations.
            Whether it is Putin or Xi or Kim Il, or Erodegan or MBS, world peace requires that the US president is able to deal with other world leaders – especially the more unpaletable ones.

            Obama played “come here, come here, get away, get away” with Putin – resulting in the invasion of Crimea.
            Biden played all kinds of idiotic power games with Ukraine and Russia, and is doing exactly that now.

            You should replay the Biden video about getting Shokin fired, or the more blunt hot mike moment recently where he told a FL Mayor “nobly F#$ks with a Biden”
            He means that now. He meant that 7 years ago. You rant about Trump being a narcists – but the president with the swelled ego and arrogance is Biden.

            Biden has not done horribly in Ukraine. But it is often very hard to tell whether the decisions Biden is making are in the best interests of the US or the best interests of Joe Biden.

            Biden F’d up US energy policy – leaving the US and Europe vulnerable to Russia energy blackmail.
            He F’d up in Afghanistan and came away looking weak.
            He F’d up with loose talk about Ukraine Joining NATO.
            Then when it appeared Russia was threatening to invade Ukraine – he was all buster and threats which Putin did not take seriously, and Russia invaded. That went Badly for Putin – Because UKraine had spent 8 yrs preparing for Russia.
            And when it was obvious that Ukraine would not get rolled – then Biden stepped in.

            Now Biden appears to be looking to teach Putin that “you do not F$#k with a Biden” rather than looking out for the peace and stability of the world – and the US.

            There is not one of us that would not like to See Putin have his ass handed to him.
            There are few people who would not spend $80B in US dollars to significantly degrade russia as a global power – especially if that did not involve risk to US soldiers.

            But this is not a proxy war. Russia, a proud if fading super power – armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons is being shamed in front of the world – and deserved or not, that is incredibly dangerous.

            I honestly hope this works out. I hope Biden succeeds at what he is doing. I suspect that he probably will.
            But I would not push this close to a nuclear confrontation. Nor would Trump, Nor would most of the country.

            The world can live with a beligerant Russia. It could have lived through a ukrainian defeat.
            A nuclear exchange will result in th obliteration of Russia within hours, The obliteration of half the US and significant parts of Europe as quickly, and 3B global deaths in the following year. It would kick what is left of the west back atleast 100 years.

            The likelyhood of that is small. But the price is far far far to high to risk.

            1. Summary for Svelaz: Biden places his limited intelligence and ego ahead of peace and stability for the world. His mantra, “nobly F#$ks with a Biden” is what he puts upfront. Hidden is that Biden is a crook, and his family enterprise has been making big bucks off of his power.

              When Ukraine quiets down, likely not in Russia’s favor (or anyone else’s), Biden will tell us he told us so… “nobly F#$ks with a Biden”

              The job of our President is to make peace in the world and keep our enemies apart. Biden has done the opposite.

          2. No Svelaz I have far more than allegations.
            That is what you have.

            There are litterally hundreds of documents – from FOIA requests to the US state department, From Ukraine, From investigations and trials elsewhere in Europe.

            Hunter was actively involved in efforts to remove Shokin – a year before Biden got Shokin fired.
            NYT did a story on Hunter and Joe and their entanglements in Ukraine 6 months BEFORE Shokin was fired.
            it is well documented that Shokin was actively and thoroughly investigating Burisma, and was fired days before a deposition of Hunter Biden was to take place. It is well documented that Shokin was not corrupt.
            It is well documented that he was fired because the Biden asked. It is well documented that Obama was afraid that Biden’s conduct in Ukraine (and elsewhere) was going to derail his presidency. It is well documented that all your nonsense about Biden was just following the EU is false – Biden was driving US policy in Ukraine, AND he was twisting the arms of the europeans.
            Some of this came up in trump faux impeachment I.

            There are LOTS of records. there were lots of records Before the Hunter Biden Laptop. jj

  12. Doesn’t FARA apply to representation of foreign governments, not foreign companies? Most if not all of HB’s engagements were with foreign companies not governments. Even if some of them, such as CEFC, were closely connected to the government, that is not necessarily enough under FARA. Perhaps if a company is owned/controlled by a government, that would be enough, but I am not sure about that and don’t know if he acted for such companies.

    The Biden family ran an influence peddling racket for years. Proving that in doing so they broke the criminal law is not easy.

    1. Doesn’t FARA apply to representation of foreign governments, not foreign companies?

      Daniel, this is from the DOJ website:

      A “foreign principal” can be a foreign government, a foreign political party, any person outside the United States (except U.S. citizens who are domiciled within the United States), and any entity organized under the laws of a foreign country or having its principal place of business in a foreign country. It can also include a foreign faction or body of insurgents whose legitimacy the United States government has yet to recognize.

      See 22 U.S.C. § 611(b); 28 C.F.R. § 5.100.

      1. “ The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) was enacted in 1938. FARA requires certain agents of foreign principals who are engaged in political activities or other activities specified under the statute to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principal, as well as activities, receipts and disbursements in support of those activities. Disclosure of the required information facilitates evaluation by the government and the American people of the activities of such persons in light of their function as foreign agents.”

        Hunter Biden was not functioning or engaged in political activities. Paul Manafort’s position as Trump’s campaign manage WAS. That’s why he was required to register under FARA.

      2. What is your response to Bobulinski’s claims backed up by significant evidence? Do you find such evidence concerning?

        Now is the time to end the silliness.

        1. Yup. Long before Bobulinki provided his first hand knowledge of the Biden family corruption.

          Why ask me? Or was that question for the Lying Troll Svelaz?

        2. Anonymous, the evidence provided by Bobulinski has not shown anything alluding to illegal or any criminal violations.

          The China venture never happened. The deal fell thru nor any funds were transferred. Bobulinski’s claims are highly suspect. Nobody has been able to verify his claims and the majority seem to be based on hearsay. It just doesn’t pass the smell test.

          1. “the evidence provided by Bobulinski has not shown anything alluding to illegal or any criminal violations.”

            Allude: “: to make indirect reference”

            One has to be braindead or read nothing of what Bobulinski has said or proven with emails and voice messages.

            “The China venture never happened.”

            There was more than one China venture. The one you allude to left the Biden Family crime syndicate $5 Million richer.

            If you know only what is in your head, you know very little.

      1. Svelaz: Influence peddling can be a criminal act. 18 USC 201(b)(b) states:
        Whoever . . . .
        (2)being a public official or person selected to be a public official, directly or indirectly, corruptly demands, seeks, receives, accepts, or
        agrees to receive or accept anything of value personally or for any other person or entity, in return for:
        (A) being influenced in the performance of any official act;
        (B) being influenced to commit or aid in committing, or to collude in, or allow, any fraud, or make opportunity for the commission of any
        fraud, on the United States; or
        (C) being induced to do or omit to do any act in violation of the official duty of such official or person;
        . . . .
        shall be fined under this title or not more than three times the monetary equivalent of the thing of value, whichever is greater, or
        imprisoned for not more than fifteen years, or both, and may be disqualified from holding any office of honor, trust, or profit under
        the United States.
        Joseph Biden indirectly (thourgh his son) sought millions of dollars from foreign governments (or entities closely allied with foreing governments) for the privilege of meeting with and attempting to influence Joseph Biden. Even if you insist that there must be some tangible effect of those meetings (which the statute does not literally require), we could point to the pressure that Joseph Biden brought upon the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor investigating Burisma’s dealings with Hunter Biden.

  13. Professor Turley called it long ago. The fix is in. What a country! Yazof Smirnoff can now make jokes about us.

  14. 50 TOP US Intel Officials LIED that his laptop was Russian Disinformation….just like the Russian Hoax!
    Everyone of these leaders SHOULD BE JAILED…along with Obama, Hillary, Biden, DOJ and FBI leaders….who are using the GOVERNMENT for Democrat Power!
    We live in a FASCIST state where business, government, education, healthcare, etc are used to destroy political opposition! Also cut all federal aid to colleges and tax all non-profits where anyone receives $100k+

  15. “Hunter Biden’s history of addiction as a defense or excuse for his conduct as possible charges are reportedly under consideration in Delaware.”
    So what was Hunter addicted to:

    Underage girls in his family?
    Chinese money?
    Ukrainian money?
    His sister-in-law?
    Oh or was it illegal drugs? (The true “last refuge of the scondrel.”)

    For my two cents, I’m going with power. Lock him up.

    Oh it’s Delaware! Like charging the Pope for jaywalking in St. Peters Square. It’ll be a sweetheart plea deal followed by a very teraful, Jimmy-Swaggert-like “I have sinnnnned against youuuu” moment. What a clown show and the joke’s on us.

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