“How Do People Know the Truth?”: Biden Unleashes Tirade Over Musk Restoring Free Speech Protections on Twitter

Elon Musk has not actually changed the “content moderation” policies at Twitter yet, but President Joe Biden went on a virtual rave on Friday over the prospect of free speech breaking out on a single social media site. As a type of censor-in-chief, Biden has led calls for censorship on social media, which have been largely heeded by companies like Facebook and Twitter. Now Biden is accusing Twitter of “spewing lies all across the world” by seeking to reduce one of the largest censorship systems in history. The President lamented that the influence of the media will be “de minimus.” He is a bit late on that front.

President Biden has previously accused social media companies of “killing people” by refusing to impose robust censorship over a wide range of subjects. Many of those banned or censored were doctors with opposing views on the data and the science related to the pandemic.

Some of those doctors were the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, which advocated for a more focused Covid response that targeted the most vulnerable population rather than widespread lockdowns and mandates. Many are now questioning the efficacy and cost of the massive lockdown as well as the real value of masks or the rejection of natural immunities as an alternative to vaccination.  Yet, these experts and others were attacked for such views just a year ago. Some found themselves censored on social media for challenging claims of Dr. Fauci and others.

The Great Barrington Declaration was not the only viewpoint deemed dangerous. Those who alleged that the virus may have begun in a lab in China were widely denounced and the views barred from being uttered on social media platforms. It was later learned that a number of leading experts raised this theory with Fauci and others early in the pandemic.

We are now seeing increasing evidence of back channels used by government and political figures to maintain a censorship system by surrogate in the social media companies and foreign allies.

The President, however, was in full censor-in-chief mode this week, referring to censors as “editors.” He denounced Musk who “goes out and buys an outfit that spews lies all across the world.” He then claimed “There are no editors anymore. There are no editors anymore.”

The President added “the ability of newspapers to have much impact is de minimis.” That last statement seemed to lament the loss of a close and active ally for the Democrats. Neutrality is anathema if you have largely been able to control political and social exchanges on social media.

What the President said next, however, was particularly telling and chilling:

“How do people know the truth? What do they — how do they make — make a distinction between fact and fiction? There’s so much — so much going on. And we’re in the middle of this.”

Indeed, perish the thought that citizens might be left to pursue the truth on their own without the government or surrogates in the media framing it for them. How could we possibly “know the truth” without our social media overlords?

This view of citizens are gullible dupes needing to be lead to the truth is a recurring theme among Democrats and media allies. It was the theme of a “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy” conference at the University of Chicago with the leading Democratic leaders and media leaders in Chicago last year, including former President Barack Obama. The conference discussed how the views of the public could be shaped if government and media figures worked together to frame what is true and what is not.

Former President Barack Obama flogged this false line at Stanford in April 2022. He started by declaring himself “pretty close to a First Amendment absolutist.” He then called for the censorship of anything he considered “disinformation,” including “lies, conspiracy theories, junk science, quackery, racist tracts and misogynist screeds.”

President Biden lamented the loss of a Twitter management that was openly antagonistic to traditional free speech values. Soon after he took over, former CEO Parag Agrawal pledged to regulate content and said the company would “focus less on thinking about free speech” because “speech is easy on the Internet. Most people can speak. Where our role is particularly emphasized is who can be heard.”

Like Biden, many are moving to try to deter Musk from allowing greater free speech by getting companies like General Motors to pull advertising revenue. It is part of the reason that some of us would support monthly fees if it meant the support of a true free speech alternative to other companies like Facebook.

96 thoughts on ““How Do People Know the Truth?”: Biden Unleashes Tirade Over Musk Restoring Free Speech Protections on Twitter”

  1. As despicable as Biden’s rhetoric is, I would never call for it to be banned. I would never seek to silence him for telling lies, which he does all the time. Yet, Biden would silence anyone who disagrees with him in a heartbeat, and has continuously attempted to do so. What is wrong with Americans who approve of his attempts at censorship?

  2. In using the word “Editor”, isn’t that against the Section 230 exception of social media?

  3. Professor Turley’s article is a good one, but it omits a powerful new partner in the government-media conspiracy to silence the truth. And that powerful new partner is industry. It’s akin to a Military-Industrial-Complex war against free speech.

    Many multinational companies have joined together with the government and the media to ban free speech by pulling their advertising from Twitter. Among these enemies of American values are United Airlines, General Mills, Pfizer, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, GM, and Mondelez International Inc. And I’m sure more will follow.

    People who care about American values should do their part by voting (directly and indirectly) against the enemies of free speech or boycotting them as the case may be. And that growing enemies list include members of the Democrat and Republican Party who don’t champion free speech, the players of the mainstream media, and such companies as United Airlines, General Mills, Pfizer, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, GM, and Mondelez International Inc.

  4. What Democrats mean is they want to control ‘the truth’ that is delivered to us, by them. Dems want us to be privy only to their truth, which is their narrative, which is almost always intentional spin and lies (ie, not truth) in order for them to maintain power and control.

    In other news, Oprah endorsed the brain-damaged, radical leftist Fetterman over Dr. Oz in the PA senate race. Now, why would Oprah (speak your truth!) do that? Stop listening to Oprah, people. She be wrong.

    1. Does anyone know the actual facts (or the truth) about what really happened in the Paul Pelosi attack last week? No. Instead of sharing the facts, Nancy Pelosi and her media allies are working at subverting the story, hiding the facts, obscuring the truth –so that Pelosi, Biden et al, can weaponize the attack and then use it against her political opponents. Trump and his MAGA violent extremists did it! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

      As of today, no one in this country knows what really happened in that attack. President Biden wasted no time in giving a fact-free primetime speech to the nation attacking MAGA Republicans as violent extremists. This is the only version of ‘free speech’ Biden believes in.

  5. Brandon is just concerned about ALL the negative comments about him and his terrible Administration! He seeks to shut free speech down!

    1. The “gullible dupes” theme is not their real concern.

      Rather, they are worried that in a world of robust debate the truth will out, and that will be different from their narrative.

      Thus, Covid-19 could have originated in a Wuhan lab, there is no good evidence through RCTs that masks work in schools or elsewhere, the vaccines do little to stop infection or transmission, the 6 ft rule had no scientific basis, lockdowns had no impact on the spread of Covid-19 but a massive impact on other health outcomes, the economy and children’s education, affirmative action is racial discrimination, ideas based on critical race theory are being taught in k-12 schools, “gender affirmative care” for minors is a damaging practice with no basis in science, “social transition” by schools through the acceptance of preferred pronouns and other steps is a dangerous intervention, the border is not secure, the Ukraine war might have been avoided (and still could be ended) if NATO expansion and the failure by Ukraine to implement the Minsk accords had been (or are) addressed, global warming is not leading to catastrophic consequences, etc.

      The boycott of Musk’s Twitter by corporate advertisers is yet another example, like ESG, of the undermining of capitalism as an economic system by wokism or surrender to the wokist mob.

      One of the great appeals of the MAGA Republicans is that, virtually alone, they reject the current Democrat narrative in all its forms. This is what is attracting traditional liberals and even some progressives to their cause. Trump led the way in this but there are many following in his footsteps.

  6. So a private company (twitter) suppresses speech that they find offensive or disinformation, etc.. In the public sphere like public libraries and school libraries, book are banned.

    One is a private company that actually is legally allowed to do what they do, the other should be the bastion of free speech where the 1st amendment gives clear guidance. Yet the vast majority on this blog lambaste twitter and are silent about book banning in libraries. I wonder why that is.

    1. @(the aptly named) Baby

      We are so far beyond those watery arguments all you get is -> 🙄🙄

      1. Just curious, why is it good for mobs (nearly 100% republican) to show up at library meetings and demand librarians be fired and books banned. But terrible for a private company to censor content on a platform they own?

        Please, simple question, what is the answer?

        1. Does each library have all the books ever printed?

          No. That means there is a choice, and that means debate based on relative value.

          Are you unable to understand that simple fact? Banning people and books because of political leanings is censorship and that is what the left is doing. Are you unable to understand that simple fact as well?

          There seems to be lots of things you do not understand.

          1. Yea, I’m pretty dense. A library has lots of books, some that the right wing doesn’t like. So they go to a library or school board meeting and demand that librarians and teachers be fired and books that are already purchased by taken off shelves. I’m pretty sure this is the tyranny of the majority against the minority that was talked about 250 years ago. A shame we’ve lost that knowledge. But hey, I’m dense.

            Florida passed laws prohibiting certain types of speech. I guess this is OK? Oklahoma, Idaho, Utah, the list is lengthy where states passed laws prohibiting certain types of speech. In Idaho it is criminal to talk about getting an abortion. In Florida it is criminal to talk about your same sex marriage partner in a school.

            A private company that relies on ads to survive decides that some speech is offensive and advertisers will not pay to advertise on the platform if that type of speech is allowed. So said company regulates speech on their platform. A perfectly legal and logical decision, at least if you want to make money that is.

            As mr musk found out, when the chief twit says outrageous things, advertisers pull ads.

            I guess republican kids are like little snow flakes, so fragile they can’t handle diverse points of view. But hey, I’m dense.

            But let me tell you about a great book. There is this story in it where two daughters get their dad drunk, strip him naked and have sex with him. I know, pretty erratic isn’t it. Or another story where this guy is on his roof top, looks down at the neighbor woman (married) taking a bath. Decides he likes the women, I mean hey, great body, good looking, naked, what’s not to like. So he has her husband killed so he can have her as his wife. Also pretty erratic isn’t it. That book is revered by a lot of people. They take it with them to church. Worship with it. But a book that talks about two men or two women getting married and living together. Heaven forbid. BAN THE BOOK.

                  1. It’s your allies the liberals that are trying to ban her book. The point is that you are claiming that it is the right that is for censoring when in fact it is the left. Try to keep up.

            1. “Yea, I’m pretty dense. “

              You are. That is why you don’t understand the word choice in books. Amazon sells all books except perhaps for a few on the right, not sure.

              Both the left and the right fight over books that should be in the library and so does everyone else because all have opinions. You have tunnel vision.

              “Florida passed laws prohibiting certain types of speech. I guess this is OK? “

              You say things without knowing what you are talking about. Free speech was not impaired in Florida. Why don’t you defend your comment on Florida? Start by telling us what you are talking about. We all know, but you don’t because you only know what you have been told to think. Florida stopped inappropriate instructions on sex not wanted by the parents to K-3rd grade. Don’t you feel foolish for wanting to get into transgender studies with four to eight-year-old children? I assume you don’t have any fetishes involving children of this age.

              If you don’t know what you are talking about in one state, we can assume you don’t know what you are talking about in all states.

              “republican kids are like little snow flakes, so fragile they can’t handle diverse points of view. But hey, I’m dense.”

              You are. Are you also a pedophile that you think we should be talking to these children about alternative sex lives in the classroom? Are you a groomer?

              “But let me tell you about a great book. There is this story in it where two daughters get their dad drunk, strip him naked and have sex with him.”

              Get the above book from Amazon. Leave it out of the elementary school library.

              1. Yea, I’m dense, you’ve made that abundantly clear. But you have never met me and take what I say out of context. That’s fine.

                Can a 2nd grade teacher married to a same sex person mention their partner? To be fair, the law is written so poorly that a heterosexual couple could be in violation of the law as well if they mention their partner. Notice I said nothing about them talking about what they do or don’t do in bed. But hey, you can make whatever inference you want.

                Am I a groomer? A pedophile? Oooooh, that’s good. Just demean anyone you disagree with therefore their opinions mean nothing. Smart. That shows real high intelligence, NOT.

                “That is why you don’t understand the word choice in books. Amazon sells all books except perhaps for a few on the right, not sure.”
                I said nothing about books available on Amazon. But again, those assumed inferences. I was talking about books for people of all viewpoints available in public libraries. There are groups of people that demand that a book approved by many parents be banned. That is a fact, whether you believe it or not.

                “Get the above book from Amazon. Leave it out of the elementary school library.”
                Except there are a number of repos advocating that book be used in public schools. Sex with daughters good, loving a person of same sex, bad. Killing neighbor to have wife, good, same sex couple living together, bad. Hypocrites?


                Snowflakes, sheeeeeeesh, so tender and vulnerable, Demand their opinions are the only ones that are valid and moral.

                Notice I said nothing about preventing any other viewpoints from being said out loud. Go ahead, tell us how racist you are, fine by me, tell us that LGBTQ people should not have same rights as heterosexual couples, fine, say what you believe, I can take it. But don’t shut other people up either.

                1. “But you have never met me and take what I say out of context.”

                  Baby Trump: If you decide to write things you know nothing about, taking those things out of context, you start in a place where people will always take you out of context. Don’t complain. Look at what you wrote and how others will interpret it. Make sure you don’t take gigantic leaps where you are not familiar with the subject matter. Don’t rely on a third person’s knowledge, or you will get burned.

                  “Am I a groomer? A pedophile?”

                  You control what others think of you. You haven’t been careful on the blog, so you created a reputation you might not deserve. You can correct that immediately.

                  “I said nothing about books available on Amazon.”

                  You didn’t, but you talked about the right banning books from libraries. Libraries can only carry so many books, so people of all persuasions will advocate for the ones they prefer and not someone else’s. Both sides sometimes go too far in their library selections but then, the book can be purchased privately from Amazon or elsewhere. Take careful note of who is banning books. The above publisher won’t publish a book by someone on the right for political reasons. I’m sure you realize that political speech is one of the important things the founders wanted to protect.

                  “There are groups of people that demand that a book approved by many parents be banned. That is a fact, whether you believe it or not.”

                  That happens from both sides of the aisle. They are advocating preference. However, we see the envelope pushed by the left where school libraries are concerned.

                  You cite the Washington Post, not found to be the most truthful periodical. They were wrong on most of the controversies of the Trump administration. That is a reason to question what they say.

                  Quoting from the WP: “It certainly aims to limit LGBTQ discussion in schools. ”

                  They are right. Things of that nature should not be taught in Florida schools from K-3rd grade. In fact, schools exist to teach the three Rs and then some other things like history and civics. The left is diluting things children must learn with things that aren’t necessary. Time is limited. Spend it on the basics, or have you not seen the dismal performance of our students in many public schools?

                  “Notice I said nothing about preventing any other viewpoints from being said out loud.”

                  You sound more reasonable in this response. I like all viewpoints heard, but good teachers direct the various views to the topic of discussion.

                  “Go ahead, tell us how racist you are, fine by me, tell us that LGBTQ people should not have same rights as heterosexual couples, “

                  Now you are acting like some of the uneducated people on the blog. Until now, this response didn’t seem that way. I’m not racist, and I don’t concern myself with your personal or sexual desires, color, religion, or who you voted for. It is the left that is canceling people for these things. It is the left that tries to keep blacks on their plantation. It is the left that promotes race over character. Is something wrong that you cannot see what is in front of you?

                  Historically, the blame for some of these things under discussion fell most to the right. Today, however, things have changed. You can almost exclusively blame the left.

                  Let’s start with the basics. I’ll ask you one question to see if we can find any agreement. Do you agree with MLK, who advocates for character over color? I do. We can then expand it to lesbians and gays. Do you believe in character over sexual preference? I do. Stop thinking ideologically and think of the things important to you and your children. If you do that, and you are a loving parent, eventually we will find a solid agreement and get to know each other better.

    2. If you know your history, you recognize what type of free speech was most important. Tell us the books on the political economy that have been banned.

      Tell us the books our Federal Government has banned.

      I think we will wait a long time for these answers, but in the interim your ignorance will repeat itself.

    3. “So a private company (twitter) suppresses speech that they find offensive or disinformation . . .”

      I guess you didn’t feel like mentioning the fact that those social media companies took marching orders from the *government*.

      And I guess you feel like evading the following fact: The Left’s fetish with “Terms of Service” is a smoke screen for suppressing opinions that disturb the Establishment. And worse: That ToS is a Big Lie to rationalize banning individuals who dare to dissent.

      1. “I guess you didn’t feel like mentioning the fact that those social media companies took marching orders from the *government*.”


        Yes the evil *government* oooooooh.

        Take the tin foil off your head. Marching orders? sheeeeeeesh.

        1. “. . . oooooooh . . . tin foil . . .”

          In a blind panic over the coming election slaughter, the Left is led by cornered, geriatric field mice. They wish to appear powerful and menacing. In reality, they are puny and pathetic.

        2. Google is your friend…look it up. Or keep lying to yourself, like you have been.

  7. “How do people know the truth?”

    According to the Left, the “people” (the unwashed masses) *cannot* know the truth. They don’t have a “special” faculty of insight that is able to access a dimension that is beyond reality. Only the annointed Leftist leaders have that “special” faculty. And only they are able to access that mystical “truth.” Therefore, we should all defer to their greater “wisdom,” and accept their censorship as a gift.

    Censorhip is always based on the (false and evil) premise that the individual’s mind is congentially defective.

    Thank you Plato.

    1. @Sam

      Indeed. Sounds an awful lot like the medieval inquisitions, does it not? We have been here before. I have stated that it resembles the time period of perhaps 80 or so years ago; perhaps I and others were off by centuries. Every ounce of enlightenment we have achieved is actively being thwarted by the woke and the people that control the woke’s purse strings. The ‘Handmaiden’s Tale’? Puh-leeze. thankfully many of us have faculties that extend beyond the 7th grade. I’d honestly be more concerned about something akin to prima nocta making a return, even if in the form of eugenics, under this global, leftist aristocracy, if they have their way. Silencing speech is the first step.

      1. “Sounds an awful lot like the medieval inquisitions, does it not?”

        Good point. In terms of the essential ideas, it is identical. And both anti-mind, totalitarian ideologies have the same philosophic root: Plato’s philosophy.

        Leftist academics have long derided the Enlightenment values of reason and individualism. Instead, they worship blind emotions and collectivism. And from academia to the culture, in a few generations. It is no accident that censorship is now a plank in the democrat’s platform.

  8. “Some of those doctors were the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, which advocated for a more focused Covid response that targeted the most vulnerable population rather than widespread lockdowns and mandates. ”

    H1N1 flu

    As Secretary, Napolitano was a central leader in the federal response to the 2009 flu pandemic.[43] Rather than closing schools and businesses, which would have led to wide-scale disruption, Napolitano advanced a strategy of proactive education for prevention. This included a basic virus-prevention education program.[44] Ultimately, as a result of the programs implemented by Napolitano and others, much of the damage expected from this flu was mitigated.[45]


    hang ’em all.

  9. If you take away the 1st Amendment the 2nd Amendment is inevitable. The 2nd is the Remedy for tyrannical government.

    The National Socialist WOKE Tyrannical Democrat Party is driving America to Civil War. They are delusional and EVIL.

  10. “Like Biden, many are moving to try to deter Musk from allowing greater free speech by getting companies like General Motors to pull advertising revenue.”

    Free speech is for me only, not for you or the other guy that disagrees with me. Joe Biden

    GM threatens to remove advertisements from Twitter. Perhaps GM’s history should be prominently displayed on Twitter. Panzer tanks, Blitz trucks, Ju-88 bombers, torpedoes, land mines, and automation. GM has been called “America’s most criminal corporation” It “partnered with the Nazis to enable the Reich’s conquest of Europe … and the Holocaust.”

    Is GM now in favor of censoring Americans? That is the nature of the left. We fought the NAZIs over such abominations.

  11. The left and their corporate flacks in the American Chamber of Communists will lose this battle with Musk, just like they’re losing this election. I had my doubts about a wave election but no more. I have a gay friend who is a lifelong Democrat and suffers from early-onset TDS. Nevertheless, he is voting a straight-libertarian ticket this time. Even Democrats are starting to hate Democrats. It will be historic, ladies and gentlemen.

    I can understand a platform not allowing threats and incitements to violence. I can understand a platform not allowing some types of profane language. Professor Turley and Darren set reasonable guardrails that I totally understand. I believe Musk will also set those parameters like any reasonable businessman.

    I wish we had more business leaders like Musk. Thank God he didn’t go to Harvard.

    1. Voting ‘straight libertarian’ is a vote being thrown to the Democrats, depending on where your friend is voting. Tell him to vote straight Republican otherwise his libertarian vote is essentially helping Dems win.

  12. I don’t belong to twitter but I am increasingly thinking about joining and paying the fee just to be in support of Mr. Musk. The Presidents rage reactions seem to tell us 2 things.
    1-The allegations of the federal government colluding with the tech industry to suppress internet speech is increasingly apparent and there seems seems to be more evidence of it in meetings and e-mails discovered in FOI enquiries. I suspect the largest part of this iceberg remains below the surface and as yet is undiscovered, but hopefully for not too long. I feel that this is also a result of less than robust use of the anti-trust laws in breaking up monopolies and companies that have achieved such size as to be more powerful than the government in imposing their views on the public with virtually no oversight. This needs to change and rapidly. It will likely have to be done a the state level.
    2-I will not diagnose the president because that would be unethical but will simply point out that dementia is an uneven process from day to day with occasional lapses and “bad days” interspersed with far more “good days”. But as time passes the “good days” diminish and the bad ones become almost constant. In men particularly, there can be increasing rage reactions and increasing paranoia when everything else seems almost normal. There is also a phenomenon called concrete thinking which is quite self explanatory. I would suggest each person on this blog read up on this issue and then reassess the president yourself.
    For the Professor, I think his prior political party has gone off the rails. And that is sad. I left it in the 1980’s.

  13. It is revealing that the Biden Regime and it’s cronies are in full panic mode and actually nothing has changed (YET)!

  14. This is coming from the elite, the same folks who are giving us the Malthusian World Economic Forum’s “green” population control agenda; false racial histories; false biology and gender notions; and a lunatic economic policy. Just about everything in the Democratic playbook is scientifically false, illogical or factually incorrect. We’re dealing with people in the grip of a massive delusional echo chamber. They will continue to crusade against free speech because they know what it will do to their fairytales.

    1. “Just about everything in the Democratic playbook is scientifically false, illogical or factually incorrect.”

      Do you have a link to the Democratic playbook? Or could you list maybe 5 or 10 of things in the playbooks that are scientifically false, illogical or factually incorrect?


  15. I wish I could say the opposite, but unfortunately, I have to agree with Steve Witherspoon. As to Justice Holmes, I find the argument that the 1st Amendment only relates to governments tiring and inadequate. It becomes obvious that all media forums are in cahoots with the current Administration to suppress opposing opinions. This Eans that it is still the government, but now indirectly, violating our constitutional rights.

    1. Don’t worry about Justice Holmes. He has nothing to say. He tells people “Professor even you don’t seem to understand”, but thinks Sotomayor is a man.

  16. Our Dems (I am actually at the point where I’d rather refer to them as ‘their Dems’, as in Marxists, because this is no longer an American party) have nothing if even a single dissenting voice is permitted, which it is, in spades, under our Constitution, and we do not need anymore evidence. One single platform has sent them into these hysterics of oppression and hatred, globally, nay, even the *thought* of that possibility. I pray the Elon does not become another Snowden.

    Our modern Dems believe in nothing but their own perpetuation, and that’s all there is to it, and nobody believes Biden is in charge of anything whatsoever at this point. The Dems are a regime intent on power and there is no low they and their allies will not stoop to even just days from a free and fair election in a free country where we are allowed by law to cast our own ballots. The coming week is going to be rough, the time after, rougher, and all of the hate and insanity is coming from one side – our modern left. Period. I can’t fathom how pedantic/foolish/checked out/privileged/asleep anyone would have to be at this point to believe otherwise. The poles shifted, up is down, and voting against ‘liberals’ is the only way to course correct now. There are lots of us, from many different backgrounds, gathering, banding together in opposition to this insanity. Party affiliation means nothing anymore, unless you are dyed in the wool blue and have accepted statism as an acceptable path to the future. The rest of us have had *enough*.

    For those still shouting, ‘But Trump!’ – wake up. This is so much deeper than that, and if it hasn’t touched your personal life in a manner that you’ve noted you either live in a cave or simply don’t care. The rest of us do.

      1. @zzclancy

        I think so too. The gravitas of that seems to be a whisper in time at this point. Few recall that everyone, virtually everywhere, nearly lost everything then, regardless of the motivations of the players. A world that works for everyone is not a possibility with the elite few requiring adherence to their interpretation of its meaning. The world wide web as it was originally intended was supposed to liberate us from that in the modern age.

  17. It’s too late for Biden and his allies to do very much about losing the battle to suppress free speach. In just a few days Biden and his cronies will know the fury of the public against his corrupt and self-serving regime. The sycophants, as usual, will be the first to jump ship, followed by the media. Then we will see a parade of civil servants looking for cover for their misdeeds. They will come begging for amnesty and immunity in return for their information. Others, true-believers, will burrow-in, using friendly appointed agency chiefs to convert their appointments to career conditional. They must be held accountable for the loss of life in debacals like Afghanistan, the eroding of our national borders, and the onslaught of deadly Chinese fentanyl. Biden is concerned about being impeached. His bigger concern, I offer, is that he and his corrupt family will be indicted and prosecuted for influence peddling and money laundering.

  18. Interestingly Professor even you don’t seem to understand that neither Twitter nor Musk have anything to do with free speech! Don’t you remember who isn’t permitted to chill or punish speech…the government. First year Constitutional law. Has the originalist doctrine coming out of SCOTUS changed that too?

    Musk has decided to be the purveyor of Russian misinformation and hate speech not to be the protector of free speech. He will shut down anyone with whom he disagrees or has a personal issue with. It’s so ridiculous for you…someone who is supposed to know…to scream about free speech on Twitter. Twitter is Musk’s $44 billion prank. All of the people worshipping at Musk’s altar are delusional.

    1. So….when the FBI, DOJ, DHS meet with the heads of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to discuss censoring certain topics, articles, news that the Biden Administration wants protected…..that fine by you?

      That the Biden Administration is asking/telling the Social Media giants to do its bidding….that is not the government censoring free speech.

      Surely….you are not that stupid to not see it for what it is…..which means then you are playing the role of either a Troll or a Useful Idiot as the Communists used to say.

    2. Government doesn’t need to risk a constitutional crisis by openly imposing censorship as long as it can rely upon – or pressure – fellow-travelers in the private sector to do it for them. And that’s precisely what it has been doing.

    3. Hold your breath folks, the door to romper room is now open and the flood gates of internet trolls justifying the censoring of free speech by private individuals and corporations cometh. These fools will rationalize the suppression of free speech right up to the point that their free speech rights are squashed.

      Here’s a great quote from a lawyer I know…

      “Urging third parties to censor US speech is clearly unethical, and our government doing it is illegal.”

      Allow me to refine that a little bit…

      “Urging and justifying others to censor US speech is clearly unethical, and our government doing it is illegal.”

      1. Well, somebody is feeling repressed today. You just stay in the playhouse and don’t get spatter everywhere. I’ll have your mommy bring down some pizza rolls later.

        “(A) lawyer I know…” you quoted him, why not cite him or did you not get his permission first? As for the rest of your tirade, facts in support of your thesis are necessary, you can start with the statutory requirement for an individual or corporation to acquiesce to your desires. Otherwise, it’s just reverb in the echo chamber.

        1. I am not the author of that quote but I have been saying the exact same thing for years. What the government is not allowed to do directly (censor speech) it is not allowed to do indirectly by colluding with private publishers. Learned that in first year law school.

          1. Have no issue with the quote itself per se…it should be properly cited though in the event inquiring minds want to follow up. As for the government colluding with private publishers, I believe the term is hearsay absent facts entered into evidence iaw applicable Rules of Evidence. A link to MSNBC, FoxNews, OAN, Just the News, etc. is all well and good, but without meeting the rules; it’s just noise. All they want is the horse race aspect. But I am not a lawyer.

            1. What are you afraid of Stevie? An honest exchange of ideas? Facts maybe? People might find out you are all hat, no cattle. You should reacquaint yourself with the definition of cyberstalking…do I scare you or do you just not want to be called out on your nonsense. One man’s troll is another man’s truth. Anyway. any facts to support your thesis?

    4. Maybe you should change your moniker. Justice doesn’t seem to fit you. As far as Russian misinformation, we have been fed so much and so many lies by our government about said Russia and so many other situations and countries that we have to do our research …it takes a little time and it gets harder every day because of censorship and the government’s involvement.

  19. I honestly don’t know if Biden is senile or evil.

    But some of the other lefties leave no doubt.

    Tuesday will tell if Americans have a chance to take the country back.

    1. MC writes, “I honestly don’t know if Biden is senile or evil.”

      Why can’t it be both? 😉

      The hypocrite who stood in judgement of Richard Nixon will face his own jury. Irony begets karma.

    2. @monumentcolorado Biden is pure Evil. He has always been a lying corrupt pedo THUG. What adult showers with his daughter?

      Biden showed his true colors in Philly when he went Full Red Guard.

  20. It’s really clear to me that the Democrats don’t think they can ram their totalitarian agenda down the throat of we the people if free speech is allowed to take hold in the cyber world giving Republicans an alternative platform outside the political left’s Pravda like main-stream lap dog media to get their voices heard. It’s clear to me that it’s the Democrats that are trying to destroy the norms in our culture and are the true threat to Democracy.

    1. 99% of Americans when 1st heard the Paul Pelosi incident it was directly from the mouths of Speaker Pelosi & President Biden. Both lied & conspired 2 establish their narrative. They intentionally conspired 2 damage the reputation of 50% of Americans. They need to be boycott & censured.

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