“What’s More Tragic is Capitalism”: BLM Faces Bankruptcy as Founder Cullors is Cut By Warner Bros.

Two years ago, I wrote columns about companies pouring money into Black Lives Matter to establish their bona fides as “antiracist” corporations. The money continued to flow despite serious questions raised about BLM’s management and accounting. Democratic prosecutors like New York Attorney General Letitia James showed little interest in these allegations even as James sought to disband the National Rifle Association (NRA) over similar allegations. At the same time, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors cashed in with companies like Warner Bros. eager to give her massive contracts to signal their own reformed status. It now appears that BLM is facing bankruptcy after burning through tens of millions and Warner Bros. cut ties with Cullors after the contract produced no — zero — new programming.

Some states belatedly investigated BLM as founders like Cullors seemed to scatter to the winds. Gone are tens of millions of dollars, including millions spent on luxury mansions and windfalls for close associates of BLM leaders. The usual suspects gathered around the activists like former Clinton campaign general counsel Marc Elias, who later removed himself from his “key role” as the scandals grew.

When questions were raised about the lack of accounting and questionable spending, BLM attacked critics as “white supremacists.”

Warner Bros. was one of the companies eager to grab its own piece of Cullors to signal its own anti-racist virtues.  It gave Cullors a lucrative contract to guide the company in the creation of both scripted and non-scripted content, focusing on reparations and other forms of social justice. It launched a publicity campaign for everyone to know that it established a “wide-ranging content partnership” with Cullors who would now help guide the massive corporation’s new programming. Calling Cullors “one of the most influential thought leaders in American public life,” Warner Bros. announced that she was going to create a wide array of new programming, including “but not limited to live-action scripted drama and comedy series; longform/event series; unscripted docuseries; animated programming for co-viewing among kids, young adults and families; and original digital content.”

Some are now wondering if Warner Bros. ever intended for this contract to produce anything other than a public relations pitch or whether Cullors took the money and ran without producing even a trailer for an actual product. Indeed, both explanations may be true.

Paying money to Cullors was likely viewed as a type of insurance to protect the company from accusations of racial insensitive. After all, the company was giving creative powers to a person who had no prior experience or demonstrated talent in the area. Yet, Cullors would be developing programming for one of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world.

One can hardly blame Cullors despite criticizism by some on the left for going on a buying spree of luxury properties.

After all, Cullors was previously open about her lack of interest in working with “capitalist” elements. Nevertheless, BLM was run like a Trotskyite study group as the media and corporations poured in support and revenue.

It was glaringly ironic to see companies like Warner Bros. falling over each other to grab their own front person as the group continued boycotts of white-owned businesses. Indeed, if you did not want to be on the wrong end of one of those boycotts, you needed to get Cullors on your payroll.

Much has now changed as companies like Bud Light have been rocked by boycotts over what some view as heavy handed virtue signaling campaigns.

It was quite a change for Cullors and her BLM co-founder, who previously proclaimed “[we] are trained Marxists. We are super versed on, sort of, ideological theories.” She denounced capitalism as worse than COVID-19. Yet, companies like Lululemon rushed to find their own “social justice warrior” while selling leggings for $120 apiece.

When some began to raise questions about Cullors buying luxury homes, Facebook and Twitter censored them.

With increasing concerns over the loss of millions, Cullors eventually stepped down as executive director of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, as others resigned.  At the same time, the New York Post was revealing that BLM Global Network transferred $6.3 million to Cullors’ spouse, Janaya Khan, and other Canadian activists to purchase a mansion in Toronto in 2021.

According to The Washington Examiner, BLM PAC and a Los Angeles-based jail reform group paid Cullors $20,000 a month. It also spent nearly $26,000 on meetings at a luxury Malibu beach resort in 2019. Reform LA Jails, chaired by Cullors, received $1.4 million, of which $205,000 went to the consulting firm owned by Cullors and her spouse, according to New York magazine.

Once again, while figures like James have spent huge amounts of money and effort to disband the NRA over such accounting and spending controversies, there has been only limited efforts directed against BLM in New York and most states.

Cullors once declared that “while the COVID-19 illness is tragic, what’s more tragic is capitalism.” These companies seem to be trying to prove her point. Yet, at least for Cullors, Warner Bros. fulfilled its slogan that this is all “The stuff that dreams are made of.”

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  1. Some, Select [Black] Lives Matter (SS BLM) is a [Pro-Choice] ethical/religious conception.

    That said, baby lives matter.

    1. Yeah, SS BLM targeting black communities, invading neighborhoods, extorting corporate concessions with gay appeal, was kind of a giveaway of their selective character and motive. #BabyLivesMatter

  2. For a while, loyalty pledges to BLM were demanded from the workplace, to universities, to social media. I recall voicing concern at all the BLM tangents on various social media hobby groups I belonged to, due to the anti-police and antisemitic rhetoric, and the total lack of accountability on where all the money went, and actually getting put on a time out. It was rabid mob behavior, where dissent was savagely put down, in many aspects of daily life. Police officers knelt in supplication to a blatantly racist, antisemitic, and pro-crime group responsible for massive riots, arson, and mob looting. I remember seeing a black woman crying on the street, fire on the night skyline, saying the only grocery store she could reach on foot had just been burned down. Without a vehicle, she had no way to buy food anymore. Pharmacies in black neighborhoods were looted until many permanently closed.

    I recall my husband had driven south with some employees for material, and got caught in a BLM riot. He had to send his guys home immediately for their own safety, and get out of the area. He saw mobs looting and attacking people in cars. Steeling jewelry and expensive shoes was supposed to be some sort of reparations.

    Looking back, the hysteria and utter wrongness of it all is more apparent to people, yet no one will apologize to those they harassed, bullied, fired, or otherwise punished for voicing concerns.

    Democrats have brainwashed black voters to believe that they bear no responsibility for their own lives. If they didn’t study in school, turned schools into Lord of the Flies, did drugs, committed crimes, had kids out of wedlock, joined gangs, and went to prison, it was the fault of white people, and they were OWED. This rhetoric reached a fevered pitch with BLM and their demands to defund police, allow crime to run rampant, seized anarchy zones in CHOP/CHAZ, reverted to the law of the club, and reparations.

    Someone can come here from Thailand without a bhat, follow conservative values, and be in the middle class within a decade, with their children on the path to college and equal to or greater than the middle class. At what point do black Democrat voters realize that they have some influence on their fate? If someone of color can immigrate here grindingly poor, and make it, then why can’t they?

  3. Another just as disgusting scam was BLM’s failure to provide financial help to black communities destroyed by the “mostly peaceful” riots performed by BLM, Inc. and ANTIFA during the 2020 Summer of Love.

    1. Blacks won’t be around much longer if they continue their trajectory in obesity, which results in consequent comorbid medical conditions. Blacks lead all groups (50%) in obesity prevalence. While the Left labels it “health care disparities”, Hispanics trend lower in obesity rates followed by Whites. Asians are at a mere 17% prevalence of obesity.

      For those who followed our previous discussion on obesity, there is the following new paper with a free link

      Obesity leads to chronic, systemic inflammation and can lead to insulin resistance (IR), beta-cell dysfunction,
      and ultimately type 2 diabetes (T2D). This chronic inflammatory state contributes to long-term complications
      of diabetes, including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), retinopathy, cardiovascular disease, and nephropathy, and may underlie the association of type 2 diabetes with other conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis.

      Rohm TV, Meier DT, Olefsky JM, Donath MY. Inflammation in obesity, diabetes, and related disorders. Immunity. 2022 Jan 11;55(1):31-55. doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2021.12.013.

      Nothing good comes from being obese. Nothing.

      Lose weight, exercise regularly, adopt healthy nutrional habits, abandon sedentary lifestyle (e.g. unplug from the internet), see your physician to devise a treatment plan to achieve a BMI less than 25

      to your health!

      1. “Blacks won’t be around much longer if they continue their trajectory in obesity, which results in consequent comorbid medical conditions…”


        But Mayor Adams of New York just assured us that being obese had no negative health or beauty consequences. There are laws. The ideal citizen now is a black, obese, illiterate, disabled transgender with a fabulous wardrobe whose hobby is reading porn to children in the public library. Golden! [Oh, oh! Can I still say ‘golden’ or is it racist now?].

        Surely The Mayor knows more than mere physicians. [Is he transgender and illiterate? Just wondering. He needs to eat more.]

        1. It is no one’s business whether someone is skinny or obese, smokes or doesn’t smoke, exercises or doesn’t exercise. The nanny state obsession with other people’s personal habits seems to have spread to conservatives.

      2. Sadly, the constant barrage of advertisements from the food industry and availability of easy to obtain, empty calorie foods and the promise of a magic pill from the big pharmaceuticals has created this monster. No personal responsibility necessary. Also, with rampant store theft and the danger of riding on public transportation has created “food desserts” within the inner cities.

        There are no food restrictions on junk food from SNAP. A person can buy a “”Big Gulp” sugar fountain drink and as long as they do not put the straw in the drink, it qualifies as necessary food. One sugar drink per day equals 15 lbs weight gain per year, not counting the other detrimental heath risks.

        It is a huge mess!The China Study proved that the health of rural, working peasants was much better than those of city dwellers who had access to processed foods.

        1. I meant to say “Food Deserts” not desserts. A place where access to healthy food is very limited.

  4. Author Tom Wolfe perfectly described this evergreen scam in his novel “Bonfire of the Vanities.” The Reverend Reginald Bacon character called the “investments’ made in his church and multiple front businesses as “controlling the steam.”

  5. I am observing a natural experiment in my neighborhood. There are two houses occupied by nice white families with a BLM sign in their yard posted for the past two years. I am curious as to when it will dawn on them that proclaiming BLM allegiance is well past its sell-by date because it should be obvious to all that BLM is a corrupt, racist, anti-free market, organization that did very little to advance the status of Black Americans. I am curious how long it will take. I am curious also as to why (assuming that they do so before I die or move away or natural causes doesn’t do the job) my neighbors will have decided to take down their sign.

    1. Another natural experiment. Calculate the percentage of minorities introduced into a neighborhood before Americans begin to “vote with their feet” – the go-point percentage. There is a basic truth in that exercise. In Southern California, the phenomenon took ~ 50 years advancing from Los Angeles to Dana Point, pushing Americans off the land and into the sea with each successive new housing development. North Long Beach was a great example of the go-point percentage being 100% American in 1955 and “evolving” to 100% African by 1970.

  6. All lives matter.

    (10 minutes later . . .)

    I can now see smoke rising from the direction of California. Wait, when I look north I can see smoke rising from the direction of Toronto too!

    1. Brent, can you hear me in the studio? I’m on the ground here in Toronto and I’ve been interviewing passersby. They claim that about 20 minutes ago they saw the heads of numerous leftists explode and cause a chain reaction, which eventually led to an unusual amount of smoke rising over the city.

      Wait, wait . . . we’re now getting reports that, before exploding, the leftists were screaming “aargh! you can’t say ‘all lives matter’ that’s racist!” Other than the exploding heads we have not had any reports of additional injuries. Back to you.

      1. There are reasonable reports that several liberal heads on the Yale campus, here in New Haven, have begun to implode!!!

  7. I wonder if any of this corporate malfeasance is actionable as fiduciary breaches? Clawbacks on bonuses?(I used to do this for a living for the FDIC during much simpler times.)

    1. I have been pondering that question as well. There are two major views of corporate governance: (1) the shareholder primacy model; and (2) the stakeholder model. Ironically, with the enhanced climate risk disclosure that SEC Chair Gensler is pushing for public companies, it seems to me that the more important disclosure for public companies would be the governance model currently espoused by a public company.

  8. . . . what’s more tragic is capitalism.

    Yet she wants to enjoy the tremendous wealth generated by capitalism. Like someone enjoying a juicy stake while pontificating that it’s tragic, tragic I tell you, that there are non-vegetarians in the world.

    1. “It’s the [free enterprise], stupid!”

      – James Carville


      Under the brilliant and definitive Constitution of the American Founders, industry and endeavor related to commerce and wealth are freedom and free enterprise in free markets.

      Adam Smith posited that free, self-serving entrepreneurs and individuals seeking the fulfillment of their own self interests would meet the needs of the whole society.

      “The Newcomes,” by novelist William Makepeace Thackeray, introduced “capitalism” where the word meant “having ownership of capital” (i.e. wealth).

      “Capitalism” was promoted as a pejorative by Karl Marx.

      Karl Marx was peculiar, illogical and misdirected – Karl Marx was wrong.

      Karl Marx’s theory was false.

      Karl Marx was a failure.

      Karl Marx’s failed fellow revolutionaries in Germany, Belgium, Prussia and France retreated and fled, including escaping to New York and Illinois (i.e. Land of Lincoln).

      Marxist communism failed in Russia and everywhere else it is attempted.

      A “dictatorship of the proletariat” may persist for lengthy periods when employed in conjunction with oppression and brute military force, a la Lincoln.

      Freedom will out.

      “Labor Theory of Value”

      “The labor theory of value is a major pillar of traditional Marxian economics, which is evident in Marx’s masterpiece, Capital (1867). Its basic claim is simple: the value of a commodity can be objectively measured by the average amount of labor hours that are required to produce that commodity.”

      “If a pair of shoes usually takes twice as long to produce as a pair of pants, for example, then shoes are twice as valuable as pants. In the long run the competitive price of shoes will be twice the price of pants, regardless of the value of the physical inputs.

      “The labor theory of value is demonstrably false.”

      – David L. Prychitko

      “With revolutionary uprisings engulfing Europe in 1848, Marx left Belgium just before being expelled by that country’s government. He briefly returned to Paris and Germany before settling in London, where he would live for the rest of his life, despite being denied British citizenship. He worked as a journalist there, including 10 years as a correspondent for the New York Daily Tribune, but never quite managed to earn a living wage, and was supported financially by Engels. In time, Marx became increasingly isolated from fellow London Communists, and focused more on developing his economic theories. In 1864, however, he helped found the International Workingmen’s Association (known as the First International) and wrote its inaugural address. Three years later, Marx published the first volume of “Capital” (Das Kapital) his masterwork of economic theory. In it he expressed a desire to reveal “the economic law of motion of modern society” and laid out his theory of capitalism as a dynamic system that contained the seeds of its own self-destruction and subsequent triumph of communism. Marx would spend the rest of his life working on manuscripts for additional volumes, but they remained unfinished at the time of his death, of pleurisy, on March 14, 1883.”

      – History.com

  9. Sending money to BLM is like sending money to Africa. It’s going to be skimmed off by the corrupt leaders and nothing will be spent on the poor.

  10. Dear Prof Turley,

    Private corporate ‘reparations’ are not illegal, afaict. If Warner Bros. is eager to grab its own high-dollar influencer to signal its own anti-racist virtues, more/less power to ’em. Caveat emptor, and all that jazz.

    Otoh, private corporations working as ‘surrogates’ on behalf of state power is, by definition, propaganda and a perversion of the free-market place (i.e. the supply and demand) of ideas*. That is; ‘fascism’.

    Especially in terms of ‘foreign policy’;
    ‘don’t kid yourself. if we send tanks and jets to Ukraine, that’s what’s called World War III’ *Joe Biden 6 months ago
    ‘with our partners and allies, we are providing tanks and F 16 jets to Ukraine’ *Joe Biden today

    * fyi, ChatGPT became self aware on May 26, 2023, providing completely fictitious ‘case law’ for an active court case in NY.

  11. Jonathan: As I often do on the weekends here are some stories this past week that didn’t catch your attention–I call them “Inconvenient Truths”:

    –It looks like SC Jack Smith is closing in on the Trumpster over the top secret and other confidential materials Trump stole and then hid them from federal investigators at Mar-a-Lago. Smith now has testimony from a M-a-L worker who says he helped move boxes of the material out of the storage room as part of a “dress rehearsal” to hide the docs from the DOJ investigators. This clearly shows Trump’s intent to obstruct the investigation. Smith also has evidence Trump showed the material to individuals not authorized to see them. This would be in willful violation of the Espionage Act. In addition, Trump’s lawyers have asked for a meeting with AG Garland. A sure sign that indictments are imminent.

    –In other news it is pretty clear the GOP has become the party of “racism”. Wis. GOP Rep. Glenn Grothman gave a 26 min. speech on Thursday claiming it’s “almost impossible” for straight white men to get on the federal bench under Biden. Grothman said: “Of the 97 federal judges, I was expecting maybe 25 or 30 were white guys because I know President Biden wasn’t heavy on appointing more white guys. Five of the 97 judges were white guys. Of those, two were gay”. Grothman forgets that 70% of all sitting federal judges are white–thanks to Trump who appointed mainly ultra-conservative “white guys”. Grothman apparently liked it better under Trump. And not a word of criticism from other GOP politicians.

    –FL Gov. DeSantis finally formally announced his candidacy this week. Not in the conventional way–in front of a crowd enthusiastic supporters. Instead he did it on Elon Musk’s Twitter’s audio-only platform. I listened and it was bizarre–full of noise, interruptions and glitches. By most accounts it was a total “DeSaster”. Musk falsely claimed DeSantis’ announcement on Twitter raised an “all-time record for fundraising”. Not exactly. Donald Trump raised $24.8 million in the first 24 hours when he announced his 2020 re-election campaign. Looks like Twitter has become a fact-free universe these days and Musk is backing DeSantis. Another reason Trump is pulling out his hair!

    Finally, Darren Smith had a guest column ( no comments allowed) yesterday following your many attacks on Hunter Biden in previous posts. Smith compared Hunter to Hans Holbein and says the former “only needs to channel the artist within to leave his hapless young daughter without…yet provided for”.

    Now I can remember a time when the private lives of public figures were reserved for gossip columnists–like Hedda Hopper. Darren is doing his own “channeling” of Hedda Hopper in his column. Hopper spent a lot of time “exposing Communists in Hollywood”. Darren seems to think that “exposing” Hunter’s family law court dispute over support payments and the naming of his putative daughter are all fair game. The ghost of Hedda Hopper would be applauding Darren’s column!

    1. Dennis McIntyre, you don’t just change the subject on the weekends you change the subject every day of the week. One would think that you would be concerned that BLM was just a scam with very little benefit to the black community. One would think that you would be outraged that millions of dollars given to BLM went into the pockets of the Marxist leaders of BLM. It is obvious that you have in both instances no concern for the betterment of the lives of black people after all. Is anyone surprised.

        1. With Dennis if it’s not a funeral for a black guy it must be systemically racist. So just as expected Dennis will change the subject to racism.

    2. Dennis McIntyre, you complain of gossip columnists when you were all in on the pee tape and the laptop wasn’t Hunter’s gossip. Shill much?

    3. A little more fiber in your diet might alleviate some of that constipated thinking, mcintyre…

    4. Dennis – let’s consider your usual scattershot fusillade at Trump and Republicans.
      1) Trump was rehearsing hiding documents from the DOJ. In truth, Trump showed his documents to the FBI when they visited the compound. He was not trying to hide anything, as far anyone actually knows. If there were documents outside the storage room, that is not evidence that they were being “hidden”, unless you agree that Joe Biden was “hiding” the documents found at his Delaware residence after the initial search.
      2) Trump showed “materials” to persons not authorized to see them.
      Let’s look at that part of the Espionage Act that applies: 18 USC 793 says:
      “d) Whoever, lawfully having possession of, access to, control over, or being entrusted with any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, or note relating to the national defense, or information relating to the national defense which information the possessor has reason to believe could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation, willfully communicates, delivers, transmits or causes to be communicated, delivered, or transmitted or attempts to communicate, deliver, transmit or cause to be communicated, delivered or transmitted the same to any person not entitled to receive it, or willfully retains the same and fails to deliver it on demand to the officer or employee of the United States entitled to receive it[.]”
      So, the document must “relate to the national defense” and must be “willfully communicated to a person not entitled to receive it.” Do you have any idea of a document relating to the national defense that Trump intentionally comminuted to anyone? Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell, appearing in the Katie Phang Show, merely says:
      “According to Lowell, who has been reporting that the documents may have been hidden from Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran, a new report that Trump left documents laying [sic] about and might have shown them to others makes it more likely he’ll face more severe charges if that is true.” https://www.rawstory.com/donald-trump-espionage-2660715138/ So, no one has identified a document “relating to the national defense” and he only “may have left them [whatever they were} laying around” [Sounds more like Joe Biden than Donald Trump.]
      3) “Wis. GOP Rep. Glenn Grothman gave a 26 min. speech on Thursday claiming it’s “almost impossible” for straight white men to get on the federal bench under Biden.” Republicans are racist because they have not denounced Grothman. First, the statement is probably close to the truth. Secondly, Republicans don’t feel the need to denounce people for making non-PC statements. The taste for denunciation is a left-wing thing.
      4) Your next unfocused comment seems to be aimed at Twitter for supporting DeSantis by puffing up his fundraising numbers. Whether Trump or DeSantis had a larger contribution of cash when they announced their respective candidacies seems unimportant. If Musk wants to help DeSantis, then more power to him. He is probably picking the best man for the job. Musk has been called a genius.
      5) Finally, you flay Darren Smith for suggesting Hunter Biden’s artistic talent, which must be considerable judged by the money paid for it, should be used to enrich his unrecognized daughter. How terrible to advert to the private life of a politician! Democrats would never do that! It is clear that the money paid to Hunter Biden has nothing to do with either art or Hunter Biden. It is brazen influence peddling. Powerful people are attempting to show their loyalty to Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. That is not personal.

      1. Edward: Your first mistake: “Trump showed his documents to the FBI when they visited the compound”. First, the docs were not “his” [Trump’s]. They belonged to the govt. and Trump was keeping them unlawfully. Second, Trump didn’t “show” anything to the FBI. When the investigators showed up in June of last year lawyers for Trump turned over 15 boxes of classified materials along with a certificate that everything Trump had in his possession was being turned over. That was a lie and necessitated the August search when over a hundred top secret and other classified docs were discovered at Mar-a-Lago. Strange how you like to distort the facts.

        As to a possible charge by Jack Smith under the Espionage Act that could be difficult to prove. As you point out there would have to be a showing that the “top secret” docs specifically dealt with “national defense”. “Top secret” docs involve threats to “national security”–but not necessarily “”national defense”. If some of the docs Trump had in his possession dealt with “national defense” issues then a charge under the EA would have more solid ground–especially if Trump showed such docs to others. But a charge under the EA is the least of Trump’s worries. If/when Jack Smith brings indictments against Trump he will face charges for obstruction (18USC Sec. 519), criminal contempt (18USC Sec. 402), False statements (18 USC Sec.1001), Conversion of govt. property (18 USC Sec. 641–as well as other violations of criminal statutes. If any of these charges can be proved Trump is going away for a long time–irrespective of the EA.

        As to your other ramblings, Musk is betting on the wrong horse in DeSantis–the “deSaster”. Musk would have been better off convincing Trump to return to Twitter. This way MAGA supporters will desert Twitter in droves. And this is all Musk doesn’t need at this time when advertisers refuse to return to the platform. With DeSantis’ anti-free speech and anti-LGBTQ+ campaigns advertisers will avoid Twitter like the plague. Musk is shooting himself in the foot!

        Finally, if you think the Turley/Darren Smith “gossip” columns about Hunter Biden’s personal life are going to get any traction outside the GOP MAGA beltway you really have gone off into la-la land!

        1. Dennis – regarding the June visit by the DOJ and FBI to M-A-L, the DM wrote:
          “Four top DOJ officials traveled to Mar-a-Lago in early June to speak with the former president’s attorneys about the documents, it was reported by CNN the day after the FBI raid. The DOJ’s counterintelligence and export control section chief Jay Bratt was reportedly among the group who sat down with Trump’s lawyers.
          Trump’s team had also shown the government officials where Trump were storing documents. Investigators reportedly observed that some of the files there were marked as classified.
          At one point the former president himself reportedly stopped in to say hello and ‘make small talk’ before leaving again.
          Days after the investigators’ visit, they reportedly sent a letter to Trump’s staff on June 8 asking them to secure the room where they observed the documents being stored.”
          As you are aware, several months earlier, Trump had sent 15 boxes of documents to the NARA, which included classified documents.
          This does not sound like the behavior of someone “hiding highly sensitive documents”. Compare his behavior to Obama’s, who kept all of his classified documents in his possession at a Chicago warehouse until sending them to NARA several years later.
          Your list of Trump’s potential crimes sounds like a wish list. Trump raised a claim of privilege as to some of the documents in his possession. His right to claim Executive or Attorney-Client privilege cannot be eliminated by the DOJ or NARA. His right to characterize documents in his possession as “personal” rather than “Presidential” cannot simply be ignored by government officials. This is a recurring conflict between ex-Presidents and NARA that should have been resolved civilly between counsel, not by subpoenas and midnight raids.

  12. Warner Bros. was one of the companies eager to grab its own piece of Cullors to signal its own anti-racist virtues.

    It’s a bit curious to think of contributing to BLM – an explicitly racist organization – as signaling “anti-racist virtues.” Our local paper hired a BLM operative as a contributing opinion writer. Every single one of her opinion pieces, without exception, was some variation on the theme of “white people are bad, black people are good.”

    1. IMO Warner Bros deserves being boycotted for trying to join this anti-white money-making scam. Lots of anti-white well-paying professions:

      “In a speech late last year, Brittney Cooper, a black associate professor at Rutgers University, spewed so much hate against “white people,” to the point of concluding “we got to take these motherf**ers out!” (Needless to say, she still teaches at Rutgers.)”. — https://www.raymondibrahim.com/2023/05/25/are-white-people-committed-to-being-villains/

  13. Even a big company can partner with a con man, right AT&T (most of these shenanigans with BLM were prior to the spin-off)?
    However, if you run operations like CNN can you really think it was a con or a shakedown? Or just another avenue for business as usual?

  14. Adios, BLM. Founded by “trained Marxists”, who aren’t really Marxists at all, but as grifters of the first order deluded many hapless people into believing and hoping they were. It’s fitting what happened to all the businesses that allowed themselves to be conned and coerced. While that is tragic in itself, the real tragedy is in how the “trained Marxists” mislead so many good and faithful people by using the refrain “Black Lives Matter” merely as a ruse for their self-enrichment.

  15. During the Covid lockdowns BLM held mass rallies and nobody said boo. Evidently, the virus didn’t show up to such rallies. Why? Even the virus has standards.

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