Biden Appointee Calls Upon the United Nations to Act to Secure Reparations and End the “Continuation of Slavery” in the United States

Howard Law Professor Justin Hansford addressed the United Nations Permanent Forum on People of African Descent last week and called for the establishment of a United Nations Reparations Tribunal that could order the payment of reparations to African Americans.

Professor Hansford objected that white lawyers and politicians have been allowed to control this debate in the United States for too long:

But so far we have left it to the scholars of the past, the lawyers of the past, the white scholars, white lawyers, to determine the bounds of our legal imagination, to determine the narrow structures that we will use to determine what justice looks like for our own people.

So I come to you today with a novel proposal, that we begin to think our own thoughts, propose our own vision of justice, and implement that justice, as part of the Permanent Forum on People of African Descent.

It is not clear what Professor Hansford meant when he suggested that a  United Nations program for reparations should not only be crafted but “implemented” by people of color.

Professor Hansford notes in his address that the United Nations previously recognized the need for reparations for victims of racism and cultural genocide.

The speech to the United Nations is part of growing calls for action on reparations after years of study and proposals. As task forces in states like California have issued recommendations for payments, the demands are presenting a challenge for Democratic politicians who have long campaigned on such payments as a moral imperative. That bill has now come due but politicians like California Gov. Gavin Newsom have sought to pivot away from demands from his own Reparations Task Force for massive payments.

It may be too late for this effort as activists demand actual payments, including up to $5 million for each eligible citizen in cities like San Francisco.

Now Professor Hansford is calling on the United Nations to order such payments by the United States. It is an interesting pitch to countries that were directly involved in the slave trade or enslaved other people in their own histories. Reparations would appear to apply to many of the same countries and might be looked at with some skepticism and concern in their own capitals.

Professor Hansford is a scholar who has written extensively on critical race theory. He has been an advocate for not only reparations but “police abolition”:

“Well, yes, when I think of police abolition, I think that it’s the right word. I think about the abolitionists that we saw in the 19th century — Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass — and their work, which was our destiny as a people, to be free. And I think that’s part of the same tradition. I think that it’s the same work. I think that the systems that we’re facing today are continuations of the systems that the abolitionists in the 19th century worked against. So, yes, I support that. I think that has to be the ultimate goal.”

I have serious objections to these views, but value the debate. Indeed, part of the effort to combat the intolerance for opposing viewpoints at schools like Howard University is to allow a more robust debate on these issues.

Reparations is a debate that we should have as a nation, including in Congress.  Recently, Democrats introduced a bill demanding $14 trillion in reparations. I have major misgivings over the legal and policy basis for such payments, but welcome any forum for a free and civil debate. The United Nations did not offer an opposing view on this question, which is often the case on our campuses.

Professor Hansford called on the United Nations to stop “cultural genocide” and to end the “continuation of slavery” through means like “mass incarceration” in the United States.

The Biden Administration nominated Professor Hansford to work with the United Nations Permanent Forum on People of African Descent (PFPAD) for the 2022-2024 term. Hansford is the only American representative.

Here are Professor Hansford’s remarks:

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  1. Well then I suggest this UN council march their happy little @sses straight over to Africa with that tin cup in their hand. If we are going to pay reparations, let us make those responsible for slavery pay them! AFRICA get your checkbook out…on second thought, knowing how you people are with money, this transaction will be cash only!!!

  2. The original reparations from the 19th century should be what is offered: free transportation to Liberia. Or any other country.

  3. “Reparations is a debate that we should have as a nation,…”

    No, we should not. There are no living former slaves. There are no living former slave owners. Our Constitution expressly prohibits reparations as a concept.

    The only debate we have is how many years at hard labor should be served by government officials promoting this unconstitutional nonsense.

    1. Wasn’t it determined that Harris has a Jamaican father who owned slaves. He is still alive

  4. I’m calling for 5 years in prison for any government employee calling for “reparations.”

  5. And what about the illegal aliens that have been crossing the US’ southern border in record numbers since Xiden’s S-election??? How many of them, including children, are coming here and ending up in slavery of some form??? Why are we dredging up historical slavery in this country when ACTUAL slavery is occurring here RIGHT NOW – and our Federal government, and countless NGO’s, are funding it??? WHY ISN’T MODERN SLAVERY FRONT AND CENTER??? And, let’s not forget that there have been MORE WHITE slaves in America than people of other “colors”… “Indentured servitude” IS slavery, as the “owner” of the “debt” has full power to redetermine at any time the terms of the “agreement”, and whether they been fulfilled.

  6. An interesting UN address

    Dictator Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe says “We are not gays”

  7. Some of the biggest recipients of cash due, directly or indirectly, to their interaction with the federal government are current members of Congress like Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell with their questionable investments, scores of former members of Congress who now work as lobbyists, former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who give speeches for several hundred thousand dollars per event, and the entire Biden Family with its highly successful efforts to shake down our foreign enemies.

  8. Federal programs costing tens of trillions of dollars—which have disproportionately been made available to the descendants of slaves—have dominated American life for decades in the form of affirmative action, Medicaid, food stamps, subsidized housing, subsidized transportation, subsidized day care, and general welfare payments. Some of these programs have destroyed Black families, and, to a lesser extent, White families, by making it easier for young men to abandon their children and the mothers of their children.

  9. Life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa is slightly over 60. Life expectancy for AA in the US is 77. What is the value of approximately 17 additional years of life?

  10. Reparations and for what, exactly? No one alive today was enslaved in America and the various programs established by the Civil Rights Acts have put working tax payor money into black pockets for decades. And, I call BS on all of this black yak about how they were affected by slavery!

    White people in America are not the racists that blacks believe them to be and are actually demanding they become, and for these under educated, under achiever blacks to rise up and demand financial compensation for something that had absolutely nothing to do with them, is the height of hypocrisy.

    My advice to them: Get out and make your own money you childish, parasitic teat lovers, just like the rest of Americans do every single day. You deserve nothing and if you don’t like it….find another place to live.

    1. Totally agree. My wife paid off all her student loans by living at home for 4 years after completing college. We kept to a strict budget, and our families supported our commitment to not carrying debt. If you are making $100K a year, you need to prioritize. We paid off making a combined $50K annually. Mass Transit. No going out for meals. Thrift store clothing, no vacation trips. When we got married we maintained the discipline, c completed payments, and started saving for a downpayment on a home. Used cars easily maintainable. You probably would fare better getting out of California ASAP. Find a Principal job in another state with a more realistic cost of living. Any money you may have been saving via CalPers, can be transferred to a Rollover IRA. What were you doing during the last 15 years to pay down your debt. No sympathy here; just reality. You are not entitled to a free pass on your student debts. Once you get this under control\, you will be more confident and definitely more self reliant. The government is never the answer for help. The government is bondage. Free yourself. My prayers are with you. I never owned a human black or white. You were never a slave. Case closed. Go to work

  11. As the world’s population of POC increases, there will be more and more calls for “reparations” and other nonsense, mostly due to the fact that blacks and hispanics can’t run successful societies that aren’t corrupt and crime ridden. Whites dug their own graves in supporting bad policies. Did they never learn what happens when you’re a minority and the rest of the population is hostile to you? Germany, Muslim countries, China comes to mind. All reparations do is stir up extreme resentment and violence against whites. South African policies of confiscation will be happening in the future.

    $5 million is a joke figure. According to a 2020 Fed Reserve report, the mean wealth of a white American family is $188k. So why are they even tossing out $5 million except as a vehicle of revenge. Past discrimination of asians and Jews only motivated these groups to adopt values that allowed them to succeed. If you look at NAEP test scores of 12th graders, only 8% of blacks are proficient in math, 25% in reading compared to asians, 50% math, 53% reading. Of course, blacks aren’t going to be able to amass wealth if they’re illiterate and innumerate but, somehow, that’s whites’ fault. Well, it certainly is if you’re a white Democrat because they created the Democrat run public school system that is churning out these failures and the black community bought into that system and does nothing about the pathologies in the black community.

    And for cretins that complain about redlining, it was white/Jewish neighborhoods that were targeted by banks and crooked realtors engaged in blockbusting. This happened in Massachusetts in the city of Dorchester where a Jewish neighborhood was victimized by this. And the blacks also victimized the Jews via threats, assaults and even murder.

  12. Maybe he should go practice law in one of those wonderful UN member countries like Chad or Sudan

  13. “Now Professor Hansford is calling on the United Nations to order such payments by the United States.”

    There are two vicious evils here: generational guilt and that race defines the generation. Thus the Left is the party of tribalists.

    1. Democrats are losing blacks. This is just another attempt to manipulate them. Reparations will never happen.

  14. Living in Iowa, we are cursed/blessed with lots of Political ads.

    Tim Scott is running an ad, using tag line, “from Cotton, to Congress, in one lifetime.”

    There is no evidence of racial discrimination.

  15. Seeing how there were far more white slaves throughout history than the few black ones, will the proff agree to paying me, as well?

  16. Proves how utterly stupid you can be and still become a Professor at Harvard.

    Being part of the Biden Administration is just proof positive of the damage Identity Politics is doing to this country.

    1. Howard University, a “traditionally black university”; not the playground for the children of the rich and influential. Although, the confusion is completely understandable – the two names are similar, and more to the point, the nonsensical views could easily be found cloistered in either location.

  17. Yet another irresponsible attempt by Democrats to get votes by talking about and proposing payments to a large group that they know will never happen, like Biden’s proposal to pay for student loans.

    1. I agree, it’s a brilliant con job; votes already collected with no serious belief payment will ever occur. What’s more problomatic with reparations is the type of reaction those who have been duped will have. Where college graduates might become disgruntled, populations bamboozed by a reparations con have already shown a propensity to react with violence in the streets.

  18. Redistributive change is the Ouroboros of sociopolitical solutions.

    That said, [Critical] Diversity doctrine (i.e. color judgment, class-based bigotry) denies individual dignity, individual conscience, intrinsic value, and normalizes color blocs (e.g. “people of color”), color quotas (e.g. too many Asians), and affirmative discrimination (e.g. albinophobia). #HateLovesAbortion

  19. And what of the hundreds of thousands of white folk that fought and died agonizing deaths on the battlefields of Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, Sharpsburg, First Manassas, and many others? My ancestor took a bayonet through the stomach so that all men could be free. You don’t, and never will, hear my family whine.

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