Res Ipsa Hits 73,000,000

crowd vj dayThis morning, Res Ipsa passed the 73,000,000 mark in views on the blog.  We have used these moments to give thanks for our many regular readers around the world and share our traffic data to give you an idea of the current profile of readers around the world. We do not have a running data page so these periodic postings allow our community to see the traffic profile of our blog. So let’s get at it.

As always, I want to offer special thanks for Darren Smith, who has continued to help manage the blog and help out folks who encounter posting problems.  I also want to thank our editor Kristin Oren, who continues her amazing work proofing posts on a daily basis to remove my embarrassing typos. I also wish to thank Hartwell Harrison for his effort to catch errors as well as others who alert me to typos or any violations of the civility or copyright policies on the blog.

We have continued to post significantly higher traffic numbers every month. Last month, we posted the highest traffic for June in our history. This month is on track to set another record for July.

So here is our current profile:

As of this morning, we have  21,360 posts and 1,280,195 comments. We have also continued our steady rise on Twitter and currently show over 515,000 followers.  We have roughly 11,100 people who follow us on WordPress and 7,400 by direct emails (which you can subscribe to with the box on the right side of the blog home page).

In the last month, our ten biggest international sources for readers came from:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. Germany
  6. Unknown Region
  7. France
  8. Italy
  9. India
  10. Israel

The top five posts in terms of readership in the last month were:

  1. “Everybody Needs to Back Off!”: The Media and Political Figures Continue to Ignore the Biden Corruption Scandal
  2. Fourth Circuit Rules Against North Carolina State Professor Who Spoke Out Against Diversity Policies
  3. Biden’s “Normal”: The President’s Constitutional Takes are Becoming More Unhinged from History

30 thoughts on “Res Ipsa Hits 73,000,000”

  1. Your increasing readership is evidence of your consistently prolific commentary and economical writing style which gets to the heart of each matter. Well deserved congrats for always presenting fair-minded, fact-based observations with an underlying rule-of-law foundation. The absence of Left or Right extremes is beyond refreshing. Thank you for being reliably authentic & genuine.

  2. Turley has done some great work over the past 20 years but hope he will cover arguably the biggest constitutional issue in the 21st Century.

    This unconstitutional practice initially harmed Democrats the most at the turn of this century, but now the tables have turned and Republicans are at greatest risk in the years to come from “Non-Confrontational Blacklisting” (Cointelpro style tactics).

    This is lifetime punishments performed covertly. You cannot be removed from these blacklists.

    In some ways it’s worse and more evil than an innocent person going to prison, since prison terms end and the accused can challenge their overt punishments.

    An innocent person on a blacklist can never challenge this evil unconstitutional practice and it’s punishments for life – unlike an overt punishment. Basically criminals convicted in court have more rights than you do.

    It started blacklisting non-white American tourists photographing bridges, government buildings, or non-white persons simply playing paint-ball. Today probably any American that supported Trump’s coup attempt (even if they didn’t participate) is likely on these lifetime blacklists.

    There is not a single federal agency that will protect anyone from “Non-Confrontational Blacklists”. Innocent Americans wrongly blacklisted have been defamed and harassed by local, state and federal officials for more than 7000 consecutive days since 9/11, a form of torture akin to Chinese Water Torture.

    Today there is a federally funded (state operated) blacklisting center located in every state. Congress and state legislatures have made it nearly impossible to file a Freedom of Information Act request to these “Fusion Centers” – even for non-terrorism cases.

    This is what you should be writing your member of Congress about and it’s time for Turley to investigate these unconstitutional abuses.

    1. I would agree with your “Blacklisting” comments. The actions of the DOJ and FBI in support of the liberal political side in the country is a large part of the political divide that has been worsening since the Obama Admin. If the legislature and the courts do not start putting “common sense” back into the law, I fear we may not be able to continue as a free country! The over stepping in Reynolds v. Sims in mandating the State Senates be apportioned by population(the same as the State House) has disenfranchised the entire rural counties in each state driving the “Greater Idaho” movement as well as state division movements in almost every state of the union. If you accept that The State senate mandate is correct under the 14th amendment, how does that amendment NOT force the same change upon the US Senate? And if it is WRONG for the US Senate, How can it be RIGHT for the States?

  3. Thanks to Professor Turley for this great site and the continuing battle to protect the 1st Amendment.

    I also want to thank 90% of the people that comment here because what they add to the site should not be discounted. People like Upstate Farmer, Estovir, Diogenes, Karen S, Mespo, S. Meyer, Ron, Old Man From Kansas, ThinkitThrough, GEB, Iowan, John B Say and many others that I unfortunately can’t bring to mind just this minute. Oh and yes, even George, our resident historian. Of course a special thanks to Darren and all of Professor Turley’s staff.

    My one and only issue is the continuing allowance of multiple people being able to label themselves “Anonymous”. I have no issue with anonymity, obviously, but if everyone would just take a unique name it would allow us to quickly ignore the troll that comments 100 times a day as “Anonymous”. I am NOT saying to ban the troll, that being counter to the very essence of the site, but we should have the ability to ignore. I would be very happy if the people wanting to go by “Anonymous” to continue to do so by at least being “Anonymous 1, “Anonymous 2, “Anonymous 3” etc etc. Give us the ability to ignore, that is all I am asking.

  4. 73,000,000, only 27,000,000 more to go to reach 100,000,000 and a MAGA Congrats. I congratulate you for doing so in a fair and balanced way. Others on the left and right should emulate the way you do it.

  5. Quite a number. Congratulations Professor, thank you for giving me something(s) to think about everyday, and keep blogging. I have no idea of how renumeration for blogs work, or if there is any at all, but if so, it is pleasant to consider that every time a Leftist troll clicks to your site it is money in your pocket. I look forward to continuing to read your works in the future.

  6. Congratulations, Professor Jonathan Turley, Darren Smith, Kristin Oren, and Hartwell Harrison! Your courage and commitment are much appreciated. I hope someday everyone comes to feel that way. They need to.

  7. Professor Turley, congratulations and thank you! I look forward to reading your columns every day! You bring a fresh perspective to
    the events of the day! I, for one, appreciate
    that, especially at a time when the media has
    lost its way.

  8. Professor Turley, I was only familiar with you as an occasional guest on cable news shows, and I stopped watching those something like 10-12 years ago. But since discovering res ipsa a few months ago, I watch for the emails announcing a new post, and sometimes I just click over to the site to see if I’ve missed anything!

  9. Thank you for this informative blog that is really one of the few places we can go for the truth and for arguments in defense of the Constitution. The comments are for the most part very interesting and even the trolls are amusing in their TDS.

  10. Congratulations. Very grateful for you all’s hard work. And Darren has been on a roll lately. 😊😊

  11. Darren, thank you for fixing the HTML errors from some of us careless commenters. Apologies for creating more work for you.

    Professor Turley, please seriously consider converting the blog to a system where commenters have to create an account which must be used to post comments. Many other internet gratis forums use this method while safeguarding free speech. The “anonymous” and multiple sock puppet features are abused, promote chaos and detract from the forum.

    Thank you otherwise for your legal scholastic analysis of the political trajectory of the nation.

    1. I agree, although “Anonymous” posts are sometimes goof for an (unintentional, I’m sure) laugh.

  12. In an era of ever expanding violations of our Constitution and its Bill of Rights, especially the continual encroachments upon freedom of speech, in particular; and combined with Google’s and the other “Tech” companies’ manipulations of data to influence and to change the course of elections and to mold public opinion; to “neo-Marxist” influences in our political parties, universities, and media, Prof. Turley’s commentaries remain an anchor and a life preserver for those who hope to maintain sanity in our public discourse.

  13. Congratulations, Professor Turley. Speaking as a blogger I know that is BIG TIME! It’s easy to understand why, you have some of the most intelligent and well considered content anywhere, and you allow your followers to read without being bombarded with the advertising hell storm that some blogs, news sites, and–well–just about everywhere reigns down on readers. Thank you for your excellent work!

  14. I agree with Granny62. This is what the internet promised to us all those many years ago. Glad to see it flower in a blog like this. The discussions are lively and passionate. Great wit is demonstrated on a regular basis and we can learn even from those that we disagree with. Open discussion reveals the truth and the truth can set you free.

  15. How reassuring it is to know of so many others in the world who appreciate your legal knowledge delivered in succinct & excellent writing. Thanks so much to all for your hard work!

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