Poll: 68% of the Public Believe that Joe Biden Acted Illegally or Unethically in Hunter’s Foreign Dealings

A new AP-NORC poll  is out and, consistent with earlier polling results, shows that there remains a disconnect between the media coverage and public opinion over the Biden corruption scandal. Despite the continued dismissal or downplaying of the scandal by many in the media, a massive 68 percent of Americans believe that President Biden acted either illegally or unethically in his involvement in his son’s foreign dealings.

The largest group (36%) believe that the president has done something illegal. The second largest group (33%) believed Biden has done something unethical.

Only 30% of American adults believe Biden has “not done anything wrong” as he has repeatedly claimed.  It seems like the same 30% has remained supportive on every issue for Biden — the same unchanging support that we have found at the extremes of every poll for both Biden and Trump.

Notably, however, 40% of Democrats now believe Biden has done something illegal or unethical in his handling of his son’s business dealings.

The percentage is overwhelming among Republicans at 96%.

What should worry Biden is that 74% of the key independent vote believes that he has done something illegal or unethical.

What is most striking about these polls is that the public has reached these conclusions despite a media that is overwhelmingly protective of the President. Most major media outlets downplayed or ignored the Hunter Biden laptop story while adopting ever-changing narratives to excuse the President’s role.

Just this week, the Boston Globe ran a story titled “Attacking Biden, GOP tries to have it both ways; He’s old and feeble — and a master criminal?” Of course, you do not have to be a genius to engage in influence peddling. You just need to be corrupt. Menendez was no Brainiac in taking cash and cars from foreign sources. Moreover, one of Hunter Biden’s corrupt clients reportedly viewed him as dumber than his dog but still gave him millions. The labyrinth of shell companies and accounts were set up by others, not the President or his son.

Despite the media running cover for the Bidens for years, the public is just not buying it. Indeed, they are not buying the media. The Washington Post recently acknowledged that it will lose $100 million and announced a new round of layoffs or buyouts.

CEO Patty Stonesifer blamed the continuing loss of readers and revenues on being “overly optimistic” about its growth in readership, subscriptions and ads for the past two years. There is a continued effort at failing media outlets to blame their losses on everything other than their embrace of advocacy journalism and writing off half of the country with its strident political bias.

In fairness to Stonsifer, advertising revenues are down for newspapers with the rise of digital sources for the news. However, the embrace of non-traditional sources of news is not, in my view, entirely due to technological or platform changes.

Much like some companies pursuing woke agendas despite opposition from their consumers, media executives cannot acknowledge that their brand of journalism may be at fault. Editors at the Post and other leading outlets have rejected objectivity in favor of advocacy for journalists — blurring the line between reporting and commentary. That was evident recently when the Post publicly reaffirmed that it was standing by the false reporting of Philip Bump on a variety of disproven stories. These are conspiracy theories and false claims that have been long debunked from Lafayette Park to the Hunter Biden laptop but the Post just declared that Bump was correct.

For his part, Bump recently became irate when confronted with his past false claims, declaring “I just I’m gonna lose my mind. I’m gonna lose my mind.”

Notably, the interviewer explained that many do not believe his reporting and Bump dismissed them as uninformed and said that they need to listen to him as the expert on such matters.

Noam Dworman asked “is there nothing we can talk about … half the country believes this stuff.”

Bump: “I know, because half the country doesn’t actually dig into the issues.”

Dworman: “Here’s your chance to disabuse people. They don’t read the Washington Post.”

Bump responded: “There’s just no point, because all you want to do is you want to have me here as the putative expert so that you can present me with things that have been debunked multiple times that I’ve written about.”

Dworman: “What’s been debunked?”

Bump: “These, these claims. I’ve written about this, this argument about his dad calling him. I’ve written about this. Did you read what I wrote?”

Dworman: “It’s not debunked. Neither of us were there.”

Bump: “Well, I debunked it in the standpoint that I’ve already addressed this and presented the counterarguments to it.”

Before leaving, Bump explained that there was little value to explaining his past claims “because you don’t listen to the press. I’m sitting here and I’m telling you, you’re wrong about these things, and you don’t listen, and you continue to insist upon things that are, you know, parsing of language. And it’s just, it’s this is why I keep saying it’s silly.”

Once again, the Post recently stood by Bump’s past false claims.

This is why the Stonesifer’s account is so striking. She assured staff that “we are working to find ways to return our business to a healthier place in the coming year.” That “healthier place” could be with more balanced reporters.

There are still excellent journalists at the Post who can restore balance in its coverage and regain the trust (and business) of readers. However, it requires a bit of self-awareness and reexamination on the part of the owner and the editors. Instead, the Post continues to write for that same 30% revealed in the poll by the AP, which steadfastly supports the Bidens despite rising evidence of corrupt influence peddling and false statements. You cannot sustain a major publication on 30% of the readership while writing off any conservatives or independents who want balanced coverage.

The disconnect in these polls shows that many in the public are simply dismissing the common narrative of the media. The uniformity in much of the coverage, particularly in the Biden corruption scandal, leaves many with the feeling of a de facto state media. That appearance is not helped with the White House giving marching orders to the media on how to attack the investigations into the Biden family while powerful Democrats warn reporters to “back off” the Bidens.

I have been a columnist and a television analyst for roughly three decades. I have written for papers like the Washington Post and worked for NBC, CBS, BBC, and Fox. I care deeply for the future of these media outlets. However, the lack of impact of the media on public opinion reflects the record low levels of trust in the media found in numerous polls. That is the result, in my opinion, of the embrace of advocacy journalism and echo chamber coverage. The “healthier place” for the media is the very place that many reporters abandoned in the past with the tradition of objectivity and neutrality in journalism.

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  1. Yet people like McConnell, Romney, Graham, McCarthy, etc supposed Republicans…continue to fund a 100% corrupt System?

  2. patty stonesipher, ceo interim WaPo

    “Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Stonesifer is the sixth of nine children in a Roman Catholic family. Her father, Bill Quigley”
    Husband is Michael Kinsley, yes the libturd weird smirking host on crossfire
    I was going to comment on the name, wondering if she is Intel – because the name is ridiculous.
    a pat stone cipher…. (great CIA joke)
    So her mom is not identified, not sure where the pat last name comes from other than germany.
    Her dad is not THAT quigley.
    She cut her millions under jew movie company speilberg geffen and katzenburg, and microsoft in Canada
    she oversaw the launch of MSNBC (cable TV) and MSN
    chair Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution
    founding board member of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.
    board of the GAVI Fund, which helps to provide vaccines (central covid jab player) Gates funded
    Stonesifer has also served on the U.S. delegation to the United Nations
    She is a founding co-chair of the CITIES board seattle colleges tech push
    board of the National Museum of African American History and Culture
    board Center for Global Development
    board Broad Institute
    member Circle of Allies and Champions for the National Council of Young Leaders
    advisory board for America Achieves
    executive committee of RaiseDC
    Hope Street Group advisor
    member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
    MEMBER Council on Foreign Relations.
    Barack Obama appointed Stonesifer to serve as the Chair of the White House Council for Community Solutions

    honorary degrees
    Tufts University
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Trinity University
    American University


    1. CEO of Washington Post, the covid jab pushers… is on the board of the GAVI Fund, which helps to provide vaccines (central covid jab player) Gates funded
      Oh boy, the corruption never ends

  3. Like ppl watch the news? You write for the 1%. Ten percent are illiterate. Or if literate candt spell. The good thing about ppl that aint plugged in…..is their minds are clear. They ain’t tv boob tube warshed. And are red neck enuf to rebuild society after you elite fuk it up.

    1. Chertoff…crickets? Perez …our minds. 6 billion of us. Vs bb? Come on man. Israel needs to be decent. Proportional ….. isn’t telling innocent to leave for a ground invasion. Stupid. Locate the snakes. Leave the innocent be. Can be done without magog style invasion. But the snakes never let a crisis go to waste. This time they must … bc of 6 billion of us souls …that won’t allow their “crisis go to waste”….who’s reputation you following? Bb?

      1. Skeletor is too busy spending his bank off the xray and millimeter zap em to death machines at the airports.

    2. U saw it. Rpot 180 watch out. Under an inversion layer. Radar won’t get it. Blo the inversion. Layer. From east.

  4. How many Americans have died BECAUSE of this man?
    How many Ukrainian young men have died BECAUSE of this man? (over 200k!!!)
    How many Israelis and innocent Palestinians have died BECAUSE of this man?
    How many more Americans must die before this POS, illegitimate, traitorous, corrupt-as-h*ll president named Buyden gets impeached PROSECUTED and put behind bars to die the shameful death he deserves?

    This POS named Buyden deserves NOTHING but the CONTEMPT of the American people.
    Lock his treasonous family up behind bars to rot in prison until they die…
    and make sure his despicable wife the “fake Dr” is right next to him…
    she is just as despicable as all the rest of the Buydens who SOLD OUT THE COUNTRY TO ENRICH their greedy criminal POS debauched scumbag family of crooks.
    FJB and all the rest of the Buydens. Lock them all up. Crimals one and all.
    FJB to holy h*ll and back. And make sure to take his wife to prison with him. She is just as despicable.

    1. How many Americans have died BECAUSE of this man?

      13 servicemen at Abbey Gate
      29 in Israel attack.
      Hostages being held in unknown numbers.
      And we have not even begun to count the dead from fentanyl.
      FJB to h*ll and back. YOU traitor. YOU fraud.
      Biden deserves ONLY the CONTEMPT of the American people.
      NO respect. NONE. You POS.

      1. How many Americans will die here at home BECAUSE of this POS fraud named Buyden?
        BECAUSE he is letting our enemies pour across his WIDE OPEN BORDER?
        Buyden is INTENTIONALLY making EVERY American LESS SAFE to sleeper cell attacks from within.
        YOU POS FRAUD. IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH and lock the POS up to die in prison where he belongs.

      2. How many died because of a malignant narcissist named Trump, who cheated to get into office because his ego requires attention, adulation and power? An estimated 300,000 Americans died unnecessarily of COVID due to his lies, pushing fake cures and downplaying of the seriousness of the epidemic and de-emphasizing public health measures to control the spread. Then, there’s the people who died in the insurrection he brought on because he can’t accept the FACT that most Americans rejected him. Then, there’s the classified information he disclosed to Russians in the Oval Office that could have been passed on to Iran, an ally of Hamas–facts which are being further developed–but which may have strategically helped Hamas with their attack on Israel. This is just the classified stuff that is known about–how many other classified documents stolen by Trump fell into the wrong hands? We know that one of the documents he stole related to our methods, strategies and weaknesses for invading Iran.

        Joe Biden is not responsible for fentanyl, or for the hostages being held by Hamas.

        1. How many people did die under Trump ?
          You say 300K covid deaths – under Biden it is now near 1Million.
          I thought Joe had the answers ? He certainly promised he did.

          That is called LYING.

          And you are the SUCKER who buys it.

          How many Fentanyl deaths under Joe – that is over 300K now.
          I though 200K was the threshold for resigning ?

          Sorry Gigi Joe is an incompetent fool.

          You should HOPE that he is actually demented – because otherwise there is no excuse for this incompetence.

          We are now at more than 20% total inflation since Joe took office. Wages have barely risen -= especially for those near the bottom, and inflation has FAR more than stolen any gains. Under Trump the working class in the US increased their standard of living by on average 4.5K/year. Under Biden they have lost all of that and more to inflation.

          You said Trump did the wrong thing with Classified docs – refused to return them. Increasingly we are learning that not only Joe, but his lawyers, and WH lawyers KNEW about these classified docs for atleast 6 months prior to the public – that is not playing by what YOU claim are the rule. That is doing EXACTLY what you claim was a crime for Trump.

          But there is a difference. Trump was president, Biden was not. We can debate whether Trump declassified the docs. There is ZERO question regarding Biden – they were still classified. We can debate whether the PRA, history and tradition, the constitution, and the case law such as JW v NARA decided by left wing judge ABJ established that ex-presidents may take whatever papers they want from the WH – classified or not. Something presidents have been doing for nearly 250 years. JW v NARA came about because Clinton had and probably still has classified tapes in his Sock drawer and the courts said – he was president he can do that. Even The Executive order on Classified docs provides that ex-presidents have nearly unrestricted access to classified docs. They have no need to demonstrate a need to know. A condition only true of the president and ex-presidents.

          This is our system – our constitution, our law – it is not democrat or republican. ex-presidents are all the same before the law. Either JW v NARA (and many other cases) were decided wrongly – in whicj case Trump, Obama, and Clinton at the very least are criminals, or it was decided correctly in which case none are.

          But you have no standards except double standards.
          If Trump did it is is evil – even if every other democrat did the same.
          They are good. Trump is evil.
          They are innocent, Trump is criminal – facts do not matter.
          The law does not matter.

          VP Biden said “Fire the prosecutor or you lose Billions in military Aide” – that is OK with you.
          The fact that the claim that the prosecutor was corrupt is debunked by the communications of Hunter and his cabal, does not matter to you.
          Biden abused the power of the US government the power of the Vice president for personal and family gain. He lied to us about knowing about his sons business dealings, he lied about his own involvment – which now 29,000 emails from Biden to Hunter and Business associates about Hunters Business dealings have been retreived through FOIA request.

          More lies.

          The same people told you that the Russians rigged the election, that Trump colluded, that Hunter’s laptop was russian disinformation,
          That Joe was not involved – and YOU still beleive it all – hook line and sinker.

          Is Joe Biden the immediate cause of the war with Ukraine – no. Is he the immediate cause of the war in Israel – no.
          Are MANY of his policies major contributing factors – absolutely.

          Reduce the supply of oil and prices go up. Reduce the supply of oil and despots with large bodies of fossil fuels are empowered.
          Trigger inflation – many ways, and americans get hit with significant increases in the price of basics – like food. Which hit the least well off the hardest.
          But as bad as those effects are for americans – they are worse elsewhere in the world. When Obama triggered milder inflation we had the intafada, we had syria, we had libya, we had yemen, we had boko harum, we had rising violence throughout the world.

          Extremist ideologices like the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Queda, Isis, Hammas, Hezbola and on and on are empowered when people can not afford food.

          Americans – particularly pppr americans have to tighten their belt a notch – that is bad.
          But in unstable countries throughout the world – people can not get enough to eat, their standard of living is in the crapper – and extremist nutjobs are suddenly appealing.

          These are not republican facts. These are not democrat facts. They are just how they are.

          Biden took office with the wind at his back. Growth was 6% inflations was near non-existant.
          Biden could have done NOTHING and been remembered as a great president.
          Left wing nuts do not understand how MOST of the time – government doing nothing is the right choice. The best choice.

          Regardless, as Turley points out – many americans think Trump may be a criminal – and THEY DONT CARE. Why ? Because Joe Biden F#$KED up.
          He went from merely needing to coast into a perception of greatness to challenging James Buchannon for the spot of worst president in US history.
          And Buchanon was merely bad – not corrupt like Joe.
          Not enough people grasp that Joe is clearly corrupt. But that does not matter – because they KNOW he is BAD.
          Joe does not even grasp that everytime he says “Bidenomics” he reminds people of what a failure he is.

          Now he is backtracking on the wall. His policies have failed DEMOCRATS.

          Contra his Ego – Trump was NOT a great president. But he was the best of the 21st century. No new wars – first time since Ford that a US president has not involved the US in foreign conflicts. Relative peace and stability – throughout the world and the mideast especially.
          The biggest and only arab israeli peace deal since Carter. Energy independence.
          The FACT that Europe has not collapsed into chaos or had to beg Putin for Peace is because Trump guaranteed Europe that the US would back stop their energy needs. It takes 3 years to build the infrastructure for large scale LNG It is very expensive and can not be done quickly – But Biden had the US capacity to replace European NG with american LNG as this war started. That is on Trump – not Biden. All of Europe owes Trump a huge debt of gratitude.

          You say Biden is respected by world leaders ? Really ? Do you think the Iranians think of him as anything more than a dupe ? Do you think the Saudi’s respect him ? Erodigan has sent Turkish warships to harras US Darrier Battle Groups in the mediterainian – is that respect ?

          Do you think Europes leaders are so stupid they do not understand who prevented them from Freezing to death and kept their factories opened when this war started ?
          Do you think that European leaders do not understand that it is Biden’s weakness, and incompetence that has resulted in the mess that has produce inflation, and ever more wars accross the world ?

          The thought that Xi might try to take Taiwan was a little addressed war game for the US military leadership – now it is something that concerns much of the world.
          Putin has started some conflict under every US president since taking power – EXCEPT TRUMP – I wonder why ? Do you think Europeans leaders do not understand the difference between Trump and Biden ?

          You say the US is better respected arround the world – OH REALLY ? Is that why all over europe students are chanting death to Israel, Death to america ?

          Trump is no angel and Biden is not the devil incarnate. Trump is not the greatest american president, he probably is not in the top 1/4. But he is the best president in the 21st century, and Biden is the worst, and working very hard to be the worst in US history.

          With massive amounts of money, control of the press and social media. massive ballot harvesting, massive illegal government censorship – Biden eack out a victory by less than 45,000 votes – one of the closest elections in US history.
          And you think that is going to happen again ?

          Fool me once – shame on you.
          Fool me twice – shame on me.

          Are you a fool ?
          The question answers itself.

      3. Between 2 and 3 times as many covid deaths from someone who insisted that any president with 200K deaths should resign.
        There have been over 300K Fentanyl deaths under Biden.

  5. Two reasons why some Americans can’t seem to find the truth about Biden who is greatly responsible for what is happening in the Middle East today. 1) George Soros and people like him 2) The media.

    Similar people to Soros and the media hid news of the Holocaust.

    Answers, Please! Why Did George Soros Fund a Radical Pro-Hamas Group?


    Worst of the Media’s Decades-Long, Antisemitic Hamas PR Campaign


  6. All I can say to this post is ” WOW! First of all, with the active killing going on in the Middle East and the risk of global war, Turley uses his forum to not only attack Joe Biden DESPITE THE FACT THAT THERE HAS BEEN PRODUCED, TO DATE, NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE that JOE committed any crimes, but also to give a pat on the back for the deceitful media that employs him to keep creating the illusion that there IS evidence that JOE Biden committed crimes, because they have managed to convince a sizeable number of people to believe that JOE Biden has done something wrong All of this is, of course, to justify the amount of money Fox spent purchasing Turley’s credetials to push the “Biden Crime Family” narrative repeated constantly on Fox. Turley also gets in swipes to mainstream media, accusing them of “downplaying” the matter—“downplaying” WHAT? Turley has admitted there’s NO evidence, so what should mainstream media do, according to Turley–pretend that there is, to go along with the drumbeat of the alt right media that employs him?

    Turley says: “However, the lack of impact of the media on public opinion reflects the record low levels of trust in the media found in numerous polls. That is the result, in my opinion, of the embrace of advocacy journalism and echo chamber coverage. The “healthier place” for the media is the very place that many reporters abandoned in the past with the tradition of objectivity and neutrality in journalism.” You want to complain about “advocacy journalism”? THAT’S WHAT YOU and FOX DO, Turley. Objectively speaking, there’s NO evidence that JOE Biden committed any crimes, so WHY do you and Fox keep pushing the idea that he HAS done something wrong until there’s some actual evidence? ADVOCACY–for Trump, that’s why. Anyone who reads the blather you write on a regular basis can plainly see how you tone down or ignore Trump’s crimes, criticize the DOJ and NY prosecutors, finding fault with everything they do and whine about Hunter Biden’s “crimes” not getting enough attention. THAT’S advocacy journalism. What’s truly sad is that the lies have taken a foothold. How or why Americans would believe Biden has done something illegal or unethical, without any actual proof, is a very sad commentary indeed. Becauese the lie machine is working, there will be more and more of it. Meanwhile, the absolutely dysfunctional Republican Party has hamstrung America–they can’t even elect a Speaker–much less even pass a resolution condemning Hamas. We are staring down another budget crisis, and Ukraine and Israel are looking for help. Does Turley write about this? Of course not–it’s not on the assignment list.

    1. “… alt right media that employs him”

      LOL — nobody in their right mind would accuse RINO Fox of being “alt right.” That label might have applied once upon a time — and I say “might” because it would have been before I ever watched Fox “News.” But when Fox “News” sent in Chris Wallace (D) to take Trump down and protect Joetard in the first 2020 “debate,” it was clear that neither “alt” nor “right” applies to Fox “News” anymore.

      Maybe you should update your opinion by visiting the Fox “News” site and noticing how they relentlessly bash Trump, especially since Rupert Murdoch’s democrrat son has taken over the operation. There may be “alt right” sites on the web, but Fox “News” isn’t one of them, and there are no “alt right” TV networks.

      And, of course, there are no “alt left” websites or TV networks because nobody uses that expression. The expression “alt” is used only by leftists to disparage anyone who isn’t left as being “alt right.”

    2. Joe Biden is a criminal, a traitor, a sellout, and EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD KNOWS IT

      WHERE IS THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA reporting on the Iranian SPIES infiltrating Biden’s Pentagon and State Dept???? The Fake News media is way too quiet about this, don’t you think??


      “The Biden administration’s now-suspended Iran envoy Robert Malley helped to fund, support, and direct an Iranian intelligence operation designed to influence the United States and allied governments, according to a trove of purloined Iranian government emails.”

      “They showed that Malley had helped to infiltrate an Iranian agent of influence named Ariane Tabatabai into some of the most sensitive positions in the U.S. government—first at the State Department and now the Pentagon, where she has been serving as chief of staff for the assistant secretary of defense for special operations, Christopher Maier.”

      “Congress needs to demand the Biden White House make Malley and Tabatabai available to testify immediately. It must also press to interview the security officials who buried evidence of Tabatabai’s covert activities, putting her in a position to endanger the lives of American civilians and special forces operators. It’s time to find out why the interests—and now the personnel—of the Iranian “death to America” regime intersect so frequently with those of America’s own ruling party.


      1. Where is the Fake News media pressing to question Biden’s DNI Avril Haines?

        Where is DNI Avril Haines? Why is she not being asked questions?

        Subpoena Avril Haines and put her under oath testifying before Congress THIS WEEK!

        It is MALPRACTICE if DNI gets away with going MIA.

        DO NOT let the traitors of the Biden regime get away with it!!

        DO YOUR JOBS Congress!

        1. She’s praising the libturds and fellow travelers to the kingdom.
          Robert Jervis wife Weil jew, Haines jew mentor
          1962, California, Berkeley PhD in 1968.
          From 1968 to 1972, assist professor of government Harvard associate professor to 1974.
          1974 to 1980, prof political University of California.
          member of the Columbia University faculty from 1980 until his death in 2021.
          President of the American Political Science Association in 2000–2001
          Jervis consulted for the CIA.
          Lisa Jervis is a co-founder of Bitch magazine.

          this was the next important person linked
          Dean of Columbia University SIPA, School of International and Public Affairs Keren Yarhi-Milo grew up in Israel, where she served as an intelligence officer while completing mandatory military service.

          Well google tells me she’s a jew surrounded by jews

      2. Yes, saw it a few days ago.
        It’s probably much worse than just that.
        Multi-cult is their strength.
        If it’s a foreigner with a thick accent they can’t help but fall all over themselves and can’t wait to get to the foreign food elite dining with them and of course at gov work they get wide breadth and anyone accusing them of anything is a bigot. Demoncrat default behavior

      3. Wow all jews again …
        Biden administration’s suspended Iran envoy Robert Malley helped to fund, support, and direct an Iranian intelligence operation designed to influence the United States and allied governments, according to a trove of purloined Iranian government emails. The emails, which were reported on by veteran Wall Street Journal correspondent Jay Solomon, writing in Semafor

        Malley born 1963 to Barbara (née Silverstein) JEW United Nations delegation of the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN), and her husband, Simon Malley (1923–2006), a Syrian-Egyptian[11] *Jewish* journalist who grew up in Egypt and worked as a foreign correspondent

        John Solomon is a jew.

      4. LOL
        In response to what they called “vicious, personal attacks” on Malley, five Jewish, former U.S. government officials—former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, Ambassador Martin Indyk, Ambassador Daniel C. Kurtzer, Ambassador Dennis Ross, and former State Department Senior Advisor Aaron David Miller—published a letter (dated February 12, 2008) in the New York Review of Books defending Malley.
        This view is also shared by M.J. Rosenberg, a former editor at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee who condemned the attacks on Malley, writing that Malley is “pro-Israel” and the only reason he is being criticized is because he supports Israeli–Palestinian negotiations

        Gotta stop that anti semitism so years later the semite can spy ring up with the enemy

        Ex-Iran envoy Robert Malley was critical of Israel, has family ties to PLO
        pic NYP
        “Robert Malley worked for the Clinton administration’s National Security Council and was included on high-level meetings with former Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat (above right, with, from right, Malley, Palestinian negotiator Nabi Abu Rudineh and Bill Clinton).”

        Oh great, it has been going on for years, at least since bill clinton

      5. Jiminy cricket a Soros stooge to boot
        Biden administration’s special envoy for Iran since Jan. 2021, is now teaching at the Yale Jackson School of International Affairs at Yale University.

        Before that, he served as president and CEO of the George Soros-backed International Crisis Group

    3. There is NOTHING this illegitimate Buyden administration is doing that is FOR America. NOTHING.
      Biden is a disgrace. His foreign policy is a disgrace. His foreign policy team is despicably incompetent and WRONG about EVERYTHING.


    1. I think he took a bit to see which way the wind was blowing. You and I didn’t need to because we were part of the wind.

    2. There are 1.6 million Jews in New York City and the Mayor is a politician. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which side of the issue Adams would come down on.

        1. Well, I’m neither black nor Jewish, so I’m doing a little guesswork here. However I also recall the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson once referring to NYC as “Hymietown.” So if I were to project that slur as emanating from the entire black community (which isn’t fair, of course), I might guess — and it’s only a guess — that Mayor Adams might have had to confer with his brain trust in order to be coaxed into taking a stand concerning the Mideast conflict.

          As a matter of practical politics, Adams needs both the black vote AND the Jewish vote, so there was probably some calculation involved, and it might have come down to Jews being more reliable than blacks when it comes to actually showing up to vote. But, of course, these are all broad cultural stereotypes coming from a white protestant who hasn’t been to church since he was 4 or 5.

            1. I suspect you’re talking about morality. I hate to be cynical, but I’m not sure morality has much to do with practical politics. And like it or not, that absence of morality in practical politics isn’t all bad, because it can make the difference between a country being governed by a president or an ayatollah. Speaking for myself, I prefer even a bad president to a good ayatollah (if there is such a thing).

              1. “I prefer even a bad president to a good ayatollah (if there is such a thing).”

                I am not sure that is the only choice. Eisenhower was moral and a good president, for example.

            2. I hope for politicians that make moral decisions – regardless of cost.
              But I am not going to piss all over adams for getting it right – even if possibly for the wrong reasons.

      1. And yet so many New Yorkers, so many left wing nuts do not manage that.

        If Adams is being a calculating cynical politician – so be it – whether through conviction of political calculus – he is saying the right things.

        We all hope that Israel will be able to destroy Hammas with the fewest possible innocent palestinain deaths.
        But perfection is not possible. And it is Hammas thas thas targeted women and children – quite barbarically.
        It is Hammas that uses its own people as human sheilds.

        Israel is not perfect, but the difference between israel and her enemies is day and night.

        The US killed possibly as many as 1M civilians including women and children to punish the Taliban and Sadam for an act of terror against us that neither were directly complicit in.

        We have no right to hold israel to a standard we would not dream of meeting ourselves.

  7. Interesting.

    Scenes from a pro Israel march in Los Angeles.

    Besides Israeli flags one can also see some American flags.

    I don’t recall seeing American flags among the groups supporting the baby beheaders.

    Says something about these groups.

    The supporters of babybeheaders hate us too.

    What are they doing in our universities and government and media and businesses?

    Time to pay attention. Dershowitz says name them and know them. He’s right.


  8. OT:

    New search engine has launched luxxle.com

    From the FAQ:

    Luxxle integrates content from its own search index with data from Apple, Foursquare, IEXCloud, Mapbox, Microsoft, Oxford, Tripadvisor, and Yelp, among others. All core search results on Luxxle are from recognizable sources with considerable internet traffic. Luxxle does not use Google results.


    Not sure if it is reliable, objective or unbiased, but given the left leaning slant of Google, Bing and Yahoo, a new search engine was overdue.

  9. Biden is working with allies to prevent the Israeli-Hamas conflict from spreading.

    Meanwhile, Hamas thanks Vladimir Putin for supporting them in the war against Israel.

    Russia and Iran are allies and play a role both with the Israeli-Hamas conflict and in Ukraine.

    1. It’s too late to bomb Iran.

      It’s too late to bomb Russia.

      It’s too late to bomb China.

      Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.”

      It did, however unfortunately.

      Where’s the future in brinkmanship at this late date?

    2. The 6 billion dollar boy ain’t doin’ jack – they said sit down and S**U so you don’t blow it again you idiot. (they use swear words because that’s how joey is, besides stripping naked with the secret service around including female agents.)
      Then they show him a smirking oblunder pic and say – remember what he said about you ? He doesn’t remember so they tell him.
      joey, he said we should never underestimate your ability to **** things up

  10. Ah, yes, Professor Turley has proven himself to be a big fan of polls. He regularly touted a “survey” which allegedly showed 17% of Biden voters—which adds up to 13.8 million Biden supporters–would have changed their vote if they had known about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. The survey was done by a conservative polling company founded by Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway.

    For reference, last year’s midterm polls by the conservative Trafalgar Group predicted an historical red wave in the House & the Senate. Trafalgar predicted Hershel Walker would win in Georgia by 3%, Laxalt would win in Nevada by 5% & Blake Masters would win in Arizona by 1%. They all lost. Definitely shows how unreliable conservative pollsters can be.

    Nearly 2 years after President Trump’s attorney gave the NY Post a copy of a laptop owned by the son of his client’s political opponent, Turley testified on Day 1 of McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry that he did not believe the current evidence would support articles of impeachment—and reluctantly conceded that the House Committee had yet to establish a linkage with influence peddling & Biden.

    Turley: “We simply don’t know, and we don’t even know if this was an illusion or not.”

    So let’s recap. According to a conservative polling company founded by Kellyanne Conway, we are somehow suppose to believe 13.8 million Biden supporters would have changed their votes if they had known that after Republicans spent 8 months investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop & doing extensive interviews with Devon Archer & numerous other witnesses that Professor Turley would testify under oath that “we simply don’t know…if this was an illusion or not.”

    We remain enormous supporters of the tradition of objectivity and neutrality in journalism, JT.

    1. “… reluctantly conceded that the House Committee had yet to establish a linkage with influence peddling & Biden.”

      If the linkage had been officially established already, there’d be no need for an impeachment “inquiry” — DUH — and they could just get on with the impeachment.

      It’s like with a trial: First you establish the reliability of the evidence, then you have a trial, then you get a verdict. You’re blaming Turley for not skipping over the process and jumping to the finding of guilt. Maybe you should familiarize youself with legal procedures in the US, or in the alternative, you could climb into your time machine and head back to Stalin’s Russia.

      1. It’s always entertaining how often Turley’s most fervent supporters make juvenile, dismissive retorts like “climb into your time maching & head back to Stalin’s Russia.” For the record, I’m a proud American who loves my country. I despise Putin, Stalin, the KGB & communism.

        Turley has spent the past 2 years relentlessly citing Devon Archer’s statements about “the Big Guy” yet 2 weeks ago, he admitted that the GOP House Committee’s 8 months of numerous hearings & interviews still haven’t established a linkeage with influence peddling & Biden. You apparently disagree with me that Turley should refrain from making any blanket statements about influence peddling & Biden until all the evidence is in. Here in the US, our legal system has a presumption of innocence.

        Today, Turley cited a poll which says 36% of the public isn’t buying that Biden hasn’t done something illegal. The same poll shows the public isn’t buying the need for an impeachment inquiry. Only 33% of Americans approve of McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry.

        Thanks for your finely crafted retorts. Cheers.

        1. What can I tell you, troll? People use words like “evidence” all the time, but when it comes to formal procedures, evidence isn’t evidence until it’s admitted into evidence. You’re clueless about law. Back to Stalinist Russia with you, clown.

    2. Turley testified on Day 1 of McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry that he did not believe the current evidence would support articles of impeachment

      This is just like you saying Trump lost something called the ‘popular vote’. While this ‘popular vote’ thing is real, It is meaningless. Why you focus on meaningless stuff, I’ll leave it up to you to wax pedantic about.

      This quote from Turley was from a hearing to investigate if the House of Representives had cause to launch an Inquiry into the impeachment of the President of the United States. Again, for reasons I’ll leave you to do a two step around, you fail to quote Turley answering, YES, the House has more than enough to launch an Impeachment hearing.
      Lies of omission define your presence here.

  11. QUESTION: “Are the wars in Israel and Ukraine more than the United States can take on at the same time?”
    POTUS: “We’re the United States of America for God’s sake! The most powerful nation in the history of the world!”

    I can’t believe we’re gonna stumble into WW3 and another Great Depression with this reckless retardimento at the wheel.

    1. “Bozo Bob” Woodward has never gotten to the bottom of anything. He was spoon-fed information by a disgruntled FBI employee, “Deep Throat,” the brutally abused, poor little Mark Felt, whom Nixon passed over for FBI Director, selecting instead L. Patrick Gray.

      1. Anony——My brother worked with Mark Felt at the Bureau. He wasn’t a “Bozo”…………but you, on the otherhand……..?

        1. Sorry…..It’s getting late here in Central Tejas. You didn’t call Mark a Bozo…that was Woodward. He wasn’t a Bozo back then. He was Republican Precinct Chair.
          As far as Mark….you did disparage him, unfairly, IMO. He was a great guy.


    “Poll: 68% of the Public Believe that Joe Biden Acted Illegally or Unethically in Hunter’s Foreign Dealings”

    – Professor Turley

    “It’s the [Constitution], stupid!”

    – James Carville

    “the people are nothing but a great beast…

    I have learned to hold popular opinion of no value.”

    – Alexander Hamilton

    68% of the public believe communist redistribution of wealth should provide them with other people’s money, or “free stuff.”

    68% of the public believe that communist affirmative action should provide them with other people’s status, or “free status.”

    68% of the public believe that the principles of communism—central planning, control of the means of production (i.e. unconstitutional regulation), redistribution of wealth, and social engineering—hold dominion in the U.S. and that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are archaic and irrelevant, if they even know those documents exist given the deficiencies of their education.

    68% of the public believe that admissions affirmative action, grade-inflation affirmative action, employment affirmative action, quotas, welfare, food stamps, minimum wage, rent control, social services, forced busing, public housing, utility subsidies, WIC, SNAP, TANF, HAMP, HARP, TARP, HHS, HUD, EPA, Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Labor, Energy, Obamacare, Social Security, Social Security Disability, Social Security Supplemental Income, Medicare, Medicaid, “Fair Housing” laws, “Non-Discrimination” laws, etc., are not only constitutional but imperative and mandatory. Of course, Article 1, Section 8, and the absolute 5th Amendment right to private property make all of the foregoing irrefutably unconstitutional, understanding that it is pure antithetical and illicit communism.

    In the American restricted-vote republic, with a thesis of freedom and self-reliance, the “beliefs” of 68% of the public were not solicited, immaterial, and ignored.

    “The true reason (says Blackstone) of requiring any qualification, with regard to property in voters, is to exclude such persons, as are in so mean a situation, that they are esteemed to have no will of their own.”

    “If it were probable that every man would give his vote freely, and without influence of any kind, then, upon the true theory and genuine principles of liberty, every member of the community, however poor, should have a vote… But since that can hardly be expected, in persons of indigent fortunes, or such as are under the immediate dominion of others, all popular states have been obliged to establish certain qualifications, whereby, some who are suspected to have no will of their own, are excluded from voting; in order to set other individuals, whose wills may be supposed independent, more thoroughly upon a level with each other.”

    – Alexander Hamilton, The Farmer Refuted, 1775

    “[We gave you] a republic, if you can keep it.”

    – Ben Franklin, 1787

    You couldn’t.

    “Crazy Abe” stole it, commencing the incremental implementation of the principles of communism in 1860.

    By the time of Comrade General Secretary Lyndon Baines Johnson’s “Great Society” and “War on Poverty” (poverty won, by the way), America had arrived.

    “These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert, to fleece the people.”

    – Abraham Lincoln, from his first speech as an Illinois state legislator, 1837

    “Everyone now is more or less a Socialist.”

    – Charles Dana, managing editor of the New York Tribune, and Lincoln’s assistant secretary of war, 1848

    “The goal of Socialism is Communism.”

    – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    “They consider…that it fell to the lot of Abraham Lincoln…to lead his country through…the ‘RECONSTRUCTION’ of a social world.”

    – Karl Marx to Lincoln, 1865

  13. I’ve commented in the past that you wouldn’t let Brandon drive a school bus. I wouldn’t want him to be a crossing guard. We’ve got a guy in the White House who is not mentally competent nor is a man of good moral ethics or values even if he knew what day it was.

  14. LOL that you think the context makes that a sensible claim on Trump’s part.

    Here’s a longer quote:
    If he [Mitt the Loser Romney] and RINO Paul [Ryan] fought as hard against Obama as they do against President Donald J. Trump, they would never have lost. They would have beaten Obama. But remember, Republicans eat their young. They really do. They eat their young. Terrible statement, but it’s true. And that’s the problem with so many in our party. They just don’t have the loyalty and the strength to stick together. They go after people who are on their side rather than the radical left Democrats that are destroying our country. These people are losers, and the Republican nation must stop following their failed ideas and policies.

    “Eat our YOUNG” definitely does not make sense in this context. And we know that it’s not a normal slip of the tongue because he repeats it for emphasis. And if he actually mean “eat our own,” it’s a supremely ironic statement given that he’s attacking other Republicans there and do is doing what he’d have been criticizing.

    Saying “eat our YOUNG” is his dementia showing again, even if you cannot admit it.

    1. This was a response to Iowan2 and became decoupled; this site can’t even keep comments properly threaded.

      1. Was that your transcription of what Trump allegedly said or someone else’s. One reason I ask is that some websites are now using automated trancriptions (same as are often used for closed captioning), and frequently mix words up with words that sound the same.

          1. You want to focus on this.

            Biden just blew off without any consideration of he United States fight a war on two fronts. Three if China takes advantage of the compromised Biden and starts to annex Taiwan.

              1. I can’t speak for iowan2 — and I’m not sure I would want to, given some of his insulting replies to some of my comments — however, I think it’s likely that he may have been referring to this quote of Joetard’s from a promo for 60 minutes:

                QUESTION: “Are the wars in Israel and Ukraine more than the United States can take on at the same time?”
                POTUS: “We’re the United States of America for God’s sake! The most powerful nation in the history of the world!”

                  1. He gave an answer — a longer one than that one sentence that was quoted in the 9:38 PM comment.

                    How is his full answer “Biden just blew off without any consideration of he United States fight a war on two fronts”? He wasn’t talking about the US fighting either war itself.

                1. He continues “We can take care of both of these and still maintain our overall international defense.”

                  So how is that “Biden just blew off without any consideration of he United States fight a war on two fronts”? It wasn’t him talking about fighting in either Ukraine or Israel, only providing military aid.

    2. Keep fixating on trivial BS while reasonable people are watching the possible beginning of WW3 under Fake President Joetard.

      1. In all seriousness, yes, I am looking at current events as a possible beginning of WWIII.
        Invest in chickens, PMs and ammo.

        1. Invest in chickens, PMs and ammo.

          Chickens? Is Ralph de Maniacal for sale? does he lay eggs or just cluck 25/8?

          Fun facts

          11 reasons why Ralph de M chickens cluck:

          To signal that eggs have been laid
          To give direction
          As a wake-up call
          Attract mates
          To warn others
          Trying to find each other
          Communicating to chicks in eggs
          After a successful mate
          To inform Res Ipsa Loquitur moderator it is garbage

      2. You may think that whether Trump is exhibiting signs of dementa is “trivial BS,” but I don’t.

        1. So between Joetard and Trump, the one you’re worried about “exhibiting signs of dementia” is Trump? LOL LOL LOL
          Maybe you should be more concerned with your own signs of dementia.

    3. It is a common colloquialism. Much like circular firing squad. Self defeating actions.

      It is a meaningless tossed out line. Something great communicators do. Thats why he’s a great leader.

      1. Actually, the two phrases “eat their young” and “eat their own” have different meanings, and the former doesn’t mean “self-defeating actions.”

        LOL that you think “a meaningless tossed out line” is “Something great communicators do” and makes him “a great leader.” Meaningless lines are the opposite of what great communicators use, and the opposite of what great leaders invoke.

        1. “eat their young” and “eat their own” have different meanings,
          This is a debate you believe you can win?

          How pathetic can you get.

    4. The republicans do have young now you dumb dumb – it’s Trump’s movement – the newest youngest movement in the republican party.

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