Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. This is my favorite holiday with all of the essential elements of joy: food, friends, and football.

We are starting the day with my father-in-law’s superior bloody marys before heading out for the 46th annual Turley Turkey bowl. As always, it is the Bears against the Redskins. I am the coach of the Bears and John Rice is the coach of the Redskins. While the Bears have a long unbroken record (at least here in McLean), the Redskins are rumored to have developed some new draft picks. However, I am personally thankful to Bears substitute QB Campbell for our last NFL game and giving me the confidence that I can actually throw better than some professional quarterbacks. I expect that the embarrassing loss to the 49ers fulfilled the fantasy of all Bears fans that they could walk on the field and actually improve things for God’s Team.

I am also making our traditional two Turkeys — one in the oven and one smoked on the grill. Both will have an apple-sausage-cornbread stuffing and Waldorf salad. We will have 12 and three dogs over the dinner.

Now it is off to the gridiron and the annual appearance of the McLean Monsters of the Midway. I will update on the game for those of you who cannot see us on cable.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

[UPDATE: The Bears were victorious again in the Turley Turkey Bowl though it was uncomfortably close at 14-7. The one touchdown, I will note, was won with the introduction of a second ball so that two balls were in play. However, somehow John Rice, a diplomat, convinced me that this was entirely appropriate and lawful. To their credit, the Redskins admitted that we stopped them inches from the line for a second touchstone when the clock ran out. Worthy opponents and another inspiring game in the 46th year of the Turkey bowl.]

28 thoughts on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!”

  1. I just wanted to say I couldn’t possibly eat another bite.

    Except maybe a piece of cherry pie before I return to the coma I was taking on the couch.

    I hope you’re all just as miserable as I am at the moment and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

  2. Whoever wrote the words to this is great! I love this one every time I see it! Happy Thanksgiving!

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