AAUP Journal Solicits Papers on Conservative Intolerance on Campuses

The number of republican, conservative and libertarian faculty members have plummeted at most schools in the last twenty years. Many top law schools have only a couple conservative faculty members and we have discussed the startling increase in attacks on faculty, trustees, and students (including student publications, editors and columnists) over dissenting views on subjects ranging from critical race theory to police abuse. Nevertheless, the American Association of University Professors’ Journal of Academic Freedom is calling for papers on intolerance on campuses but only by conservatives. The call seems to be an effort to come up with a narrative to deflect from the complaints over the rising orthodoxy and intolerance on our campuses.

The AAUP journal is only interested in examples of “thought control by the Right, the whitewashing of historical narratives, and specific assaults on academic freedom that cut across the K–12 and higher education sectors.” It bases this one-sided solicitation on the “recent upsurge in white ethnonationalism” and “attempt[s] to reenergize white-settler narratives of the nation’s founding while vilifying histories that call attention to slavery, oppression, and dispossession.”  They also cite criticism of the 1619 project and the recent controversy over the hiring of Nikole Hannah-Jones, who have pushed for advocacy journalism that is opposed by many of us.

Rather than study viewpoint intolerance on campuses generally, the journal is calling only for research that supports a narrative that our schools are actually under the yoke of conservative ideology. It is a bizarre claim that has appeared recently in other academic publications. Recently, a Massachusetts history professor declared universities “right-wing institutions.” I have personally been in meetings where such claims were made about the relative absence of liberal scholars on faculties and dominance of conservative ideology at law schools. I once heard a law dean note with a straight face that she was pleasantly surprised to meet a liberal constitutional law scholar for a change.

We have recently discussed a couple examples (here and here) of actions taken against liberal speakers on campus, which were denounced as attacks on free speech values.  However, it borders on the delusional to suggest that our campuses are being controlled by conservative ideology or faculty members. We previously discussed a Gallup poll showing ninety percent of Pomona students said that they did not feel free to speak openly or freely. Pomona is one of the most liberal institutions in the world with a tiny fraction of conservative faculty.

For many of us in the free speech community, it does not matter which side is opposing the expression of viewpoints. I have defended extremist views on academic freedom grounds like those of University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis, who has defended the murder of a conservative protester and said that he saw “nothing wrong” with such acts of violence. (Loomis also writes for the site “Lawyers, Guns, and Money.”) I have defended faculty who have made similarly disturbing comments “detonating white people,” denouncing policecalling for Republicans to suffer,  strangling police officerscelebrating the death of conservativescalling for the killing of Trump supporters, supporting the murder of conservative protesters and other outrageous statements.

The AAUP journal embodies the raw bias that has taken hold on our journals and on our campuses. It is soliciting articles that confirm a view that academic freedom is being threatened by the shrinking numbers of conservative faculty and students in our schools. To secure such opportunities, you must first confirm that you will reach the correct conclusion.

The  AAUP was once a staunch defender of academic freedom. As I discuss in an upcoming law review article, the AAUP was heavily influenced by the writings of Roscoe Pound who led the fight for free speech on campuses at a time when it was the conservatives who were failing to actively protect those on the left in raising dissenting voices. He railed against the view that professors should remain silent on public controversies and objected that “we are getting very intolerant in this country of even necessary freedom of speech.” Pound’s view of free speech would be reflected in the first Declaration of Principles of Academic Freedom in 1915 by the AAUP. The Declaration stressed the protection of free speech and the guarantee of “unfettered discussion” free of the “prescribed inculcation of a particular opinion upon a controverted question.”


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  1. What a laughable concept for a paper.

    So this is their play.

    They’ve faced enormous backlash on CRT, which teaches America is irretrievably racist and everyone is born racist oppressors or oppressed, based on skin color. Many historians of all stripes debunked the ludicrous 1619 Project.

    So what do they do? They target critics as … wait for it… racist white nationalists. Of course they do. They see racists everywhere. They hear dog whistles not even dogs can hear.

    1. So this is their play.

      Their play on CRT is similar to Fauci’s play on gain-of-function; deny by definition what is factually apparent.

      1. It’s just a small part, Olly. Deny, deny, deny every and all double-standards, all harm they intentionally, knowingly inflict on others without regret, without any second thought that one day, sooner than they will ever know, it will all come crashing down around them. Then again, Leftists will likely deny that when it happens, too. Denial, virtue-signaling, and name calling is really all they’ve ever had going for them.

      2. “. . . deny by definition what is factually apparent.”

        That and they throw up a smoke screen: “We are not teaching the theory of CRT” — which is probably true.

        Instead, they are applying key elements of that theory to the *practice* of teaching, e.g., in children’s books, history lessons, grading and rankings (see “detracking”), syllabi choices, teacher training, reading lists, the language they use and that they allow children to use, etc., ad nauseam,

        Hollywood’s communists used the same smoke screen. When communists infiltrated Hollywood, they swore that they were not pushing Marxist theory in movies. Yet when you look at the key elements of their movies (e.g., dialogue, theme, characterization), you can see communism in practice all over their movies.

        1. Agreed Sam. It doesn’t matter what they’re teaching is called. What matters is what they’re teaching.

          1. “It doesn’t matter what they’re teaching is called.”

            Yep, it doesn’t matter if you call red “green,” or if you call non-fascists “fascists,” or …
            That’s the Humpty Dumpty approach to language.

        2. Sam declares:

          “Hollywood’s communists used the same smoke screen. When communists infiltrated Hollywood, they swore that they were not pushing Marxist theory in movies. Yet when you look at the key elements of their movies (e.g., dialogue, theme, characterization), you can see communism in practice all over their movies.”

          Oh brother. You want to name just a few of these supposedly Communistic movies? I’m sure you can’t, but if you can, I need a good laugh.

          1. “name just a few of these supposedly Communistic movies?”

            Until this: “I’m sure you can’t” — I would have.

            1. There are a number of them but “Grapes of Wrath” most certainly favorably mentions Communists by name in words spoken by Fonda near Sunshine Camp.

              1. Silberman is trying to use the same tactic the Left is using to deny CRT is taught in K-12 public schools. This Indiana administrator explains very clearly how they’ve been trying to hide it from unwary parents. It’s the difference between curriculum and pedagogy. Until the Covid lockdowns forced children to be taught via zoom classes, parents only knew about the published curriculum. It was during these zoom classes that they discovered the pedagogy being implemented to teach the curriculum.


                  1. He also brought up in another interview that they are now implementing Ethno-mathematics. Objectivity is apparently racist. This author sums up this theory in a very logical, likely considered racist point:

                    This isn’t to say that everyone pushing “ethnomathematics” understands this agenda. Most are confused themselves, though often very hostile. In fact, were they not so confused, if they thought a bit, they might realize that if everything is relative, then their new teaching model is relative, too — and therefore meaningless.


                1. Sam says:

                  “Grapes of Wrath” — along with “Song of Russia,” and countless others.”

                  According to Wiki, “The positive portrayal of the Soviet Union in the film is clearly linked to the wartime alliance of the Soviet Union and the U.S.”

                  HUAC cited 2 other noted examples of pro-Soviet films, not “countless” other films as you lie.

                  1. You gotta love the keyboard scholars whose “research” stops with Wiki and (parts of) HUAC. And whose ability to analyze the theme of a film is to copy and paste a sentence from Wiki.

                    If one is serious about trying to understand, start with a dedicated study of America’s “Red Decade,” which actually was more than one decade.


                    Seriously?! Could you get any more childish?

                    1. Sam,

                      I have other interests than studying the Second Red Scare. I don’t fear Communism, Marxism or Socialism. If you must know, I fear Trumpism.

              2. Young says:

                “There are a number of them but “Grapes of Wrath” most certainly favorably mentions Communists by name in words spoken by Fonda near Sunshine Camp.”

                That’s a great movie. It’s an Ode to the Forgotten Man. Trumpism is predicated on the Forgotten Man in Flyover country betrayed by the Coastal Educated Elites.

            2. “name just a few of these supposedly Communistic movies?”

              Until this: “I’m sure you can’t” — I would have.”


    2. I agree 100%, Karen S. Thank you for a spot-on comment. As you rightly observied, “Many historians of all stripes debunked the ludicrous 1619 Project.” Bingo.

      I think we’re seeing why there are only about three sectors where the Hard Left can find gainful employment without getting fired later: (1) academe; (2) government; and (3) non-profits. They couldn’t succeed in a for-profit environment if their lives–or their jobs–depended on it.

      Thanks again.

      Warren Miller, CPA, CFA
      Lexington, Virginia

  2. I think we need to recognize that violent rhetoric from the Left has become extreme and dangerous. We might like free speech but now it’s time to denounce speech like “detonating white people,” …. calling for Republicans to suffer, strangling police officers, celebrating the death of conservatives, calling for the killing of Trump supporters, supporting the murder of conservative protesters and other outrageous statements.” The Dems and the Left are encouraging violence and that is no longer legal speech ….

      1. Jeff, so all Democrats own:

        College professors saying all white people deserve to die – soooo many examples, such as Johnny Eric Williams who wrote “let them f(ing) die”
        fantasizing about feeding MAGA hat wearing kids into a wood chipper
        offering a bounty to anyone who would assault one of the Covington kids
        Fantasizing about throwing Baron Trump into a cage of pedophiles
        riots, looting, arson, burning of police precinct, CHOP/CHAZ and it’s ensuing murders and rapes
        spiraling murder rate after defunding police
        lying that Republican voting laws are voter suppression, “Jim Crow on steroids” or “Jim Eagle”, when they do nothing of the sort, in order to encourage bigotry against conservatives

        These weren’t crazy people on subways or in a meeting. These are the President, professors, news anchors, pundits, well-known singers, actors, and actresses…Household Names.

        By your own reasoning, your party owns this. The difference, of course, is while the man’s comments were immediately denounced by Kirk, and are not endorsed in any way by the mainstream right, the extremism and violence of the Left has been embraced and normalized. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ teams bailed out rioters and looters, and Harris said the riots should continue.

        Own it, maniac. Your party has normalized fantasizing about conservatives being murdered or assaulted, including kids.

        1. Karen yells:

          “Own it, maniac. Your party has normalized fantasizing about conservatives being murdered or assaulted, including kids.”

          Democrats can only fantasize because Republicans own nearly all the weapons. You are the ones who form all the militia groups. You don’t intend to just fantasize killing. When there will be a murderous insurrection, you know it will be led by Trumpists.

          1. Actually, Jeff, Democrats killed and assaulted a great many people in their reign of terror during the riots and arson, as well as at CHOP/CHAZ. And highly placed Democrats including Biden and Harris condoned it, even bailing out some of the violent criminals.

            Own it.

            Oh, and I don’t fantasize about killing anyone. I leave that to Democrat professors, musicians, actors, and news anchors.

            1. 🤣 Silberman is fantasizing about street-fighting you. Well done Karen! It proves these Leftists will always default to their Marxist roots when they are crushed in the war of ideas.

                1. Young says:

                  “Whoopie Cushion vs Cavalry. I think I know how it will end.”

                  I missed Whoopie Cushion! Glad it’s back.

        2. Karen S: you, an uneducated devoted Trump disciple, who has repeated the lies you heard on Fox about that there wasn’t any insurrection, that no Capitol Police were injured, and so on, have the temerity to call someone you disagree with a “maniac”? The Democratic Party doesn’t “fantasize” about anything other than getting America back to some normal level of functioning after the trash fire known as Trump devastated the successful economy inherited from Barak Obama, allowed a pandemic to get out of control, causing unnecessary death and illness and which caused the country to mostly shut down for over a year, We are still playing catch-up, and will be for some time. And, you aren’t a “conservative”, either. The reason blind disciples to Trump aren’t conservatives has been explained to you repeatedly, so you either ignore the facts, or choose to keep on misrepresenting the truth, which is that real, recognized, traditional and respected conservatives don’t want any part of Trump or any of his devotees. Just ask Rick Miller, Steve Schmidt, George F. Will and George Conway why. Trump is a liar, cheater, womanizer, racist, misogynist, xenophobe and Islamophobe and conservatives disavow such characteristics. There is no “extremism Left”, either. People who embrace violence are not endorsed by Democrats, so stop lying about this. This is just more garbage you imbibed from Fox, OAN, News Max, Breitbart or other alt-right media that you rely on for your daily affirmation.

      2. is this “jeffsilberman” paid to monitor comments on this blog and denounce any and all that do not support his left-wing nonsense?

        1. Anon says:

          “is this “jeffsilberman” paid to monitor comments on this blog and denounce any and all that do not support his left-wing nonsense?”

          And paid plenty! Suckers!

    1. Suburban Woman:

      You’re right.

      The Democrats have been gaslighting us, that we don’t see the spiraling crime from defunding police, that we didn’t see a year of riots, looting, and arson. We’re told that stores are lying when they cut businesses or close due to out of control shoplifting in CA. Cops don’t even arrest most shoplifters, since the felony threshold was raised to $950. The Los Angeles DA Gascon released a memo of all the crimes his office would decline to prosecute:

      disturbing the peace
      driving without a valid license or on a suspended
      criminal threats
      drug and paraphernalia posession
      minor in possession of alcohol
      drinking in public
      under the influence of controlled substance
      public intoxication
      loitering to commit prostitution
      resisting arrest


      Gascon eliminated bail his first day in office.

      Gascon is not an outlier. He shoehorns nicely in the Democrat Party, which has veered so far left as to be unrecognizable.

      Schools are teaching kids they are born bad if they’re white. Kids are getting the impression that slavery only existed here, and that the only people enslaved were blacks by white people. Meanwhile, over 40% of students are not at grade level in reading and math.

      Yet when we object to the rampant, nationwide violence, the rising crime, the racist rhetoric, and the overall extremism, we get attacked.

      This is why I never quite understood the Democrats’ outrage at Trump’s rude Tweets. This is the party that’s called conservatives racist Nazis, who’s said conservatives need to die, that we’ve got Neanderthal thinking or we’re dog-faced pony soldiers. They’ve fantasized about feeding the Covington Catholic school kids screaming, MAGA hat first into a wood chipper, they’ve posed with Trump’s bloody severed head in effigy, made rap songs where Trump was shot, said it’s been a long time since an actor assassinated a president or they dream about blowing up the White House. They’ve begged the military to engage in a coup on Trump. They’ve called Trump a Russian asset. They want their victims acquiescent. They have no leg to stand on to preach civility.

      1. Karen: you really need to stop. You don’t know the meaning of the word “gaslight”, which is the title of a film starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman. I hear this word misused all of the time on alt-right media, so I know that’s where you got it, and those you rely on for daily affirmation don’t know what it means either. I’ve explained to you previously that you are misusing this word. And, Honey, there’s no “us vs. the Democrats” operating here, either. This is just part of the propaganda campaign by the alt/right media to convince you that Trump disciples like you represent the majority of Americans, which you don’t. . Just more efforts by the Trump/Republican Party to divide Americans against each other. And, the Democrat Party has not veered “far Left”, either. Another lie. You aren’t qualified to comment on anything because you constantly feed on the lies put out by your alt/right media sources.

        You absolutely need to stop lying immediately about schools teaching children CRT. That is absolutely not true, no matter how many times Hannity lies about it. And there’s no “we” objecting to any of the things you claim, either. Trump’s tweets weren’t just “rude”: they were outlandish lies, the biggest one being the Big Lie that he just won’t stop telling. He used Twitter to incite the Trump insurrection, based on the Big Lie, which is why he was de-platformed. The Democrat Party never called any REAL conservatives Nazis. You aren’t a “conservative”, either. The only one who attempted to have the military engage in a coup was Trump. Trump did collude with Russians to cheat his way into the White House.

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