The White House Expected to Name Supreme Court Nominee Soon

Washington is abuzz this morning with rumors that President Joe Biden will name his nominee, an announcement that is expected as soon as today. As previously discussed, President Biden announced that he would only consider Black, female candidates — threshold criteria overwhelmingly opposed by the public. The pledge was as unnecessary as it was unfair. The three short listers — each with impressive backgrounds — are Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, a federal appeals judge; Judge J. Michelle Childs, a federal judge in South Carolina; and Leondra Kruger, a justice on the California Supreme Court. I have previously said that Judge Brown Jackson remains the frontrunner for the position.

The nomination would seek to put a Black woman on the Supreme Court for the first time in its 233-year history.

Biden recently interviewed all three candidates for the job.

Liberal groups have mounted a campaign against Childs for being too moderate and “tough-on-crime.” This concerted opposition campaign, including the Bernie Sanders–aligned Our Revolution group, has also painted Childs as anti-union and pro-employer. President Biden has been criticized for yielding to the far left on nominations in the past.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) has added his voice that the nomination should be “very expeditious.” What Democrats may be fearing the most is the type of nomination practices that they employed in the last three confirmations, including the use of the “Barrett Rule.


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  1. Jonathan: You have articulated no rational basis in opposing Judge Jackson’s nomination–only that it is “unnecessary and unfair”. “Unfair” to whom? Judge Jackson’s legal credentials are impeccable. She has 10 yrs of trial experience–more than even the Chief Justice. There is nothing “unconstitutional”, as you say, about Biden’s selection. The red thread running through all the arguments against Jackson is RACISM. Anybody but a Black woman. Tucker Carlson, your compatriot at Fox, was clear in his RACIST opposition to Jackson. Last night he said: “It tells you that he [Biden] is absolutely happy to defile a system built by other people [white people] over hundreds of years, this is the best system in the history of world, and he [Biden] is happy to destroy it”. Of the 115 Justices who have served on the Court only 2 have been Black men and 5 have been women. No Black woman has served on the Court and Carlson likes it that way. Carlson went on that Biden was sending “a very clear message that you don’t like the country you run and you don’t care about the institutions that its ancestors [white] built”. As Fox’s official “legal analyst” do you support Carlson’s full throated white nationalism?

    1. Thank you Dennis for writing about the racism that is the now Trump party. The GOP has been working the corners since “the southern strategy” and the call out should be out in the open. They don’t even try to hide it anymore, it is their strategy.

  2. Rights and freedoms are provided by the Constitution to UNDIFFERENTIATED PEOPLE.

    UNDIFFERENTIATED PEOPLE must conduct governmental affairs.

    UNDIFFERENTIATED PEOPLE must be appointed to high office on merit singularly.

    Employing affirmative action to appoint DIFFERENTIATED PEOPLE to high office is antithetical and unconstitutional.

  3. What is the point in entering into an agreement if enforcing it is merely an option or a suggestion? You mighrt as well have not even entered into it in the first place. You are just as well.

  4. So, does Tucker Carlson care about the Ukrainians or doesn’t he? I’m getting mixed signals.

      1. I fault the Biden administration for its failing to deal with this situation responsibly.

        As of late Fall the administration knew these things:

        1. Putin planned to invade Ukraine;

        2. He proposed, in lieu of invasion, a settlement that involved principally an agreement that Ukraine would not join NATO and adjustments to the level of arms on NATO’s eastern reaches;

        3. China was supportive of Russia, and unwilling to take any steps to prevent an invasion — to the contrary, China shared with the Russians the intelligence the US showed them;

        4. Neither the US nor NATO would themselves defend Ukraine in the event of an invasion; and

        5. Agreement could not be reached on sanctions that would affect the flow of energy from Russia to Europe, and, as Biden just said, the sanctions they could agree on and that were intended to deter an invasion were not in fact expected to do so.

        These were all things Biden knew. Yet, rather than negotiate with Putin to reach a settlement, he decided to accept the invasion he knew was coming. A responsible leader would have recognised the weakness of his position and acted to prevent the adverse consequences of what he knew would occur in the absence of a settlement. One can only conclude either that he is incompetent or that, for reasons that have not been stated, he preferred an invasion to a settlement.

    1. I was just thinking of a word Mespo brought up 3-4 months back that I had never heard in regards to Clint Eastood & Russia’s Property, that word is:



      Putin warned you people for lots of years, “Get off My Lawn”, something like that. lol

      Pro Tip: Don’t grab at that dog’s bone & b*itch ’cause you got bite.

      1. Cartilage has a different meaning than curtilage.

        More importantly, Ukraine does not belong to Russia.

        1. Now you get it.

          The CSA, a sovereign nation, DID NOT belong to “Crazy Abe” Lincoln.

          Putin and Lincoln: Two peas in a pod – two despots and dictators in a sump.

  5. Just because you are not obligated to do something does not mean you cannot do it voluntarily, just because you want to, and you believe it is the right thing to do.
    If someone is trapped in a house fire, I am not obligated to save them, but I could still rush in there and do it anyway because I believe it is the right thing to do. Nothing prohibits me from doing so.

  6. Guys, we’re gonna ride into battle now, but lets put on our armor AFTER the enemy has struck us with his arrows.

  7. The United States can act on its own, independent of NATO, to enforce the Budapest Memorandum, which it promised to enforce. The justification to act is there, now we just need the political will to do so.

      1. As usual ATS links but doesn’t read with comprehension.

        3) “to refrain from economic coercion designed to subordinate to their own interest the exercise by Ukraine of the right inherent in its sovereignty”

        Biden’s video clearly informs the Americans that Biden didn’t conform to the agreement when he ordered Shokin fired or the money won’t be forthcoming. One can’t rely on Biden to follow anything but his own shortsighted interests. Biden created the environment for this war.

        1. As usual Allan the Chihuahua barks but doesn’t understand. He omits text and ignores the meaning of the entire sentence.
          “The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine, in accordance with the Principles of the CSCE Final Act, to refrain from economic coercion designed to subordinate to their own interest the exercise by Ukraine of the rights inherent in its sovereignty and thus to secure advantages of any kind.” The US wasn’t trying to secure advantages by pressuring Ukraine to fire a corrupt prosecutor general.

          You’re so blind. Trump is the one who actually tried to use economic pressure to secure a personal “favor.”

          It’s telling, Allan, that you repeatedly condemn Biden but not Putin. You’re so full of hate for Democrats that you ignore the person responsible for the invasion.

          1. Anonymous the Stupid, I pointed to a clause that Biden himself violated. Biden is corrupt and secured advantages for himself and his family while acting as the VP of the United States. You are trying to mislead people. All one has to know is that the US interfered with Ukraine’s sovereignty through Biden.

            That Putin is a treacherous dictator doesn’t change the fact that Biden has created the environment for war. Take note of how you cannot defend the result of Biden’s actions.

            1. No, Allan the Chihuahua, you pointed to a clause that Trump violated and Biden did not.

              Shokin wasn’t investigating Burisma, and getting Shokin replaced made it more likely that Burisma would be investigated. There was no personal benefit to Biden or his family, even though you wish to pretend that there was one.

              Trump, on the other hand, told Zelenskyy that he’d have to do Trump a personal favor.

              1. “Shokin wasn’t investigating Burisma, and getting Shokin replaced made it more likely that Burisma would be investigated.”

                Anonymous the Stupid, your spin is contrary to the evidence out there.

                Trump did what the law told him to do.

                You can say what you wish, but you cannot deny that Biden policies made this war more certain. He has been in the seat of government two times when Putin took a bite out of Ukraine. The only thing we don’t know is how big this more recent bite will be.

  8. Did anyone check out her high school years and that maybe she may have been a bit promiscuous?

  9. Forget about race. This nomination will give the important retarded perspective two seats on the Court.


    President Susan Rice, Vice President Valerie Jarrett, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Judge Ketanji “Here Come the Judge” Brown-Jackson, the Obama Affirmative Action Poster Girl, have taken over complete control of the once-free, restricted-vote, American republic.


    The Obama Coup D’etat in America Triumphs!

  11. Former Speaker Paul Ryan: “Janna and I are incredibly happy for Ketanji and her entire family. Our politics may differ, but my praise for Ketanji’s intellect, for her character, and for her integrity, is unequivocal.”

    1. 250 million Americans.

      20 million African women.

      Of course, the highest and best, the most qualified candidate comes from the vastly smaller pool of hypothetical pseudo-candidates.


      “That dudn’t make any sense.”

      – George W. Bush

      That’s physically impossible.

      Now, America is not the best, America is the blackest, understanding that the Constitution confers rights to undifferentiated PEOPLE – undifferentiated PEOPLE.

      America’s enemies are cheering the dumbing-down, the dilution, the evanescence of the nation.

      That glorious despot and destroyer, “Crazy Abe” Lincoln once said:

      “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

      – Abraham Lincoln’s Lyceum Address, 1838

      And Lincoln proceeded forthwith to commit, from “…amongst us…,” the U.S. Constitution and free America to his very suicide.

      1. You’re a bigot, George. You’re a racist, you’re a misogynist, you’re a xenophobe, and you post garbage day in and day out.

          1. Good post George.

            I can tell that the US Govt owes you more then a few metals & ribbons for explaining things.

        1. George has a name. You don’t. That makes George at least one step ahead of you on the ladder.

  12. Just as Roger Maris has an asterisk next to his accomplishment in the record books, Biden’s choice, should she be confirmed to the SCOTUS, will also carry the equivalent of an asterisk. The days of near unanimous approvals for SCOTUS nominees have faded into what feels like ancient US history.

    1. Yes, her asterisk should lead to ‘affirmative action appointment rather than actual merit.’

      The Republicans are so terrified of being called racist in the media that they would vote to confirm an illiterate pygmy if one were appointed and, at this rate, one may be.

        1. You don’t even wear a name while you hurl ineffective insults in every direction.

          Do you think this woman isn’t an affirmative action appointment?

            1. Anonymous, n order to insult a person they must first consider your opinion credible…..seems you would be hard put to insult anyone here.

        2. Is racism not a freedom?

          Is racism somehow unconstitutional?

          Are election, choice, option, preference, selection, volition, liberty, discretion, discrimination, etc., unconstitutional or otherwise unusual?

          Shall Americans perceive, consider and decide only as you command?

          What exactly are freedom and liberty?

          Please cite the Constitution for support of your perverse, dictatorial position.

          Are there skinnyism, nerdism, fatism, uglyism, shortism, acneism, tallism, dumbism, poorism, smartism, four-eyesism, etc.?

          Take your racism and put it where the sun don’t shine.

          Deal with it, loser.

          In 1789, Americans were provided maximal freedom under a severely limited and restricted government.

          Communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) have been doing their best to deny that freedom ever since.

        3. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

          – William Shakespeare, Hamlet

          Your protestations are factitious, artificial, disingenuous and impotent.

          Go find a way to live with yourself the way God made you.

          Go —- yourself.

        4. And you made his point for him. You’re a despicable liberal American hating leftist cult member.

          1. Wait, “…liberal American hating leftist cult member…?”

            I was confused previously and now I’m confuseder.

      1. Barrett, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh’s names should include an asterisk: “pre-approved by the Federalist Society as a Republican rejection of the views and values of the majority of the American people.” That is a true statement. Yours displays your misogyny and racism.

  13. If we are going to use racial spoils to make the Court ‘look like America’ we need to consider that blacks are only about 14% of the population and black women only about 7%.

    Adding this woman will make the Court 22% black, clearly an over representation of this cohort on the Court.

    By contrast, Hispanics are approaching 20% of the population and have no representation on the Court.

    If we are going to do racial calculations in everything then let’s do them right.

    By the way, what percent of the federal bureaucracy in Washington is black? Seems like that may have been overdone as well.

    1. Young says, “ By contrast, Hispanics are approaching 20% of the population and have no representation on the Court.”. Justice Sotomayor is Hispanic.

      1. Svelaz,

        Thanks for the correction. You are entirely correct. It is easy to forget that she is even a lawyer much less a justice on the Supreme Court.

        However, she brings the Court to only about 11% Hispanic. Clearly there is a need for another Hispanic to get the Court to look like America if immigration continues at its present pace.

        1. However, she brings the Court to only about 11% Hispanic.

          Mierda. She is a Nuyorican, which is how she identifies. Nuyoricans are not Hispanic. She is no more Hispanic than you are a drag queen. OTOH, if you are a drag queen, can you teach Svelaz some new moves? He/she/it desperately needs some drag queens tips, and my high heels and wig were sold at an auction for an HIV awareness fundraiser


          1. Estovir–

            That’s interesting! A new category. I wonder if she also identifies as an American?

        2. Young, representing a demographic isn’t about percentages. It’s about having the same shared perspective. For example someone who has never experienced racism or been a target will never have the same perspective that someone who has. That difference in perspective adds a deeper understanding of an issue that may never have occurred to those who never experienced racism and it’s repercussions.

          It’s not about race. It’s more about adding an entirely different perspective that deserves to be considered given the changing demographics of the country.

          1. Svelaz– “It’s more about adding an entirely different perspective that deserves to be considered given the changing demographics of the country.”


            Funny that none on the left here have said that following the law is the principal characteristic needed in a jurist.

            Partly this is the fault of the Court. It dipped its toe and then its head deeply into politics and now it has become a political football to be kicked and tossed between “perspectives” rather than the law.

            1. Young, just blindly following the law is not the whole point of being a judge. Even justice Alito, a staunch constitutional originalist, didn’t stick to his own principles when he should have. Interpretation of the law is also based on a judge’s experience. There’s no set rule that the constitution must be interpreted only one way. It’s simply a matter of opinion.

              Nobody is saying that judges shouldn’t follow the law as you’re implying. Interpretation of the law is the primary job of any judge and drawing on their own experiences on how the law affects a particular demographic is invaluable in the Supreme Court.

              1. Svelaz, ” following the law is not the whole point…”


                Why does the statue of Lady Justice wear a blindfold?

                1. Sorry, Svelaz said: “blindly following the law is not the whole point…”


                  Hence my point about Justice wearing a blindfold.

    2. You are right. When she joins the court, it will be 22% black. To remedy this overrepresentation of black people on the court, Clarence Thomas should immediately resign.

      1. To remedy this overrepresentation of black people on the court, Clarence Thomas should immediately resign be lynched.

        FTFY. You don’t have to sugar coat it. Democrats have lynched blacks for centuries.

  14. “Ways and Means” by Lowenstein will be published next month. About how Lincoln transformed the USA into a modern, industrial country. Sure to give George apoplexy.

    1. That is as inane as proposing that it was John F. Kennedy who sent Americans to the moon, when all know it was Wernher von Braun and his team of Good Germans who accomplished that insuperable, astronomical and momentous feat, from concept to completion.

  15. I voted against confirming Judge Jackson to her current position less than a year ago. Since then, I understand that she has published a total of two opinions, both in the last few weeks, and that one of her prior rulings was just reversed by a unanimous panel of her present colleagues on the D.C. Circuit. I also understand Judge Jackson was the favored choice of far-left dark-money groups that have spent years attacking the legitimacy and structure of the Court itself.

    “With that said, I look forward to carefully reviewing Judge Jackson’s nomination during the vigorous and thorough Senate process that the American people deserve.”



    1. I also understand Judge Jackson was the favored choice of far-left dark-money groups that have spent years attacking the legitimacy and structure of the Court itself.

      Q: What is the Far Left Dark Money Groups?
      A: “Arabella Advisors”….George Soros ties.

      Loosening sentencing laws, releasing of convicted criminals

      “Arabella Advisors”

      The New Venture Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the oldest of Arabella Advisors’ four nonprofits, originally created in 2006 as the “Arabella Legacy Fund.” The New Venture Fund is the largest of Arabella’s nonprofits by revenues, expenditures, and number of activist groups it’s sponsored; as such, it’s been described as the “flagship” of Arabella’s nonprofit network. [79] The New Venture Fund claims it has sponsored over 280 projects across a range of left-of-center issues. [80] In 2020, NVF reported $975 million in revenues.

      The NVF sponsors the Media Democracy Fund, a group supported by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, and which pushes for left-of-center internet-related policies, including net neutrality regulations. [93] [94]


      In 2014, Arabella coordinated grant funding from a number of left-leaning nonprofits including the Ford Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF), the Public Welfare Foundation, and other to form the Vote Safe 501(c)(4), which successfully funded a $10 million ballot initiative campaign to loosen California sentencing laws and release approximately 4,000 convicted criminals.

      1. Marxist group “Arabella Advisors” with George Soros ties, is pushing Jackson. Of course the “Progressives” are thrilled, just as thrilled they were with ANTIFA BLM brownshirts torching America from coast to coast. U.S. District Court Judge J. Michelle Childs would have been an easy shoe in, given her impeccable Catholic upbringing, history of level headed rulings and church involvement helping the poor. Such a loss!

        Eyeing Supreme Court Vacancy, Left-Wing Dark Money Group Pushes Ketanji Brown Jackson for Top Appeals Court

        Demand Justice, which is part of the left-wing dark money network managed by the D.C.-based Arabella Advisors, does not disclose its funders. ……While Demand Justice hides its financial backers, the Free Beacon previously found that George Soros, a cofounder of the Democracy Alliance, provided the group with $2.6 million from his Open Society Foundations. The money came after Fallon had appeared at the conference and around the time of Demand Justice’s inception, both of which occurred in 2018.

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