El Rancho Sells Family Cake Containing Sharp Scissors and Later Offers To Make Amends By Giving Family A New Cake

unnamedCBS is reporting that a family near Dallas had a true surprise at their surprise birthday party for Yoly Nava’s mother when a $60 cake from El Rancho Market was found to have a large pair of scissors baked into the cake. No this was not part of a prison break, just an apparent added ingredient. Two things were a bit surprising. First was the response of El Rancho and second was that a cake from El Rancho actually costs $60.

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Give Me a P, Give Me an A, Give Me a Y . . . NFL Owners Facing Legislation To Force Minimum Wage For Cheerleaders

220px-Buffalo_Jills_during_national_anthem_at_pre-season_game_8-28-08It often seems that a day cannot go by without finding something to truly hate about the NFL. Despite being a football (and Bears) fan, I have long found the NFL itself to operate just slightly above the level of the Barbary Pirate kingdoms. We can add the abusive treatment of cheerleaders. California this month moved to become the first state to require that cheerleaders be paid minimum wage by teams. While lawyers have long insisted that they already qualify for such pay, some NFL teams have been pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars while paying cheerleaders either nothing or the equivalent of $5 an hour. The “Buffalo Jills” for example were paid nothing. Nothing by a time that featured them and pulled in millions for televised games.

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The Colonel Wants To See You: Kentucky Fried Chicken Says DNA Testing Disproved Fried Rat Story

ertertr6654656Not long ago, this image went viral after KFC customer Devorise Dixon said that he was served a fried rat in California. The company insisted that the picture showed it was white meat and complained that Dixon refused to speak directly with the company. It eventually spoke with Dixon’s lawyer and arranged to have the chicken tested. It was proven to be chicken through DNA analysis. Now the Colonel wants an apology.

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Virginia Patient Awarded $500,000 After Doctors Mocked Him While Unconscious During Colonoscopy

220px-Operating_theatreA year ago, we discussed a bizarre case where a colonoscopy patient (identified only as “DB”) is suing over abusive comments made about him by his doctors . . . while he was under anesthesia. “DB” had failed to turn off his cellphone which continued to record comments of the doctors ridiculing him, his body, and his character. While the alleged defamation did not leave the operating room (that is until his lawsuit), he alleged that it was still defamation and Dr. Tiffany Ingham and others for $1.35 million in damages for defamation, infliction of emotional distress and illegally disclosing his health records. Well, after a three-day trial, a Fairfax County jury ordered the anesthesiologist and her practice to pay him $500,000.

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Ninth Circuit Allows Department Of Corrections To Designate “Women Only” Job Categories

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Washington Department of Corrections Shoulder PatchThe Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling permitting the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) to designate a number of open positions within its prison system that are available solely for female candidates.

The Court held that the DOC articulated a well-founded and researched interest in designating a specific number of female only positions to address issues related to privacy interests of women inmates and to reduce the number of sexual improprieties involving male employees, especially within the state’s prison facility for women located in Washington. The state also articulated successfully the need to employ female only positions for the normal and regular operation of its women’s prisons.

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Discredited NAACP Official Once Sued Howard University Over Reverse Discrimination

620We previously discussed the bizarre case of Rachel Dolezal, 37, the head of an NAACP chapter accused of lying by her own mother. Worse yet, some have suggested that Rachel Dolezal, who is the head of the NAACP’s chapter in Spokane, planted hate mail at her office. Now it appears that Dolezal once sued Howard University over discriminating against her for being white — before she claimed she was black. If true, it makes a truly bizarre story all the more bizarre.
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