Flog the Blog: A Call to Arms for the Greatest Blogging Generation

By last count, we were roughly 25 votes out of first place in the ABA competition. Twenty-five votes stand between us and ever-lasting glory. Who among us can now claim that we have done enough when we are mocked from across the Internet?

It is clear that there are pockets of untapped votes that are waiting to be harvested. There are cousins once removed and step nieces. They are not really proxies but people yearning to establish this special tie with you. To assist you, I have enclosed a family map:

The ABA competition is also a good time to renew relationships with former boyfriends and girlfriends, so long as the breakup was amicable and would not offer another opportunity to degrade you. Then there are your family doctors, newspaper delivery kids, and baristas. Have you taken every opportunity to solicit votes? It is a small matter during that proctology exam to mention between coughs that there is an interesting competition going on over at the ABA site.

Last week, Buddha is Laughing’s selection of Henry V was selected to inspire the troops. This week I had to go with Vince’s selection of Bluto. Just as we didn’t quit when the “Germans bombed Pearl Harbor,” we cannot afford to quit now — not unless you want your kids growing up speaking Satyricon:

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  1. Jill said: “…men don’t like women who they can’t control. When a woman stands up to a man’s attempt to control her thoughts, actions and feelings, men can get pretty nasty.”

    I would say that is definitely true of some men. I know that from my own experience. Fortunately, not all men are like that. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of men who think that a woman should “know her place.” (I think Dick Armey may be one of them.)

    It does often happen that when women are outspoken…passionate in the way they argue their cases about a subject…steadfast…won’t back down if we feel we are right–we are often referred to as abrasive, aggressive, pushy, bitchy. Men, on the other hand, are usually called forceful, assertive, self-assured if they behave in the same manner.

    P.S. Can someone please tell me who PATTY is?

  2. CEJ,

    I didn’t see your post in time. See what you think of what I wrote to Mike and look up the exchange I referenced. You will see Mike S. and I said exactly the same thing to Buddha with quite different results. I call those responses, sexism.

    I am not offended by what you said. It’s always good to hear other’s opinions. You have always seemed like a kind person to me and I haven’t changed my opinion on this! However, I can’t change my thinking that there’s a lot of sexism on this blog.

  3. Mike S.,

    The fact that you do not see Buddha’s menace in his posts when he disagrees with me, is one example of being sexist. You believe it is just a disagreement but it is not. Using demeaning and threatening language against me isn’t right. I believe you see nothing wrong with this in Buddha’s case because you like him, and because you do not experience what women experience all the time–men don’t like women who they can’t control. When a woman stands up to a man’s attempt to control her thoughts, actions and feelings, men can get pretty nasty. That’s not just my opinion, that’s shown in all the literature on male treatment of women.

    This is not to say that women cannot be abusive of men. We can and we are. But male dominance leads men to believe they have the right to force women to be how they want and to punish them when they don’t act that way. Go back to the piece about Sally Hemmings. Look at the difference in responses by Buddha to the exact same argument when made by me and when made by you. There are no personal attacks against you, no accusations whatsoever. Yet we made the exact argument almost word for word. That’s sexism at work. You believe I object to someone having a different point of view from me, which I do not. I do object to the menace, aspersions, personal attacks etc. I believe these simply do not register to you because sexism is taken as a normal part of life. It is seen as usual and customary behavior.

  4. Jill,

    It does not happen often that I disagree with you but I don’t perceive or believe that Mike S, FFLEO or Buddha are “sexist”.

    A comment or a remark made by someone that you perceive as “sexist” does not make a person a “sexist”. By that standard we would all be considered “sexist”.

    I see you as a wonderful advocate for all that you believe in, you have often demonstrated a willingness to speak up and take action, and I don’t believe there is a hypocritical bone in your body, but we are all human and we all have sore spots and blind spots and IMHO you may have just missed the mark in this instance.

    I share with you continued good will toward others and hope my comments don’t offend.

  5. “This was not said with a bad will.”

    It may have not been said with bad will but I find it grossly insulting, most especially because you make a blanket assessment offering no proof. Disagreeing with you jill, does not make one sexist, but your words at times imply just that. I have had the privilege of being friends with many liberated women in my life and struggled with them on women’s issues during the 60’s and 70’s. Not one ever accused me of being sexist and you have no idea how insulting I find your ill advised comment. Please provide specific instances where you have found me sexist so I may either defend myself, or agree if proved wrong. I’ve actually put my career on the line to fight sexism in the workplace, besides putting my body on the line in many important protests against sexism and my male friendships on the line with critiques of their behavior. Much of which came perhaps before you wqere even born.

  6. Mike S.,

    You are a great person and I have a lot of respect for what you say but you are also sexist just like FFLEO and Buddha. I don’t think any of you are aware of just how sexist you sound sometimes. I won’t argue this point (but leave that to Elaine) because I believe it would be futile for me to do so. I know that many of the men here find me abrasive. Sometimes an abrasive person is a really good ally when you’re in trouble. For example, you sexist men can all be assured that I would speak out very strongly when you were being wronged (as was FFLEO at Marc’s blog yesterday). FFLEO’s treatment pissed me off and I wasn’t going to just let it go without speaking up. This was not said with a bad will.

  7. As a lifelong feminist (even as a little boy I knew women were smarter and more interesting to be with, when puberty hit it just made females all the more interesting), proud father of personally liberated daughters and with a personally liberated wife, I am well aware that sexism, like racism and other bigotry is sometimes not obvious. However, to me when one has a large body of work, as do most regulars here, then the context of the whole is more instructive than the content of a phrase, or a joke. Neither buddha, nor FFLEO strike me as sexist males, despite their occasional forays into jocularity, some of which may miss their mark.

  8. AY–

    Who is Patty? What is the line limitation?

    I was speaking in general terms–not specifically about this blog or anyone on this blog. Do you think I’m sexist because I think some men are sexist?

    A lot of religions are sexist. Many men and women are raised as believers in these religions. They become conditioned to the sexism inherent in their religions. I’d guess that the more subtle sexism in some religions may not be that obvious to either the men or the women. Maybe some consider it the way God meant things to be.

  9. I agree with you Elaine. Although Patty was more than difficult, she was right about the sexism.

  10. Elaine M.,

    I think that the womenfolks on this site are more acutely aware of sexism and for one to call another a sexist is almost stating to me that they consider them to be somewhat a bigot.

    Therefore we have tried to have personal curtailments of intentional inflammatory remarks tamed. There are some folks on here that disagree with me and hell may not even like me, which I lose sleep over every night. I just don’t comment on what they say unless it crosses the line.

    You are pre patty. So you might not have a real appreciation for the line limitation….

  11. AY–

    “Calling another a sexist is in reality sexist. Because only another sexist knows that the other person is a sexists because they too are a sexist. It is like porn, you know it when you see it.”

    I’ll have to disagree with you on this one. Being a woman of my years, I experienced sexism along the way. I’m not a sexist–but I knew the sexist treatment when I was the subject of it. I think there are some men who don’t recognize sexism even when they are the perpetrators of it. Maybe one has to be the subject of sexism to understand how demeaning it can be. Fortunately, it isn’t as prevalent today as it was when I was young.

  12. I missed this whole part about Jill calling someone a sexist. Calling another a sexist is in reality sexist. Because only another sexist knows that the other person is a sexists because they too are a sexist. It is like porn, you know it when you see it. Right Jill?

  13. Jill,

    Since you are actually criticizing other commentators and not the blog proper, it’s only appropriate that commentators address your criticism.

    You and I agree on more than we disagree politically speaking. Simple fact. I don’t care what sex you are. Also simple fact. I don’t care if you agree or disagree with me though. It’s nice when people agree. If they don’t? Well that’d be human nature. Sometimes disagreeing is nice too because it indicates areas of discomfort. I don’t begrudge you your opinion or disagreeing. I wanted to get that out of the way first.

    If you are fishing for some sort of apology after calling me sexist because you can’t parse a joke and me slamming you down for it or if you are trying to muzzle me or others in some way because the big bad words hurt your feelings?

    Hell will freeze solid first.

    My comment stands in re you and I: Get a sense of humor. Once I told you it was a joke you were getting bent over, you should have had the good sense and grace to let it go. You escalated. Interesting choice. I’ve never hidden that I have sharp nasty teeth, but make no mistake, I growled at you Jill – I didn’t bite. Most people calling me sexist I’d have fed through the shredder.

    You aren’t the “tone moderator” around here, Jill. Someone else used to think she was though.

    Free speech is a rough game. Make suggestions all you like. We’re free to ignore them.

    If the Prof has a problem with the regulars, how about you letting him take care of it? If he thinks we are playing too rough, he’s always stepped in before. He wears big boy pants. And this is his blog after all. Not any of the “tone moderators”. If you’ll notice, the troll killers in the group attack trolls for WHAT they say, not HOW THEY SAY IT.

    If the tone here is getting ugly? I suggest you look out the window at what’s happening to the Constitution and to our country over the last 10 years to find the cause. It’s going to get a lot uglier . . . and not just on the blog. If harshness offends, you are going to be in for a bumpy ride.

    Your opinion has been noted and responded to by a commentator. Like me or not, Jill, I’m not your enemy. Unless that’s your choice and I know it isn’t. Not because of ME, but because of YOU. You don’t like having enemies. You’re too nice a person to enjoy it and it’s obvious. Me? I don’t give a damn. Friend, enemy, I don’t care as long as everyone gets their rights. I’d like everyone to just get along but hey! My name isn’t Pollyanna. If you didn’t think the joke was funny? You should have said so, but instead you invited the smack down for the sexism charge when EVERY bit of evidence of my postings show I do not give a damn about a person’s sex as related to their opinion. TO BE CLEAR: In our recent run in, you weren’t criticizing the joke, you were criticizing me as a person. Seemingly because I’m male and you didn’t get the joke that makes me a sexist. Hmmm. Yeah. Bullshit, Jill. The only time a person’s sex ever occurs to me as being relevant is if I want to sleep with them. Period. I’m also not seeking your approval either. That’s a very small list of humans.

    As to content here, there is one person qualified to suggest and enforce rules of conduct and you are not he.

    As to others willing or unwilling to join the fray? Well, that’d be their call for their reasons. The sign says “No Life Guard On Duty”. If someone is seriously drowning, the pool owner has stepped in before. Floundering is another issue. He’ll let you flounder because one must learn to dog paddle before they learn the butterfly stroke. Some don’t mind swimming under those conditions, others run for the hills. To each their own.

    If you think disaster and mayhem aren’t a draw? You ought to call Michael Bay and tell him to start making Restoration Comedies instead off blow ’em up action films. I can hear Hollywood laughing now.

    But if you want to criticize your fellow commentators, you better be willing to accept it too.

    I said “joke”. You pushed it. You got hurt or offended by my response after I waived the white flag (identified what you were missing in the joke)? That’s still your problem.

    End of response.

  14. 229 v 186 Yesterday’s vote Sat.

    234 v 189 Today’s vote Sun

    5 v 3 I would’ve allowed LS to do the math but he caint.

    Law Saty linked to Mary’ post above and he is claiming *voter fraud*. Mary jokingly states voting for herself, her mom, her brother, her cat, and her dog.

    Hey Dazza don’t they teach basic math at U.of Mass, U. of Florida, or at Georgetown U. Law?

    Mary’s joke would have resulted in *5* votes, Einstein, not the 3 that were posted for Turley since noon yesterday, Saturday.

    So, Please quit hollering vote fraud.

  15. Nate, this is very well said. This is a great blog. Nate wrote,


    Perhaps the loftier benefit of this contest lays more in a hopefully accurate assessment indicating the number of individuals who truly find your efforts valuable.

    I do.”

    I also misquoted lottakatz and would like to correct my mistake. She said: “…when the truth becomes an attack it means that people are too comfortable with lies IMO.”

    1. Thank you all. I am not giving up the ghost just yet. I hear those pod people of Elaine’s are sprouting with the first snow and by Christmas Eve, they will be as high as an elephant’s eye!

  16. FFLEO,

    We do like each other and you are sexist! I wouldn’t expect you to notice sexism in the posts because you are down right awful when it comes to this subject. I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I’ve been called a traitor, I’ve had people swear at me because I didn’t have the feeling they believed was appropriate for a woman, (namely, I didn’t share their opinion) and I’ve been psychoanalyzed and given diagnoses because I pointed out Obama was engaged in illegal and unethical activities to people who were having their own struggle reconciling their vision of Obama with the reality of Obama’s actions. It’s like Lottakatz said, when the truth starts to sound weird, there’s too many lies going around.

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