FLOG THE BLOG: Vote Now or the Orcs Will Inhabit the Blog

It has come to this. We are facing a 50 vote deficit with ten days left in the battle for the blogoshere. It is time to pull out the video that most captures the moment (as supplied by Mespo). You are not the first to face an overwhelming army with many assuming certain defeat.

Do you want the orcs to win? Do you want Frodo Baggins stuffed and used as a plaything for Uruk-hai children? Who among us will return to the safety of our virtual homes rather than hold the line?

We need 50 bloggers to step forward and join us at the Black Gate of the ABA competition.

136 thoughts on “FLOG THE BLOG: Vote Now or the Orcs Will Inhabit the Blog”

  1. Jill,

    Right, but there are other considerations then our feelings towards the other Blog that we need to consider. I’m not saying I disapprove of your, comments, or that people should or shouldn’t do anything specific. Just putting another thing out there for people to mull over.


    Did you say Theremin?

  2. Interesting,

    Marc deleted comments for incivility and closed his comment section for this topic. I don’t remember any incivility in FFLEO’s comments. FFLEO’s were censored for having accurate content that conflicted with Marc’s claim of voter fraud. My post contained incivility and accurate information which is still being ignored by Marc, so that he can get pity votes for being called a nazi by JT–something which never occurred.

  3. Prof.,

    When in an abandoned city, one usually is safe until the Theremin music starts or Kevin McCarthy throws himself on the hood of your car. But still, safety first.

  4. Gyges,

    I don’t care how Marc runs his blog but I do care when he lies about JT. I told Marc what happened and all he did was send nasty comments my way. That’s not acceptable. He can make all the nasty comments he wants at his blog, but he should not be misrepresenting JT’s posting to achieve votes. That he continues to do so after having been informed of what happened, speaks very poorly of him. He pretends to be quite the ethical person. This action would be the opposite of that.

  5. About the difference of comments v. voters over at the other place…
    Marc doesn’t like a lot of comments (he moderates every one), so the general attitude of the site limits them. It’s his blog, if he likes the monologue, that’s his call. We may prefer our style of blog, but that’s why we’re here, not there.

    Just a reminder. What we say and do reflects directly on JT; he has to sleep in the bed we make. Let’s not create any professional rivalries,especially since this has long since evolved from that “friendly competition” that I think most of us assumed it would be.

  6. Think this through with me. Let me know your mind.

    O, Oh what I want to know is
    Will you come with me?
    Ain’t no time to hate, barely time to wait.

    Come vote for Jonathan’s band. Have you seen the light?
    Got some things to talk about here beside the rising tide.

  7. I have lost what vestigial respect I had for Marc. I thought the way he attacked Nal was over the top. But here’s what he’s done.

    He’s taken JT’s original title that was on the blog for about 20 mins., which JT modified to make certain everyone would know was not him calling his opponents Nazis, and then JT changed the titled altogether so as not to create any hard feelings–so Marc sticks with the original title (which was a joke based on Animal House) and posts that to a really big site, XOX, to drum up support (pity votes) because he claimed JT was calling him a Nazi.

    When told of the change in title, not only would he not check out our site to see if that was true, he has kept it on his blog for more pity votes. And he accuses us of taking this too seriously! Jeesh!!!

    I hope that sucker goes down.

  8. Carlyle,

    Anyone may vote. We’ve cornered the market on plants and cats as well. (Seriously, you don’t have to be a lawyer.)

  9. Professor Turley.

    Is it allowed that non-lawyers vote in a competition between blawgs?

    I have not voted yet because I am unsure of the propriety of doing so.

    1. Carlyle:

      The competition is open to everyone. Indeed, some of the blawgs are only marginally “legal” and have a largely hybrid audience. Thanks.

      BTW, everyone, I just got in from DC to file something electronically. The city was virtually abandoned when I drove through it like a 1950s horror film. We are now almost ready to hit the road.

  10. What a childish douche bag. He strikes me as the kind of guy who went to law school because he kept getting his ass kicked in high school. That’s the last time any of the browers and computers I control policy on go to his site.

  11. Mespo,
    I am a little late, but I loved that West Wing video! That was one of my favorite shows and the “President’s” remarks to the right wing talk show host were brilliant and timely.

  12. Congrats on the “Cops: Jacksonville”-free wedding. That’s always a plus. Unless you were hoping to get a SAG card, but I’m not sure they give those out for reality programming.

  13. AY,

    He’s slinking around here somewhere. On the Climate Change/WTC thread he kinda got lost. A bit like a rat among arguing leopards. When the big guns came out, he ran for cover.

  14. Buddha,

    You sure that is Jade and not Jaded Green? Hey where had Bdaman been? I have not seen PF since I asked if they were the same….

  15. Elaine M.,

    BIL is anything but Genetically Speaking. The only Jeannettics he knows are in clothing.


    I was in Jacksonville this last weekend. A family wedding and something kinda interesting happened. No fights, no brawls, the cops weren’t called. I did have to look to make sure I went to the right families wedding…..

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