FLOG THE BLOG: Vote Now or the Orcs Will Inhabit the Blog

It has come to this. We are facing a 50 vote deficit with ten days left in the battle for the blogoshere. It is time to pull out the video that most captures the moment (as supplied by Mespo). You are not the first to face an overwhelming army with many assuming certain defeat.

Do you want the orcs to win? Do you want Frodo Baggins stuffed and used as a plaything for Uruk-hai children? Who among us will return to the safety of our virtual homes rather than hold the line?

We need 50 bloggers to step forward and join us at the Black Gate of the ABA competition.

136 thoughts on “FLOG THE BLOG: Vote Now or the Orcs Will Inhabit the Blog”

  1. I really enjoy this blog and all of you who post here.

    I like the *Hobbit* analogy, this site is like a wonderful *shire* a playground for some really fine *wizards* who regularly or irregularly stop by and display some of their awesome fireworks!

    Res ipsa loquitur deserves best blawg IMHO and Jonathan Turley is by far the best host!!!


    As to the competition, I’m just saying: That Marco’s deliberate use of an out of context quote on the AutoAdmit XO site makes him a whinny wimpy whuss with a whittle weiner!

    From his own blog: “Don’t get me wrong, I am a Turley fan, and will remain one. But geez,…the nazi card? Really?”

    (Don’t you just love how he gets all homey- ah! shucks! geez!)

    On December 16, at AutoaAdmit site he was pitifully pathetic at pleading for pledges!

    Marco’s mendacity included: Please, vote for me! I’m poor poor pitiful me, Turley played the Nazi card! and “I need your help to deliver a whole shit load of bad Karma!”

    Yes he actually wrote that; but this afternoon he deleted his post there!

    One AutoAdmit commenter calls Marco a “self promoting attention whore” and abbreviates Marco’s bio as “a gulc sausage teaches at barry, relies on r@gold convictions for income, bangs a slore without a bag, knocks her up, gets shot gunned, then trolls XO to promote his blog. WHY?”

    Why? Why? YES, why Marco? Why?

    Maybe because he just can’t stand the thought of losing!!!

    Once he knows LottaKatz, Jill, FFLEO, BIL and others are on to his B.S. and are calling him out; Marco’s mood changes, he no longer supports free speech, and after deleting FFLEO’s and Buddha’s commments, he posts that the nazi thread is closed due to INCIVILITY. What a joke, just showing his hypocrisy!

    He is bringing on himself some seriously BAD karma.

    Way to go Marco in the Marketplace of Ideas!

    He even went so far as to delete his pathetic plea on AutoAdmit!

    Just a little reminder to our Dear friend Randazza who no longer displays dazzling dissing!

    You started it!!

    That’s right, it was YOU who titled a thread on your blog:
    “We have been nominated….vote for us or the kittens die!”

    You do not get it! You can’t handle the TRUTH!

    We here on this blog have long ago SURRENDERED to “Our Animal Overlords” therefore Killing Kittens is unacceptable!!!

    You Nazi ninny!!!!

    P.S: Curiously, this afternoon the ABA replaced the Vote tally with all ??? marks!

    Chow, CHOW! Back to Lurkerdom!!!

  2. FFLEO: dirty talk:

    As long as it’s done well, in an entertaining manner I don’t mind it at all, it’s like peppers in cooking.

    There’s a political commentator/comedian named Lee Papa that has a blawg named The Rude Pundit “Proudly lowering the level of political discourse” and he’s been around for quite awhile, years. He also tours doing live shows. He has a liberal take on politics and he’s entertaining. It’s XXX to the 4 power commentary though. He does interesting work though:

    Joe Lieberman, You Can Choke on the Bones of Jacqueline Kelly as They’re Crammed Down Your Throat: from 12-15

    Ben Nelson Is a Hypocrite on Abortion Funding from 12-14

    and Sarah Palin, James Inhofe, and the Rest: Meet Christopher Clavius, Copernicus Denier: from 12-11

    I’m not encouraging you to visit FFLEO, I’m just giving him a plug because many of his postings are also very funny and some of our regulars lean toward humor.


  3. FFLEO: “Mr. Marco Randazza is an exceptionally dishonest man who claims to be a First Amendment advocate.”

    I am also leaning in that direction FFLEO and was doing so before I even read the “calling me a nazi” posting. I took the time to visit 4 ABA voting categories, read a few blogs from each and followed a couple of those blogs because they seemed interesting. I am still visiting a couple of them. On the 19th this was posted on TLS under the headline:

    “Alan Greyson, asshat – unfit to serve in Congress”

    It details an allegation of illegality that Grayson has brought regarding the anti-Grayson website “My Congressman Is Nuts” set up by a Angie Langley. Set it up as a PAC and collecting money illegally was Grayson’s allegation.

    Randazza writes:

    … “Grayson claims that Langley falsely reported to the Federal Election Commission that her PAC supports or opposes more than one candidate. Grayson’s factual assertion seems to be completely meritorious. It seems clear that Langley’s website is solely devoted to getting rid of Grayson. Grayson also claims that Langley falsely represents that she is one of Grayson’s constituents. She doesn’t live in his district. That seems to be a meritorious claim too. ” …
    “The thing is, I am sure that Grayson’s allegations are true. I am sure that Langley isn’t just some innocent member of the public who is fed up with Grayson. I’m sure that the Republican Party put her up to this stunt. ”

    Randazza argues that the 1st Amendment should excuse, protect or trump in some way, Langley’s (alleged) illegal actions and indicates that as a protest against Grayson or in support of Langley or the 1st Amendment he has donated money to her MCIC site.

    There’s something wrong with the logic of that position and it persists throughout the comment section in his replies.

    I took the TLS shortcut off my desktop (where I park shortcuts while I deciding if I’m going to add them to my shortcut corral permanently or not) after reading that posting. I don’t really comment to blogs when I first start ‘test driving’ them, I just erase the shortcut if I don’t think they’re a good fit.


  4. FFLEO,
    I learned long ago, as you probably also did, that people who would seem to be on my side politically and/or from a constitutional perspective, could as human beings be much worse than those with whom I disagreed. One may be a freedom of speech advocate and an ass also.
    From the exchange you had I can only conclude that this applies to Mr. Marco in spades.

  5. For The Record–Here are my posts at Law Satyricon today that Mr. Marco Randazza deleted.

    Dazed Dazza,

    229 v 186 Yesterday’s vote Sat
    234 v 189 Today’s vote Sun
    __5 v __3 I would’ve allowed LS to do the math but he ‘caint’.

    Law Saty linked to Mary’s post above and he is claiming *voter fraud*. Mary jokingly states voting for herself, her mom, her brother, her cat, and her dog.

    Hey Dazza don’t they teach basic math at U. of Mass, U. of Florida, or at Georgetown U. Law?

    Mary’s joke would have resulted in *5* votes, Einstein, not the 3 that were posted for Turley since noon yesterday, Saturday.

    So, Please quit hollering vote fraud.

    To which Mr. Randazza told me he did not know what I talking about (vote fraud) although he thrice linked to Mary’s Post. Then, as Buddha mentioned, Dazza told me to “mess” in my hat.

    To which I replied:


    I am an adamant proponent for First Amendment free speech rights; however, can you explain why you use 9th grade bad boy/ tough guy “cusswords” in virtually all of your posts? My best guess is that you do not speak that way in court, in law classes, at board meetings, or that you will not do so around your young, growing children.

    I understand that this is your blawg and you can say whatsoever you want and I can choose not to visit. The problem being, the petty swearwords—based on taboos—result in tiresome bad language from someone possessing your curriculum vitae. Nevertheless, I often agree with what you posit while constantly having to hurdle over the crudity of your verbiage.

    My comments do not derive from prudishness and I am as irreligious as humanly possible. Your crudeness of expression hinders your often-valuable messages.

    I made my comments over @ Legal Satyricon; however, they were not especially well received.

    To which Dazza replied with more very foul language and then he told me to “suck his ****”

    To Which I replied:

    As a strictly heterosexual male, I make no judgments on character; however, I personally find objectionable what homosexual males do to each other. Therefore, the thought of what you suggest is overwhelmingly revolting to me.

    Nonetheless—by all accounts—you have a fine family; good luck with your new child, having a long, happy family life and marriage, along with a prosperous legal career—and thank the law of chance because you got lucky.

    Long live the First Amendment, the other 9 Bill of Rights, and the 17 subsequent Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

    End of comments.

    Most of you know that I refrain from using cusswords/swearwords— and for Hades I often use ****as I did yesterday on the Detective Snowball Drawn firearm thread—Snowball’s chance in ****.

    I just wanted to set the record straight. Mr. Marco Randazza is an exceptionally dishonest man who claims to be a First Amendment advocate.


  6. Gyges,

    I need to add one more thing. You addressed your comments directly to me that’s why I thought they were about me specifically, If you had said, “to everyone on the blog”, I would have understood that differently.

    I don’t know if this is cleared up but it’s the end of it from my end. I’d rather have some fun!

  7. Gyges,

    I you believe I have created a professional rivalry, if that’s what you’re saying, I will have to disagree that I have done so. If you are saying something else, that all of us need to watch out for what we say, I’ll agree to that.

  8. Jill,

    I don’t know how I could be more explicate than, “What we say and do reflects directly on JT; he has to sleep in the bed we make. Let’s not create any professional rivalries,especially since this has long since evolved from that “friendly competition” that I think most of us assumed it would be.”

    In retrospect, I should have said “He’d probably appreciate it if we didn’t go out of our way to” instead of “let’s not” there, but over all I stand by that statement.

    As for what I suggest you do, “I honestly think this is the kind of thing everyone has to decide how to handle for themselves.”

  9. Mike S.–

    “Part of the reason I spend so much time here is because JT has a wicked sense of humor, stands by his principles and is not overly impressed with himself. That’s just about the man personally and doesn’t begin to express my admiration for him professionally.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more!

  10. Part of the reason I spend so much time here is because JT has a wicked sense of humor, stands by his principles and is not overly impressed with himself. That’s just about the man personally and doesn’t begin to express my admiration for him professionally. This guy Marc impresses me as having none of those stellar attributes and as a real image control freak. I’d be sad if he won and am doing what I can to prevent it, but even if in victory the guy is a loser. He in no way compares to our constitutional mentor and host.

  11. roflol


    I always thought one had to be dead to be rolling over in their grave, but I keep hearing this strange Don Henley like noise. My ears may never be the same again. lol

  12. Gyges,

    What did you mean then? Could you state very specifically what you meant about other considerations and how we should react to these other considerations.



  13. Jill,

    Wow, you’re reading a lot into what I said. See: “I’m not saying I disapprove of your, (sic) comments, or that people should or shouldn’t do anything specific.”

    If I think a course of behavior is best, I have no problem saying so. I’ve had a great line about throwing stones in other people’s glass houses I haven’t used because it’s not neutral language (however I’m not above sneaking it in to this post, because really, it’s good). I honestly think this is the kind of thing everyone has to decide how to handle for themselves.

    You want to be mad, be mad. I don’t like it when people lie or mislead either. You want to give us update about the other site, great. I know most of us appreciate your habit of keeping us aware of developments in general. I made no judgments, or suggestions, I just added information.

  14. Jill–

    You said: “How can it get worse than deleting FFLEO’s post that had no incivility whatsoever in it? Saying it was deleted for incivility instead of content is not acceptable to me.”

    So, Marco’s a First Amendment lawyer who feels he has to moderate and/or delete comments at his blawg??? A blawg at which he uses vulgar language/profanity himself? V-E-R-Y…I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G. Actually, I find that quite funny. I wonder if he took a “hypocritic” oath before he began practicing as a First Amendment lawyer.

  15. Gyges,

    How does it get worse than Marc saying JT called him a Nazi? He won’t correct that statement, no matter what proof he’s given that JT never did that. He could check this fact for himself, but he refuses to do so. Instead he posts a big lie on a large site to get votes. How can it get worse than deleting FFLEO’s post that had no incivility whatsoever in it? Saying it was deleted for incivility instead of content is not acceptable to me.

    You don’t have to worry about Marc because he’s deleted everything he doesn’t like from his site. But on this site, I’m not going to lie about what Marc has been up to. He’ll have to do his own lying on his own and other sites.

  16. I would be the one responsible for the “incivility”. After he told FFLEO to “go shit in your hat”, I told him Marco was not very funny and compensating for having a small penis. But I wasn’t nearly that nice about it.

    It’s the least I could do.


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