“Rittenhouse Should Pay for his Crimes”: ASU Students Demand the Expulsion of Kyle Rittenhouse

President Joe Biden and media figures are not the only persons who are “angry” after a jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse on all charges. Despite a jury with the same racial makeup convicting the defendants in Georgia in the Arbery case, many have denounced the entire legal system as racist. It does matter that there was evidence supporting Rittenhouse’s claim of self-defense that was largely missing from prior coverage of the case. Now students and groups at Arizona State University are planning a rally and demanding that Rittenhouse be expelled. With leaders like President Biden calling Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” before any investigation was completed and legal analysts calling the entire trial “white supremacy on steroids,” there is a sense of legitimacy in demanding such extrajudicial punishments.

Students groups like MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán), Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine and the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition are organizing a rally this week to “get murderer Kyle Rittenhouse off [the] campus.”  He is not on campus since he is enrolled as an online student. (Indeed, some reports indicate that he may not be currently enrolled for any classes at ASU). However, Rittenhouse has expressed interest in in-person attendance at ASU. Students and faculty are being called to the rally to “protect students from a violent, blood-thirsty murderer.”

In addition, ASU student Taskina Bhuiya started a Change.org petition to denounce the verdict and to call for Rittenhouse to be “held accountable for the crimes he has committed.” Without a sense of irony, the petition declares “ASU should be a safe and inclusive place for all students, which will be disrupted if Kyle Rittenhouse is allowed to attend this school.” Inclusive unless you are an acquitted individual who must be “held accountable.” Hundreds have signed the petition insisting that “Rittenhouse should pay for his crimes.”

The campaign reflects a growing sense that the legal system is only worthy of respect (or even protection) if it rules in the way that we demand. It is the same mentality that has led members of Congress, law professors, and others to demand the expansion or restriction of the Supreme Court because it now has a conservative majority. Liberal justices like the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Stephen Breyer have opposed such efforts as inimical to the rule of law.

We saw a similar campaign to block Nick Sandmann from attending Transylvania University. Some media outfits corrected false coverage of Sandmann, who was wrongly accused of racist attacks on a Native American activist. Various media companies settled with him and he is still in litigation with others. Yet, figures from an ACLU officer to a professor raised the alarm over his attending college and appearing on campus.

The fact is that Rittenhouse cannot be expelled or kept off campus due to such mob measures. He would quickly prevail in court. However, the rally and the rhetoric magnify the risk to his safety by those who demand “accountability” regardless of any verdict.

It will be interesting to see how many faculty step forward to defend his right to attend the college despite any misgivings over his case. Conversely, we have seen faculty members join such mob efforts, even attacking others on campus, blocking speakers, destroying political signs, or encouraging attacks on student journalists.  University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis defended the murder of a conservative protester and said that he saw “nothing wrong” with such acts of violence. Other faculty members have made similarly disturbing comments “detonating white people,” denouncing policecalling for Republicans to suffer,  strangling police officerscelebrating the death of conservativescalling for the killing of Trump supporters, supporting the murder of conservative protesters and other outrageous statements. It is less common to hear professors today speak out for the rights of conservatives or others who are being targeted by campaigns on campus. The risk is simply too great that they will be “tagged” as intolerant, racist, or reactionary.

ASU has responded to the controversy. Rather than rejecting the premise of barring a student based on such protests, the school simply noted that he is not currently enrolled. There is no need to cancel him if he is not currently a student. Problem solved. Yet, the planned rally still illustrates how education is now seen as a Yet, the planned rally still illustrates how education is now seen as a means to mete out punishment in lieu of conviction.

It is not surprising that Rittenhouse, who was looking at life in prison, did not register for classes this coming term. That would have been rather presumptuous with many in the media declaring him all but convicted before the start of opening arguments. He is likely to now move on with his life and will seek admission to ASU or another school. The question is whether he will be allowed access to an education or whether schools will yield to this campaign to bar him from any campus.

It is common for former felons (including violent offenders) to take classes or give lectures on campuses without such protests. It is not clear whether any school will admit this acquitted teenager given the protests at ASU and other universities.

If admitted, Rittenhouse has every right to attend ASU in person and has every right to expect that he can do so safely. If ASU cannot muster the integrity and courage to reaffirm those rights publicly, it has abandoned a core defining element for higher education. Colleges often sit in cringing silence as individual students are targeted and harassed. It is not clear whether Rittenhouse will seek to continue at ASU or other universities. However, his education should not be treated as a vehicle for collective extrajudicial punishment.

*This column was updated on his ASU status.

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  1. Yes, Rittenhouse’s Victims Were Losers

    But Public Disgust Is Not Unfounded

    Arguably Rittenhouse was justified is shooting all 3 of his victims. But the Rittenhouse verdict sends a chilling message. It now appears that Open-Carry laws could allow rifleman to show up at large public gatherings and presume to patrol the space. Therefore Americans have cause for concern. There needs to be some clarification here.

    1. Clarification?
      The Second Amendment (Right to Bear Arms) has not been held in abeyance.
      Murder is still illegal.
      Are you afraid of shadows and boogeymen as well?
      An armed society is a polite society – and I’m not speaking of the military.
      You seem to have forgotten that one of the “gentlemen” Rittenhouse legally shot was pointing a firearm he ILLEGALLY had in his possession.
      Climb up into the sunshine and get your facts straight.

    2. Rioters and looters are free to bring weapons to their “mostly peaceful protests” with impunity, but law abiding citizens are not? Gag me!

    3. It’s the same old tired slippery-slope argument that never bares fruit. The notion that there are all these extremists just waiting in the wings for the green light so they can pounce. The liberal establishment ( media. big tech, politicians, PRESIDENT) lies, agenda and attacks are the only thing chilling about this whole mess.

    4. Huh? He wasn’t “arguably” justified; he was clearly justified, and there is no possible argument that he wasn’t. The three men were not victims, they were attackers; he was their victim. And the only chilling message the verdict sends is to thugs and predators like those three, that sometimes your victims will fight back.

    5. . It now appears that Open-Carry laws could allow rifleman to show up at large public gatherings and presume to patrol the space.

      Under what constitutional tenet is this not 100% what a free America should look like.

      As compared to rioting thugs have free reign to loot, and burn anything within sight?

      What you are afraid of, is Americans coming to life to protect their communities. Terrifying that the bullies are being put in their place.

    6. This verdict had far more implications than Kyle Rittenhouse!! This verdict vindicated anyone whose life is threaten with a gun to be able to defend themselves!!! The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution was upheld for all American’s!!!

    7. “Open-Carry laws could allow rifleman to show up at” riots, where barbarians are looting, destroying property, and setting fires — barbarians who are then shot because they attacked an innocent teenager.

      When you drop the context, you can conclude anything or nothing.

      “presume to patrol the space.”

      If politicians (specifically the mayor and governor, in this case) and law enforcement did their job, there’d be no need for private citizens to “patrol the space.”

      Dropping and switching the context are cherished tactics of all sophists. That’s how they make the rational sound irrational, and the sane, insane.

  2. It used to be that Leftists would expose irrationality and fight against it. Now they are the main producers of it.

  3. Sure, the students have the right to champion peacefully, any ideas they may have. But the university and public officials may want to echo my sentiments, but remind students that a trial acquitted Mr. Rittenhouse, and therefore, he is free to enroll in any university, and that includes Arizona State.

  4. The ASU Admin is no doubt prepared on how to handle this, having decided to accept Kyle before his trial began.

    Give this a few days to play out. I’m hoping ASU will invoke rules about defaming a fellow students, and intentionally making a student feel unwelcome or unsafe. There are certainly rules already, and students agreed to these rule to attend ASU.

    It’s now a case of enforcing the rules.

    1. Hope you’re right. Continuation of thousands of dollars in annual academic scholarship funding will be dependent on how well the administration responds to the aforementioned unAmerican student groups. Tired of seeing a noisy few tell the majority what to think; particularly when its on a false premise.

      1. Tired of seeing a noisy few tell the majority what to think;

        This can’t be repeated too often.

        A very vocal and very stupid minority. Rittenhouse has his name and reputation out there. Who is the face of this idiocy. HR directors across the nation want to know, so they can judge and ruin people with no consequences. Strip these know nothings of their anonymity and shoulder the responsibility of their demands.

    2. Arizona seems to be the polar opposite of Florida! I feel sorry for you all living in such a disgraceful way. Come to FSU. Kyle!

    3. “It’s now a case of enforcing the rules.”

      Good luck with that. Since when did the Left ever reign in *their* mob or *their* Brownshirts?

  5. The Professor makes a good point. Biden and the media weren’t the only people angry about the Rittenhouse verdict. Darrell Brooks was angry too.

    1. And the media and Democrats have decided that his 6 victims are way less important than the 2 marauders that Rittenhouse shot as they lunged at him. Brooks’ victims ran away (if they saw it coming). In Kenosha the “victims” were running toward KR.

  6. These are the same people who want to make it illegal to know if someone is a felon when hiring them. Seems they are very selective when it comes to this kind of stuff.

  7. Fine then… Any Student or Person who is caught Rioting, Looting and or Destroying Property should be held to the Same Standard they deem on other’s! Expulsion or worse… Banned from receiving a Federal Loan or Forced to instantly pay it back and if they can’t they can work it off in a Federal or State Prison! There names should be purged from the states 911 directory!

      1. That is thanks to brandon and Joe Cawley of MBNA fame back in the mid 90’s . Brandon and joe got law passed making student loans not able to be gone in a bankrupecy. Seems too many useless degrees was costing somebody money.

  8. And again, the mainstream media (MSM) promote the constant drumbeat of a false anti-white, pro-black narrative.

    Rittenhouse took no action that was racist and Rittenhouse took no action against black people.

  9. “Despite a jury with the same racial makeup convicting the defendants in Georgia in the Arbery case,…”

    – Professor Turley


    To be sure, the only crime in the Arbery case in Georgia was retaliatory assault and battery by the suspect, Arbery, during an attempted legal citizen’s arrest.

    Clearly on the video, the diagnosed psychotic convicted felon and suspect, well known and in the immediate knowledge of local citizens, can be seen irrationally attacking the person attempting the arrest and grasping for his shot gun.

    Also and clearly on the video, the citizen attempting the arrest can be seen retreating and defending himself.

    Image is everything – the false verdict by the jury was a product of propaganda and tampering of an unsequestered jury by the communist mainstream media (MSM) which propagates and advocates an anti-white, pro-black bias.

    The defendants engaged in legal self-defense.

    The trial was a despicable sham derived of pervasive racial bias against the defendants.

    Ahmaud Arbery is the one and only cause of and is singularly responsible for Ahmaud Arbery’s death.

    The critical and decisive act of attacking the person who was constitutionally keeping and bearing arms was committed by Ahmaud Arbery.

    Ahmaud Arbery was a repeat convicted criminal and felon, and had been previously, formally diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder.

    The judge egregiously denied the defense the use of past encounters with police as evidence at trial on patently unsound principles.

    All evidence must have been allowed in order for the court to constitute an objective, unbiased trial of fact.

    The defendants had legal grounds to execute a citizens arrest and absolutely had “immediate knowledge” of Ahmaud Arbery’s felony convictions and proclivity for felonious acts.

    The defendants “…may arrest an offender if the offense is committed…within his immediate knowledge” while immediate is defined by Merriam Webster as, “b(1) : near to or related to the present (2) : of or relating to the here and now : current.”

    Judge Timothy Walmsley ruled arbitrarily and erroneously that Georgia’s prior citizen’s arrest law was not applicable.

    Arbery’s criminal record stretching back to 2013 showed he had “used running or jogging as a cover to commit crimes” and that he had a pattern of either fleeing when confronted or aggressively challenging his accusers. In at least two police encounters, Arbery allegedly cursed at and threatened officers. Arbery was on probation for two crimes. He had carried a handgun onto school property in 2013 and fled from police when confronted. Six years later, he tried to shoplift a television. Arbery was known as the “jogger” for dashing into convenience stores, allegedly grabbing food and running out. In June 2018, Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, called 911 after he refused to hand over her car keys. She allegedly warned the operator that her son had a mental condition and could become violent if police were too confrontational. Arbery’s mental health was allegedly spiraling, and he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder later that year, according to the filing.

    – Rebecca Rosenberg

    Schizoaffective disorder

    A mental health condition including schizophrenia and mood disorder symptoms.

    Schizoaffective disorder is a combination of symptoms of schizophrenia and mood disorder, such as depression or bipolar disorder. Symptoms may occur at the same time or at different times.
    Cycles of severe symptoms are often followed by periods of improvement. Symptoms may include delusions, hallucinations, depressed episodes, and manic periods of high energy.
    People with this disorder generally do best with a combination of medications and counseling.

    “In almost every criminal case against the defendant who has a past, where that defendant has committed other crimes that are similar in nature to the one he’s been tried for, judges liberally allow the jury to be informed about that past. The jury is then instructed that they can consider the past evidence that demonstrates the defendant‘s motive and intent at the time he committed those past crimes when considering whether he committed the crime for which he is currently being tried.’

    – Jason Sheffield

    O.C.G.A. 17-4-60 (2010)
    17-4-60. Grounds for arrest

    A private person may arrest an offender if the offense is committed in his presence or within his immediate knowledge. If the offense is a felony and the offender is escaping or attempting to escape, a private person may arrest him upon reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion.

    Merriam Webster

    immediate adjective

    Definition of immediate


    1a : occurring, acting, or accomplished without loss or interval of time : instant
    b(1) : near to or related to the present
    (2) : of or relating to the here and now : current
    2a : existing without intervening space or substance
    b : being near at hand
    3 : being next in line or relation
    4a : acting or being without the intervention of another object, cause, or agency : direct
    b : present to the mind independently of other states or factors
    c : involving or derived from a single premise
    5 : directly touching or concerning a person or thing

    1. Whether the citizen’s arrest was judged and labeled as such, they engaged with plausible perhaps probable cause, but they disengaged before committing injury or abortion, and withdrew, only to be pursued by Arbery, who committed assault and battery, and was aborted in the struggle that he initiated.

    1. If only US people would surrender up their common sense & all their Rights/Freedoms to the Bill Gates/Soros/Schwab/Billionaires club globalist backed gangs of feral hogs…. only then the US citizens will Own Nothing & they will be Happy just as Schwab said.

      If that McMichaels boy would have held his gun just right? Or if the did what LE tells everyone, Just stand there & watch your assets be stolen. Multiple Times.

      Well, back then it worked for a few years letting mobs steal our stuff, but most likely this nation now will fast move to full collapse just like South Africa has after the whites turned their govt over to the globalist ran Mobs.

      Everyone should think about saying goodbye to your pensions & investments if you are to afraid of being called a “White Supremacist” or a “Racist” if you stand up to put an end to all the mob’s lawless crap.


      Retired Cop Shot and Killed Protecting San Francisco TV News Crew
      TTAG Contributor –
      November 28, 2021 34


  10. The media has essentially ruined Kyle Rittenhouse’s life…for views and clicks.

    Instead of reporting the news accurately, it shaped public opinion. It condemned Rittenhouse as a white supremacist in the Left’s old standby weapon of false accusation. The media misrepresented the facts of the case, and failed to cover exculpatory evidence. This false reporting manipulated President Biden into calling Rittenhouse a white supremacist, and to claim Trump refused to denounce white supremacy in his support of him.

    This misinformation has whipped its viewers into such a frenzy that there may be riots, and major crimes and property damage. It might get Rittenhouse kicked out of university, and it certainly has gotten him ostracized by his fellow students and contemporaries. Public figures have denounced him based on lies. There are people who want Rittenhouse dead.

    The media has created a viewership like a loaded weapon…point the mob at a target and shoot.

  11. Students groups like MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán), Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine and the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition are all terrorist organizations and its long past time we started treating them as such, to include denying state and federal student aid to members and denying state and federal moneys to educational institutions that allow them to exist and operate on campuses. They want a culture war it’s time we started actually fighting it with intent to win.

  12. I encourage everyone to go to change.org and explain to the petitioner how you feel. I wrote this on my “signature”: “This is utterly ridiculous and I’m submitting it to Mr. Rittehhouse’s lawyers for investigation and possible civil action for libel or other defamation cause of action. You either believe in the rule of law or you’re unworthy of citizenship in this country.”

  13. Students groups like MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán), Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine and the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, which is just another Communazi group, will be helping with increasing Rittenhouse’s damages in his forthcoming defamation lawsuits.

  14. Illegal Alien student org…a leftist one no less . surprise anyone ?. Thjis kind of vomit from the left will make Mr Rittenhouse and his lawyers wealthy , and justly so.

  15. He was acquitted of any high crimes or misdemeanors. Those who verbally attack him and call for his punishment should be prosecuted for defamation.

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