“Rittenhouse Should Pay for his Crimes”: ASU Students Demand the Expulsion of Kyle Rittenhouse

President Joe Biden and media figures are not the only persons who are “angry” after a jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse on all charges. Despite a jury with the same racial makeup convicting the defendants in Georgia in the Arbery case, many have denounced the entire legal system as racist. It does matter that there was evidence supporting Rittenhouse’s claim of self-defense that was largely missing from prior coverage of the case. Now students and groups at Arizona State University are planning a rally and demanding that Rittenhouse be expelled. With leaders like President Biden calling Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” before any investigation was completed and legal analysts calling the entire trial “white supremacy on steroids,” there is a sense of legitimacy in demanding such extrajudicial punishments.

Students groups like MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán), Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine and the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition are organizing a rally this week to “get murderer Kyle Rittenhouse off [the] campus.”  He is not on campus since he is enrolled as an online student. (Indeed, some reports indicate that he may not be currently enrolled for any classes at ASU). However, Rittenhouse has expressed interest in in-person attendance at ASU. Students and faculty are being called to the rally to “protect students from a violent, blood-thirsty murderer.”

In addition, ASU student Taskina Bhuiya started a Change.org petition to denounce the verdict and to call for Rittenhouse to be “held accountable for the crimes he has committed.” Without a sense of irony, the petition declares “ASU should be a safe and inclusive place for all students, which will be disrupted if Kyle Rittenhouse is allowed to attend this school.” Inclusive unless you are an acquitted individual who must be “held accountable.” Hundreds have signed the petition insisting that “Rittenhouse should pay for his crimes.”

The campaign reflects a growing sense that the legal system is only worthy of respect (or even protection) if it rules in the way that we demand. It is the same mentality that has led members of Congress, law professors, and others to demand the expansion or restriction of the Supreme Court because it now has a conservative majority. Liberal justices like the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Stephen Breyer have opposed such efforts as inimical to the rule of law.

We saw a similar campaign to block Nick Sandmann from attending Transylvania University. Some media outfits corrected false coverage of Sandmann, who was wrongly accused of racist attacks on a Native American activist. Various media companies settled with him and he is still in litigation with others. Yet, figures from an ACLU officer to a professor raised the alarm over his attending college and appearing on campus.

The fact is that Rittenhouse cannot be expelled or kept off campus due to such mob measures. He would quickly prevail in court. However, the rally and the rhetoric magnify the risk to his safety by those who demand “accountability” regardless of any verdict.

It will be interesting to see how many faculty step forward to defend his right to attend the college despite any misgivings over his case. Conversely, we have seen faculty members join such mob efforts, even attacking others on campus, blocking speakers, destroying political signs, or encouraging attacks on student journalists.  University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis defended the murder of a conservative protester and said that he saw “nothing wrong” with such acts of violence. Other faculty members have made similarly disturbing comments “detonating white people,” denouncing policecalling for Republicans to suffer,  strangling police officerscelebrating the death of conservativescalling for the killing of Trump supporters, supporting the murder of conservative protesters and other outrageous statements. It is less common to hear professors today speak out for the rights of conservatives or others who are being targeted by campaigns on campus. The risk is simply too great that they will be “tagged” as intolerant, racist, or reactionary.

ASU has responded to the controversy. Rather than rejecting the premise of barring a student based on such protests, the school simply noted that he is not currently enrolled. There is no need to cancel him if he is not currently a student. Problem solved. Yet, the planned rally still illustrates how education is now seen as a Yet, the planned rally still illustrates how education is now seen as a means to mete out punishment in lieu of conviction.

It is not surprising that Rittenhouse, who was looking at life in prison, did not register for classes this coming term. That would have been rather presumptuous with many in the media declaring him all but convicted before the start of opening arguments. He is likely to now move on with his life and will seek admission to ASU or another school. The question is whether he will be allowed access to an education or whether schools will yield to this campaign to bar him from any campus.

It is common for former felons (including violent offenders) to take classes or give lectures on campuses without such protests. It is not clear whether any school will admit this acquitted teenager given the protests at ASU and other universities.

If admitted, Rittenhouse has every right to attend ASU in person and has every right to expect that he can do so safely. If ASU cannot muster the integrity and courage to reaffirm those rights publicly, it has abandoned a core defining element for higher education. Colleges often sit in cringing silence as individual students are targeted and harassed. It is not clear whether Rittenhouse will seek to continue at ASU or other universities. However, his education should not be treated as a vehicle for collective extrajudicial punishment.

*This column was updated on his ASU status.

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  1. I’m curious to see how much MEDIA attention will be directed to the Jussie Smollett (sp.?) trial. MEDIA has paid only cursory mention to his case. While some may comment that his case does not involve a charge of “murder,” I would counter that Jussie’s case DOES involve allegations against him for falsely claiming he was a victim of racial slurs, a “noose,” and homophobic taunts, – although he allegedly paid two brothers to stage the whole thing… The Rittenhouse case, conversely, had NOTHING to do with racial attacks, -yet the media incessantly created and propagated this falsehood ad nauseam.

  2. Loomis appears on the Turley hate list yet again. Some grudges die hard it seems.

    As for Rittenhouse, a name change and a bit of plastic surgery would do him well and he should use some of the right wing money for those purposes while it’s there. Because out of sight out of mind.

    Just because you have the right doesn’t necessarily mean you should take the right. People won’t get over he killed two people without criminal consequence. In order to completely believe he was just exercising self defense you have to believe a) he had more right to be on the street that night than the demonstrators (which he clearly didn’t), and b) that he was the ‘good guy with a gun’ when, in reality it was the guy with the pistol that was the ‘good guy with the gun’, and c) that the 2nd amendment carries more weight than the first amendment.

    Rittenhouse needs to make himself scarce for awhile.

    1. Hey Dildo, none of them were “good guys”. They were all idiots to be out in the streets that night. Get your facts straight – all you have to do is look at the videos to see that they attacked Rittenhouse first and with him carrying a rifle? If that wasn’t stupid, nothing is.

  3. Rittenhouse is openly a racist, openly ok with shooting people he does not like, and had already killed people. Ya he is a threat to campus.

    1. Diversity (i.e. color judgment), inequity, and exclusion (DIE). Yes, Rittenhouse is on the progressive path and grade. This isn’t Wisconsin anymore.

    2. Gotta love it. White guy shoots three white thugs who attacked him, and desperate “progressives” treat it as a racial issue. LOL

    3. Anonymous again makes an uncorroborated statement and fallacious statement and lacks the courage to actually sign his name to the comment. Ignore!

    4. You should be in Russia where group think is welcome and anyone with a brain is controlled.

  4. OJ Simpson was also acquitted of murdering two people, but nonetheless I would not feel safe attending school with him.

    1. I would not feel safe attending school with him.

      I fail to see the comparison.
      You believe both men are a danger to society? If so, why has society removed them? You have to allow our justice system to fully function….or be subjected to a government that makes decision in secret with no accountability.

    2. There is no evidence, nor judgment, that OJ Simpson was attacked, retreated, and only reacted to an immediate and progressive threat to viability, all while dousing fires and offering aid to people affected by a multi-trimester, nationwide event characterized by diversity, inequity, and exclusion.

  5. How about this…screw those ASU students. Rittenhouse was acquitted. justice was served, and no crime was committed. This is what’s wrong with the America, special interest group run their mouths and try to manipulate the system to their advantage.

    1. “…special interest group run their mouths and try to manipulate the system to their advantage.” You mean like the NRA?

      1. No, not like the NRA, which is all about the 2nd Amendment to our U.S. Constitution. It doesn’t matter if YOU don’t like guns or are scared of them. The citizens of this country have a right to own and use them.

      2. Yes, like driving a car, responsibly. There may be a parade around the bend.

        Like having sex, responsibly. There is no mystery in sex and conception.

        Like wielding the double-edged scalpel for health or abortion. It is his and her choice or Choice, respectively.

        A few hundred cases of self-defense or misuse without criminal intent, without government sanction (e.g. Capitol Hill “hero”), without personal Choice (i.e. self-abortion or “suicide”) annually. It is the first two where the NRA and similar organizations can mitigate progress through education and training.

      3. The NRA doesn’t go around destroying property, or physically attacking others like (Humm?) Antifa or BLM arseholes! if you don’t know what an arse is refer to an English dictionary.

      4. Dave, what a stupid comment, stop wasting space on this worthwhile blog and go ack to school and take a few classes in government and civics. Did you even graduate from high school, let alone. ollege?

  6. Students live in an artificial world where they are catered to by the administration and much of the faculty. The administration because it is about the money and the faculty because of the all important faculty evals that the students fill out, if they can be bothered. But of course they are just a popularity contest so they in reality signify nothing.

  7. Those ASU students should pay for THEIR crimes and violations of ASU Policies.

    Since they demand accountability for others….then they should apply the exact same standard to themselves.

    But the young and stupid….just like the adult but stupid Leftists only want accountability for others….others they disagree with.

    1. Ralph Chappell,

      “ Those ASU students should pay for THEIR crimes and violations of ASU Policies.”

      What crimes did they commit? What policies did they violate?

      Obviously you must know since you cited they violated the criminal code on ASU’s policies. Which ones did they violate?

      1. Not sure ASU students in violation of any criminal code , but believe they are in violation of US Constitution , Bill of Rights & certainly the Civil Rights Act of 1964

        1. Hawk,

          Students protesting against Rittenhouse attending ASU a constitutional violation? How would it be a constitutional violation? The constitution’s prohibitions are towards government. Are students a government entity?

          1. Nothing to do with prohibitions of government . All citizens have a right to pursue life , liberty & happiness. Notice you didn’t mention Bill of Rights or Civil Rights Act 1964 .So it appears you acknowledge & agree ASU students are in violation of Rittenhouse rights ?

        2. Students are in violation of the spirit of the constitution – freedom of speech, right to be innocent until proven guilty, and freedom to seek life, liberty and pursue happiness. In judging others they condemn themselves.

  8. Bogeyman says:

    “HIs only crime was not killing more antifa excrement.”

    You are doing one heck of a job, Turley. It would seem you don’t care what kind of speech is contributed to your blog as long as it increases your hits.

    Tell me, what good speech would you propose I make in response to this bad speech? Is it really necessary that I make an argument that it is immoral to murder Antifa followers?

    Maybe you should instruct Darren that this kind of hatefulness is anything but civil. At least you concede that you don’t have to counter uncivil speech with good speech! Instead, you inform us that it will be censored on this blog.

    1. Murder? Last time I checked Rittenhouse was found innocent. No murder took place. Self-defense. You don’t believe it was self-defense? At least not until you have to do it yourself – then you’ll believe.

      1. Czonke,

        You idiot, I defended the jury’s decision acquitting Kyle. I was speaking about Bogeyman’s statement that Kyle should have killed more “Antifa excrement” *without* legal justification like self-defense.

  9. I for one want to go on the record by stating unequivocally that I respect the jury’s verdict of Kyle’s claim of self-defense unlike you Trumpists who will not respect, I predict, the jury’s verdict in the event the Trump organization, Trump family or Trump himself is found guilty. At least not one of you liars has accepted my challenge to do so publicly.

    Like Turley, I disapprove refusing Kyle admission on account of his defending himself with deadly force as he was found innocent. However, I would not take issue with a college admission board refusing to admit Kyle on the basis of his reckless judgment in bringing a gun to a street protest. I would think that a college has the right to refuse entrance to people who they believe display such poor judgment. If Kyle promised not to attend future protests openly displaying a weapon, perhaps he would be admitted though the college might still believe that he would be unsafe on campus. Why doesn’t he go to a military academy since he’s got a hankering for weapons?

    1. Silberman take it from a 72 year old retired Orthodox Jewish physician, you think you are smart but you are not. You think your positions make you a good person but you are blinded to the facts so the opposite is true. You are not making the world a better place with your philosophy you are making it a far worse place. You are a stooge for the mob. You know whose fault it is? Your parents didn’t take the time to teach you anything and now you’ve put together your new version of how to make the world a better place. I wouldn’t have responded if your name wasn’t what it is. Your new philosophy is destroying our great country and your future. Not your fault though it’s your parents and grandparents fault for not teaching you Judea Christian American values. You seek truth but you don’t even know what it is.

      1. Rich, thanks for the proper reply to a guy that lives on a site that he seems to abhor, hates the host of and despises everyone that enjoys this excellent place to discuss law, politics and culture.

        I have begun trying to ignore the fool that is Jeff, but being a Jewish guy myself it is just more of the same leftist claptrap I have seen my entire life coming from my Jewish friends. Guys like Jeff will support Omar, Tlaib and the squad that have policies that would ruin AMERICA, destroy Israel and end life as we know it, but people like Jeff don’t have the intestinal fortitude to condemn them because they are a) Dems and B) Black. It is as if since the Nazis killed our people these fools need to side with minorities that have policies that would kill more of us around the world.

        1. HullBobby,

          You are Jewish? Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or Haredi?

          “Hull” doesn’t strike me as a Jewish sounding name? Did your grandfather change it from “Horowitz” or “Hoffman”?

          1. Iowan2,

            Great. At least you don’t demand or wish I be censored from this blog like many of your fellow lying Trumpists.

            I have always said that ignoring people is the best way to silence speech you find intolerable.

      2. Reb Rich says:

        “Not your fault though it’s your parents and grandparents fault for not teaching you Judea Christian American values.”

        Though I was Bar Mitzvahed, I am now an atheist, thank g-d. I am a mensch for pushing back against Trumpism. In calling out liars who defend the Big Lie, I am VERY observant.

        That is my Mitzvah.

        1. If by Big Lie, you mean the stolen election. Yes it was stolen and Biden is a puppet. He got 81 million votes like your mother got 81 million votes.

          1. Jp says:

            “He got 81 million votes like your mother got 81 million votes.”

            “Yo mama?” Really? Grow up.

        2. Not VERY observant it appears are you would recognize the complete fabrications put forth by the mainstream media & members of the government concerning the Rittenhouse incident Hopefully if you ever have the misfortune to be wrongfully charged with a major crime someone will be observant of the true FACTS & come to your rescue .

          1. Hawk,

            Your contribution is incomprehensible. Please use commas or periods in the future.

        3. Why in the heck would you “Thank g-d” if you are an atheist as you say you are? Your logic doesn’t compute. Please telll me what “Trumpism” is? Yeah, you are observant, but you are in a Pitch Black room without a light. Get a light!

    2. There were so many people there with weapons! That is why the decision was made to have them!

    3. reckless judgment in bringing a gun to a street protest.
      Only lawless thugs are allowed weapons

      1. Iowan2 says:

        “Only lawless thugs are allowed weapons.”

        I would not call Kyle a “lawless thug.”
        I would call him a MAGA wannabe with a hero complex.

    4. It was obviously not poor judgement on the part of Kyle, as much as it was reckless and poor judgment on the part of the ones that chased Kyle down (while he was trying to escape, holding a fire arm while doing so) intending to inflict harm- but, what kinda judgment would one expect from convicted felons and pedophiles?

      1. Pagan says:

        “what kinda judgment would one expect from convicted felons and pedophiles?”

        The exact same poor judgment of lying Trumpists.

    5. If “reckless decisions” were seriously factored into college admissions, I can’t imagine there would be too many young people left to qualifying – most young people make many “reckless decisions”. I’m not encouraging these decisions but as the saying goes “ if you don’t make mistakes you are not trying hard enough”

      1. While the social media posts with KR at a bar with the Proud Boys, where he does flash an offensive hand-sign, were inadmissible for good reason (as they were months after the events of that night) they certainly could constitute grounds for the denial of admission. I don’t think that that single incidence marks him as a racist, it does create a legitimate concern about his character. It is common practice for university admissions to review social media activity and, if they find evidence of conduct that could reflect poorly on the school – that’s grounds for denial of admission and rightly so.

        That all said, I think the students at ASU have clearly opened themselves up to a civil action… whatever someone may believe, KR was acquitted and to continue, knowing that, to tag him as a murderer is defamation. In this case, the malice of the student groups is obvious… the reality here is that this kid won’t need to get an education and build a career because of all the civil actions he is likely to collect on… crazy world…

      2. There are “reckless decisions” and then there are “reckless decisions.”

    6. Street Protest ? Looting /burning/assaulting others & killing others, doesn’t make a “STREET PROTEST”! That is an example of rioting/arson/steeling/murder & outright lawlessness. As 4 the college protesters attempting 2 deprive anothers rights, they R no doubt members of a totalitarian group. Perhaps trained in NKVD/STASI tactics much like Bolshevik-Leninists-Marxists.

      1. Ani4 says:

        “Perhaps trained in NKVD/STASI tactics much like Bolshevik-Leninists-Marxists.”

        You left out the Cheka and Trotskyites.

    7. By what objective standards should a lack of judgment be measured? How is it to be applied to non-Rittenhouse attendees of a University? Should anyone who was demonstrating in Kenosha on that night be barred for lack of judgment? What about anyone has attended an Antifa rally were there has been violence? Should those who have been arrested during a protest at ASU be expelled for lack of judgment shown by breaking the law? Would the standard require stopping distance learning for prisoners who had the lack of judgment to have actually committed a crime?

    8. jeffsilberman wrote, “unlike you Trumpists who will not respect, I predict, the jury’s verdict in the event the Trump organization, Trump family or Trump himself is found guilty.”

      I know of no jury trial happening regarding the Trump organization, Trump family or Trump himself; what jury trial are you talking about?

      1. Witherspoon,

        I said “in the event.” Do I need to explain to you the meaning of these words?

        I don’t question the verdict in Kyle’s trial. I accept the jury’s acquittal. I will accept an acquittal in the event the Trump organization, Trump family or Trump himself is found guilty?

        The question is will you accept a guilty verdict? Or do you reserve the right to claim that the trial(s) were rigged?

        1. jeffsilberman wrote, “I said “in the event.” Do I need to explain to you the meaning of these words?”

          If you can’t openly acknowledge the simple fact that what you wrote also implied that there was something currently in the process then you’re level of intelligence is a bit lower than what I had perceived it to be and I can’t fix that kind of stupidity.

          jeffsilberman wrote, “The question is will you accept a guilty verdict? Or do you reserve the right to claim that the trial(s) were rigged?”

          I can’t answer either one of those questions because they are both an open ended and referring to something that is completely unknown. In general I can honestly state that I always accept just verdicts or take action when I know of unjust verdicts, your hypotheticals are complete nonsensical questions because they have no evidence details to base an opinion on. I try not to engage in hypotheticals.

          1. In other words, you do not rule out second guessing a jury’s verdict in case you don’t like it’s verdict. Given that the jurors have heard all the evidence and I have not, I don’t presume to know better than they do.

            I will predict that IF Trump or the Trump Organization are ever found guilty criminally or civilly, Trumpists will not accept the guilty verdict because Trump will not. And whatever lying Trump says, lying Trumpists do.

            1. jeffsilberman wrote, “In other words, you do not rule out second guessing a jury’s verdict in case you don’t like it’s verdict.”

              You are unethically and intentionally twisting what I wrote and I won’t stand for that kind of intentional misrepresentation from an lying internet troll like you!

              It’s got absolutely nothing to do with what I like or dislike, it’s got to do with justice!

              There are prosecutors that literally have rigged (manipulated or controlled by deceptive or dishonest means) trials and railroaded defendants even if there was a jury. There are cases being overturned and people being released from prison all the time because of overzealous prosecutors rigging trials and violating the civil rights of defendants. Even the Democrats in the House of Representatives tried to rig two unconstitutional impeachment trials against President Trump. There are immoral activist anti-Trump prosecutors and judges out there that are willing to do anything to “get” Donald Trump, so I wouldn’t put it past these kinds of immoral people to rig a trial against Trump.

              Again, you are talking hypotheticals and I’m not going to go down your BS rabbit hole any further.

              1. Steve,

                Relax. Don’t have a cow. Ok. You won’t necessarily accept a jury’s conviction of Trump or his Organization. I got it.

                I’ll just predict here and now that Trumpists will undoubtedly claim that any Trump conviction was rigged on account of a biased judge, a prejudiced jury and a hell-bent prosecutor motivated by TDS.

                That’s my prediction. I’m on the record. You want to bet against me? I’ll give you 20:1 odds even.

                  1. You are not a Trumpist? So you DON’T believe that the election was stolen an account of massive fraud?

                    1. Stolen no, rigged for four years straight yes, then further rigged during the toon process. There were things that were done during the election process that literally b-a-s-t-a-r-d-i-z-e-d existing election law in multiple states including my state of Wisconsin. Heads should roll as a result of pushing the election laws beyond original intent, but all this shouldn’t change the results of the election.

                    2. Ok. I agree you are not a Trumpist in my book. I take it that you don’t think any voting laws should have been adjusted on account of a virulent and deadly pandemic? Or rather that the Democrats cravenly used the virus as a pretext to loosen the voting laws as a means to insure more of their votes?

                      Although Democratic voters outnumber Republican voters in this country, you can’t imagine that Republicans would try to finagle voting laws so as to maximize their disadvantage by trying to keep fewer Democrats from voting?

    1. Coffee Long “civilly” says:

      “With blacks and Jews, you always lose.”

      I’m guessing Coffee is a Trumpist.

      Lookit, I’m NOT claiming that every Trumpist is a racist or anti-Semite. I’m ONLY claiming that every racist and anti-Semite voted for Trump.

      That’s all.

  10. Why is the Democratic Party all in on the white supremacy narrative. They are looking at the hand writing on the wall and they are deathly afraid of losing their power. The must keep the races at each other’s throats. It is a very important part of their strategy because of what is illustrated in the following link. https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/976/cpsprodpb/7D0D/production/_115531023_usa_race_gender_change-nc.png. You can hear their nails screeching as they try so desperately to hold on through the use of pitting Americans against one another. The same tactics were used in the south by the slave holders as they felt their power ebbing away. All things became permissible to stay in power.

  11. Attorneys Viva Frei & Robert Barnes, 11/28/2021

    Among other stuff McMichaels case. Picks it up just before 24:00 min in:

    1. Kyle should take his AR15 for any “in-person” attendance.
      Won’t need ammo, they know he is serious!

    2. These people are bullies. They don’t care about rule of law – they want anarchy. They don’t care that he was declared not guilty – to them, he is guilty – and that is all that matters.

      1. They only want Anarchy because their high school level understanding of the world does not portray the ramifications accurately. They think they’d just be able to go home to mom and dad. It’s natural for them to be naive; it is not natural for the older and wiser to kowtow to them. That it is done in the name of money and prestige is downright shameful, if not sickening.

  12. The students behind this movement, and the faculty who agree with them, are morons who understand nothing about the justice system. What they want is mob justice and that makes them the equivalent of a lynch mob. America is a country of laws, not mobs, so to hell with them. Let them howl and complain, they are morons and will always be morons.

  13. We are a nation run by college sophomores, and that’s becoming truer every day. Somebody needs to send these brats to Venezuela for five years.

  14. Its important to understand there are no flawed not guilty verdicts from a jury. (possible exception of jury tampering)

    Innocent until proven guilty. I do so wish these protesting students would spend the rest of their life under the justice system they are demanding.

  15. Indoctrinated yoots hate being confused by facts. Remember, as President Brandon said to his disciples, “We choose ‘truth’ over facts!”
    So the opinion of these woke punks is somehow to be held in greater reverence than the verdict of a trial by a jury of one’s peers? Their combined arrogance and ignorance is alarming.

  16. ASU should put those who signed any petition on academic notice.

    Seems these students don’t seem to think being found not guilty after a trial to not facing justice.

    That would send a very loud message to the student body. And leftist faculty who don’t see the irony of their petition.

  17. Add these morons to the list of “People To Sue For Libel” sue these Marxist Zombie clones individually as well and take there rich arrogant parents money too.

  18. Boy, we’ve really become quite the little country of Hitler Youth. Zieg Heil mother Fulkerson, Zieg Heil.

    1. You only believe these little communist are fascist due to 70 year of Jew propaganda. The leftist is communist and behave exactly like communist do, they are not Fascist.

      1. Fascism is a system and ideology of authority and religion (i.e. behavioral protocol) integrated with corporate enterprises. Fascism is an ostensibly “secular” conception of the left side (i.e. authoritarian) of the governing spectrum.

        1. They most certainly should speak up. Further, they should make it clear that any student creating a hostile or dangerous environment for Rittenhouse will be expelled.

          1. Anonymous, Finally, a modicum of logic and common sense! Judge not lest you be judged. Innocent until proven guilty. Treat others as you would want them to treat you! Amen.

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