Word to the Weiss: Why the Delaware U.S. Attorney is Still Calling People Before a Grand Jury on Hunter Biden

For over two years, Weiss has been investigating tax and financial issues connected to Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings. Biden has engaged in some of the most open and raw influence peddling schemes in history. That itself is “wrong,” to use his father’s standard, but not necessarily criminal. The Biden family has long been accused of such influence peddling generating millions in windfall payments. Even diplomats complained that his actions during the Obama/Biden Administration were setting back anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.

The problem is not that Hunter Biden allegedly shook down foreign countries and companies for millions. The problem is that he may not have reported or paid taxes on all of that largess.

Weiss is calling witnesses to testify on Hunter’s lavish lifestyle and spending habits, including a former stripper who Hunter impregnated. Lunden Roberts spent years fighting to get child support, even as Joe Biden was running for president. A court finally forced Hunter to support his child.

Also called was ex-girlfriend, lingerie entrepreneur Zoe Kestan. She testified for five hours on Tuesday, the New York Post reported. Kestan reportedly detailed how Hunter would withdraw thousands of dollars and spend wildly during their relationship.

What is striking about these witnesses is that they are the type of witnesses that poison both grand juries and trial juries against a defendant. Such lavish spending details were used by the Justice Department against figures like Paul Manafort. More importantly, the testimony appears directed at showing that Hunter had far greater income than reported. That is a curious effort if Biden has “come clean” on simple reporting errors for taxes.

None of this means that Biden will clearly be indicted. Moreover, Attorney General Merrick Garland has thus far refused to appoint a Special Counsel despite the clear basis for such an appointment.

Weiss clearly has Hunter’s laptop, which details millions in foreign payments as well as lavish gifts and expense accounts. What is not known is whether Weiss has pursued other possible crimes, including potentially criminal financial transactions or being an unregistered foreign agent. Much depends on the scope of the investigation. The uncertainty is precisely why some of us have called for a special counsel. President Biden’s family is not only implicated in these dealings but shared accounts with President Biden are discussed in emails.

In the meantime, the Weiss investigation chugs along. It is a curious approach if, as suggested by some supportive legal experts, this is a relatively minor tax reporting investigation.

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  1. But George, what government will idly sit by and let you exercise this right? Governments aren’t used to being rebelled against, and they won’t like it very much, even
    if it is your right to do so.

  2. A war with Russia would be a good thing: A game of chicken that they will lose and back down from so that we can return to peace, after
    proving our point.

  3. Word is that Trudeau is cancelling his emergency declaration. If true could this be the reason?


    He destroyed trust in the Canadian banks. It won’t be coming back soon. People will remember. And they will look for alternatives. I wouldn’t trust them with a dime. Or a mortgage. Or a credit card.

    1. Americans should have already been pulling away from banks, cards & other ties.

      It’s been written into US Law that all Your Assets belong to the Govt. To confiscate your money in the banks, next time the banks collapse they just call Your Money a Bail-In & maybe after 75-100 years they’ll just repay You in deprecated $$$.

      And they claim it’s Legal. LOL;)

      Global Reset:

      You Vil Own Nothing & You Vil Like It!

    2. Young,
      “He destroyed trust in the Canadian banks”

      Perhaps somewhat. If I were Canadian, I think I’d have lost far more trust in my elected leadership. Time for regular Canadians to step up to the plate.

      I’ll read the article, though.

      1. Lost trust in leadership and banks if I were a Canadian.

        I have no faith in our leadership either, whoever they may be, certainly not the poopy pants installed in the Oval Office video set.

        1. Young,
          I fear, though, that there is a ready “fix” to fill that hollow. “I’m from the government (or big business), and I’m here to help.” Egad.

          I see an ugly mix of both elements in the following quote swirling about, but it’ll do:

          “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” ~C.S. Lewis

          1. Personally, I’d rather deal with moral busybodies than Nazis. Members of my extended family were killed by the Nazis, and no one in my family has been killed by moral busybodies. I’d rather deal with moral busybodies than terrorists. I can think of a number of comparisons where I’d choose moral busybodies as the lesser of the two evils.

            1. Nazis were moral busybodies. Like the little s***s in the Democrat party they were always in your business. Notice that a majority of Democrats liked Trudeau’s ruthless behavior…all for our own good, of course.

              1. No, according to Lewis, the Nazis were NOT moral busybodies. Have you even read Lewis’s entire essay?

                Even if you limit Lewis’s argument just to that one quote and ignore the topic of the essay, he defines moral busybodies as “those who torment us for our own good.” The Nazis did not torment Jews for Jews own good. The Nazis carried out a genocide against Jews.

                Are you going to argue that it was good for the Jews to be imprisoned and murdered?

                1. Oddly, this came up on Townhall this morning by an author of a book on Hitler who makes my point.


                  Among other things;

                  “Hitler’s objective was the creation of a “national community” in which class barriers were to be abolished. Existing traditions, “class conceit” and “class consciousness” were to be broken down by a process of continuous re-education. The process of ideological leveling was to be accompanied by an actual equalization in many sectors of life.”

                  Sounds an awful [and I do mean AWFUL] lot like Democrats and socialist Dems. This is how you leftists set out with manic busybodyism to create hell on earth.

                  1. In other words, you can’t admit that you were wrong about the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews. Coward.

                  2. Yes, you’re absolutely wrong. The Nazis were NOT murdering Jews for the good of the Jews. JFC you’re blind.

                    1. “The Nazis were NOT murdering Jews for the good of the Jews.”

                      They were moral busybodies for the ‘Aryan Race,’ not for the Jews or any that weren’t Aryan or couldn’t help their quest. In the process, they ended up with far over 5 million military casualties with an unknown number of deaths that could be in the millions. They had tremendous numbers of civilian casualties, with probably several million dead. They destroyed the nation. Those moral busybodies attempted to make the ‘Aryan Race’ supreme and fortunately failed. You would do the same in this country.

          2. Rose says:

            “those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

            I take it that this astute observation could not apply to Evangelical Christians, Ultra-Orthodox Jews or Fundamentalist Muslims who want to spread the holy word of their respective gods for his glory and the salvation of all mankind?

            1. Jeff,
              It depends upon how they go about spreading the good word. If a person has found something meaningful in their life, shouldn’t they share it with others? I agree there is a detrimental way to go about this. Methodists, in my experience, tend towards: “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary use words.” (attributed to St. Francis of Assisi)

              1. Yes, I agree. My only point is that however much well-meaning people will torment others with the approval of their own conscience, it pales in comparison with the historical record of those tormenting others in the name of their god (though to be fare to Jews, they don’t torment non-Jews to convert. Rather, they encourage back-sliding Jews like me to become devout).

                1. Jeff,
                  “it pales in comparison with the historical record of those tormenting others in the name of their god”
                  Does it? Perhaps it depends upon what you mean by god. Could be Mao thought he himself and/or his ideology were effectively ‘gods’.

                  “(though to be fare to Jews, they don’t torment non-Jews to convert.”

                  I wouldn’t want them ‘tormenting’ people, but I do think it is too bad Jews do not encourage people to consider converting. You oughtn’t just leave it to the Christians to share the Good Book. 😉 I am glad, though, that Torah is being shared by folks like Dennis Prager and Roman Footnick (Torah Means Teacher podcast).

                2. Jeff’s religion is pseudo-leftism and his own brand of hedonism. What he does with it is anyone’s guess.

            2. “Ultra-Orthodox Jews”

              Listening to Jeff causes one to realize that he doesn’t stick to recognized definitions or events. His rhetoric haphazardly uses those things. There is actually a dispute in Israel over something of this nature, but as he says, he doesn’t know much about anything. If he refers to that question in Israel, he has things backward. He could be referring to many other things, but he probably has them screwed up as well though the law of averages tells us that he might find one item out of many that might make him partially right.

    3. “He destroyed trust in the Canadian banks. It won’t be coming back soon. ”

      Just as the Govt/Med have mostly now distrust the Govt/Banks & Medical Industrial Complex.

      As the J6 people now know this country is already in a soft form of martial law, the fence has been put up again & Biden’s handlers have called up that Creep Austin & 2500 Nat’l Guard.


    4. Senate vote was today for the Emergency Act use. Speculation they were it was not going to pass it.

  4. -” Lawyers for Donald Trump’s longtime finance chief, Allen Weisselberg, are asking a judge to throw out tax fraud charges against him, arguing New York prosecutors targeted him as punishment because he wouldn’t flip on the former president.”


    Just a coincidence I’m sure.

    Nothing like the wheels coming off the fraudulent, accusations.

      1. Rule on what?
        Is it the famous Judge Sullivan? Does the judge have a motion in front of him?

        Please flesh this out for me.

        1. My bad, I got switched up between the two posts.

          Yes the Judge will have to rule on the motion to dismiss. But it always stunk. Have to prove fraud on the CFO. Hard to do on a business that is not traded on the NYSE. Those financials have lots of metrics to meet in order to validate the trust of stock holders. Private business have no such constraints.

  5. All those TAX “problems” President Trump is dealing with are actually a ‘corrupt prosecutor’ problem.

    “The prosecutors, Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz, submitted their resignations after the new Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, indicated to them that he had doubts about moving forward with a case against Mr. Trump.”


    Story broken by the NYT, but I don’t subscribe.

    Like I have been pointing out since this witch hunt started, there is nothing in the narrative used by the prosecute, that is out of the ordinary.
    It has to do with valuing real estate property for the purposes of attaining loans. A contractual agreement between two private individuals. Also mentioned was the valuation of ‘Brand’ attached to properties that generate business. Again, nothing the govt has any way to dispute. And an accusation that the President falsely increased square footage on his personal home, in NYC. Something that would be a hard number on the property tax rolls. Something a bank loan officer practicing due diligence would have checked on. There was also something about payment made for conservation easement. Something done by formula determined by the NRCS. Acres X implemented practices X dollars assigned to specific practices by the NRCS

    I’m guessing the new DA won’t attach his name to such shameless prosecutorial corrupt practices.

  6. The American Founders would like to say a few words to the American people upon the occasion of the demise of their once-free, self-governing, restricted-vote republic.


    Go ahead, gentlemen.


    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    – Declaration of Independence, 1776

  7. Read the book “Redhanded” by Peter Schweizer. He does an excellent and methodical job of laying out the case against the elites who are selling out our nation for their and their families’ personal enrichment. It is shocking.

    He details how the Biden’s have walked away with tens of millions from backwater deals with China and other foreign nations. All primary sources. No anonymous sourcing.

    He also lays out the case against well known Republicans and Democrats alike who have their hands in the till.

    This is not an “us” and “them” issue. It is widespread graft at the highest level. What did Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather, say? “ A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns.”

  8. Svelaz points out:

    “Trump has had tax problems since forever and far more serious than Hunter Biden. But Turley hasn’t made a peep about it.”

    To the extent that Turley has avoided commenting at length about Trump and his family’s potential civil and criminal liability, as the litigation and possible prosecutions advance to fruition, Turley will be forced to render his judgment on the outcome of these trials and jury verdicts. He cannot evade doing so. Eventually, we will know that he stands on the fair administration of the law no matter who is adjudged.

    I got a distinct feeling that his refusal to state that a guilty verdict against Trump was rigged- which ALL lying Trumpists will insist- will make Turley very unpopular with the vast majority here. Hopefully, those disillusioned with Turley will quit him, and Fox News won’t renew his contract for his refusing to support its false narrative that Trump is a victim of the “Deep State” and not a perpetrator.

    That’s my prediction. So far, no one here is willing to bet against me.

  9. Will the Bidens face impartial justice, or will the government ruling class of the Left get away with criminal behavior, yet again?

    Sorry, but once Hillary Clinton got away with hiding a bootleg server in her basement, allowing access to top secret information to people with zero clearance, backing it up to the Cloud, lying about it, and breaking her Blackberries and laptops with hammers while under subpoena, I have no confidence in the criminal justice system with elites.

    You get thrown into an oubliette if you take a selfie on a nuclear sub. But if you’re a Leftist ruling Elite, you can fling out rules, regulations, and laws with impunity.

    I don’t think anything Hunter and Joe Biden will be held accountable…


    the ploy becomes to sacrifice Biden, and hold out another Democrat candidate for 2024 as the solution to Biden’s misfortunes. The DNC will try to peg Biden’s disasters on him, specifically, rather than the Democrat paradigm and far Left agenda.

    Joe Biden has managed to screw up an extraordinarily diverse range of issues. Perhaps the DNC will distance themselves from Biden but pretend that a different person with a “D” in front of their name will employ Biden’s policies but get different results.

    1. More of Karen’s Fox drivel. Hillary Clinton was investigated and found to have committed NO crime, so shut up about it. She didn’t “allow access to top secret information to people with zero clearance” either, so shut up about it. Stop repeating lies.

      What is there for Hunter or Joe Biden to be “held accountable” for? The Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal was made up by disgraced and suspended attorney Rudy Giuliani to create a deflection against Trump’s flopping badly in the first debate, but you don’t even question it–you believe it. What issues, exactly, did Joe Biden “screw up”, and what are Biden’s “misfortunes” and “disasters”, or should I just watch Fox to find out? Biden was handed the worst economy since the Great Depression, a pandemic out of control and a country sharply divided by a fat narcissist who keeps lying about having lost an election and who started an insurrection to maintain power after losing multiple court cases, multiple recounts and failing to bully election officials into awarding him votes he didn’t receive. I still want to see the proof of the “landslide victory” that was “stolen” from Trump. Biden has gotten COVID under control, and the economy is back on track, but due to supply chain issues and massive increases in consumer demand because of the economic recovery, we have inflation, which always follows an economic downturn.

      Meanwhile, your fat hero called Putin’s invasion of Ukraine “wonderful”, and praised him for being “smart” and “savvy”. Pompeo waxed on about how much he admired Putin, and that interview is being broadcast on Russian television as pro-Putin propaganda. Yes, it’s true: a former American President is actually praising a murderous dictator who is trying to start a war by invading a country and declaring portions of it “sovereign” as a ruse to move in troops, and a member of the losing former President’s cabinet also expressed his admiration for this person that was so fawning that it is being used as propaganda. Karen actually refers to Joe Biden’s president as a “disaster”, and claims he has “misfortunes” and “screw ups”. How far up your rectum is your head shoved anyway? Why are you immune to reality?

      1. Two prosecutors leading Manhattan criminal probe into Trump RESIGN after new DA Alvin Bragg raised ‘serious doubts’ about case: Probe grinds to halt with NO witnesses questioned for a month

        The grand jury convened for the Southern District of New York’s investigation is expected to see its term expire in April, severely hampering the probe
        Probe has reportedly stalled for weeks without witness testimony or evidence
        It’s not immediately clear why Bragg appears to be pulling back from it
        The SDNY investigation is separate from a civil tax fraud probe being run by New York Attorney General Letitia James, which Trump was deposed for
        He hasn’t been accused of wrongdoing in either of the investigations
        A former SDNY prosecutor said the top attorneys’ resignation means it’s ‘dead’


        1. Donald Trump hasn’t yet been deposed by AG James.

          Eric Trump was deposed and pleaded the 5th dozens of times.
          A judge just ruledd that James can depose Donald Trump, Don Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump.

    2. Karen+S,
      As always, well said.
      Had anyone else passed classified information in the manner she did, they would of been arrested, charged, tried and found guilty.

      But not if you are a member of the elite.

      1. UpstateFarmer says:

        “But not if you are a member of the elite”

        I guess Trump is a goner then since the lying Trumpists believe he is NOT a member of the elite. Heck no, his family is just common folk, dontcha know.

  10. It is remarkable (or perhaps not) that any criticism of the Biden family is countered with unproven statements about Trump. This is not about Trump but about Hunter Biden. Indeed, Hunter is an adult, but his father seems to be quite involved in the dealings. Joe Biden intervened in Ukraine and threatened to block a billion dollars unless a prosecutor investigating the firm his son held a lucrative position, would be fired. Classic quid pro quo. Hunter travelled on Airforce 2 with dad to China suggesting to his business partners and the Chinese government taht Hunter had the support of the US government. Moreover, it seems from Hunter’s emails that dad got a share of the income. Regardless of your political affiliation, that’s simply unacceptable behavior and must be investigated. You cannot defend Biden by pointing at Trump.

  11. Do not blame Caesar Biden, blame the people of Rome America who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and gave him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the ‘new, wonderful good society’ which shall now be Rome America, interpreted to mean ‘more money, more ease, more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious.’

    – Marcus Tullius Cicero

    1. Cicero understood societies and their rise and fall: “The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend.”

      He also understood a masculine society versus a feminine society – their respective values, goals and inevitable course. We’re about to learn that lesson, too. And like that great, ancient Roman in the hardest way.

      1. “We’re about to learn that lesson, too. And like that great, ancient Roman in the hardest way.”

        Oh, my!

        1. PR:

          ““We’re about to learn that lesson, too. And like that great, ancient Roman in the hardest way.”

          Oh, my!”
          Most people don’t realize how fragile civilization is. The Romans held it together for 500 years with the notion of virtus – the public masculinity that pressured corrosive nonconformity. An ancient Roman male wouldn’t have tolerated crime in the street against a woman or child. A modern American “male” looks the other way, runs or whips out a cell phone. No society can function with the latter ethos. That’s the hard lesson of history. Norms of behavior have to be enforced. We think we’ve banished human nature; what we’ve done is ignored it – to our detriment.

          1. Mespo,
            I hope we turn from that path.

            Virtus is still alive in many parts of flyover country.

            “We think we’ve banished human nature; what we’ve done is ignored it – to our detriment.”

            There is that–rather like There’s No Such Thing As A Dragon. We cannot possibly have dragons lurking in our souls; we’re beyond all that…somehow. Thinking we are better than that might be worse than just not realizing monsters lie sleeping.

            Even with some things in science and technology I get the feeling we are still like little children pulling the wings off flies because we are curious, we see how things work, but we, too often, do not apply wisdom and prudence to our actions.

  12. Turley’s effort to once again try to breathe life into the nothingburger “Hunter Biden Scandal” is just a pivot away from today’s REAL political scandal story: Trump and Mike Pompeo actually PRAISED Putin publicly. Trump said it was “wonderful” that Putin invaded Ukraine, and called Putin “savvy”. Of course, Trump and his media enablers are trying to claim that the reason Putin invaded now, instead of when Trump was in office is because Ukraine is because Biden is weak, and Trump is strong. No, it’s because Trump’s not there any more to help Putin’s efforts to weaken NATO and keep it away from Russian borders. Trump was intending to withdraw the US from NATO if he could cheat his way back into office again, but that didn’t happen. So, Putin has now written his version of Ukrainian history as an excuse to try to annex Ukraine which is all lies. Ukrainians do not want to be part of Russia. This situation has remarkable similarity to Hitler’s invasion of the Sudentenland, which started WWII. Hitler claimed that this area of German-speaking Czechloslovakia really was part of Germany. When the rest of the world didn’t stop him, he went after Poland next. We all know how that turned out.

    Pompeo’s brown nosing comments about how much he admires Putin were so extreme that the interview is being shown on Russian television as part of pro-Putin propaganda. So, what does Turley do? Keep harping on the “Hunter Biden Scandal” and take shots at mainstream media, which he is claiming has a “blackout”. No, Turley, there’s no “blackout’–there’s just no story, but you are using your credentials to try to bolster the Fox strategy of claiming that there IS a “Hunter Biden Scandal” which is being covered up by some conspiracy between non-Trump media. You should be ashamed to align yourself with such people.

      1. I don’t even attend church, and I do the same. If ‘she’ isn’t paid, then dang, what a wasted life. That whoever Natacha (and Svelez, and Dennis, and Sammy, and, and, and) is doesn’t have anything better to do on any given day is sad, indeed, and given the volume of the posts they inflict – they don’t.

        If they are in fact paid trolls and not just bored retirees/trust fund babies of whatever age, then here’s a pro-tip: even without a formal education, you could be making six figures as a head waiter/waitress in really upscale cities if you could learn to at least pretend to be nice to other people. Heck, during peak seasons in places like that, you could take home five figures over a good summer as a mere bar back, not even a bar tender. I doubt troll farms are offering the same deal. If any of you honestly believe that Trump/Fox/imaginary white supremacist groups that some media outlet invented are waiting in the shadows to hurt you – there are these really nice padded rooms where literally no one will ever bother you, and with good behavior, you can probably still have access to a phone or a computer during approved hours and post all of the nonsense you do, obsessively, nearly every day here.

        Alternately, if you really want to make a difference, get off the web and go out into your community and volunteer your time. There are still people of every background starving every day in America. You could make some donated spaghetti for them, at the least. Would go about 1,000 miles further in the betterment of a human life today than all of your eighth grade level posturing here, on space someone else created from scratch (have you ever created ANYTHING on this earth, other than personal spite?), and has the decency to continue to let you be a presence. Too much ‘actual’ work? Something ‘someone else’ is supposed to address so that you can feel smug and righteous from a quiet, personal room? Pfft. Nobody here or out in the real world takes you seriously. That will not go without bearing some fruit, eventually, and that day may be coming sooner than any of you of the troll midset realize.

        1. Just like your hero–when confronted with inconvenient facts, you lash out with personal insults because you have NO substantive response, and you fall for the lies fed to you on alt-right media, the biggest one being that mainstream media can’t be trusted. So, when someone bursts your bubble by reciting facts you don’t like, you go on the offensive and accuse them of all sorts of nefarious motivations, of being paid, and resort to name-calling. No one is paying me to comment on Turley’s blog. I’m not a trust fund baby, either, and I do work for a living. Mostly, I’m an American patriot who is baffled by the blindness of people who fall for the lies on alt-right media and who look at Donald Trump and don’t see what’s there, who don’t believe his history of failed marriages, failed businesses, lack of leadership, his misogyny, racism, xenophobia, his endless lying, his arrogance, narcissism, and worst of all, effort to cheat a second time by inciting a violent effort to prevent the will of the American people from taking effect. Now, you have this fat clown actually praising a murderous former KGB officer’s efforts to take over a country by declaring portions of it as separate countries as a ruse to move in troops and tanks to “defend” its “sovereignty”. You have Pompeo’s fawning praise of Putin being used as propaganda on Russian television, but you are still devoted to Trump and attack his critics. It causes me to wonder whether there’s hope for America. And, BTW, no one appointed you spokesperson for “the real world” to comment about me. You are immune to reality if you don’t see the truth about Trump.

          1. Natacha wrote: “who look at Donald Trump and don’t see what’s there, who don’t believe his history of failed marriages, failed businesses, lack of leadership, his misogyny, racism, xenophobia, his endless lying, his arrogance, narcissism…”

            Look in the Bible and read about some of the people Jesus surrounded himself with. Trump is flawed to be sure, but he is doing good work and sacrificing a heck of a lot for the people and the country he loves. So is his family. People know it. People see it. People feel it. Which is why Trump can still fill a stadium for a last minute rally.

            All Biden can fill a stadium with is thousands of people chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” every single weekend.

          2. We see the sacrifices and what Trump tried to do FOR the country he loves. We cannot say anything remotely the same about Joe Biden and his sick, screwed up, corrupt, family of self-enriching grotesguely greedy, plagiarizing lying lazy SOBs who have been running the state of Delaware like a mafia family ever since Joey managed to get himself elected. He’s never done anything else in his life and amazingly he and his family are all now filthy f’n rich. He’s been sucking off the government tax payer tit for his entire adult life. Biden and his entire family is full of digsusting corruption and sleeze. Including his wife who insists on being called Dr. The Bidens are grotesquely greedy low class people.

            1. And the people know it, too. Which is why there are stadiums full of people chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” every single weekend.

            2. Oh, and Joe Biden is a racist. Even his own Vice President said so. On a debate stage. In front of the world.

          3. You don’t see the truth about Biden.

            Besides his incompetence as president, the Biden family is so screwed up that Hunter was banging his dead brother’s widow for a year (both doing drug binges) before he got a stripper pregnant and then married his current wife after knowing her for six days.

            They named their baby ‘Beau’ after his dead brother whose widow Hunter was banging. His dead brother Beau named his daughter after their dead mother. His dead brother named his son Hunter after his sick crackhead uncle.

            Ashley’s diary tells even more about the dysfunction in their strange family.

            The Biden family is one of the most screwed up sick corrupt families the press has no interest in reporting on.

    1. Natacha: And your version of Ukrainian history is beyond lies, and lands somewhere in the comic book section. Putin wants to annex Ukraine? Seriously? Would any sane politician want to annex that train wreck of a country, full of neo-nazis and corrupt oligarchs? Russia doesn’t need Ukraine. As for what Trump said…you lie again. He didn’t say an invasion was “wonderful.” He said that recognizing the independence of the Donbas regions was brilliant strategy. And it was. It also probably prevented a bloodbath in the Donbas by the Ukrainian neo-nazis. You shouldn’t rant about things you know nothing about N. Biden is trying to sell the Ukraine crisis and the financial harm it will do to Americans as “defending freedom.” Don’t buy it. This doesn’t have anything to do with “defending freedom.” If it was about freedom, Biden would have demanded that the Ukrainian neo-nazis stop bombing the Donbass and abide by the Minsk agreement. Instead, we send the neo-nazis lethal weapons and give them the green light to invade the Donbass. This manufactured crisis is about two things: getting the LNG monopoly in Europe for American producers; and bumping up Biden’s poll numbers. The second goal has already crashed and burned, and so will the first when the European public sees their gas bills doubling because of higher US LNG prices. Once again Obama was right: “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f__k something up.”

      1. giocon: all you are doing is repeating some spin about Trump’s comments that you got from alt-right media. There’s such consistency in you Trumpsters’ comments that I know that’s where you got it. The majority of Ukrainians do not want to be part of Russia. Putin lied about the history of Ukraine, and your hero did call him “smart’ and “savvy”. Putin’s declaration that 2 areas of Ukraine are “sovereign” is just a ruse to move in troops to “defend” their “sovereignty”. Pompeo did express admiration for Putin that is being used as propaganda on Russian television. Trump sided with Putin and against American intelligence in Helsinki, which was also used as pro-Putin propaganda. Trump is a puppet of Putin, most likely because he wants to borrow money from Russian oligarchs as he has hundreds of millions of loans coming due because his properties are under water and no American bank will loan him any money due to 6 business bankruptcies. Why won’t Trump accept the fact that he lost the election and just shut up and go away for the good of America and let our chosen leader govern as he was elected to do? There is no “manufactured crisis” other than the one Putin created by moving 190,000 troops to the borders of Ukraine and his demands that Ukraine not join NATO, which is another one of his goals in helping Trump cheat his way into office.

        1. Natacha. I was going to suggest you take up fiction writing as a hobby, but the more I read the more I realise you already have. You are so poorly informed it would be wrong for me to mock the afflicted. Just keep taking the meds.

          1. Did you forget that when your hero addressed the G7 and Trump tried to get them to take in Russia (they refused) that he told the G7 leaders that Crimea was part of Russia, which is a total lie? Why do you think Trump is aligned with Putin, publicly sides with him against American Intelligence, and praises him as “smart and savvy” after unilaterally re-drawing borders of Ukraine and declaring them sovereign if it isn’t to get money to keep his failing empire afloat? It’s a fact that he’s filed 6 bankruptcies and American banks won’t touch him. It’s a fact that he has hundreds of millions of dollars in loans coming due this year and that his properties are all under water and losing money. What part of the facts recited above are “fiction” and where is your proof? Or, just like your hero, is it the case that you can only respond to facts you don’t like by personal attacks?

  13. 14 years, 56 trimesters. This started with the Obama administration. The catastrophic withdrawal of forces from post-war Iraq. The transition to a world war and catastrophic anthropogenic immigration reform from Tripoli to Damascus to another violent coup in Kiev to elect abortion of demos-cracy and democracy without remediation that set the stage for an illegitimate government and progressive social adversity. The son of the vice president who peddled his father’s influence and acquired luxury in darkness for a position without further qualification. What difference, at this point, does it make? Can they abort the baby, cannibalize her profitable parts, sequester her carbon pollutants, and have her, too? Yes, they can.

  14. As I have said before, ” the Biden/Putin relationship MAY hinge on whatever under-the-table deals have been struck between the Bidens and Putin in the recent past. ” Joe is walking on eggshells and Vlad doesn’t want to sabotage his personal/political advantage by outing Biden hankey-pankey.

  15. I find it hilarious that President Trump lives rent free in every single Demoncrat and RINO! Why you ask? Because President Trump came in and exposed all the corruption going on in government! The left has been investigating President Trump for 5 years and there is NADA damn thing they can find but they continue to waste our money to continue this disgusting witch hunt! The tables are turning, the Dems & RINO’s are running scared because the hammer is about to get dropped and they know it! Trump card incoming!

  16. Jonathan wakes up from a 6 year coma to ask – how can we tolerate influence peddling and not paying enough taxes in the President’s family?

    Indeed, most of what Jonathan writes about Biden is from the perspective of his six year coma.

  17. Joe Biden’s son is an adult. He is responsible for his own affairs and paying his own taxes. It is not Joe Biden’s responsibility to answer questions about his son’s taxes.

    Donald Trump, however, was a President and plans to run again for that officer, and has a more lavish lifestyle than Hunter Biden and pays far less in taxes than Hunter Biden or almost everyone else in the country. His conflicts of interest between his public duties and his businesses were vast. It I were a prosecutor or a blogger trying to root out corruption, I would be focusing my energy on Donald Trump rather than Hunter Biden.

    1. “It is not Joe Biden’s responsibility to answer questions about his son’s taxes.“

      It is since Hunter Biden’s income is intermingled with Joe’s and Joe helped facilitate Hunter’s actions

      “It I were a prosecutor or a blogger trying to root out corruption, I would be focusing my energy on Donald Trump rather than Hunter Biden.”

      Then you would be a fool.

  18. If you are worried about whether high profile people pay taxes – I know a guy who says he makes millions, but he pays only $750 per year in taxes. And yes he pays off strippers too, so there is the salacious angle you are looking for.

    The guy still runs around free today. He pardons a lot of his friends who have been convicted of things too.

    The media seems to be seriously underreporting that story.

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