Trove of 271 Picasso Paintings Found in House of Retired Electrician

In what could prove one of the interesting lawsuits over art ownership in decades, the estate of Pablo Picasso has filed suit against a retired French electrician and his wife after they came forward with 271 previously unknown works by the artist. The estate is claiming illegal receipt of the works — a nice way of saying they were stolen. Pierre Le Guennec, 71, says that they were all gifts.

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Perfect Stocking Stuffer: The New Quantum Logic Clock

Finally, I can throw out that cheap atomic clock in my basement. For years, I have been complaining that, no matter how much I tweak by atomic clock, it is always off a second every billion years. Now, for that difficult to buy for family member who has everything, James Chou and his colleagues at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, have developed a laser-controlled quantum logic clock that oscillates at a frequency of 1.12×10^15 times per second — a million times faster than the speed of light. The only problem is that it does not tell time and does not yet come in a wrist version. However, these researchers brilliantly released the clock before Christmas.
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A Sunday Frisky Feline Tale

Some of you may remember Dirty Dog!: A Sunday Pooch Poetry Post about my daughter’s yellow Lab Jack who is a bit of a rascal. Jack is frisky. He loves to chew on all manner of objects. It’s doesn’t matter whether the objects are edible or not.

 Jack has a younger brother—a cat named Rudy. Rudy is also “out of control” at times…just like his elder sibling. Rudy loves to tease Jack in a number of ways—including hiding behind walls, waiting for Jack to come around the corner, and then swatting Jack in the face with his paw.

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A Fowl Idea, A Furtive Glance, A Little Turkey Down His Pants

Deon Williams, a 19-year-old from Brooklyn, was caught shoving a 12-pound Boar’s Head turkey breast down his sweatpants on a store surveillance video. The teen then waddled out of the Fine Fare Grocery in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Alerted by cashier Michelle Benjamin of the teen’s “fowl” deed, the store butcher, Sergio Marte, chased after the poultry poacher and demanded that he return the turkey. Williams dumped the filched fowl and then punched the butcher in the jaw when he bent over to retrieve it.

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GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has stated that his principal goal is to cause Obama to lose in 2012. Tangible improvements in the economy are key to Obama’s reelection. If, as the GOP claims, Obama’s policies are bad for the economy, then the GOP should give him everything he proposes and reap the political benefits in the 2012 election. If, on the other hand, the GOP fears that Obama’s policies will revitalize the economy, then those policies must be obstructed in any way possible.

The April raising of the debt ceiling will show if the GOP priority is the economy or their own political ambitions.

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Rush v. Volt

Rush doesn’t like GM, whom he calls Obama Motors. GM is unionized, from a state with two Democratic Senators, and bailed out by the Obama Administration. So when GM came out with the Volt and Motor Trend magazine named it their 2011 car of the year, Rush was incredulous. How dare Motor Trend not share his bias against GM!

Rush questioned the integrity of Motor Trend and one of the magazine’s editors, Todd Lassa, responded:

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