Turley Speaks To Federal Administrative Judges At 25th AALJ Conference

logoToday I will have the distinct honor of speaking at the 25th anniversary conference of the Association of Administrative Law Judges (AALJ) in San Diego. The AALJ is an assemblage of 1300 Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) employed by the Social Security Administration. They handle hundreds of thousands of cases each year in a critical adjudicatory role in our federal system. I will be speaking about the rise of the Fourth Branch of federal agencies in our tripartite system and the dangers that it presents to our constitutional system. I will also be discussing how this massive shift of power to the agencies has presented serious ethical and practical problems for our ALJs who are faced with ever rising dockets with limited resources. I will be speaking at the Windham Bayside at 9:00am.

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“The Perfect Beer For Whatever Happens”: A Bud Light Moment Leads To Conviction of North Carolina Judge

budlightmessageBud Light recently had to apologize for its slogan “The Perfect Beer For Removing ‘No’ From Your Vocabulary For The Night.” It was part of a broader campaign and slogan on all Bud Lights as “the perfect beer for whatever happens.” Wayne County, North Carolina  Judge Arnold O. Jones II appears to have taken that slogan to heart. He was just convicted for attempted bribery of a federal agent with two cases of Bud Light. Jones is a registered Democrat who was elected to an eight-year term on the Superior Court bench in 2008.

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Turkish Government Raids Judiciary, Arrests 189 Judges And Prosecutors

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor.

220px-Erdogan_croppedYesterday, police in Turkey served arrest warrants on one hundred, eighty nine appeals court judges and prosecutors in the latest post-coup attempt purges. Since the July, 15th military coup, seeking the ouster of dictator Recep Erdogan, thirty-two thousand individuals are currently in jail and over one hundred thousand were sacked from their jobs under the questionable accusation of aiding dissident Fethullah Gulen.

Ankara’s chief prosecutor attacked the judiciary, members of the justice ministry, the Court of Cassation (Turkey’s top appellate court), and the Council of State (the highest administrative court).

The purges are part of seemingly never ending act of paranoia by a dictator bent on returning Turkey to authoritarianism.
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Federal Judge Lifts Injunction To Allow The Twirling and Killing Of Chickens To Take Away Sins During Yom Kippur

200px-kapparot_lithographyThere is an interesting ruling in Los Angeles where United States Judge Andre Birotte Jr. has lifted a temporary restraining order against a California synagogue performing Kapparot, a ritual where chickens are twirled in the air and then slaughtered. We previously discussed the controversies surrounding the Yom Kippur ritual.

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Turley To Speak To The Seventh Circuit Bar In Chicago

seal_of_the_united_states_court_of_appeals_for_the_seventh_circuit-svgToday I will have the honor of addressing the Seventh Circuit Bar Association and the Federal Bar Association in Chicago. I will be speaking at 2:30 pm on the Supreme Court’s history and current issues. I will be flying in this morning from Houston and look forward to seeing my home town. I will be in Chicago for the first two games of the National League Championship so I do not want any former classmates or childhood friends to hesitate to unload that extra ticket to Wrigley.

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Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson Names Top Pick For The Supreme Court . . .

johnson_transparentYesterday, I had the odd experience of walking into my torts class only to have a student proclaim “all stand for Justice Turley.” Unbeknownst to me, Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson had publicly stated that I was on the top of his list for Supreme Court nominees. While I am not ditching my day job just yet, I am honored by Governor Johnson’s consideration. If nothing else, it got my students to stand up as I entered the class. I had assumed that the class was recognizing the achievement of my Chicago Cubs in clinching of a spot in the National League Championship, but this is even better.
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